Introduction, to date:

On 11/25/2014 Time Travel Wish had been only an experiment in time travel communication as a request for help and messaging - and due to an absence of resources only on a weblog, and various social media platforms. However, many indications reveal it was successful before the time of its creation.

Conducted with the bias of hope, by an artist with an idea to be reached. A time apart (had) chosen an unwitting test pilot to validate success. The amazing has occurred repeatedly. 2018-19: MIND BLOWING; the Being is using Biblical prophecy. Discovery by James Gray Mason.

Honesty was important from the beginning. I have documented with photography almost all of what has happened to me. Anyone can inspect the integrity of my claims (and that photography as untouched by any software fakery). The physical and circumstantial evidence is multiple times validated to my satisfaction, but the world has been too skeptical, as it all is unbelievable in our time, and that is one of many true ironies of time travel.

Lucifer in the Background Image

Lucifer in the Background Image
Lucifer in the Background Image

NEW 02.02.2018 The Drop Search at The Alien Stone

NEW 02.02.2018 The Drop Search at The Alien Stone
Link: Latest in discovery: Spring, 2018 - 2019: The Drop Search at The Alien Stone & The Great Rock and Roll Rock Robbery

Our loss is because we're hopeless:

Our loss is because we're hopeless:
Tuvok and James. Image from Time Travel Wish, 2015. This may be our tremendous loss if we do not act.

the NAME image

the NAME image
In November of 2014 it was a hopeful name for a concept of message delivery from ourselves.

Successful before it was created.

Successful before it was created.
The experiment is done. Time to move on. Addendum 05.26.18 wtf was I thinking? The adventure doesn't end.

Evidence collected, 2015 discovery of physical effect of Different Human Choices in Another Timeline

Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline

Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline
LINK to page: category of evidence: Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline

The Inexplicable Background Image

The Inexplicable Background Image
LINK to page: category of evidence: The Inexplicable Background Image

Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image

Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image
LINK to page: Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image

Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact.

Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact.
LINK to page: category of evidence: Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact : Painting the sky with gravity well technology

About the Webmaster: The Target

About the Webmaster: The Target
LINK to page: category of evidence: About the Webmaster: The Target

The Idea for Time Travel Wish

The Idea for Time Travel Wish
Link to page: category of evidence: the Idea: 1998 Star Trek TNG: What if that first communication had to be as simple as possible?

Image Dating of the Future Time

Image Dating of the Future Time
Link to page: category of evidence: Image Dating of a Future Time

The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime

The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime
Link to page: Speculations: The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime

The Envisioned Team of Timeline A

The Envisioned Team of Timeline A
Link to page: Speculations: The Envisioned Team of Timeline A

The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One

The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One
Link to page: The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One

First Post of November 25 2014

First Post of November 25 2014
First Post of November 25 2014

Project Audio Notes of Discovery

Project Audio Notes of Discovery
Project Audio Notes of Discovery

Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting

Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting
Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting

Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime

Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime
Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime

Albert and God

Albert and God
Albert and God

Original Page: Messages -Jake to James

Original Page: Messages -Jake to James
Original Page: Messages - Jake to James

Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016

Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016
Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016

2020 Notes - the Guitar Rock and Satan and Ritual Exhibition is Indicated

The first proof of time travel on Earth is this mysterious image "behind me."

I was successful before created, and so was my time travel experiment. 


How can one be successful as a time travel experimenter with no technology but the internet to use to find time travelers that can make the experiment successful before it was created? 

In 2014 the answer was this meager website that humbly asked for help from a "time apart." Hope was necessary, and truth prevailed in November 2014. In 2016 this experiment documented physical evidence of a traveler, and an adventure began. I am James Gray Mason, and totally unqualified in quantum mechanics.




Completed laying Alien Stone guts in the trench. That’s all interior pieces, no exteriors, those are kept organized and separate. I chalked the top, bright white for prominence; and the calcium should get sticky and make a solid mineral line. I need 3-lbs more, and I don’t even have $30 for that, not even the credit. :-(  I’m bad with money, it’s why I will take it from all the rich fuckers. :-)

Above,  2 of several still photos from the Burn Test (to split the stone - unsuccessfully)
in May 2018

Jack (hubby) had plenty of time to talk with me yesterday and today. He was home while I worked and he drove by me. I did not make eye contact. Just a puss face. 

Something will happen to them, for fucking w/me. I’m confident I don’t have to do anything, they are too close to home. LiA will take care of them. Confident.

~~~~ Video made in the Pentagram Construction on YT 09.06 Goofing: The Alien Stone says ..... "Ever since the homosapien walked past me the first time, I've watched them kill each other in all manner. The opening of this continent to more of them, was an invitation for them to kill more frequently, so it seems." ~~~1. Thumbs up. 2. Excellent way to present, both the directional layout of the site, but also the 36-degree triangle of the pentagram. That's also the only directions the pentagram can be seen by plane thru the tree-hole on flyover. I feel confidence, a tiny bit of faith, and some disbelief. The lines also illustrate the magnetic directional difference between my pentagram and the geographic layout / cartographic. ~~~ I still have not gone up to the site, in the wee hours, to place the 4 Elemental stones in their respective points, and sit in the middle and pray to him, and confirm my commitment, yet. I’m concentrating on the Devil’s Head repair, and the elaborate set up including charcoal fire and electric fan, a pot of water, etc..

09.04 So, Boss; I was thinking, after the transformation, I can always win at the casino. It can be like an evil time travel irony, never losing. "Arrghhh! It's actually HELL!" Right? That would be terrible and would serve me right, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Very Twilight Zone. Except! We do that with pussy. "It's actually HELL, all this pussy!" Serves me right, right?

Waiting for a paint delivery and for the grounds to dry and then out. I put a tarp over the pentagram, aren't I considerate? So sensitive to desires for no Satanic Rituals near neighbors front doors, that can be seen all day and night. Now, that it's been 2-weeks. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ#HailSatan ! 09.05 Recently, a disrespectful person criticized me and my claim of discovering time travel, without asking a single question of me or of evidence I present. He (DIck) implied I was not presenting #science, as if I would not know it. That's me actively defending science 18-yrs ago:
James, in 2004? 03?
Atheists rally in DC 09.03 Thursday I used a mortar repair mix, and put together the skull cap of the being that comprised the buried two faced head on the opposite end of the Alien Stone, and 2 largest sections of that corner. Putting them onto the AS itself is next. This mix is like super glue for rocks. So ……? Covered the pentagram with a tarp, to spare them some embarrassment. I’m considerate of them. Huh. Too nice. 09.02 No more work until good weather. Next thing is to begin reattaching Devil's Head pieces. I will try rock repair cement first, then the bolts and anchors. I really regret destroying the Alien Stone. I thought I was supposed to find tech within. ๐Ÿ˜‘ It seemed logical. To UN refugee account hmm I'm going to open all borders on Earth. There will be strict consequences for any government violating free passage of anybody, anywhere. We shall see how we adapt. I predict it will be quick and adventurous, and for the better for all. ~~~ Evening Feeling helpless, but it’s mostly unsure of what to do, exactly. No clear guidance, just strong clues, indications in multiples. No physical communication since October 23 2019. That can mean I’m on track, based on previous years similar gaps in communication. I’m really sick of this. I’m thinking of going up there tonight, maybe tomorrow night, with the stones, laying them out and taking my position in the center, without the fancy plans of electric fans and barbecue pits, and then asking for this to get going; confirming my knowledge of the role I have accepted in making a contract to agree on, to make me successful before the experiment began. Confirming I’m ready to give up my current life for the new one. Confirming that I will carry-out her purpose. Knowledge that I’ve been chosen to carry power that can change the future of this planet, for the better. So, to see what happens, with confidence something will, because I’m impatient and LiA knows it. Maybe she’ll help me get this going? I gotta serve somebody. I feel my age tonight, with arthritis, the foot/feet pain, my belly getting fat again, my energy low. 08.31 Monday Small plane traffic this am, familiar blue tips The Earth Stone is half-buried upright in the soil within this point. The Fire Stone is to be in the center of a shallow fire pit surrounded by hot barbecue coals, comprising this point at its center. The Air Stone will have a small electric fan blowing on it, sitting upright within this point. The Water Stone will be submerged in a bowl of approx 1-gallon of fresh well water, upright at this point's center.

08.30 Sunday To the Pope: Hey there, High Messenger; The crosses have to go. I want them all down. It really makes us look morbid and cruel. We are, but we don't have to flaunt to every visitor to this ball. I'm sure Jesus would agree, they are sickening. The gold too, sick, gone. See ya! -James ๐Ÿ‘ฟ 08.29 Casual ~ Suppose dto be thunderstorms today. I’ve got a few things to do; begin reattaching parts of the Devil’s Head to the Alien Stone. Break up a large stone at the surface in the pentagram. Run an extra layer of yellow string in the pentagram. Each of those things will piss of the neighbors, ever more. Unfortunately. Will I dod those things today. Maybe not, because I’ve been hard resting since quitting on the work the other day, finishing the stone inlay and putting chalk on it. 3:30 ish White chalky looking paint ordered. Should stick to those rocks. Red and white lights coming. There may have to be several variations. For instance, there's indication it should be a Fifth Element, and Pagan Earth rites and Satanic ritual event, a nice Earthy conglomeration. ~~~~ 08.28.2020 Video from the other day: Hold the phone! I had to cancel the chalk, it seems it does not stick to the stones, it runs off. This must mean the reason we see it remain on ball fields after several rain storms is that it is pooling on a flat surface, not seeping through soil, not going anywhere. Doh! I cannot tell a lie, I cut down that Beech tree. I have to cut through the top of that small boulder (disruption). ~~~ There, in that first clause, is the only exemption I need. And, I've added a bonus to this drive-by, a picture of my newfound father; an actual image from over there, discovered 1-year ago, in the 4th year of the experiment: 08.27 On EAS 2. That's a real still photo, I captured while concerned for hurricane Maria damage, and went outside, and looked straight above. Discovered, I was in direct line of sight to the Alien Stone and Guitar Rock, and this picture was seen as a successful capture, by LiA, B4 created. It's #timetravel, it shows reversing hurricanes as an answer, my idea for years. Gravity can be controlled. Space compressed, or stretched, hydrogen sucked out of the atmosphere, manipulated, fires extinguished. Do you deserve it? 08.26.2020 ~~~~ Completed laying Alien Stone guts in the trench. That’s all interior pieces, no exteriors, those are kept organized and seperate. I chalked the top, bright white for prominence; and the calcium should get sticky and make a solid mineral line. I need 3-lbs more, and I don’t even have $30 for that, not even the credit. :-( I’m bad with money, it’s why I will take it from all the rich fuckers. :-) Jack (hubby) had plenty of time to talk with me yesterday and today. He was home while I worked and he drove by me. I did not make eye contact. Just a puss face. Something will happen to them, for fucking w/me. I’m confident I don’t have to do anything, they are too close to home. LiA will take care of them. Confident. ~~~~


Major neighbor trouble last night, as Jack and some drunken friend came to my mother's front door at 9:30 (or so) and raised shit with her. She is a wreck and did not sleep and is now ill. 

Second-hand testimony of last night's bullshit:

My mother implied we would have to move because of them. I said, "no, we don't do that; nobody should have to move because of someone else's reaction." She was visibly shaking, and this even happened 10-hours ago.  

The CNL wrote a text to my mother, implying that I was a pedophile making videos of "my minor children." Because of the webcam that aims at the pentagram. 

They think it's a hate message, and maybe for me, at them, only because of her behavior last year toward me and my dig at the Guitar Rock. But, it has nothing to do with them. 

My mother wants me to lie to them about the arrangement and tell them anything, but telling them, it's a time travel experiment. I don't want to because all the documentation is my defense, it's an innocent project, and has nothing to do with them.

It's very upsetting, and it threatens the whole project. 

I have mentioned many times that they need to go away and let me finish this. But they're not even leaving for a vacation. 


It's the confrontation with them that I feared. They have freaked out, as usual fear is the result of not knowing. Jack expressed that he's going to talk with me. When they learn, it is a Satanic ritual, what then? I have to use the religious protections of the First Amendment. 


They think it's a hate message, and maybe for me, only because of her behavior last year toward me and my dig.

But, it has nothing to do with them.

My mother wants me to lie to them about the arrangement and tell them anything, but telling them, it's a #timetravel experiment.


A discussion, hopefully calm, between me and the husband of the household, may take place this afternoon.

It's best that I record that audio for the both of us and for good documentation.

According to Mom, their whole house is freaked-out.

And it's understandable.

AUDIO NOTE Neighbor Trouble As Predicted About a Satanic Ritual Structure Near Their House


I can see the real followers numbers quickly when I reload the page. So, it's not very influential in a supernatural sense, except to provide some indication my actions are progressive for the project. And, the later is very appreciated, thank you.

To asshole Stephen Bradford, who follows TTW, and claims Satanism, guru, asshole.

Yes; what will the Satanists do if a being co-ops Earth beliefs and becomes an actual Satan, and wants to punish you and others like you for having a lot of dogma and ritual and icons that have little to do with the being?

Will you change for that being or continue?  ⬇️


I worked out there from 11:45 to 1:55 pm and no Jack to talk, as he said he would. 

Soon after I arrived, the oldest boy tore down the driveway on his bike. 

Some car traffic. I took down the wifi camera, it really bothered them. 

What did they expect?

It’s looking good and the trench is more than half filled with actual pieces of the Alien Stone, good thing I saved that rock! That placement both preserves the structure of the trenches, but because it’s made of Alien Stone, it better ensures detection and acceptance. As my hypothesis goes, iron and other metal laced rocks of specific shapes, may be scanned and their metallic ribboned patterned documented, and that metal then used as communication assistance. And possibly some type of optical view. And add to that the currency fantasy of being able to construct quantum entangled atoms and deliver them to a distance, means these stones are waiting and watching and may send their identifications to ……?


I'm back.

I met a nice pair of rocks while there, they seemed very stable. ๐Ÿ˜œ

There was an old couple with an ipad with a broken home button, like the thousands and thousands.

I want @Apple to replace these for free for everyone effected by that defect.

The Kill Hitler Test:


Afternoon, edit at 08.25 12:39 am

Finally, it's close enough to be proud of the perfection. I still had to approximate to w/in about a 1/2-inch. Which makes my triangles no more than a few inches out, and with each elemental stone w/in their respective point, I might be w/in an allowance and still get detection.


Tomorrow, trenching under those lines, double up the lines, install stakes around the circumference, and begin filling the trench with decorative stones, and on top of that actual Alien Stone fragments, all along the trench.

Perhaps add lighting strips.


#HailSatan ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜Ž

08.23.2020 Sunday

Again today, at the AS to build the pentagram.

I'm disgusted with humanity. Particularly those who use these social networks. I want the platforms destroyed, and reconsidered. I want a standards and etiquette test for each user, a licencing system, to have permission to blast out words to the world. As it had been.

After Trump, I want this woman apprehended and held in a cruel place for not having announced her opinion when it may have made a difference.


Sound good?


I didn't ask if the idea was right.


In contact; some stills:

Time Travel Wish



My iphone battery died. I need $100 to replace it, so there's no pictures of my work. I put in another 4-hrs. I still have to approximate to within 2" to get the first crucial point, and cannot measure degrees. It's w/in a few inches accurate and still not good enough.


Had to tear down 2.5-days of work because I discovered it was the SHITTY compass app on the iphone causing wild differences.


I was taking the Big Head's name in vain,


All is reset by magnetic compass. 5.5-hrs!


Fu_k @Apple. I will have his head on a plate.


Gross! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ



The frame is laid-out for further enhancement, maybe red lasers? I can run electricity to this point, so maybe some Christmas lights?

LOL!!  ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

If the appearance of exactitude is seen, it's a coincidence. We plumbers are known for our infamous 1/4"s and "eyeballing." lol. 

video shot on this day ~~~


Tonight the Crazy Neighbor Lady and her White Trash family know there's a Satanic pentagram outside of their home.

LOL! That's what they get for fu_king with me! Sorry.

And, I am officially the leader of the New Church of Living Satan, to exploit First Amendment protections.

I am taking a very late night walking trip up there tonight. There's supposed to be lightning at around 3 am.

I want to take the 4 stones back from the hiding place, because they are too valuable to risk them being taken by anybody. And I want examine them again, more closely.

I did not do this last night, too tired. Those pills! I had an alarm set and Snoozed it.


Notes, the Satanic Ritual;

Select earth, fire, water, and air stones based on relative matching mass on Earth of those materials/mass. So, the earth stone may be the largest of the 4, the water stone may be one of the smallest, and the fire stone may have to be based on the hydrogen content of this atmosphere. ? The Air stone, hmmm …. Thinking of blowing a small electric fan on its surface for the ritual, I had considered suspending it on a trapeze at its proper point on the pentagram, but that seems excessive. 

The Fight Element, starring action hero Bruce Willis, and a hot babe, used this in that fiction. A marvelous story, btw. And similar (could be depending on what is in store for Earth at this time). 

Following suit; I can use a barbecue grill to keep fire under the Fire Stone, and half bury the Earth stone in the soil it sits on, and sit the Water stone in a bucket of water. 

So, in the spirit of the Earthy fictional ritual, I am inviting the power of the elements into myself. I am offering, once again and with finality, my own body and soul as my sacrifice, for gaining these powers. With the promise of fulfilling the Lord of Darkness’ wishes for this timeline and this planet and its future. 

Hmm ~~~~

To Trump;

Evil Friend; Obama's mistake was not wiretapping every corner of Trump Tower. 

You are the poster child of corruption. It's why you have been directed to the office, to spread your corruptness and make chaos. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

Now, join me in a rousing #HailSatan!



#InternetHitory, MF's. On April 28 2016, the best physical evidence to date in the experiment was obtained and shared within minutes to this account and others. My test used the account to request contact.

It is irrefutable, because it's inspectable. SB4


08.16.2020 Sunday


Add to the Image notes, the 12 digit Berlin telephone on the wall divides the 2 halves of the image, and Berlin divided the east from the west during the Russian occupation of East Germany (most of my life). 

2 and 12 are common factors in my Social Security number, an identifier of a US citizen. 12 is a common factor of that number that totals 36 when added. 

I also wanted to avoid any numerology.

“Equals twelve.”


Just now; Added to Image page; the 12 digit Berlin phone on the wall divides 2 halves of the image, Berlin was split, dividing east from the west during occupation.

2 and 12 are common factors of my Social Security number (identity of ...). And, the sum is 36.


Also, it is wanted that I discover the view from front (bottom) to the rear (top) is an East to West presentation of a treasure map, locations. So, the city of Berlin was divided in 2, east and west, so is the image from front to back, and left to right (in geographic sense).


Hey there #skypilot, good to see you getting it up at your age.

Just gravity and time manipulation evidenced in multiples, that's all it is.


I should only take money from assholes who have become wealthy in areas of trade or service that never should have become profitable, like anybody who is wealthy from a health care related product or service. 

12:36 pm

Pic shows looking NNW at the pentagram construction. Those reflectors are points, approximately. This will have to be triple checked before running string, and I'm considering some thick copper wire through all of it. And, attaching lasers with duck tape. lol, plumber



08.15.2020 Saturday

Boss, this must be published;

I can't publish the ideas I can concoct to use the power presented in the experiment and to what extremes because the Feds will use it as a motive to stop me before we are ready. 

I will use it to your satisfaction. Promise!

I say them aloud when this microphone is on.

They've heard the ramblings.

Thing is, it's in their's and the world's best interest to allow me to proceed, and they know I know that. But the moment we are ready, they won't be ready for my plans in that first historic hour.


Off to make groceries and scout for MILF's.

I live a magical life. I am grateful.

It's a blast, as much as I complain, and that's because I've gotten used to it.

You internet schmucks could have followed along, but nooooo!


Primates! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ


It's indicated, I'm from another timeline.

Here's a picture, (below) the shot on the left shows the old timeline of Earth, where different choices were made, affecting local vegetation. I was given the preserved shot, and others to use to validate safe landing in Timeline B.


And I'm here to do some ground work to become one who rules this planet with superior power.


But, I've been telling you apes to watch for five years and you are so without hope that you pass me by, expecting the same old nothingness. It's #TIME EARTH.





LOL, completely coincidental (nothing is, really) to #timetravelwish and I, is the fictitious Satan's School of Evil, created by me for buttons and tshirts, to oppose all taxpayer involvement in religious schools. #FirstAmendment, again. I fight for its meaning.


FTR ......

There's more than 2 objects/events to indicate this, but as consistent with how the experiment has gone, the evidence can't be documented physically and so won't be mentioned as firmly related, until after power is in hand, and eager Schmucks ask questions.


Hail Satan!

Hypothesis; Satan's emissary on Earth, the AC, encourages evil and punishes it, as must be to God's will, as an equal task in #Judgment duties, because another goal is vast population reduction, before day of return, which is actually contact day.

Seems consistent.

He does this using his knowledge of what really pisses people off.

LOL! That's EASY, because he knows that content, it's what pisses him off.

He can pit one side against another very easily. He can even tell them he's doing so, the Apes will be helpless.

He's human as can be.


He does this using his knowledge of what really pisses people off.

LOL! That's EASY, because he knows that content, it's what pisses him off.

He can pit one side against another very easily. He can even tell them he's doing so, the Apes will be helpless.

He's human as can be.

08.13.2020 I am probably being written out of my mother's will as I type this. I gave her a rash of deserved shit for not helping and for insulting me with the "Coincidences" bullshit the last time I asked for her help, 3-weeks ago. She feels she didn't deserve what I said. I disagree. ~~~ Finally, I worked in front of the AS, in front of the neighbor’s home, and set some reference stakes to lay out the pentagram as 6M diameter (not 3). The CNL sent her stupid kid down the driveway to casually inspect “Don’t look at him directly!” as the rain began and I finished.

Very humid and warm. Nicer than Hell, however, supposedly. Showing my work on all exams: 08.12 Nevenka is really being a pain the ass on this account. To her; se nimate te ideje da bi zaceli kaditi marihuano?? pomaga proti raku..tako ste rekli I’m feeling weak again for lack of sleep. Another 3 - 5 hr night. And, the temperature is a good excuse, and I don’t know when the Crazy Neighbor’s slave of a husband is going to be home, cause he’s USPS and sometimes it’s 4:30 am to Noonish. I’m so glad I’m not married at this time, really, the freedom to be is valuable. When you’re hooked-up, almost everything you want to do comes with the burdensome thoughts and ideas, and arguments of what the partner wants to do and when. Everything is a debate matter. 08.11.2020 Hmm; If I can’t relocate to Luna, I’ll be staying here in Deep River. There needs to be a battle of my defences versus the United States, and it needs to be right here, perhaps over the marsh and river? The world needs to see that the US government cannot stop me and so my overseas adventures in politics my style, can’t be stopped by the US government, and so they are essentially off-the-hook. Just like in Destiny, when the home area was defended. I really need to finally look again at all of that text. It is playing out as a reason why this plan unfolding now was hatched, by either the being or some others. Not long after excavating and stealing the Alien Stone, I got this idea to install a wifi extender on the hill between it and me, and finally the costs got affordable and today I installed it. Has its own ground and everything. ๐Ÿ˜Ž It's wide open for now.

08.10.2020 #HAILSATAIN!! My dog ate my yellow construction string that I wanted to make the pentagram with. ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿ™ Seriously! It's ordered and I'll create the Constitutionally protected religious practice, outdoor cathedral of darkness, a stone throw from my neighbor's front door, soon. ~~~~ Lol; “Goonies …” I remember it and never really liked it. I was too old already. I call my dogs Goonies, around the house as a pair, when being funny and taking to them.

Yawn. I only slept 4-5-hours and it’s going to be scorching hot, for New England, today. So, that and the string are great excuses to not work for the Boss today. But, I have already, anyway. ~~~ Good! Kick the bum out. It's very pleasing, as the mayhem continues and loving couples all over this cursed ball are fighting and breaking up! LOL! It's a good day. Insult his mother. Insult the kids too. Tell him you always faked it. btw #HailSatan! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ~~~ lol; sabotaging would be a strategy and reasoning, but beginning his first campaign by calling Mexicans Rapists etc..,, insulting all military personnel past and present with his McCain insults were not him trying to lose? IMO, it's the immoral GOP that has gotten him this far. To a Satanist with a gory video: Warm greetings; Very evil looking, thank you. He's vanished, I suppose. You are not a blasphemer, right? Apologies but, there's a lack of sincerity out there, I find. #HailSatan!! - James Some stills of evidence of my relationship, for your absorption: ~~~ 08.09.2020 On EAS, night: Look around, the growing turmoil nations are experiencing is a beginning of a cascade of uncertainty that will make life very challenging in every community. War and famine follow. Sol 3 grows ready for one government with an extra-stellar authority of great experience. ๐Ÿ‘ฝ I like SCARING THEM, OK? Give me that fun? ~~~ Reply to Biden "... eligible ... opportunity to vote ..." Excellent. Voting is not a right. It's a regulated privilege. It's a responsibility and an honor, and I'm grateful. I hope all can understand the seriousness of the ability and not experiment with TV celebrities. Not a right. ~~~~~ On EAS: PLEASE allow me to introduce myself, I'm a being of time and space. [DISCOVERED in the experiment Time Travel Wish (.com), in August 2019, 2nd evidence of exploitation of Earth's #Satan, as the purpose for real #timetravel] PLEASED to meet you, hope you've guessed my name. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ⭐️ ~~~~ To Biden: Huh? Why is this ad blaming the rapid depression from the plague on Trump? The US is full of stupid people but not that many of us. A GDP crash would have happened under any POTUS, in this plague. Tens of thousands more would be alive, but the GDP would still crash. Geez. Morals, Joe. This type of deceptive political advertising will cause you a loss of respect from me, and you don't want that starting out your POTUS term. You don't need to do this shit to win. Voters are not consumers of diet gimmicks, but your team is treating them that way. #COVID19 You HAVE TO cooperate with a #ContactTracing agent if they call, please!? The safety and normalcy we all seek depends upon it. The programs need a lot of work, it's the early days of learning. This Contact Tracer Is Fighting Two Contagions: ~~~~ 08.08.2020 Early evening, Saturday; #atheism #AmericanAtheists #prophecy , self fulfilled ... Sol 3 is exploited. For 5-years this project has produced physical evidence to validate the amazingly circumstantial, to cause skeptics to shit words of confusion. An ANTI was chosen. What did I do to deserve this? That's a Stratocaster, a unique shape, not created until the mid 1950's. Perfect, only a rock n roll fan, living nearby might notice this. Excellent. Predictable, actually. After the Alien Stone I found the Guitar Rock, so close to me it was unreal. I was guided, as I should. ~~~~ #HailSatan TIMETRAVELWISH.COM The Burn Test, to split the rock with heat, turned out to be another communication using hydrogen, finitely, like an artist would if they could: ~~~~ To the POPE: What a coincidence?! I was just talking to my New but Old father last night. He will rule this planet through me. There will be peace and progress under him. He's the designated boss for the next 1000-years. He's really the one you exist for. Some EVIDENCE of our relationship: ~~~~~~ 08.07 I might visit the AS tonight. After that transformer display on both of the ones in line of sight, I’m going to have to come up and see what’s up. They were both jumping with electricity, blowing up, catching fire. Cool. See you soon. That's real #timetravel being demonstrated in the collage below. I did not have to find a telephone booth and make it pop into and out of existence to get plenty of evidence (there's much more) that a being in the cosmos is capable of both dimensional jump and linear time travel. 08.06 Speaking of hopeful ..... More tweets and colorful attachments about this later. #FucktheNRA ! NY attorney general files lawsuit with intention to dissolve National Rifle Association On the wifi extender off the ATT account, Frontier account. 2. That geometric find of a stone was the 2nd indication of a pentagram (5-point) being related to the Alien Stone, and a future activity, the first was on the Eminence Front fold and mirror communication, in totem style. As shown in image 2, at the height of the i in "time" ↙️ 08.04.2020 Tuesday The 4-stones were placed underneath the Alien Stone last night. I also placed a wooden sawhorse next to it, to alert the crazy neighbors that I’m starting up again. ~~~~~ I have known this for many years. We actually (humans) make reality from our stories. This phenomena was observed and is being used to make contact with humanity, in a most acceptable and pleasant manner that may be successful. I am very pleased and honored to take part. ~~~ Add this link in the Drop Search under area where I point out the vine and how it was likely manipulated to indicate to me to tip the Guitar Rock over to get up and underneath its rear, or eastern side: Woody Vines NYT


Going to place the 4 tetrahedron stones (pic 1) found behind the Guitar Rock (2), to within the large hole I made in the center of the Alien Stone (3). They'll sit there as of tonight, when I visit the AS to curse at #God.

I've been calling them "octahedron," I'm a plumber, OK?

"Move the rock, tip it over West."


I’m reading about energy scientists trying to use electromagnetism to squish gases together to make fusion engines. What if, compacting space can cause gas aggregation? And can be used to travel to a different time? Hmm, when and how and who and with what methodology can that be done. An example would be helpful and inspiring. 


Hello, Joe;


Correction, a president who has confidence in science. The practical uses for discovery require no beliefs. Sometimes success in discovery does require belief, to open pathways.

It's going to seem a strange match, but I promise it is the truth and you will see it is reasonable as the beginning of the rest of humanity's story, it is #TimeTravel and it is actual #prophecy created of the fiction of #Judgment with a modern science fiction flavor, for #Sol3.



The pic, in noir (whatever the fuck), the other pentagram was some Pennsylvania Dutch BS, and this will be classic and as is indicated in the drawing in the solid of the Platonic Stone of dig 2 at the Alien Stone, it will have well presented circumference and lines.


Bad to the BONE!!!  :-)

In the first moment of the experiment, I was provided with the first physical evidence of #timetravel. And it was the instant that I chose the preset template with the Inexplicable Background Image (so named) from the Google corporation.


It was about 3 pm


#Gravity and #time manipulation are documented in multitude in Deep River, CT, from 2015 to present. The most recent and certain (80% crt) contact, with the force/being was documented on October 23 2019, after asking of a true father to me, perhaps revealed in the experiment:

Boss; any chance this storm can wipe out Mara Lago on my birthday. That would be SWEET!

To a christian girl that followed me:

Thanks for the Follow. With an honest conscience, I cannot follow you back while you are publicly supporting Donald Trump. In the turmoil of the near future, Christians who follow the Big Head's rules can survive, but Trump is not promoting that life, he is spreading hatred and discontent. He thrives on it. It's all he has to offer. Please see you are being deceived. Judgment is going to be harsh, with many dead, but many revitalized toward a better way. Attached is a photograph that shows the hand of the angel (agent) Lucifer (by the Earth name), whose mission is the judgment of the people of this planet. Please examine the image/s, and know that it is true and that I am honest and would not have been successful in making contact with God’s agent unless I was.

Sup #Skypilot?




Time Travel / Clairvoyance (same thing but to show somebody something): 2015 "WTF, there's a 1 inside the cloud!?"  ---> 2018 digging out the Alien Stone I placed Amazon's A1 open box # in front of the Alien Stone. It saw and broadcast its impression.


That's nothing, but this both demonstrates #TimeTravel is real, and also that I am in specific communication, as of that date of 04.28.2016. Turns out, in +2-years I would see what I was being shown, after discovering the Alien Stone, as I was destroying it, in the stone I saw:

Joking around

Hi, Anna, tff;


I beg to differ, extraterrestrial invasion is a killer of entire planets of beings, and worse, some races do it just to rape and pillage (I hear). Just ask a survivor of alien invasion, they'll tell you they would rather risk having the plague.


Dick (Sargent) thinks:


"I am relieved to see those dicks are within the range of my size category of dick. It is comforting to know that not all pornography features dicks that have more in common with trees than me."


Twitter bots, you picking this up?


To the Pope:

The king of patience should have waited a few years before going back to Jerusalem, if he had, he may have spread the message to more than 10% of the world.


At least to return with an army, for God's sake. 


How ya been, Robester?


Ready for the King of Earth for 1000-years?



Following the Big Head's rules, that's about it.


And, know this kids, if you have tried to follow the basics of what was delivered to Moses, you are off my hook and free, and I will save your asses before others.  


It was written! ⚡️๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Ha ha ha ha ha hahhh! Hack hack!

Glad to read somebody recognizes their hypocrisy. They need to change their name, Lincoln was a liberal. Besides, after and if Trump is removed, these guys will go right back to the policies that most people judged cruel and lopsided to the wealthy, Trumpy legislation.

There is a godlike being watching us closely.


That its identity is the one we have sought is unknown. But, its powers are fantastic and consistent with that being we have fantasized.


Stay tuned!  ๐Ÿ˜Ž



Trippy post on EAS:
In another month, maybe 3, I will make my decision on the continued survival of the United States of the Americas.


It's best for all, that at that time, all environmental factors which provide me comfort and pleasure are available to me, so my decision is not influenced by mood.


To Ned Lamont:

FYI; the new cost of renewing a driver's licence means I can't participate, and if ever fined for driving w/o a licence, I will request the destruction of so much State property, millions of renewals won't compensate.

From now, be extra kind to the poor.

We are out of patience.


It's this one, that is happening to me. More amazing than anything I've witnessed in story. That is a primary reason it's not being recognized, the discovery is too amazing. Unbelievable.


Turns out, Contact will be creating reality from Bible prophecy. 


I'm really inhibited by the Crazy Neighbors, and the potential for the to freak and cause family trouble. Being so, I've not done a thing at the Alien Stone.


If needing to see or be seen, this small area, in the leafy months, is all I can see of aircraft, enough to identify:

07.20.2020 Monday

The forest floor and shrubbery are wet from overnight rain. After dog sitting, I may drive the Subaru up there to the site, and begin to stake out the pentagram. After it's drawn and lined with the bright yellow string, I will start working on the Alien Stone repair. I will use a combination of brushing stone repair goop onto the cracks to temporarily hold pieces and drilling and bolting through sections and anchoring them to the stone. I want the mystery and the spectacle of the large (3-meters precisely) pentagram to sit there beside the driveway for several weeks, along with sawhorses and covered equipment and tools to spoil the scenery from the embarrassed Crazy Neighbors, fuckers.

May bad come upon them for fucking with me like they did. Badness! 

Pic; the yellow electrical cord laid-out as a pentagram around the Alien Stone: That's only about 2-meters. I will measure in metric meters because the Alien Stone faces are 1-meter each. They were before I carved away at them, doing what I thought was expected of me. 

There could be a temperamental flare-up! I might have to levitate him and hold his dumb ass suspended for awhile. That'll scare the living shit out of him, literally. I need that. Hmmm

I may create a circle around the pentagram, and I might dig a small and shallow trench along that circle and fill it with shredded wood and have that ready to ignite with lamp oil. Hmm

I am 75% certain that the Alien Stone itself should be on the fifth point of the shape, as is frequent in art depictions. I want to/should stay consistent with popularized presentations, so what is expected can be seen. 

Btw; fuck all of you. Fuck everything. :- 

Boss, people must die instantly for insulting me or criticizing me in any way. That is doable, right?


TIMETRAVELWISH.COM, the purpose is .......


Different people put their butts in the way of trees while they're growing and effect the direction of growth.

It's how to identify and then validate you're in a different timeline. Different choices were made.

Displacement (from one time to another) ...

It's #timetravel y

07.16.2020 136,000 dead Americans. 


with Tuvok:

This image was a front pic on the website/#timetravel experiment #TimeTravelWish, in 2015. I sat there with my broken foot, daily. The sky portion I am pointing to was used in a test for communication, on 04.28.2016, using the internet to validate synchronicity. pic

It's very frustrating.


the RT; my demands are bit less extreme these days.

I exclaim "fools!" at all all humanity, because I know the truth of my claims, but education and economic discrimination and stigma have meant that YOU won't know of the amazing.

Change title of Sky pilot video to :

The power: time travel\clairvoyance; it saw the video to be. Then inserted the communication, an H2O sphere.

Sky Pilot 11 15 2015 - Gravity and Time Manipulation to form Sphere to Cross Top of Plane's Fuselage, at 0:14 from quad 4 moving to left/east to cross the very center and top of the plane’s fuselage. Impossible unless time control is in effect.

To Schizo, Nevenka, re Satan

I tried see him last year but I couldn't get tickets, oh well.

I've been showing you pictures of the real being, for 1+  years. But you seem to ignore the photographs I attach. Each time I do, it is relevant to my words. You are not talking to a scammer. This is an experiment.



1 bottle of No Tears Baby shampoo.

2 clipboards to hold photos on while at the Alien Stone \ Devil's Head repair.

1 Roll of bright yellow string to make the shape of a pentagram across the ground for a Satanic (HAIL SATAN!) ritual in front of the neighbor's house. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Within 3-days I'll have parts to begin bolting together the Devil's Head.

College: 2019, after study of 2018 Burn Test photos, realizing comm was made, re Satan, demons, removal of the skull cap of the head. Which revealed my suspicion that it was a being sent into the stone.


I'm angry at failure to yet obtain the well evidenced power.  Being so, I almost refuse to update, or edit, or rebuild anything on the website, that needs it. I feel like exploited, not getting enough for my efforts, I want to refuse work for The Man, or #Satan in this case. ๐Ÿคจ


Evening on EAS
#Racism infects the planet; wait until humans discover #speciesism.


It's the reason very particular plans are in effect for contact to be as peaceful as possible. We may be able to save billions of lives, if the plan is followed.

Follow me?



07.12.2020  Sunday

Depressed for days. Sleepless nights and despairing days.

I’m drinking whiskey every night. Going through my newest 1.75L bottle of scotch. 

I lost $450 at an online casino. Had it up to $1900 after more than 10-days of winning and losing, and blew it all in one losing streak that lasted a half an hour. Boy was that suffering sadness afterward! I thought I would have extra money next month. I wish Satan would help me take those casinos. Sure wish it. And bring some loose women my way, too? 

Nothing to do (it seems) to advance the project to where it’s supposed to be. 

The rocks are all I have left. That and my decision to bolt together some of the pieces of the Alien Stone, the Devil’s Head, maybe the Eminence Front, if the DH goes well.

Something preventing that is my anger at the neighbors. I want to give them The Finger each time I see them. I fantasize killing them all. Especially the old man, Cunningham. So, working out there beside our common driveway, I would feel anger at them every time they drive or walk by me. I want them dead, actually. The Crazy wife and him and the kids, so they can’t take revenge, bothering me. 

Their houses are beside each other in a straight line from the river to inland. If a tornado could destroy both homes and spare ours, that would be acceptable. Both homes! But it would leave them alive, probably. I need them all gone. One day?

The materials for bolting the pieces on are arriving soon. 

As for Satanic rituals involving those stones, I would be guessing. It’s all fiction anyway, in the past. But, the job involves making fantasy fiction real. For the full affect. 

I have to examine The Divine Comedy, and the Bosch painting, and some Dali works, before deciding on a method of ritual. 

I would rather get stoned and play video games, and play with the dogs, all day. 



All 5-second fuses are 3-seconds. - infantry journal.

Teamwork is everything, the enemy needs extra targets. 

On  nevenka reply, re Israel

They may be in big trouble over there. I want a realistic 2-state solution, still. Or, there can be a different 1-state answer.


They may see fire.

I found a stone, that is a beautiful octahedral, a small one, from the Alien Stone dig, before moving it out of the hole. And it may the the 5th stone, and not the so-called Platonic Stone, that does have the pentagram with a circle around it, within the elements of the mineral, the rock. 

To Nevenka, re the property. 

No, and thanks for asking.

I deduced what happened, based on 2 things; an argument in early 1990's resulted in the old landowner taking a slice that enveloped the cliffside, which had not been owned by anyone, unknown to them.

Then, a tree was misnamed by a surveyor.


Donald Trump is inviting civil war

He doesn't care that he's further dividing a nation that is willing to kill each other and armed enough to.

I'm ready to sweep the MAGA's out of this country, I don't want to live with them.

I have a friend who wants to help.



I am drinking and gambling and womanizing (well?).

Workfront, plan is to attach the broken pieces of the Devil's Head of the Alien Stone, using rod and anchors. It won't look nice. This act will be prior to a ritual in front of it, my plea for the next phase to begin.

2. with more imagery:

3. Tuesday
Hardware is ordered.

I still want a radiation detector but hesitate for the funding.

I can begin in mid August. Hardware store is too small a place to shop there, too cramped. Mail order is safer. - patience please?

Workfront - plan is to attach the broken pieces of the Devil's Head of the Alien Stone, using rod and anchors. It won't look nice. This act will be prior to a ritual in front of it, my plea for the next phase to begin.

#HailSatan! ๐Ÿ˜Ž


Plane spotting as I went out to see what the dog was barking about, in view of cam, to move a small marsh turtle, it flew very low at cruising speed, unusual. Directly over house and due west heading.

 Could not tell if it was skypilot, the plane was out of view fast, but the wing shapes were a match, and the sound was close. 

Will take pictures of the 5 stones in different configurations and number them. 

Will study those to seek a best fit for a ritual in which the shapes are key. 

07.02.2020 on EAS
Hey, Spooks; 

Earth is depressing today. 

So, I'm putting the naked lady screensaver slideshow on for the rest of the day. For your sake, an old favorite of my Fake Girlfriends collections, All Butts, a 50,000 jpg folder. Whew.

#TimeTravelWish, #sol3. Get me out of here.

I saw you, thanks. 

I know, there are a few out there who know of me and suspect what I am, and support me in finding out exactly what the plan is. And thank you for trying to make yourselves known. 

If not for my stubborn parental units, so without hope, I'd be done by now.

Still helpless, thinking about a ritual with the stones and how to do it right.


Unsent tweet

Greetings. There has to be one other first, before a return, and the reign of him is long. That's my understanding.


Judgment is here, and it's alien contact; God is a time traveler.


Collage demonstrates 3 "miracles" of both time and gravity manipulation, for the purpose of communication.




I TOLD you guys the IRONIES will be plentiful in this new timeline, B.

Great recent example was the #TrumpRally, as it was poorly attended yet (ironically) was highly spectacular.

#irony ๐Ÿคช

In #timetravel, a good name is Echo Events.

Evidence of ....


I am fifty-percent certain that irony rules the movement of the matter of half of everything.



The Alien Stone, above ground. And a couple of communications. Found during the Dead Drop Search in the successful before it was created time travel experiment, Time Travel Wish.



Still helpless. Sill not wanting to perform a ritual. 




Evil Friend; please use the insult "Sick puppy," more often. It's one of my favorites.


See my selfie with DAD? I managed to get-in behind him,

He's a super narcissist, like you are.


Your buddy, the #ANTICHRIST, (supposedly).




Despite all setbacks, I am CONFIDENT.

On EAS at night

Set out runnin' but I take my #time


A friend of the Devil is a friend of mine


If I get home before daylight

I just might get some sleep tonight


Below, more evidence from Time Travel Wish, successful before it was created.


JUDGMENT is CONTACT, and the New Testament, used to make prophecy before it was created., you figure it out.

Thank you, @nvmalivuik9, I am fine.


I twisted my back too much the other day, and am disabled with that until it heals, but otherwise I am fine.


And, masturbating too much, gosh darn it. I think?



2. The Demon Creation in the Burn Test, of May 2018.


I was unaware for a year that these images were used to communicate. I uploaded a selfie with the Alien Stone in the background from the scene soon after this set of 8 or 10 stills. No video.


H manipulation w time control:

Here is a pentagram around the Alien Stone, using an electrical cord.


Bonus; if I make a more elaborate display, with the right stones, and fire and me half naked and chanting Satan gibberish into the sky, the neighbors would move out fast. And I could  finish the Guitar Rock.

My back is fucked for the third day.  I twisted it doing chores. Today I could barely move without a lot of pain. It’s miserable. I’m old.


Depressing. Everything is very sad and helpless. 


To Shane L;

​It's JAMES.

I have not seen you in more than a year and am curious as to how your life is going.

Also, if you come to see me, I have a proposal for you that is pretty amazing, and will require your time to understand it, before committing to participation.​

​Photograph attached is a clue, study it. That's not my image, it was produced by another being, for my experiment, to be ready before I began in 2014. ​ So, that  I could claim I was successful before I created the experiment (understand?). 

- James,

Your message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail.


Sincerely, James G. Mason

Founder: Time Travel Wish Inc. 

The Website Successful Before Its Conception

Correction (from months ago); that's a Bosch demon from Hell, not Dali, created by Lucifer's (my father's) hand (Hydrogen manipulation using gravity/time and space control) on the wall of the hole that I had built around the Alien Stone, prior to Burn Test of 5.18.


lol; Right, @JustinRoiland and Dan Harmon, that biblical character did behave like an alien, doing things an advanced race (that conquered #gravity) could do.


09.2019; I point out again, the obvious to those who've learned of

Judgment is Contact, jesus! How many times does one have to explain that simple fact??







The Alien Stone was discovered in late 2017, as I was searching for a Dead Drop, in time's distant past.


#EndAllSuffering my way of the current path.


#TimeTravel-Wish, did that.


#Sol3, #Gravty ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

#Judgment is #contact, it was all along.


#Hope seems to be near rock-bottom.

Anxiety swells. 

My answer is at timetravelwish (com) and has only grown in certainty since 2015. And it contains enough for everybody. It’s stopped before it can come to fruition - the purpose, the practical. 

It just needs outside people help now.

BTW; don't be scared. It's actually very good news.




I still hold-out stubbornly to make any use of the 4 Quadrahedron found behind the Guitar Rock and under the level of the pedestal rock it sat on. 

Because, also, Lies Inside A, as the meaning of LiA, is so spot-on, I can’t deny those stones are a key to retrieval. They sit in the yard together. There was none like it found, oh wait maybe there was, at the Alien Stone Dig, I must check. 

The Platonic Stone, from November 2017, the first Dig, discovered in March 2018 to have messaging on it (75% it’s from Lia, or Him, or It.), makes 5-quadrahedron in total to form a pentagram on the surface and beg for  . . . something. Acceptance? 

Plead for his appearance?

Ask for the power that has been exhibited?

Will placing them together, in a pentagram shape, initiate something? Can it be detected. Each is metal rich, and each is within the full context of everything, well the stones part anyway. 


This is the only indication (physically) that a pentagram is incorporated in retrieval of the Dead Drop. One has to see the stone from this direction, along 2-planes, 1 viewed flat. 


The quads found inside the Guitar Rock (if inside in LiA, means behind the A), the key to retrieval may be them.

Eureka? Platonic Stone, 11/17; the 1st Dig at the Alien Stone, discovered 3/18 to have messaging. = 5 points

A pentagram can be, a Satanic ritual can be. ๐Ÿ™„

Will I?

The stone came from the Alien Stone, this one combined with the 4 found behind the Guitar Rock makes 5 quad sided stones. Each a pentagram point.

I resist corny ritual from religion. I've ignored these for months. I don't like this. Too weird. But Ill try soon, if drunk enough.

3. The stone came from the Alien Stone, this one combined with the 4 found behind the Guitar Rock makes 5 quad sided stones. Each a pentagram point.

I resist corny ritual from religion. I've ignored these for months. Too weird. But Ill try soon, if drunk enough.

I'm desperate.

Evidence of #TimeTravel; The image on the Right was taken in 2018, of a message w/in rock, made at a time when the stone was cooling lava.

Left is a result of my test for communication on 04.28.16, (see timeline), with an intelligence I suspected was responsible for my success.


For tens of thousands years, the Alien Stone sat waiting for me to take pictures for the world to watch the discovery. But you hopeless tree climbers have become blinded to possibility.

Ironic for Earth, bc my reason was to provide #hope, and humanity can't find me.


To Trump

Evil Friend; there's got to be fifty episodes, and statements, to validate that you are among some of the last people who should label themselves for Law and Order. The only reason you aren't already familiar with federal prison is that you've had expensive lawyers, all lifelong.


I’ll warn you Primates again, if I can’t proceed the population can be destroyed.

Humans are valuable, but not enough to allow us to continue as we are. The easy route of obliteration is preferred. ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Solve the land problem or we may be wiped out. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ




I’ll warn 1 last time, it’s likely, if I can’t succeed the planet will be scorched.

We (humans) are valuable, but not so much as to allow us to continue, as we behave now.

If I don’t succeed, ALL LIFE DIES.

Settle the land problem, and we have a chance.




Primary of TIME TRAVEL experiment, SUCCESSFUL BEFORE CREATED 11/14.  CONTACT has been made, 2016, PROOF! LiA and ๐“™๐“ช๐“ถ๐“ฎ๐“ผ ๐”พ๐•ฃ๐•’๐•ช ๐“œ๐“ช๐“ผ๐“ธ๐“ท @endallsuffering

Do you mean to ask if this is a selfie?

A friend took the picture while at a demonstration in Washington DC. Here is another from that day:

It's the old personality of me; the hardcore #atheist.

Reply to Nevenka

No, I was for all of life up until becoming an agnostic (atheist), a category of with certainty of uncertainty of 1 god of the cosmos.

We have in plenty of evidence, of the physical nature, of a god like being/s capable of matter in time manipulation.


That's a hot conversation.

It if did exist, I would build a massive door, of some type, to block entry from all beings, to spare all from that awful place. 

I think Hell is only the other side of this one/plane of existence/cosmos a.k.a. timeline.



#Gravity manipulation is the most efficient form of interstellar and intergalactic travel, it's also time manipulation. It's demonstrated repeatedly in the experiment #TimeTravelWish; conducted by a poor person who is surrounded by beings blinded by a deficiency of hope.

Hi Leo, nice to see you again.

I interpret a bashing of evolution's often misinterpreted lesson that a randomness is in existence that determines our fate. I am in partial agreement with him, but I don't attribute purpose of matter to a cause of a God.  I know all has purpose.

#HAILSATAN! I guess?  ๐Ÿ˜

I'm in.

For denial, I remind myself of what the HELL I did to make myself such a candidate, not only for the first #timetravel proof on Earth (as the experimenter), but also as the #AntiChrist character, necessary in the purpose.

06.06 To the Pope;

Greetings, Messenger One;

Take my word, every speck of cosmos has purpose.

I implore, please get with the spooks watching, and make sure the land issue is solved, soon? I can't break law.

The mission is failed unless.

Collage shows evidence of the miraculous in large:


ADD to The View West: 

I figure it's safe for me to follow a Kenyan.


They're not going to come up my Connecticut driveway.




I found the number on the mopboard (metaphor; the weeds on the side of the road under the guardrail) in 2017, and found it not surprising. I already knew.


#timetravel proof

2: Found the number on the mopboard in 2017, and was not surprised, I already knew I was successful before the experiment began.


The mopboard is metaphor; weeds on the roadside that grow under the guardrail wire.

More evidence of #timetravel proof:



This is how I feel and well illustrates my situation



Good morning, Skypilot and Team of Unknowns.


There must be intervention.

We and all of Earth will never know, and never get the help we need, unless.


Irony; It was a small choice, in a different timeline, that caused the property line movement, and only another can fix it.


I can't defeat the boundary line, created by the mistake, or theft of land by I. Chase, likely decades ago. I can see how it happened, and inconspicuously involved the cliff when Lee's line got moved over by an argument w/Chase.

Unless I can steal the whole thing, all is failed.


I will have to save for a microblasting kit and cartridges. I'll practice on splitting pieces below the Guitar Rock. And, that's fairly quiet, compared. And, when the neighbors slip away, I can climb up and plant the charges, and eventually split the GR that way. Sneakily. 

Just spent an hour with my mother - she lends legitimacy when out there on her property line, and we could not find a Whitewood/Tulip tree anywhere, not even saplings or any leaves. It’s looking like a survey mistook a black maple (each tree near the guitar rock is Maple and there’s a bunch of Beech in the area) for a Whitewood/Tulip Tree. It’s a very important monument that can’t be found. 

I also looked all over the thick leafy forest floor for an iron pipe that marks the end of a 244’ stretch and the end of Sheldon's property, and could not find it. 

Next, new batteries for my metal detector. Mom is going to write the Sheldon’s to get permission to walk along that line and measure it down to wherever, to find an iron pipe at the end of it. 

The iron pipe the surveyor located on the northern end of the end can not be it. It has to be about 2/5ths toward the south of our line, and there’s none. 

I suspect they were measuring the Nichol’s property line to find the line they expected because he told them so and brought them there. That our line is continuous with theres is why they chose it, and why they told me they did not have to measure Cunningham’s land from the North. 

I noticed what may be an angle change in the line that is ours (that I insist is 1 of 2 lines embracing the cliffside). They put a wooden stake in the ground, where his survey of 93 says there should be iron pipe, IP. 

An 8-minute ranting audio about this is uploading, to join others. When too emotional, the audio recordings are most expressive, in this experiment, and in other parts of life.

Later afternoon, 

Whitewood Tree NOT FD = not found.

It was not found in the 93 survey or possibly even before that. It was historical, it grew up, and fell down. I still could not find an iron post (IP) within that distance of the line about half way. That's next, soon?

Again, losing hope.๐Ÿ˜’

05.27 Wednesday, the Drop Search and the Land Dispute continued.

It may be that he only surveyed our lot and the line that he thinks is shared by us. !!!!

That’s the kind of fool he is, and a cheapskate; he wanted the smallest job from the survey team. 

The Gaul! The arrogance. He did not measure his land AT ALL, he was so certain. He’s going to APOLOGIZE with MONEY or LAND.

Property line dispute Guitar Rock, and all is in peril.


~~~~ more, afternoon

Had a one hour talking and convincing session with mother and she didn’t believe me about the “space in between.” (There is a 37-minute audio bugging of most of our conversation after showing her outdoors, where the Whitewood tree would be.) 

But toward the end she did start to. I had to explain that no 2 surveyors ever had to meet in between or right up to each other’s lines. That each was only interested in their own interiors. 

It would cost thousands to have all the properties surveyed. There’s 5 that touch that unaccounted for space, the cliff. 

She has begun to believe me about the Monument Tree “the whitewood tree” on the survey as the center of the line that was not found, because they were surveying our lot and not his own. 

She did not find it uncomfortable, the fact (I feel) that it’s Cunningham’s burden (that means confrontation with him) because I have graphical evidence, of both the space that is the cliff belonging to nobody, and the Whitewood tree, which must be large by now, that is likely at the ridge line. 

** Another point to remember is that the lots on the south were not subdivided from Chase’s land, but were separate surveys all together. 

Whoever chose this lot stopped at the bottom of the cliff, and whoever chose Chases exact property chose to stop at the top of the cliff, hence we have a space in between because naturally, nobody wanted the cliff, or (also very important) nobody wanted to have to one day make a long fence in the middle of a cliff. Each property owner chose the unwalkable section of the cliff to avoid as their own. 

** The angle of the line changes at the whitewood tree, to 124 (SW). That change did not occur at the line his surveyors marked, which is straight along. That’s corroborating evidence the whitewood tree line is on the ridge. 

Night/ tweet:

In the AM, my helper and I will be on the ridge identifying that tree as a Poplar/Whitewood tree or not. Sure looks like it from here. I'll use the metal detector and look for iron pipe that is in parallel with the lower line.

I'm sure the 1st tree in pic 2, is the one:

05.26 Tuesday

TWEET: celebratory

Hallelujah! I found a 1993 survey w agreement lines and the N/S line in dispute w/an indicated “monument” (takes precedence over hired surveyor’s lines) that is a large Whitewood Tree (Beech) and it MUST BE the large tree at the top of the cliff! It's the true line, above the GR!

I filed a submission to be reviewed by Google, to the Google Maps, so that perhaps the location of Land Between Properties shows-up on that viewable map. 

I expect that my mother may have been lying to me about tracking down map locations, nearly 4-weeks ago when she said she had called Town Hall and spoken with a woman (specifically) at the Land Assessor's offices, who said according to Mom, that they only had what we have, the 8.5-in  x 11-in sheets of white paper that describe the lots - all that is taxed. She was supposed to be tracking down the actual maps, indicated as Map 56 (or 65?), on the surveyor report of lots in the location. I questioned her about that call and she seemed to completely space on it, and made-up something, indicating she had not searched for the actual land maps, and when I told her about what I understood from her phone call, she seemed to be completely forgetful or caught in a lie, can’t tell which. Both are possible. 

I am hoping that that tree there (image pointing) is not the Whitewood Tree that’s on center of his property line, that it is either of the 2 above the rock. Whew. Another suspenseful thing. I thought I saw barbed wire on it, but it also lines up with the SSW border that runs into the disputed line. 

Google Maps; space in between the lots, exact gps location:


3 pm ish

Mom expressed weirdness, and an excuse for not wanting to help me with the Guitar Rock; she said she had information, and she could not tell me how, that I would badly injure myself on that rock and be unable to be her AIDE in her more feeble years. 


Some cooky friend of hers does premonitions, apparently. 

Turns out it’s a selfish fear as it just happened to be a premonition that served her desires, that I not do that dangerous work. So, she may have been working against me or to delay. 

That’s ok. Forgiveness all around. 

Morning and afternoon, joy:
05.26 Hallelujah, I found a 1993 survey map with both agreement lines and the N/S line in dispute with an indicated “monument” (takes precedence over vocaly described lines or hired surveyor’s lines) that is a large Whitewood Tree (Beech) and it must be the large tree at the top of the cliff where the path turned, where I said there was a pole in the ground. They surveyors DID NOT search the maps to find the tree/the Monument for that line. They did not measure from any solid monument in the north on Cunningham's land, they just assumed where he was showing them was right. 

They fucked up and he fucked up. 

I will draft a letter describing this to both him and his surveyors. 

3. So, I begin drafting a letter for both Cunningham and his rapid surveyors tomorrow, that explains the facts as can now be seen and remeasured (lol).

JC has stated twice, he'll put all my stuff back "If I'm not right, but I'm pretty sure I am." Arrogance.

Tried to tell him.

TWEET: celebratory

Hallelujah! I found a 1993 survey w agreement lines and the N/S line in dispute w/an indicated “monument” (takes precedence over hired surveyor’s lines) that is a large Whitewood Tree (Beech) and it MUST BE the large tree at the top of the cliff! It's the true line, above the GR!






In the future, there’s not much difference between a lucid and vivid memory and time traveling. 

I am working, reluctantly, I am so pissed off about the land mess. I got dressed to go to the Town Hall and start a map search for a Map 56 (?) of actual land maps and remembered it was a State Holiday, in addition to that, they are probably in the library and that's closed for the health crisis.  

NEW SITE AND NEW PAGE IN PROGRES, this will take advantage of the Bookmarks feature, new, at blogger:

#ProofofTimeTravel, 10 of them, so far that have picture and checkable references to their synchronous occurrences and accountable connections to the experiment only.  

IN PROGRESS. Mostly I can write this without notes, but details of time and images have to be found, because it’s been a five year adventure and there are more than 1.5-million words in more than 15 documents. 

The integrity of each claim can be determined, if somebody takes the courageous step of checking. Yes, brave because you may want to WISH you had not found out, that life continued AS NORMAL and you never knew. 

That describes my family.

At 1:30 am, a night or two ago, I was so upset …. I got up yelling at the asshole for not listening and was shouting things into the night air about the property survey and maps, and got dressed and left to come up there and Bruce awoke and turned on his office light and so illuminated the driveway near the garage and then the small dog started barking. I had to stop and turn back. It was too quiet. And now, the large dog sleeps near the kitchen front window, under it, and lately they’ve had windows open, while temps are in the 60’s.  F.  So, it has to be at least noisy out for me to walk by, and now that summer is here, it’s going to have to be hot out, so they have AC on and relatively sealing off outside sounds, for me to safely walk past the house. 

Climbing that treacherous hillside, in darkness, to sit beside the Guitar Rock and speak many things on my mind is what I feel I need to do. As if talk therapy to a godlike being, or the delivered AI emissary to that being or beings - that I suspect lies within. I am exhausted with all of it, but can’t stop now. 

Again, tomorrow, I go down to Town Hall and ask about the maps. First thing. The surveyors MUST BE standing on OUR line to that space and ignoring the top of the hill as his line because the space is being ignored. It’s still possible that Jack removed the upper pole, it would have been in the same alignment with the same checkpoints marked as the southern line, our line to the cliff space. Essentially, as the  land maps indicate, there is no abutment of our property and Cunningham’s. It’s NOT HIS BUSINESS. 

He WILL carry all my shit back up that hill, while I humiliate him with a video recording of the event. 



The Brutal Clarity of the Trump-McConnell Plan to Protect Businesses

05.24 Sunday; early am

Still very angry and making audio notes about the GR and Cunningham

They must all be disappeared after I am out and active. I don’t want them to benefit from being in my story, not 1 dollar. Kids too, unfortunately. 

I want this launch to FAIL. It’s important that it does. Important so that governments only, democractic ones, are in space at this fragile time in history, when government projects that represent the people’s will to thrive must be dominant. These privateers must be crushed, and put back down in their places. Billionaires WILL NOT get to do whatever the fuck they want, especially not being Space Industry pioneers, NOT WHILE I CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  

MUSK, and SpaceX, fuck them all:



Cunningham’s surveyors will be here this morning. To mark his property line. 

Just got the relay call from the MoM. He added that he will not let me excavate the rock if it’s on his property. 

The whole mission is lost if so. There will be nothing I can do if not in ownership of the land.


Don't you guys see??

Because it's for me exclusively, and the option w/o the plan, was to waste the lifeforms on this planet, if I can't get the Drop, the risk of somebody else finding it is too great, the planet will be destroyed. A failsafe, that ensured I succeeded, to a point.

Time Travel Wish



I showed the Google Earth map to them and they said "it does not matter." They've marked the line between ours and his and say that's it, one side is his, the other is ours, and they don't care about the space in between. IT'S OVER. NO RETRIEVAL. Can't fight this w/o money.

Afternooon, Boy am I ever angry. 

 I think they went straight to the old lines, that is actually our north easter line that does not touch his property.

If this map is right, that shows the space, it means our property line never touches his. His surveyors had to be consistent with their last survey because it was theirs. And an inside walking tour of our land would show the same line that they think is the border with him. 

I can’t explain this to my mother, she can’t understand what I’m saying. She’s a space case. 

Who gives out PhD’s at the college she went to?

I will call Robert Corrigan on Monday and ask him to come down here again. 

This will go to a court and I’ll never be able to afford THAT. 

The parents will not help. They can not be convinced. Not Bruce and certainly not HER.

Bruce would NEVER believe me enough to then allow me to show him all of my evidence again. And there is a lot more of it now than 5-years ago. 

FUCKED. Essentially. 

I’ll get a surveyor here on Monday. 

I would have to find EVERY real estate property description of EVERY owner of Cunningham’s land all the way back to be before Erwin Chase to find out that indeed his land does stop the bottom of the hill.

05.17.2020 VIEW LINK - the View West (of the Guitar Rock):



<iframe src=""></iframe>

Google Drive Time Travel Wish photos and videos 200G space available, is very incomplete; it used to auto upload. WTF : 

VIDEOs; some from TTW, the Drop Search, etc..

VIDEOS on old CTatheist account

DROP SEARCH VIDEO link to see in Google phots, CTathe____@

The upload stopped at 74 of 175 and the album does NOT LIST the file names viewable and so it’s damn near impossible for me to compare the next time to see what files I need to return to to upload to complete the collection. Nerve RACKING. THESE IDIOTS!! AND THERE is no skipping same named files, it just make duplicates inthe same damn foldrers, ABSOLUTELY idiotic. THAT is what wrecked my last hard drive, it just kept pilling on while I was not looking. 


The purpose for the breach into Timeline B was to exploit Biblical #prophecy to make true that which is dreamed of the most and provides the most #hope.

That vital emotion is a resource I saw we would be out of, in 2014, when my #timetravel experiment was successful B4 created.


Symbols: ∞

♨ steaming plate of shit

✌ ✈ ✩ $ ๐•ด๐•ธ  ๐’ฅ๐‘€ ๐•๐”พ๐•„  ๐“˜๐“ช๐“ถ๐“ฎ๐“ผ ๐“–๐“ป๐“ช๐”‚ ๐“œ๐“ช๐“ผ๐“ธ๐“ท

This document; shareable, View able link:


05.21.2020 I think it’s my mother’s birthday??

Or tomorrow?

LiA supplied The Image, placed it @Google. Not a photograph, and 99kb. It’s an interdimensional, multiversal, #timetravel communication.


Also,  99% certainty, it is also a map to the location of the Dead Drop out of time, by showing landmarks as viewed from its place.



05.19 Monday

I am still, after many months, mostly ignoring the webpage and don’t care that it’s confusing and nobody understands WTF I’m saying, although the language matches my own simple style. I MUST have the ability to recreate the phenomena. That power is the success of the whole experiment, after it can be seen all can put some energy into understanding how it came to be. 

They need to witness the tree falling in the forest. Not just me and taking pictures and documenting. This is a skeptical society. Good. And fuck em. lol


I sit here playing video games, sometimes for 8-hours/day. I try to avoid thinking about the land issue, Cunningham, the Nichols, and the whole damn fuss, while I wait for the money to arrive in the shared checking account and so have enough to pay the surveyor. 

The letter they sent here was not indicating correctly what we/I need from him; 

  1. Is the rock on Cunningham’s land or not? 

  2. What is the space between the properties?

    Generally, we need the North East side evaluated and the research done to explain what that space is.

I entertain, because it’s been more than 4-weeks since the episode and the letter hand delivered to their mailbox, to make contact, and he has not responded, that they may have found the Guitar Rock on an internet search, because I mentioned to Jack Nichols that there was a website and it was called the Guitar Rock. He may have remembered that and told Cunningham and they’ve found it, and seen the Satanic relationship, and the evidence, heard the angry audio/s about them and are quietly freaking-out, rather than exchanging numbers and etc…   I hope so, I want them freaked out. 

Addition to page, the IMAGE
Recent selfie of James Gray Mason.

I have known for nearly 5-years, the Image from

Google was placed just for me and the experiment. 

It is the first proof of actual time travel, of many strong

 indications that were later revealed, after time of creation of this website on 11.25.2014.

05.17 Sunday

Hey #skypilot. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Here's a Tweet starring you, when I thought the ability was coming from space.

It was soon after this I realized it was a local origin, and the Dead Drop locality.

Event represents both #timetravel and #gravity manipulation, exhibited for hopeless Monkeys.


In January of 2018, I was reviewing this video and realized  the Being had produced a ball of H2O to cross over the top of the fuselage, on top! Clearly, it saw the video was made and placed matter into time past.


This is real #timetravel, for Dummies.



I'm so sorry you could not have a traditional high school graduation.

Never having been to high school, of course, I can't imagine what disappointment you have.

When this phase of the project is ready, you and I will take trips. When do you want to see? ๐Ÿ˜Ž



90,000 dead US citizens.

The President is trying to create scandal of nothing to distract from his massive failure.

There is still no national plan of action to handle the virus.


Many leaders and citizens get a grade of F. Which makes the value of their life low.



Property line rigormorow update:

4-wks ago, a letter was delivered to Cunningham's mailbox, w/phone numbers etc.., and a apology (another) for me having a tent on his land. And still no response. We expected one. I think he's seen this real estate map and knows he fu-ked up.

One great reason to have excluded that strip of land from the zoning was that it is very dangerous. Almost, the same length of that strip is the very steep, rocky section. Neither of the 5 homeowners has to carry liability for that cliff, and another breaking their necks on it.

Agency flew over this am, I knew to walk out to the yard to meet them. 


Oh boy. 

The talk of retribution to GWB is awful and FAKE. OF COURSE I WOULD NOT conduct some type of vigilante justice on some old man. 

Maybe dump a septic tank of shit on his house? He can have that washed off while he stays in a hotel. 

Like I wrote the agency several months ago, what will be seen must not be fully taken seriously, as rouse is necessary due to the public position, and the many unknowns. 


Each pixel is created from the fabric of space; sent from an extranormal hack into a residential wifi modem w/in 120' of The Location, to the @#Google owned servers of Blogspot in Germany. 


To be CHOSEN predictably (seen) by the #timetravel experimenter, on 11.25.2014.





Just read you're in RI, hey neighbor!

I'm 131 w/o tobacco.

Drinking dreams;

Those are horrible. I had them for about 5-years after drying out. I would awaken so thirsty (tongue hair symptom), from the somatic response to the dream of alcohol in the bloodstream.

I would grant full access to all evidence and me, to a serious publication, from my old home stomping grounds, if they can share to the world my discovery, and that would assist in me reaching the end of the experiment, because others may then help me in the final phase.

Evil Friend;

Do you understand that I may block, and so identify in a list, the people you retweet? 

I enjoy the irony of them all thinking it's good that they get fame from having their content shared by you.

What they get is noticed by my father who watches my back:


Political comment to LiA

It's totally right to correct Trump's twisted bubble of reality.

But these conditions would have occurred under just about any president, but a smart one would have reduced the impact, and have understood the circumstance fully, and so many more would be alive. Right-on #LiA.


 on EAS

To Erdogon/Turkey
How many mothers are in your prisons because they spoke out against your fascist regime??


I'm Hate Following you, Recep.


My father has been watching your activity and is not pleased.


- James

(chosen, you Asshole) ๐Ÿ‘ฟ


Yes, ba ba ba ba BAD.


Bad to the bone.


Supposedly.  Santa came on MOST years. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


I need to see the after, at least see my reward for making myself miserable during.


And, I want to be living off world. Imperative.


That's how we do ba ba ba ba business.



Billboard thing: goofing off:

This was a communication from a being that has exhibited God like powers, multiple times, in my time travel experiment, using only the internet to request help from a time apart. This communication was on 04 28 2016, in the sky above my home at a time of my request. There is much to have hope about in my discovery, and for 4-years I have known I was successful before I created my experiment and I have tried to share that with the world, but ironically the absence of hope causes everybody to pass by the evidence I have documented. Expectations cause people to disbelieve my claims. But I know what I have done. Another type of being is exploiting our beliefs to be one we can accept. 

The purpose for the breach into Timeline B was to exploit Biblical #prophecy to make true that which is dreamed of the most and provides the most #hope.

Think how one can be successful as a time travel experimenter with no technology but the internet to use to find time travelers that can make the experiment successful before it was created. That’s what happened on this website that humbly asked for help from a time separate from us. Hope was necessary and truth prevailed in November 2014, and in 2016 this experiment made physical contact with a traveler and an adventure began. I am James Gray Mason, and totally unqualified in quantum mechanics.

#Judgment is #Contact exploiting a plan to make Christian prophecy reality. How many times do I have to explain that?


#Satan, #Lucifer, #Beelzabub, and whatever else names:

I'm going for a comedic adventure for Earth, trying to be evil but failing repeatedly.

2. Next day

Alright, dammit. It was AN IDEA, Boss, that's all. 

Tossed it out. I see the answer.


Yes, ba ba ba ba BAD. 

Bad to the bone. 

Supposedly.  Santa came on MOST years.

I need to see the after, at least see my reward for making myself miserable during. 

And, I want to be living off world. Imperative.

That's how we do ba ba ba ba business. 


He inspired thousands.

That pic is from the crest of the driveway, seen in gif below, as a communication, a clue for the prize in a #timetravel treasure hunt. "A rolling stone gathers no moss."

Stones albums on apple music, from Time Travel Wish playlist; a horizontal flip:

05.08 Friday

The words echo and I found it outrageous: “Well, if that’s what you want to spend your money on …”   Fcking IGNORANCE of her. All she has to do is first believe in me, then see all the evidence that the Guitar Rock MUST BE EXCAVATED. IT’S EVERYTHING. 


It occurs to me to use the only thin I have left and that is to abandon her and Bruce permanently. Go off and die somewhere, homeless with my dogs. 

That threat might cause them to act for me to spend what they have left to let me get into that stone and find out if what is highly suspected to be true, is true. LiA means Lies inside A - an A SHAPE, like the stone arrangement. 


Tuvok, Janeway and I are OUT OF HERE. 

Goin out.

The incredibly handsome, yet mysterious man who is rarely seen about town, will be making an appearance.

This (message) was an #omen like the supernatural descriptions of one. Funny, I thought it was about me. And, it kind of was. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

All will be revealed. Hopefully.

On tTW

Reply to Popey


This is SO SWEET. 

I can't believe that for decades I trashed the Church at every moment I could. You know that, Robed 1. 

But, it strongly appears my JOB is to be HIM (the Dark One). 

You know I plan to turn this around. That's the goal.

Bear with me Plush one?   James


The #timetravel experimenter was clearly shown a treasure map on the Background Image from @Google, (SB4C) contained within its many communications.

Time Travel Wish really is the #hope the world with hope has been hoping for.

Page, Its View West:




The GR’s View West

The #timetravel experimenter was clearly shown a treasure map on the Background Image from @Google, (SB4C) contained within its many communications.

Time Travel Wish really is the #hope the world with hope has been hoping for. Where’s Bob Hope these days? ๐Ÿ˜Ž

2:23 pm apprx

Back from groceries with mother. She was not washing them off at the front door after brining all that stuff home that other people had been touching, probably 4-people in the last 24-hours.

Saw skypilot at about 1:55 - 2:05 pm WNW over town.

The surveyor called yesterday and it’s going to be about $1000, as expected and “I’m reluctant to pay for it, we lost a lot of money in the stock market. We lost tens of thousands of dollars.”

I said “I’ll pay for it with the stupid Corona Virus crisis money from Social Security,” expected soon. 

“If that’s what you want to spend your money on.” She replied. 


She would let marvelous opportunities pass her by, taking no risks at all. She’s lucky to be alive.

She’s seen the View West page, and does not want to give a shit. She’s like the neighbors now. She could actually ruin things. 

She knows that I want that survey done and done without Cunninghams’ knowledge, so that if it comes back that the GR is on Cunningham’s property, I want days to move it. Somehow. I don’t know how I will be able to. It’s VERY LIKELY that ALL WILL BE LOST if that survey comes back negative. Having no funds for heavy equipment, no friends to help, no power to get it slid down to our property (firmly), there’s little hope in the project continuing if the survey sucks for me, for Lia and for EVERYONE. 

Lucky to have met Bruce and seduced him into long term stayput.

This was Feb, 20, 2018.  I still had not discovered Lucifer in the image, or that the polar opposite of the Alien Stone contained a surprise, and the Burn Test revealed another hydrogen manipulation communication, found in early 2019.

I still expected humans were responsible.

Reply to Nevenka, surprised about a Satan post, after all these years
๐Ÿ‘† This would not have surprised you if you had not been such a hopeless (literally) human, and for 5-years bothered to investigate, for even 1-hour, the somewhat confused website, and expected honesty, view the pics and paid attention to the DATES, for God's sake (literally)!


Tuesday. I am STILL so pissed off about all this land shit, and that old fart Cunningham acting like a total asshole, that I can still feel it in my sleep. It’s changed my whole attitude at home, I’m an angry young man like never before. I want his ass in a sling.

The surveyor: SOMEBODY MAKE SURE HE KNOWS HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS THAT HE RULE IN FAVOR, it’s not on Cunningham’s land!! Dammit. I

If we lose this, EVERYTHING IS LOST.


YOU ALSO (spooks of all kinds) do not know if I really will be an evil force or a good one. You can see I want to be a good force, right?  Will not know, EVER. 

Fuck the whole timeline. 

Corrigan Robert E

No reviews · Land surveyor, 1.0 mi · 43 Book Hill Rd, (860) 767-7174

Thanks for caring so much.

Link below to IP tracker/s.

And, you can share the link with others, who may find the fist send, and so be able to locate the home address, and send authorities.

Don't let me know where they are, I'll _____ the MFs.


It's May 5, and I'm so concerned about this, I barely sleep and don't want to eat. It's everything.

Surveyor has not called back, yet.

She's not going to help me to move it. Confrontational. 

Will need help.

Or #LiA to use whatever power is left and bring itself down here?

05.04.2020  Monday

Almost afternoon:
Can it be? It seems likely now that LiA as depicted in the right foreground of the Background Image from Google, means Lies inside A. The shape of A is consistent with both the pedestal under and the triangular Guitar Rock that sat upon it, before I knocked it over in September.


Hi, Eli.

Speaking of human propensity toward mythological, and or supernatural and etc.. , somebody is counting on our belief systems, for something very big, that's going on right-now, and will hit huge in a short time. 

I'm antsy about it.  Here's a clue, look carefully, upper left:


2 am ish

I was just in Google Earth VR and I think that square patch is a coincidence of the tree top, and not my tarp. The GR is near there, but that's really spread out if it's my tarps.

the groundwork

05.03 Spare him, knows not …..

Reply to Nevenka:

I know.

But, it's not bad news, it's actually the good news.

Have you heard the good news? ๐Ÿ˜†

I laugh because even after all this I am still #atheist.

But, there's irony in #timetravel; an atheist will claim he's in contact w/a being w/godlike powers. And, have evidence.

05.02 Saturday

Un time related re BUSH
I hate it when old men are emotional. He should have embraced/found his empathy before the #IraqWar that he lied to everybody about.

He still has to pay a consequence, and it must be of satisfaction to the Iraqi people. But if he dies before that can happen, there's others.

05.12 Responding to Joy Reid, seeming to correct me, that He did not want to go to war, Cheny and Rumsfeld talked him into to it;

"Cheney and Rumsfeld talked him into to it"

BULLSHIT. We hold the office accountable and he knows it falls on him.

He should pay something of a sacrifice, a serious one.

EXAMPLES must be made. The world must witness justice, everywhere. The people of #Iraq need to feel it.

Justice is a prerogative of all humans now.

Care for each other with no one left behind, can be our new lifestyle and economy. 

 We are about to enter a time when serving each other will be 98% of all our productive activity, it must be. We’re entering a time I have been asking for for a couple of decades. 

Dear Dad;

Anything that stops Musk’s space adventures is appreciated. 

To Bill Maher, hey bill. I know you have watched the project for a few years now. Time Travel Wish has had a lot of effect on culture and it’s such a shame those inspired by it are not giving me credit. 

Hey, Bill.

I see Bozo is tweeting about you, congrats?

I agree (me too?), the belief motto is also embarrassing as the definition of a belief remains consistent to me; holding to be true that which there is no evidence to be. 

Sex crimes aren't in the category of belief.


You can find me stating that " ... in 2020 the shit-will-hit-the-fan," on this account in 2015.

5-years was indicated that year, in this experiment.

I forget why. hmm ......  Maybe it was just me getting timey emo while playing Ziggy Stardust? ๐Ÿ˜Ž 2015:


Evening on EAS



It's now $50-Billion for me to create a LIE, stating I did NOT find the background image on your server, oddly labeled fit for a Travel website, where the same template I would predictably choose was sitting on 11.25.14, 3 pm, the time of Success B4 Creation.

A near final, self accepted, interpretation of the message in metaphor, as depicted in the Background Image, is:

"Face my son on his throne and I will hold your burning freshly decapitated skull in my hand."

A left hand.



#TimeTravel purpose



The literary concept of the Singularity of history?


It's been conceptual up until recently, because of discoveries in my time travel communication experiment.


Here's a picture of some evidence of the singularity concept becoming non fictional:


Ooh! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

The literary concept of the Singularity of history?


Here's a picture of some evidence of the singularity concept becoming non fictional. An object made by hands, likely placed hundreds of millions of years ago, as a "dead drop," for a time travel experiment. Right?


  1. Just a note for my notes; 

If I DO NOT, in the future, go back to the distant, primordial past to make this artifact, I have succeeded in this history, finally, and have busted through the paradox of repeating this timeline over and over.




2: and EUREKA!?!

If there are NOT 2 of these artifacts in this locality, existing simultaneously as the same exact matter, that SHOULD BE (hypothetically) indication that THIS TIMELINE is the SUCCESSFUL TIMELINE/COSMOS/HISTORY.


And that would be extraordinarily good news.  ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

James, the PoD. (?)


The local surveyor will be here at 11. I’ll meet him at the house.

I was up all night long, both bingeing Game of Thrones and yelling and thinking about Cunningham/asshole, outbursts of swearing and violent words.

Another 48-hour day. And no hunger.


Survey-or says ..... !

A week to a week-and-a-half and he'll call back, after research, and to set up a day to send his team out to "shoot the land." 

I wait again, stumped by the Crazy Neighbor Lady.

Hope: The USPS shuts down. They move out after big domestic trouble. 



Visit comedian (smart ass) Dan Cummins, once out. He mocks the existence of The Devil. So have I!! 

04.30 I am meeting with mother this am. We met for over an hour to discuss and share the images of the cliff and orinate her.

We are calling the town Assessor's office, they’re working. We will go into town and find the map and photograph./

New; she is backing out of her agreement, saying now that “I said I would help you get the rock if it’s on our land.”  Which is NOT what she said week before, when I pleaded with her to believe in me.  She’s backing out, it sounds like, Afraid of a confrontation. 

If it is on our land, I would not ask her help!!!

 She’s being afraid. 

I told her for the second time how we can fake yard work with a tractor, and when they are not looking, hook up the stone and pull it down. Stealing it. She looked at me and said “Oh, I’m not going to do that!” As if it were a high crime, terrorist activity or something. She’s so afraid.

I think she’s got some dementia. Mostly memory signs. Of things I have talked with her about. She insists they never happened or went differently. :-(




An #Omen of October 23rd, 2019:


Why did I not warn the public? I thought it was ALL ABOUT ME, like Trump might. ๐Ÿ™„


Compression of space, from a distance, to use atmospheric hydrogen to form communications.


Soon, the ability will be in my control (partially).



04.29.2020 Wednesday; 58 thousand DEAD from the virus. Many things about this event benefit me and Time Travel Wish, and so LiA. May not be a coincidence, the timing. THERE ARE NONE.


I will deliver this to the old coot, offering a chance to prevent both our houses from hiring a surveyor, who must research this map, to then repeat a costly process to conclude what already is; a steep cliff-side that borders 5-properties and belongs to neither. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

If just 1 of you challenges that what I have been doing is not science, I will visit the town of your birth and show that population the physical evidence myself. Let me know who you are, please. 

I have had my eyes on the practical purpose for time travel since June of 2015, and presenting physical evidence, only to the internet, since that time. 2 major newspapers have refused to reply, never mind examine and acknowledge my findings.  It makes me want to destroy everything. Leaving NO TRACE of MONKEYDOM LEFT. 


Full-blown #timetravel #editorial on Saturday past. This feeling originates from the neighbors crisis and 5-years of being ignored by the internet, and 2 major newspapers.

I refuse to allow fly-by-night RINKYDINK operations to expose Time Travel Wish.


To those SATANIC BAY AREA, girl in the video:

I will write all this bullshit later.

It all has to be written anew, now that my father is here.

You schmucks will have to abandon a lot of your crap.

Oppose him and I. Please, so his house can be cleaned!?


I am James.

1. Look into his eyes. 2. And, examine his hand:


UPDATE the Guitar Rock .

Because mother agreed that we would all wait until a surveyor settled the argument of what land is his (Cunningham’s) I must wait. 

And, since I found that other real estate map that shows the entire steep section of the cliff as separated from the residential lots, she now agrees that her and I need to see the original maps. Because he may concede if he sees that, and she’ll save the money she agreed to pay for a surveyor. Anything I WANT OVER THIS CAN WAIT. She refuses to acknowledge what this is. She’s doing it to appease me. Now, she can’t move because the real estate market is going to collapse again, making this house almost unsellable. Too many hundreds of thousands of dollars put into it (foolish Bruce) and nobody is going to be buying. It would be impossible to sell. They actually had enough money to purchase that Chester house last year, without a buyer for this one. He was probably going to give it to his grandson and the wife and baby. 

And the library is closed due to COVID, and that’s likely where those maps are, so they don’t burn down with Town Hall and so that residents can view them w/o bothering the planning department/building department. And, real estate agents often look at them and take pictures. There’s a chance that this town keeps them in Town Hall, so I will wait to see if they are in there. But that's not essential business and the government won’t open, probably until the Governor declares we are safe enough. 

MONTHS this assholes’ BITCH is  costing us. SHE HATES ME and that’s why and he admitted it. And, that has everything to do with me not calling her when she dropped that business card. I am the epitome of her sexual anger; I rejected her. She got FAT since then and looks like she’s pregnant with a pizza delivery man (midget one). She’s now gross and bitchy and on tear to destroy things. 

She’s neurotic.

04.23.2020 Thursday

The land issue takes a turn.


Map on a real estate site shows the cliff as a non owned section of land in between our lot and his. My guess is that's a topographical representation, the only one in this map, probably because it is unmeasured as non usable.


HOLD all requests!



The dead drop is in the Guitar Rock hypothesis is 1-year old this month, and has been the biggest pain in my ass since . . . I don't know when. Time is funny.

3. Ahh, the wingtip display when I was at the house, synchronicity; 


“There is a small space between this plane and that plane.” 





Email to Mother re the land map, I just found on a realestate site

This picture shows the cliff as a non owned section of land (can not be developed?) in between our lot and his. That's a topographical representation, the only one in this map, probably because it is unmeasured as non usable, so it may actually be abstract of the distance of the hill.  The rock may be sitting in that section. It could be up to 20-feet in length. The surveyor has to investigate that, prior to beginning. 

I've darkened this so we can see it well.  

We should find that land map, probably at the library. 

The land issue takes a turn.

Map on a real estate site shows the cliff as a non owned section in between our lot and his. My guess is that's a topographical representation, and steep, but the compressed scale could be dense for the cliff. Perhaps as non usable?

But, still ....


View West:

An intelligence that can make this image, upload it to @Google, and use it to be located after MILLIONS of YEARS buried, as a Dead Drop, in the center of a rock, can MAKE A VACCINE for the Virus.

WE CAN'T AFFORD to miss this.

41.382, -72.415

On 11.19.19; threat/warning to an oil lobby:

To the POPE

It's like you knew what was going to happen.

Odd feeling!


WARNING; the mission is in serious jeopardy due to land ownership and my trespassing.

ALL WILL BE LOST.  Too heavy to move. I was almost done.

The Church can save the project by purchasing the land.

- James


I'm taking notes and I will find those without "heart," and there will be reckoning.

If the Church helps with this final stage of the project, your desires for the poor on Earth are MINE, and I will use my power to make it happen.

Get the land. Send an emissary, E. Gregory.

Stop it with the Jesus talk, it makes me jealous.

He actually failed by getting a huge head (ego).

He thought he was invulnerable.


But, much was learned, and those mistakes will not happen again. ๐Ÿ‘ฝ

We get different type now; aggressive, angry, ready to kill.

04.21.2020 Tuesday

I have been awake ALL NIGHT with both anger and fear. 

And suspicious distrust of my mother, who yesterday somehow forgot that Cunningham told her that he was going to call a surveyor, and according to her yesterday, in fact he said that he wanted to call first. So, she’s going to call her own, so she says or is stalling and has no intention of helping. I have this distrust reasonably because of what they did in 2015. And now if they do that again I’ve got tons of evidence they would be fucking over the planet and not just me. 

If she’s serious, then that’s an indication she has pondered the conservation with him, that she had to have because I was going to KICK HIS ASS, and she remembered he said that, because of what I said about not trusting the surveyor if it’s one he’s used.

How uncanny that she’s pondered that he will be corrupt and do anything to be right! That’s what I was trying to tell her twice. Yesterday she thinks of it. She may be following my advice. 

Not doing so at this time is a REAL MISTAKE. 

This could be A YEAR. I hope not. 


~~~~~11:10 am

Still awake.  Brought my feelings (above) to her, she claims it’s love, “I don’t know what is reality anymore (to avoid having to consider my experiment is the real thing (i.e. “Then believe in me if you won’t see the evidence.”). “I see how much it means to you, I want you to sleep and eat ….”

Fine, that last part was the truth, how it affects her (she’s upset because I am and I live next to her and see her everyday and have been pestering her about the Rock). 

I measured the 60.1’ that runs NE 60-degrees, and then faced 150-degrees and it sure looks like the Rock IS NOT ON OUR PROPERTY.  15-20’ off. 

WE ARE FUCKED. The wingtips too close message was just that - it must be moved further away from his border. How to do that is going to be a trick, and cost money I don’t have and will have to ask my mother for, to rent a major tractor to pull that 6-tons (at least) down the hill.

There will have to be a construction project on that land. 

The side of the driveway needs drainage, gravel and perforated drainage pipe in a ditch. And, grading the plot more level. 

80-100 ft of perimeter drainage pipe.

½ dumper of gravel.

She was upset, and made me wrong for drawing the driveway on the real estate survey map, with pencil (she thought it was ink), and that concern is consistent with her plans to sell the place; she would have the paperwork duties in that event, and want the organization to reflect well on her, she gets embarrassed easily. She won’t use my food stamps cards, no matter what, for instance; that’s why I eat alone, she won’t use the card to add to her grocery budget, and it’s not fair to the State if I live on her food - although she gets me about $100 in food anyway, in a bag or 2  a couple of times per month. 

The other reason I eat alone is I can’t stand sitting with Bruce - hate his guts and don’t trust him to not judge what I am saying (with a look toward her) while I eat at their table. I can still see his poorly lying face just mentioning that. 

If he kicks it soon, that would be fine. Fuck him. Fuck the astrophysicist. He may never see the results of mine and LiA’s project. 

THE LAND MUST BE PURCHASED to save me this horrible, 50/50 chance of failure/success plan to steal the rock. It’s not going to work if the tractor does not have the power and if the neighbors call C when they see me up on the hill roping it to the tractor. 

New ANGRY AUDIO, number 2 about this:
#TimeTravel real;




My demands are MOVE IT or LOSE IT.




The dead Drop is in the Guitar Rock hypothesis is ON HOLD until this shit is fixed.


Need the land purchased by agent/s.


It's HOLY LAND in the USA.

Your Excellency; 

This is a hot topic, congrats on addressing it. The polarization must become faded and difficult to find for progress to continue. 

When I'm done with the planet, few will find a divide and the Earth will be ready to meet their neighbors and exit this system.

HELP ME GET the PRIZE (LiA) and I promise the first thing we will work on, is a #vaccine for ALL the corona type viruses.


Quickly buy that property. Tell him it's for a new fancy cell tower.

Tell him it's for the distant future, and he can freely use the land.  ?

04.19.2020 Sunday

At 6:30 this morning my mother was outside, standing across the street and taking pictures of the house. At first she faced the marsh to take a nature picture, then she turned toward the house to shoot it, in it’s new color. I think she noticed my blinds were open and so posed as if shooting the marsh in case I was looking, then turned to take the real estate pictures. She’s a chronic liar and a bad one. 

She is EMBARRASSED BY ME and WANTS TO MOVE. The pictures are for the real estate company. She has never really loved me. This is why I am pro choice. She thinks of no answers to my challenges, only ways to escape dealing with them. It would be better for me if she used drugs to do that. I don’t care if B or She sees this document. I presumed they might, all along. 

THis means she was lying yesterday when she said she’d help me move the rock. She will create excuses to move. 

I want Christianne to buy the neighbor’s house. Make them an offer. 

B and Mom should make Cunningham an offer on the lot - IF THEY CARED ABOUT ME AND THIS. 

People used to adapt to others who were different. 

How will they sell the house in a depression?? Even if it’s called a heavy recession, it’s a depression. It’s unknown if the bank that holds the note can survive.

11:25 approx

At 11ish, 2 planes were wing to wing on a course (directly over the house) about 275-80. 1 was Skypilot, the other looked to be the red rudder plane, also known. 

I spoke with my mother about my fear she wanted to sell the house, and pleaded with her not to run away from the situation, like as I thought she was doing in the fall after the CNL freaked and called the State police. 

Was the flyover a reply to my idea about using the guard to move the stone?? I wish it were.

So, the parallel wings display over the property; 

It's inside the line, but it's right up against the property lines, like the Background Image shows, LiA in the lower right (foreground/front of the house, East).

She's agreed, we have to wait for a new survey. :-(


12:145 to a Satanic group; bay area satanists??

Great show!



Selfie discovered on 08.28.2019

It's time; a 2nd validation w/physical evidence for a skeptical planet.


One of many ironies is one must investigate discovery to rid themselves of belief. Soon that won't be necessary.

- James


Father will share his power:


It wants a sign from me, I hope this is considered one. 


04.18.2020 Saturday

I will be ON STRIKE until agents fix the mistake of placement on, over or too close to private property. I am ASTOUNDED THIS HAPPENED. The lot must be purchased, and posted w/a phone number to call to ask for permission to walk through it.  That number MUST belong to a new owner.


To Ned Lamont (governor)


A National Guard team, with a lift chopper and 10-guys with chains and stuff could move the Guitar Rock quickly, west just 50’ or so (or over to the lower driveway) in less than 30-minutes. I can block the driveway from the asshole landowner, and presto. He would learn of it from the nosy CNL (crazy neighbor lady). Cunningham can’t stop it. 

He may want to have me arrested, fine! I’ll be out after a short time, no sweat. He may want the rock back, too bad! Try to take it, it’s on posted private property. 

The favor I would grant this State and its government will be immense. It’s worth it to do this for me.. Please? 

Obi Wan, it is our most desperate hour. 

Possibly answered with fly over today. 

The conversation with my mother yesterday; she may have agreed to help me get the rock because I said “Finding out what if anything is in that rock is more important than my life, or than yours.”

She was removing a motivation for murder, heading it off at the pass. Because the neighbors lives, and JC’s life would have to be mentioned next in that statement. Truthfully. 



IT’S STILL A MAJOR CRISIS, I may not ever achieve getting the Dead Drop, just because of the bitchy Crazy Neighbor Lady, and my stuipd tenting on the hill that first alerted DICKFACE to my presence on his land and then pissed him off. 


I think I just convinced my mother to help me get the stone. I asked her to believe in me. I made her feel wrong for not believing in me like so many mothers and fathers do.

I had to explain successful before it was created. I had to remind her of the image, she actually forgot. I let her know this is everything to me. That I can’t live w/o the knowledge of is the Drop there or is it not? 

I asked for 2 days of her’s and Bruce’s undivided attention and was adamant that I could convince her and him it’s true. 

“I’ll help you get the rock.” 

“But first we wait for the survey.” 

“They may be working, they’re surveyors, mostly outside, you should call them yourself.” I said. 

Then, just now I called her phone and thanked her and reminded her to call the surveyor. 




Utterly depressing. AGENTS; this is now beyond my control and I will need you. All is in peril. I can't write/publish anything more. Document of Notes has detail. - James (very unhappy, almost hopeless, unless)

There is NOTHING I can do about this guy, not without powers. I can't move, I don't dare. 

They all think it's about something I want to do, or have fun at. 

If they only understood? 

I am beyond upset. Can't sleep or eat. 

Helpless and hopeless w/o help. 

Buy all the land.

|What am I worried about?

Destiny can't be destroyed or the concept would not exist and I know that it's here. 

Still, that it does not exist is learned deep. It's difficult.

I apologize.



Up. Really mad. Ulcerative stomach burns. 

I CAN NOT DISCUSS THIS WITH BRUCE. HE CALLED ME CRAZY in 2015, HE CONVINCED MY MOTHER - MY MOTHER!!!! Together they went behind my back to find a psychologist, told him my name, revealing my identity and that awful stigma to a stranger. THAT WAS UNFORGIVABLE.

I should have had them arrested, for the principle of it. 

04.16.20020   04:30 ish
I slept only about 7-hours  after being awake for nearly 38-hours solely with feelings of anger at Cunningham, for acting like he did. Entitled old fart. As soon as a nervous sedative wore-off I was up like a spring, and shouting out the things I want to yell in his face, and almost always with violence, and lots of violent fantasy. As is consistent to my behavior when I feel I’ve been fucked over unjustly by anybody.

Worked on The View West a bit more this early am.

For the record:

J Cunningham's exited, irrational behavior about the land is how I might behave if I had helped my uncle bury his mistress under an engine block in a hole, on someone else property (JC revealed that lot acquired more recently), more than 58-years ago. Cir EVIDENCE:


Admiral Chase spent his retirement years living near his parents in Deep River. He was an avid sailor, fisherman, farmer, beekeeper, Christmas tree grower, and repairer of cars and machines. He served for many years with local civic groups, giving his time and talents to numerous organizations including the Deep River Volunteer Fire Department, the Deep River Volunteer Ambulance Association, the Deep River Historical Society, the River Road Association, and the Connecticut River Museum. He was a member of the Essex Yacht Club and the Hartford Golf Club.

Admiral Chase cared deeply for the Connecticut River and for 23 years served as a member of the Connecticut River Gateway Commission. He was a longtime member of St. John's Episcopal Church in Essex. Admiral Chase is survived by his beloved wife, Winifred Reynolds Chase of Deep River; by two nieces, Teresa Cunningham Beem of Evanston, IL, and Christina Cunningham Postema of Ann Arbor, MI; by two nephews, Peter Chase Cunningham of Tallahassee, FL, and John Andrew Cunningham of New Haven; and by ten great nephews and great nieces. He was preceded in death by his parents; his first wife, Ruth Simpson Chase; and his sister, Elizabeth Chase Cunningham.


Think about how to be successful as a time travel experimenter with no technology but the public internet, to use to find time traveler/s that can make the experiment successful before it was created. Then read the pages of this free weblog, that humbly asked for help from a time separate from us. Hope was necessary and truth prevailed in November 2014. 

Now 4-days of no work on the dead drop.

It can be worse, it could be months before the survey report is due.



It could be MONTHS before a new survey report is due, and it will be performed by a company that has done HIS work for decades - to the tune of thousands, and not us; company/surveyor has done our lot, but we are small-time customers in comparison. I’ve suggested we get our own, to deaf ears. Must have confidence LiA saw this predicament. :-|


It could be MONTHS before a new survey report is done; by a company that has done HIS work for decades. Same surveyor has done our lot, but we are small-time. I’ve suggested we get our own, to deaf ears.

Must have confidence LiA saw this predicament. :-|

Tweet to agents from EAS:

Utterly depressing.

AGENTS; this is now beyond my control and I will need you. 

All is in peril. 

I can't write/publish anything more.

Document of Notes has detail.

- James (very unhappy, almost hopeless, unless)

Irony, chain of events ...  that lead this horrible situation:

I did not accept her sexual advances. 

If I had not been distraught with the amount of personal suffering I had, and then set up the tent on his property, he (John Cunningham) would not have found it, and become angry and have seen the excavation site, and then the neighbors at 16 would not have found out that he owned the land and told him all about their impression of me, and he would not have shown up here on Tuesday like he did, acting like he did. 

He had come up here once before with that sign, the week before, or so (noted). They told him all about me and learned it was his property then. They did not know who owned it. Jack revealed that when he was screaming at me, Tuesday 3-weeks ago (3 weeks? Or 2?). 

 This should be deleted in case something happens to the old man or his family or the neighbors, because I would not want anyone to get the impression that i would do something harmful, physically or otherwise, to anyone, over a ROCK. 

Paste from above:









And, with terrible close neighbor relations, my mother will insist again on moving out. WE WILL MOVE AWAY. 

It may be that the old man on the green wall is a very old me who finally got the power after many years of waiting for the nuclear apocalypse so I can return to this location and remove it w/o anyone being witness, everyone is going to be dead. I will be alone someplace and have to return here. Perhaps with an army, I don’t know, how. 

I am utterly bummed. 

I am going to get high now. I want to walk the property line with my mother, to hold the tape line stiff, but she won’t want to do that. That’s actually confrontational behavior.






04.15.2020 WEdnesday

I was up all night long angry at that old FOOL.

I can’t believe people can be so petty and stubborn and arrogant. 

Frequently all night long, I was pacing the floor and swearing, like I did for 2-years after I found out what those idiots at that private hospital did to me, and my life. 



I DOUBT the Guitar Rock would have been accidentally placed elsewhere. Priority placement was farthest from the road, then farthest from the house to reduce sight and sound of me.

Perfectly placed on the property. Dammit.


The RF (rich fu_ker) who takes care of this will not be sorry. I will provide mercy points at your judgment time. I swear it.

And, make his and his whole family move the F out of town because I want NO NEIGHBORS.

KILL ALL HUMANS who own land. ๐Ÿ˜ 


To the pope
I warned them in time enough. Nobody listens to me.

They WILL soon.

Thank you for praying for them. I can't do it.

Actually, I don't have to, he's on board at all times, listening and watching. But, "he" is not who you may think.

I can make sure that all believe it's him.

#TimeTraveler |

I may have discovered a species so few and great distance between, they are perceived as the one God.

Godlike and I'm 95% sure 1 is here.

May be named Lucifer, not sure.

See: Impossible w/o full #timecontrol, 2018 <-- 2016:

impression, 100s of Millions years:

The television screen is shaped exactly like the skylight, (huge), that is in the roof of the front of the house. And, it gets light - it's purpose is to ILLUMINATE as is the TV's. 


I was BORN feeling it. That first minute, I was crying for the nurses in the room who got crappy pay. I could feel it! 

That's why, I might make a TERRIBLE Prince of Darkness.

It's going to be like Jerry Lewis in the role, with constant empathetic mistakes of goodness!

Look at that recent @Google satellite map! Fresh!


That excavation even looks to be inside the property.

This shot still has some vertical in it, about 30-degrees.  But if it were straight down it would be clear that AS$HOLE'S property is just North of the GR.


​The site (my tarps from last week) even looks on our property from this angle. This is an airplane shot from about 2-weeks ago. Some vertical is visible, but otherwise, from straight down, as real estate maps are, for building property upward purposes, as our maps are​. That 60-foot squared rectangular area is measured from this type of perspective. Not looking up an unusable hill from the ground. 

Also, I think Jack took the property iron pipe out of the ground above the big tree, toward the south. It's supposed to be there. He took it, 70% sure. 

Promo, the HAND OF TIME!!!!

Just informed by the Biden campaign I only have 9-hours left to become a Founding Donor.



I was here before the ape, possibly before the fish.


I left my token to make sure I could find it again, near where I left it, to inspire me to do what I could not have memory for. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

#RollingStones #GRAVITY manipulation; my image below, created by a very smart being who discovered me. Recognized by the Rolling Stones lawyers to be consistent with their artwork. Link: the artist who first created it.


CUNNINGHAM:Take care of his ass in some manner? I'm not sleeping, I'm so angry. 

He thinks he's the king of the town.

He acts like it. 

I can not live here with him in the same nation. 

He's rebuilding the river front home.  

Collateral damage acceptable.


Sinjar, CEO of Google/Alphabet, I don’t really want your company or your money, if you get your ass over here and stop that man from harassing me and ruining the GREATEST DISCOVERY IN HISTORY TO EVER BE. BUY HIS LAND, or that lot in between that's against us north. PLEASE???







04.14 Tuesday 

More neighbor crap. 

John Cunningham showed up and personally hauled all my stuff off the cliff and gave us a lot of shit. Just like I thought. He’s an arrogant man. He insists it’s his land. Won’t let me on it.

He’s placed his sign at the base of the hill, he thinks that hillside is his.

The landowner insists the Guitar Rock is on his side. He's going to share the cost of a surveyor with my Mother (I know, omg). He's a bastard!

That thin line indicates the hill, it’s barely visible. It’s on our side. LiA is certain she is on our property. 




Video taken, not much to see. His green truck. 

The neighbors started all this, they knew he was coming up here to start shit. I don't know what to do if the surveyor (somehow, I don't think so) determines the GR is on JC's side of the land.


JC showed up and hauled all my stuff off the cliff and gave us a lot of shit. Just like I thought. He’s smiling and arrogant. Insists it’s his land. Won’t let me on it.

He’s placed his sign at the base of the hill.


AND I think my mother got close to him, in her defense of me (which I thanked her for and she’s never done that, and she is VERY UPSET!), and so she may be in quarantine again for 14-days, she did not have a mask on. We both forgot about it, it was so upsetting. 


My mother is very upset. She’s gardening to calm down and she gave me a grief stricken look.

2 small plane flyovers are in synchronous with Tweeting and Sound file upload timing. Low and marked wings. Right over the stone and the house. Text below in the 10-15 minutes before the planes, 1 after another, familiar markings and engines and they pass right over the Studio heading 0.00


I wish some rich guy would come swooping in and end my SUFFERING. THOSE FUCKERS!! 


My mother does not understand, won’t understand. Bruce, I don’t even know how to be begin to re approach him. Since the 2015 blow out and he implied I was having a Schizophrenic break with reality, there has been little communication. 

Funny irony, a good relationship with him as friends who spoke open heartedly with each other, would have, and may still save this project. And, If I had indulged the neighbor lady, in 2016, when she had dropped her small business, business card alongside the driveway, on her side of the property, and FUCKED her SILLY, ALL THIS SHIT WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING. She probably would not have grown fat in front of her husband in the course of 5-years.

Drawbacks, she would known all about me and the project. And, she would have blown that. Because I would be laying around having wild MILF sex for 5-years, NOT DOING ANYTHING. Geez. 

Can’t win.

3 pm

I was just up there piling all my crap, that JC brought down the hillside, into the Subaru. While I was out there, getting back into the car, she had driven home, and a boy was in the car, I did not engage eye contact, I’m pissed, and THE BOY HAD A DEEP COUGH. 04.17; it was a croup cough, deep and semi dry cough. 

3:15 pm I am pacing. I have not done this in years, and I had faded the floor at my desk from this.I have a broken right foot, pacing is VERY BAD for it.

Something had to be done.

The land of debate: The triangular large rock, about 20’ long that sits at the top of the ridge is the triangular (isosceles triangle?) gap where 4 properties come together. That was the landmark. That’s way up on the top. At the ridge. From that point, going direction 154-d for approx 57’, then it moves south to about 165, for past the eastern lot.

3:35 pm I guarantee that NOW my mother is going to want to MOVE AWAY, to avoid this confrontation. That’s what happened last fall, I’ll betcha that was it. SHE CAN’T CONFRONT ANYONE - too much for the heart. I get the same way but I ‘m not afraid of making confrontations. She would end all that is important to me, to avoid confronting anyone about almost anything. 

I’m drinking Tequila, in the afternoon. I am UTTERLY DISTRAUGHT. FEELING HELPLESS. 

CREATIVE SOLUTIONS seem to be absent. 

If I knew where the old man hangs out, I could end this shit by meeting him letting him get to know me. And using my charm. I’m VERY CHARMING. DAMMIT.


Angry worldwide threat:
I am planning to permanently delete my Facebook account.

That history is history.

Not only has that punk gone unpunished, but all the carefree sheep have stayed.

I want the company vaporized and shithead is mine to humiliate for years. Examples.

That's fair by my new rules.

He can gain mercy by paying everyone who had an account at that online carnival prior to election day 2016, $1000.

Otherwise, the future needs examples of great consequence for all the crap he's pulled over there, and he's a glaring candidate.

04.13 Monday, rain all day


There's a high wind advisory today, and I've removed a lot of support under that huge tree north of the Guitar Rock location, and IRONY is HUGE in time travel, and often very dangerous.  So, to avoid being crushed by the tree fallen by wind, due to my excavation, day off.

Evening; up since 5, foot pain from yesterday, that’s good, time delay is not 40 hours as it has been for 5-years.

About 44-Million new humans have been born since this virus showed-up. It's doing a terrible job creating an ending.  I told a Christian this yesterday as relative to his celebrating the possibility, and his reply was to avoid the point.

We'll adapt to this, we are already.

Reply to a video of a sobbing nurse:

Professionalism is admirable.

This crisis may create a new and different type of health care worker. Ones emotionally strong and brave, trained in a medical technician boot camp. 

My sympathy. Too bad the peer pressure is so strong she could not have left the job.

My own mother will not follow my advice but the evidence indicates that leaders of an entire civilization, very far away, do.


Relevant imagery presents some of the evidence to that conclusion:  #Timetravel creates #destiny, and #Bibleprophecy was there to be exploited. I knew.


I must add, those making that decision have more than my admiration. To have created a science fiction story, that never got published, that contains the basis for a plan to make contact with Earth, is mind blowing, still, 5-years later. Soon it's that anniversary, in May?

Worked for 2-hrs, in full view of the neighbors, w/no privacy tarp, why anymore?

I got about 10-lbs chipped out (image). I can be routine this week and work on only this until I get through and find nothing or the Drop. It may be several inches more and 100's of pounds.


Hopey Popey!

Fantastic. After my evil on Earth stint is over, we want to borrow your consciousness for a job not far from here (relatively) that requires immense optimism. You won't mind, you expect an eternity anyway, so, you can handle it.

 - James




To the POPE
Do you honestly think that thing contains his outline??

Don't answer.

BTW; I checked and there was nothing good about yesterday, Friday.


You're doing a great job offering #hope.


You are emotionally mushy, and this makes it difficult to be evil. Darn it! 

๐Ÿ‘ฟ James

Evening 8:05pm ish

I still need 2 pretty accurate communications in metaphor from the discovery of Lucifer holding a bleeding skull on fire above my chair, that's on the wall.

Each should be distinct from the other's purpose.

2 different reasons to message.

In August. mind blowing, took a rest.

South (left) property in front where

James sits and works and waits

in his black leather armchair.



I'm trying a hot idea.


LiA can be, Lies inside A (the A shape is demonstrated on the Guitar Rock and the manner that it appears across those floorboards (disguised) seems to mean cutting through the shape horizontally.

A duopoly again, just in this one message. Amazing stuff. UNDEFEATABLE because I have plenty of physical evidence. 

Working today but passing out soon.

The River is to the East; or the River of Time. The Connecticut River is less than .1-miles east, or Right of the image. Time is a river, is a well spoken metaphor to explain our belief of restriction in the flow of a linear time.


I am not slept!

I have to go up and hammer at the Guitar Rock this am.

C_____ham could be getting ready to try to kick me off that hillside, thinking it's his land. It's a damn good thing I stole the Alien Stone from him when I did.

Geez! One Monkey after another down here!

I am too cranky to work, for lack of sleep, due to anger at the landowner for putting that sign on our property, stomping around like I had raped his precious dirt.

Subdue by reasonable means. Please?

I don't know them. I've no emotional interest.

And it's cold and windy!

~~~ to  @LagatPastor

Hi, Peter; show me the signs! lol

Butts seriously; 

43-M have been born since the virus was documented. Only 100k dead, and infection rates are leveling. This is not an efficient Biblical plague. A godlike being might be embarrassed to take credit for the weakness of this bug?

Hey @Google / Alphabet, Sundar; show me the money if you want to survive the future.๐Ÿ˜Ž

100%, the IMAGE was meant for TIMETRAVELWISH.COM to get the experiment running on #HOPE, as Successful Before Created - as is consistent the 1st #timetravel discovered should be. Jerks!๐Ÿ˜†

๐Ÿ’ฅ Guitar Rock location! Slowpoke me just got it, bc I did not realize the driveway abstract until yesterday.

Position of the stone is consistent with it being "up against the border," to the north and the end of the driveway.



The common driveway with neighbors ends midway into lot 16.

It is as if the view is exactly from the position of the Guitar Rock and not from the original position of the Alien Stone. LiA is inside.

Eureka! Guitar Rock is the location of the dead drop, I feel so much better.

Trippy stuff:
I GUARANTEE, there is a place that had experienced our exact geologic history, and there are people who are our #timeline duplicates and they know of us.

And, their #time likely became HELL. 

It may be that soon you will realize that this timeline is like HEAVEN. ๐ŸŒฅ️


Best postulate, after ears so far:

The photo on the left of the Very Leaning Tree and my equipment was not taken by me. It was but in timeline A.

That image has time traveled, through the breach for me to use to validate success. Right photo was my job, I did not know it.

Gosh darn Christian writings! They created a great way to exploit an entire planet!

I want those who believe in Satan, aka the Prince of Darkness, and all that well obsessed over religious bullshit, to share responsibility for what is happening.



#HailSatan etc..

It's a role, and for months I've pondered why this one.

Here's 1:

I've admired #acting always, but my only experience was 4-years as a woman's escort in California. But, that may be saying a lot to apply.

3-pics, younger me; the role as demonstrated by LiA:


 To somebody

To Popester, repl to Jesus' quote about hanging out w poor people.

This only meant he would rather party with them (the poor), and that's where you would likely find him. It was literal.

Everyone knows the working class have more fun. Because they highly value their free time.

04.09.2020 Thursday

The View West, continued:

Right of the mailbox, identified as belonging to 14, are 2 floorboards of continuous gray coloring,  separated by 1 board that is consistently multi colored and worn, that is representing an automobile, or carriage wheel spaced driveway or road, running from across the road from the mailbox, toward the foreground up the hill, toward the Guitar Rock, and Alien Stone. Genius.

Edited tweet

3. The View West, continued: Added to thread of Monet’s river dock.

Right of the mailbox, identified belonging to 14, are 2 floorboards of continuous #gray, separated by 1 board. They represent an automobile, or carriage wheel driveway, running from across the road from the mailbox, toward the foreground and the GR.

** Those 2 floorboards are also thinner than all the others on the floor, to mimic the narrow rut created by wheels at automobile distance. 

New page, listed right after the Inexplicable Background Image Notes:

The View West, in the image from the Stone.

TIMETRAVELWISH.COM   FY if you don't believe me.

YOU DON'T have to BELIEVE anything, the evidence is physical.


I am out early to remove that stupid sign, walk that ridge-line to locate 2 pipe border markers to prove to the Crazy Neighbors that the Guitar Rock is indeed on home property, below the ridge as is indicated to be the north line.

Hillside was worthless and left off the map.

10:30 am. Neighbor crisis is over! Solved with calm words for ten minutes with the Crazy Neighbor Lady (formerly). “We’ve got bigger fish to fry.” She said. She’s got a therapist now, and is back on her Mother’s Little Helpers (valium). I was beginning to measure the property lines when her car came up the driveway. I smiled, she stopped, and smooth James took it from there. NEIGHBORLY LOVE ALL AROUND.

04.14.2020 SHE WAS LYING, SHE KNEW CUNNINGHAM WAS PISSED OFF ROYALLY AND WAS COMING. SHE WAS COOLING IT OFF. But she revealed all kinds of personal shit, geez.

She explained it was a man named Cunningham, who is now the owner, from Chase family marriage, who tossed my tent down the hill. He must have been pissed about it. I never thought the owner would mind such a minor incursion, and harmless, on that property. People will not be allowed to own land, under my new rules, which will be coming soon. They can have household Privacy Rights. 

Jack (aka CNH) must have gone to him bitching about me and the property. But, now that we’re talking (new love fest achieved), it might make no difference. 


I was up there with maps and survey descriptions to walk the lines and prove the ridgeline of the hillside begins the Chase property, not the bottom of the hillside. 



Watch-out you sexual beings, I'm arriving soon.

Even the lesser sex, the men, can't stand up to the buttery reasonable words delivered by the most handsome man on the planet.

She's probably masturbating right now. I would be.

LOL!  ๐Ÿ’‹


#timetravel reveals interdimensional differences.

Evidence 1 of 5 shown:

2 timelines/cosmos, with duplicate geologic histories, but slightly different choices of lifeforms, my size, that effect the growth of trees.

Validated to the satisfaction of smarter beings than you!




So, she revealed that Mr. Cunningham, (first I’ve heard his name) found my tent last week and tossed it off the ridge line onto the excavation site, and then he made a NO TRESPASSING sign and brought it up to our property this week (Sunday or Saturday) to stab into the ground to send me a message he does not want me up there again. So, the 3-Acre Wood is OFF LIMITS unless something happens to that whole family in the fairly new Colonial (design) on the North corner of R____ Road. He must be Chase Jr’s daughter’s husband, and I’ll bet he’s got the land now and Chase is dead and gone. Bummer. He wants to be a DICK LANDOWNER. He may get a visit from a friend of mine. I don’t want to meet his grumpy ass. 

I can’t walk there anymore. I can’t bury my dogs up there. I can’t be with those woods. The tent was temporary, and in 2-weeks the greenery would have covered everything and he would never have seen it. :-(   


The land will be free. 

You whining babies can own your stinking house.

So, Cunningham put that sign on our property, maybe thinking that his lot began north of our driveway. In that case, he’ll learn of the graphically (and not accurately) indicated notch of land 60’ in length north of the driveway is ours, and he may see that junction of 4-lots and not realize his land ends at the ridge of the hillside. 

He WILL THINK HE OWNS THAT HILLSIDE AND MY TROUBLE IS BACK INSTANTLY. That he put that sign where he did is an indication it’s true. 

AGAIN I AM BACK TO EXTREME ANXIETY ABOUT THIS. My eating is affected by this. !! NOT GOOD. 

04.08 Wednesday

Tonight, I think this map is wrong. The whole hillside is missing. Mr. Lee had walked all of it with Mr. Chase, back in the mid fifties, and put galvanized 1" pipe on the lines and 1 is at the top of that hill, above the Guitar Rock.

That notch of land goes all way up the hill.

I think that's why the map is confusing, it was only meant to allocate parcels of real estate, not to be a park service topographical survey map. And that rocky and steep hillside was given to the ether, by Mr. Chase because it was worthless to him, and that map is about worth - who owns what. 

04.07 Tuesday. 

Boy am I pissed off at the neighbors. It’s 4 am and I am awake because of that, angry up. 

No good solution. The NO TRESPASSING sign is still there. I was going to wait before going to the police to see if the boy put it there and if Jack would remove it, it’s on our property. 


10:26 am

Up since 4; I’m flustered. Agonizing almost, over this. I’m imagining my visit to the local State Police office at Town Hall, where, I’m fortunate they already have a report about the first screaming incident past Fall. And, I’ve got a video, that at least has some audio. And, this documentation, but this requires saying amazing (crazy) things about experiments, evidence, dead drops, time travel, interstellar visitors, bible prophecy and etc... 

This is anxiety and tension that I don’t need and MY FOLKS don’t need this and THEY deserve my immediate attention to this. There WILL be angry confrontation, at this point, more likely from him, if I go out there and start working again on the Guitar Rock. 

If I go out there, I have to remove their sign from our property, to back up the Subaru and begin working. 

If B____ WOULD BUY THAT property, that could end this, and he’d have it, for development or conservation. 

It would be BEST if I go to Town Hall and start my bitching about him, as if he’s harassing me and my parents, with his complaints about something paltry, small, temporary, mostly going on on somebody else's property, before he does that, and looks better. He’s a bullshitter. So is his crazy wife. 



If wishes were dimes I’d be a thousandaire. 


SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE. CAN’T BE ME doing anything but trying all the nice ways. AND THOSE WAYS ARE ABOUT USED UP.  


I could go to search for police mediation to at least tell them to let me finish my damn project that is literally not harming anyone or anything and is not on their property and is not making noise but infrequently. I am being picked on by the BITCH and she’s making him carry thru and it’s going to ruin the project. 


BTW; I think it was the boys that removed my tent and tossed it on the site, and it was them that put that amateur sign in the ground on Saturday night - Saturday night! It may have been him on both counts, drunk. A blackout drinker? He totally denies fucking wtih my tent. 

The Neighbor has launched an escalation in pettiness about the Guitar Rock excavation, and mounted a large NO TRESPASSING sign, on our property, blocking my access to the GR on the abutting property of the hillside.

MoM is very upset.

I may have to go the police.

The dark sign

That’s my issue, right on that border, it’s not down on the home property, and moving it was a priority when the as$hole decided to make petty shit about it, and for her it’s about me, just not liking me (because I was not flirtatious when they moved in - rejecting of her sexuality. It’s a rule of mine, because handsome guys have to be careful).  

04.05.2020 Sunday


04.05.2020 Sunday


One would think there was no national health emergency around here judging by the small plane traffic. There was not 10-minutes w/o plane engine sound, for several hours.

I really need for Disney World to reopen special for my Crazy Neighbors.

 I really need them gone. 

I am going to be brave and set a personal goal for working hours this week;

I will try to spend 8-hours, exclusively on reaching the center of the indicated triangle within the triangle, poss 300-lbs to excavate, chunk by pebble.

Shit. :-|

Center backside up; discovery day:

Again, the neighbor situation is super frustrating.

If only they knew??

People gamble on a high odds miraculous results, like big lottery games, but the risk of the biggest thing since fire being found next door, for the cost of DOING NOTHING, is too much!



 WTF!! If ONLY THEY COULD SEE THAT. They don’t have to spend a dime!


I am not working on the excavation/Dead Drop retrieval, because of gloomy mood. And the CNM last week.

It's this dying all over the place. There will be 10k Americans dead by Monday, probably.

And the old folks; You KNOW I cared for them for years. I hate this.


I'm #BAD, so bad!

I must have played 50-games since Friday night.


Bathing is compromised, according to the dogs.

Nobody else would live with this but them.

So long as the chew bones keep coming they let me play, that's what counts.

Jesuss CCCC looking at @bptrek and freaking, bc there’s thousands of youtube likes transmitted to it, it’s all fucked up .

Link that’s not one of those of Tuvok:

Another TTW related on that account:

Same, but woods related, trees :

Yes, the fire test in May 18' was the 1st evidence that the communication was about the Earth lore devil, or Satan, or Lucifer. I did not examine these still pictures for nearly a year, I was not expecting to see the hydrogen manipulated, and done so beautifully.๐Ÿ‘ฟ You can watch:

To @BPTREK using,

Sorry guys, I've been super busy. It's a long and timely story over at #TimeTravelWish .com

Amazing, what life can bring, eh?

To BPTrek, that cool attempt at hiking my world, that had feet problems. Huh.

The Alien Stone, the Communications, the Biblical #prophecy use:

I rose out of bed at 3 am, from anger of a memory of a great injustice committed on me by a local private hospital, that I learned of in 2013, and learned I am helpless to get justice and reparation for, due to the nature of their negligence. No control, justice, fairness = anger

Still awake, almost ready to make noise on the GR, then back to bed. Or work on movin The Alien STone, that plan is solely to appease him and perhaps move the AS to a position where, perhaps if its role is to protect the property, to the better altitude sight. I figure 1000lbs may have been removed, probably more, making it a half-ton battle uphill that a 2-ton rated winch could handle. 

It’s going to have to cross the driveway, at one point. He he he, I should go to lunch with it in the middle. That would REALLY piss off the neighbor, The CNM. 

11 am:
I SWEAR, there is not ONE path in discovery in this experiment that was not taken without strong circumstantial context, clues, and physical evidence. If an object of evidence is presented, it can be investigated by a team of ASSHOLES (!!) to backup my claims.



Hi. I'm not an physicist, just the stepson of one, but I've collected evidence that there is a being that can both see and manipulate matter reverse in the stream or forward of present. It's really too amazing to get people to examine what's happened. So, forward for most beings?

I could REALLY use some fame right about now, because that brings in money and that’s what the project needs now for the tools that will allow me to get this done fast and thoroughly. I need that, as a hope and a wish, because I CAN NOT ASK FOR MONEY with any degree of comfort, it’s a SUCKY feeling and it may have doomed my future, in my past.

I could REALLY use #fame, because that brings in money (and loose women) and that’s what the project needs now for the tools that will allow me to get this done.


As a hope, because I STINK at ASKING for MONEY. ๐Ÿ˜

3 pics demo REAL EYEBALLS, optic canals:

Yes, EYEBALLS MERGED with the prehistoric STONE.


Busting apart the quantum everything can blend like water, all matter soluble.  So, send a living being, the entire construct (mind) into some f__king rock to make a red headed DEVIL in disguise free the matter at a later date.


#HailSatan! Blessed are the sick of COVID-19, for many go down there!


Why have they not removed this?


It’s called the GIVE ME YOUR MONEY NOW fundraising campaign. Like highway robbery!


The GALL of me. Ha ha hahhh!


#Bad ๐Ÿ‘ฟ


Was for #RICH f__kers only:

 To nevenka:
People who have pondered about time travel, or ancient aliens, or multiple universe theory, other dimensions, gravity, black holes, apocalypses, alien life, and all kinds of people would, but they must ask questions, and be ready to see the evidence. Not be shitty about it.


We “Gauls!” 


5:44 pm

Yesterday before finishing being out there for 3-hours, all doing things to make them happy, based on not liking the sight of the excavation site, I moved the tent, over to top of the hill above the Studio, temporarily. That really pissed off the CNL’s, he came over to my mother’s house today and asked her to ask me to move it, it was overlooking their bedroom, apparently. 

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA hahhhhhh! So I moved it just now. 

So, today all I did was move some top soil, with a five gallon bucket up to the site to dump dirt on broken rocks. 

The ANSWER I’m seeking to appease the  ASSHOLES is, to make the site look like nothing is there, covered in dirt and evergreens. And, each time I want to work on the GR, which hopefully won’t be much longer, I will break-out the stuff, uncover the power tools and make noise. No tarps, ropes, or cords visible. That’s- much better than asking for them to be VANQUISHED.

Actual tweet:
The ANSWER I’m seeking to appease the CN's is, to make the site look like nothing is happening, covered in dirt. Each time I want to work on the GR, which hopefully won’t be much longer, I will break-out the stuff.


Best good thing I can do, for now.

I don't like it, too good.๐Ÿ‘ฟ

6:13 pm
Another interpretation of the tent incident is that it was not the boys, not the husband who tore it from its ties and carried it due west to dump the entire dome tent, with 2 sleeping bags and 2 sleeping mats inside it, directly onto the site of the excavation was YOU, LiA. Because the very last thing I asked of you, the other night, was to point to that Guitar Rock and say “I don’t even know if I’m supposed to be pounding my way into the center of that thing.”  Doing that has been the biggest pain in the ass (rock related) yet. And, the under tarp to block water was lifted with it, and a couple of stakes were still attached through grommets on that, and it was alongside it, as it would be if the whole apparatus was lifted up and whooshed over about 50’ and dropped, less than 50, probably 40’. Wow. 

So, the message is: “No, you don’t need to come up to the hilltop and sleep up there with the bears and deer and coyotes, you need to finish the work at the Guitar Rock.”

There were some amazing winds on Saturday night last. That may have been her/him/it doing just that. Weird. Not really. 

So, tomorrow, or when the rain lets up, on Saturday, is to get back to hammering out the very center. Shown:


I am working furiously and will have to work daily rain or shine, now that the neighbor has given me the OK (after a yelling at me session yesterday) to go ahead and work more to get my thing done faster, to get my stoney excavation out of his wife's sight.



I think that chopper yesterday was headed to Hartford area, and does not bother me, bringing medical stuff for a field hospital. 


Military chopper, you saw it, flew directly over (w by 50-mtrs) the site, about 20-min after I documented what happened with Jack yesterday. 

I’m still very upset about it and I have to go out there today, regardless of pain or fatigue and get it done

WHAT IF from the observer in flat world, #time had to be computed to be viewed and operated in as linear, and so the same or binary to??


W/o this communication, and knowledge of what's to be, would be very difficult??




VDHCAT #hypothesis:





In #theFuture, most of the humans you see working in healthcare will be machines and true life AI's.

The majority of careers in healthcare will be technical, “screwdrivers.”





Cartoon speech bubbles appear almost just like that (image; the Complaining Half Face before the Guitar Rock):


I should return to that metaphor puzzle. It fits as something I should have (SLOW POKE!) considered in notes when found after making that complainy audio in 19'.



However; My timing may have been backward in discovery of the Guitar Rock, as it may have been an 8-ton control as assurance to guide me up the hill (east) to the Alien Stone, which represented a lot of progress. ??


4-images of EVIDENCE to my claim; I found a #timetraveler


1:55 pm

Sometimes neighbors do things outside and you have to see it, and sometimes it lasts for years or never goes away. That’s LIFE. TOUGH SHIT. 

MAJOR NEIGHBOR blowout on the driveway - this time the husband. Seems nobody put a tarp over the site, it was my tent, cut from it’s tie downs and thrown over the cliff onto the excavation site. A message, from either him or his lying boy, who said he knew nothing about it, “We haven’t been up there in months.” Which means he and his brother go up there. 

I had walked up to their house and the boy was outside, I asked if his folks were home and told them why, I explained I wanted to inquire about my tent being thrown onto the excavation site and ask if they knew anything, since it was only 100’ from their home. 

But that was enough, just to ask the boy, because if they heard anything, like noise in the woods, then they would have known. So I said to just mention it to this father. 

5-minutes later I’m at the Subaru putting on my cleats and he comes down the driveway to talk with me. I was calm, but he raised his voice and started shit. I charged over, pissed, threw no punch. 

It seems the major complaint is all about the site (small site) of the excavation, my tarps and presence now and then. It’s her hysteria, she’s got me for a target and she see the site and used me for her anger outlet. She’s ruining everything. They are.

I’m sure his wife video taped everything. 

During his yell-off, his wife opened the front door and yelled “He threatened the children!” And he yelled back to her “No he didn’t, go back inside, I’m handling this.” That’s unbelievable that she said that.

It was resolved, the last thing said, “What if I work more to get it done faster?” He said yes “Just get it done.”

It’s a real shit storm. I told my mother, she’s upset. 

So, I HAVE TO be out there, pounding away at the middle of the guitar rock, tomorrow and the next day and the day after, and do this until I drop dead from the insanity of no sleep because of the intense and constant foot pain with no rest. 

I’m tired thinking about it. 


MAJOR NEIGHBOR blowout on the driveway - this time the husband. Seems nobody put a tarp over the site, it was my tent, cut from it’s tie downs and thrown over the cliff onto the site - I asked his boy if “they” knew anything, since the site is so close to their home. They denied knowledge. Later, hubby came out and charged down the driveway PO’d and arms pumped, began calm then raised everything with some loud insult. They’re unbelievable. They won’t let me just get this small thing near their property done.

I’m sure his wife video taped everything. 

During his yell-off, his wife opened the front door and yelled “He threatened the children!” And he yelled back to her “No he didn’t, go back inside, I’m handling this.” That’s unbelievable that she said that.


I don’t cry often but I did just now, a little bit after realizing my hands are losing functionality and quickly. 

I was unable to hold a 1.5 lb plastic snow shovel scoop with one hand as my thumb and forefinger could not take it, and it was only for a few seconds. I’m utterly in despair. I was so good with my hands, but I never learned to accomplish an enjoyable talent with them, due to the crazy busy head, ADHD brain.  It’s pretty upsetting. 

Without LiA, I would be a washed-up cause, useless, not even a work-at-home candidate for any job. But, still, the most handsome man (for my age category) on Earth. ;-)


My hands are losing functionality, quickly. ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข



I was unable to hold a 1.5 lb plastic scoop ... just gave-out ...

Without #LiA (๐ŸคŸ) ... not even a work-at-home candidate ...

Still the most handsome man (for my age category) on Earth. ;-)


To Xtian church:
I hope you find relief.

This Act can not apply to a church organization, as that would be unconstitutional.

Churches are only tax exempt because they are not supposed to have a tax status, staying separate.

The 1st amendment (most important), is what you need to understand.

There is a great deal wrong with an attitude around issues of discovery, among the scientists of this world, and I am going to set things straight.


Because, you Monkeys are in for a hell of a future and you must be CORRECTED.


TIMETRAVELWISH.COM, Primate Mind Correction.


03.29.2020: on EAS
Raining for days here.


COVID is taking a lot of good people down here. But, it's taking a lot more of the stupid ones than smart.


I'm angry at them for ignoring me, for all these years. It reflects on the species, and they don't know that, and that's too f_cking bad for them.

Evil Friend;


Ratings and your popularity? I thought this was from a parody account.  Hell, Deplorable. 


Your daily blabbing on this matter has already cost a lot of lives.


About 4.5-million Americans die. A majority were from your base of support and Wall Street as$holes. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

Afternoon, resting and the hillside is wet and…. There is a new tarp hanging on the excavation as seen from the driveway, just a while ago. WTF!! Was somebody else doing up there!???? Unbelievable, she must have yelled at the husband and he went up there to do that. 

  1. The neighbor climbed the cliff-side, some time after Thursday afternoon and installed an additional camo tarp over an exposed section of the excavation.

There are 50 more ugly parts of that hillside, if a really BORED housewife wanted to get picky about it.

She's picking on me.

2. Not surprising. She had no luck shutting me down last summer, calling the police.

She's hyper aware of the sight of the excavation, because she's pissed at me, for being a conveniently fu-kable bachelor and not paying sexual attention to her.

I wish she'd get a job! Geezus. ๐Ÿ™„



I'll betcha the Congress forgot to allocate emergency funds for the millions of bank charges for late payments, over balance and return service fees.

#MoneyChangers, ๐Ÿ˜  I'm going to get you f_ckers. ⬇️





By removing those a-holes, I'm sure I will be doing the society of the future good.

Below exhibits what can only be achieved with #timetravel. It is only 1 of several documented results of my experiment, successful B4 it was created.



Health Report;

I'm fine. Wish I could say the same for the Left Coast family, geez. My lungs get abused 24/7 anyway, so ... and, I live normally with massive social distancing.


I can't hang w anybody, anyway, not until this phase is over.


Chest tightness last night. I’m really pissed at being a helpless loser. aNGRY. I feel it now in my lungs, in the old pneumothorax /collapse spot. Upper right pleura cavity, rear.

I’m contemplating that with the intelligence and abilities LiA has exhibited, that I have presented photographic evidence of, it can create a cure and vaccine for this virus, and possibly all that reproduce in that manner. We can’t have these bugs getting out of Sol system. That’s where humans are headed. 

The virus actions remind me of the sperm.

They share the same purpose.


Maybe I'm just horny?


I'll betcha LiA already knows of a cure.




Successful Before Created


I am getting the feeling I have been used and thrown out by the being. That that is the case is 75% certain. Which means it’s over. I’ve released it and done the role I was used for. 

Mission over. The miserable end of this fully suffering life then proceeds. 

I was shown a super power, several in fact. One of full time manipulation back and forth, or slowing or stopping it. Another of the manipulation of hydrogen in space at a distance, as if effecting the space itself to effect the hydrogen. I don’t know, I know it’s amazing and I’ve photographed it and nobody believes me. 


Relevant, at EAS 30-min ago:

F_ck the plague, somebody CUT THIS OFF? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ


10% of MY LIFE (+5-yrs) I have lived w constant pain and disability from a sprained ankle. I am awake at 2 am due to the burning.


4 surgeons refuse me care because x-rays show 0 injury.


"You need a neurologist."

Guess what THEY say?

03.26.2020 In the beginning of hopefully, will not be a giant loss of lives.


Congratulations to the #USSenate for quick agreement to fight for the American way of life.

The challenge to all humanity by the #CoronaVirus will demonstrate our often surprising ability to adapt in crisis.

#Sol3 Tree Climbers are the champions of adaptation.


Afternoon, evening; I did not feel like working on the Rock/s, there’s no direction, it’s shitty and wondering, bullshit.


My country is about to give commercial #airlines a lot of taxpayer help and that angers me. It's a failed form of public transportation. It's private and too expensive for most people, failed. Heavily polluting, inequitable, affordable.

Let them fail.

We'll make something else.


I’m very upset about the Google document not working. It’s too big, I am sure, but I need it to be all in one. I’d have them all open if I could, for fast retrieval. 

It’s 1000 pages and avery important. A lot of discoveries are documented. It must be fixed. Not syncing, can’t save, save your work and leave, or some shit.  The support page instructions describe a route that’s not indicated in the application with an icon that they instruct is there. So, I’m fucked until it’s fixed. I want their hides in a salt bath.

To TRump:
Your Most High; please get over to my sister's house and kill that virus, She's too important to too many. And, she voted right.

The whole family is on quarantine because her husband was positive, now she's got symptoms, and she's diabetic.


-  Your Servant, James

It was my sister’s husband, John, not John, my uncle who tested positive the other day, that means the whole family is carrying and my sister’s life is now seriously in danger.  She’s compromised, with cancer in remission and diabetes, and pneumonia just finished, she’s in real danger. 

So, that’s going to be it, huh? I’m going to be broken hearted because she dies and leaves that family behind and come and pray to the All Mighty Lucifer for a return to the time before the virus, with no indication I can change anything? 

How am I going to want that if I cannot see the future it would bring? I would have to have that ability to motivate me. And  I have to know WTF the cosmic physics in jumping. Primarily, will I create another timeline/cosmos by making that type of breach?  Am I dooming a timeline to be abandoned by me for another??

My confidence! Sincerely, James 


Ooh ooh, Evil Friend, I have a question!


Will you make a program so poor people can have the cars and homes, seats in college, and etc., of those who die from this plague?


And, will the government buy all the hospitals afterward? It would be smart!




I'm going out to poke around at the Guitar Rock excavation site for an hour or more.


The dogs remain in the barking lot. It's 6-bones/6-hours, so not bad. 


Image/demonstration of most recent comm from LiA. I'm thinking this is ALSO an omen about the virus and I am on-guard.


I would veritably "turn back time" to a time before the corona virus. 

But, will that be selfish? Because, will I be the one who is experiencing a time before the virus and the timeline proceeds in misery without me? 

What can I do to stop it from becoming a deadly pandemic?

Sister has symptoms as of yesterday and I don’t know the status yet. I may go on Facebook for God’s sake, to see what they are posting. Brother  inlaw had symptoms last week and could not get tested. My dear uncle J has tested positive and all are anxious. My mother is kind of quietly freaking out. She has a friend watching symptoms. 

I feel OK, I have my normal damaged lung feeling - too much weed smoking. I am at high risk of death if infected. 

The town is tense. The grocery store is an unbelievable experience, as workers are still close to everyone, unprotected, people are walking together as couples showing a lot of anxiety. It’s wild. New York is blossoming with infection. :-( 

If there is to be “Death over this house” then THAT SUCKS.  


So, it will be a loved one dying and I go crawling out into the stormy night to plead and promise anything to turn back time to before the virus, right?


That is SO human fiction cliche.


The planners don't know me that well. I'll pass on the melodramatic bullshit, thank you.

2; Especially because that scene may have to be played out in front ofthe neighbor's house where the 1-ton 1-meter Alien Stone sits. What if they turn on the porch lights?:


Only sex toy removal at the ER, during a high school football team bus crash, could be more embarrassing. (stoned)


I really don’t know what to do up there, at the Rock, or at the AS, which is down below the Guitar Rock/V-Stone. Especially now, learning, realizing the importance of the 4 stones found behind the GR, in that unique space and so close together, and so symmetric and each hand sized and each quadrahedron. So, that’s an indication that cutting into the GR is really not what I’m suppose to do, but what is is to use those stones to do something to the Alien Stone, which has similar geometric characteristics, particular the platonic solids relationship and the 3 equaspace sides of each, well pretty damn close, time as worn them of course.


I've got a stopwatch running on my Alexa box of wires, that is 280+-days old, I have no idea what I was timing that was so important. It won't let me begin another, "I'm unable to perform that function right now, honey."


At least it is sympathetic. ๐Ÿคช



I suspect this is a real portrait: ⤵️ Ask?


And spotting "Junior" behind him/it happened in December 19. The little guy may represent me, or is?


I know, it's unbelievable. That's why nobody has to, they can touch the evidence.

I WELCOME the challenge by HARDCORE skeptics, but nobody asks!   PUSSIES!


11/25/2014, Hiding in plain sight on @Google/#Blogspot, from all OTHERS who are not making a time travel experiment and using that service, the Image was created by LiA and is communicating #timetravel.

So, that’s an indication that cutting into the GR is really not what I’m suppose to do, but what is is to use those stones to do something to the Alien Stone, which has similar geometric characteristics, particular the platonic solids relationship and the 3 equaspace sides of each, well pretty damn close, time as worn them of course.

Reply to Nevnka, ongoing non conversation w/ a schizophrenic:

I am fine, but I am at high risk and take care of parents who are also, so, we are frustrated and frightened. You please stay safe. In the US, we are late to become serious about the virus. The US is going to suffer a lot, so will everyone. It's a sad and anxious time. 

Sky Test vapor reply to me on 4 28 2016 from the property, FOUND IN the Alien STONE IN 2018.


You can CHECK, I was proud for contact but clueless!


That's metal, embedded in the mineral by LiA. The finger tips made those circles, to indicate the breach.  ∞

#TimeTravel, dopes!


The 8th crown of the serpent has been located.

#Corona = crown

AGAIN, this Church is NOT doing its JOB and I have to do it for them.

Humans, your watchers suck. They are idiots. The Church should have actually hired people, for God's sake.

Find that Bradford person who claims he’s a Satanist and talks shit all over his account, and stop his BS, as an example to begin with that crowd. They will all put down their crap and acknowledge only the new rules as LiA is writing them in real time. No more fantasy crap. 

He’s a lowly grocery store assistant manager or something, geezus. Why to do people …. Never mind. Lol

- James



In the TA Monet, of difference to known version, the tree that sits beside the dock in Deep River (comparison of abstract) is illustrated by his elaboration/exaggeration of the top of the tree, that otherwise, in TB (this timeline) is narrow, the tree is narrow in this Monet, not in the wall one, because it’s mimicking the entire scene west of the hillside where both stones sat for many thousands of years. 

Also, like the Monet painting, at the top of that hill in the background, within those trees are homes costing far above average. The wealthy, as in the painting. “A nob hill.” 

Also, mom validated for me, the single light bulb on all night, has been going on on that barnside at the intersection, in similar placement to everything else of the cove represented in the Image, for decades by all owners likely, because the light stops vehicles from crashing into that building.  

lol, that is near exactly .1-miles from the scene of viewpoint, or PoV. There is FAR MORE, for instance, the lead flashing around the heat shaft, not the old roof line, that is metaphor for R Road turning upward and West, South of the 2nd "phone poll," in that direction.


 The Solitary Lamp

The (solid) hypothesis that The Image from Google, to be picked for the Experiment, to prove successful before created status, is also intended to identify me and the location of the Stone on the hillside - as it sees things due west:

The #Monet/s of 2 timelines and the Dock:


~~~evening on EAS:
Below, held posted on EAS about twenty minutes, deleted. I swear sometimes!!! 

! @Twitter;

Get rid of this annoying message NOW or #SanFrancisco gets it from me.

I've been waiting for an excuse and the boss wants me to be bad. I can make the request.


Move it or the San Andreas fault is MY BITCH.

Days, or be fools.


03.18.2020 Wednesday
Afternoon; Today;


Grocery shopping with people that acted like we were in a zombie #apocalypse and I might be one. So, broken foot time must remain limited to that and not hopping around like a goat on a cliff-side, chopping at rock.


I've got Satanic progress to relay, Tweets approach.

1 of a few:


Now that I know/validated Sol3 biblical prophecy will be used, I am following physical evidence to do some things based on what might be desired to appear in this timeline's history.


Finding 4 quadrahedron behind the Guitar Rock, in that space, was not coincidence.


I consider a different message in metaphor from the vine springing like motioning if viewed from the driveway, could be "Bring up what you find down and behind this rock to the place above, to bring to life ... (etc.)."


And so the quad stones were to be found 1st, then the AS.

Sorry to follow up late, but there they are to demonstrate what I am considering, w/o clarity of specifics, performing a ritualistic thing, to appease expectations and remain consistent to Earth story/lore.



4 quad stones shown. Maybe the AS belongs in front, me in center?



Amazon Photos Share Link to The Image from Google Album


As humanity faces a shared crisis I am feeling from it an anxiousness synchronous with the project, because of my goals for it. I wish I had the resources needed to get that stone properly busted-up. I'm not up to the challenge of finding them, the requirements seem unacceptable.

Gosh darn it, I have not socialized in years. And I have job at home that is so weird, I have to isolate to spare the sanity of friends, family and strangers, and essentially all humanity.


Soon the Nick of Time will be here, and I'll be ready.


And the babes will pour-in! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿ˜ฌ


Well spoken, Messenger One.

But, don't put so much emphasis on repenting, it's often impossible to do in living life, maybe in the after? Your flock suffers enough self imposed guilt, they don't need more reasons, like failing in the actions repentance may require. 

- James

To Nevenka:
There exists god-like beings.  I am atheist - a show me state of being that requires you be able to show others before being recognized as credible. 


When National Guard or another Military personnel shoot at armed citizens who are trying to get care at a hospital, the gun nuts and other Right-Wingers in America will see that as an attack by the government. There may be Hell in the USA.

A spark caused when survival is threatened can cause a revolution and or a war.

Greetings, Watcher.


How's your plague going so far?


I'm very novice to biblical prophecy, and was wondering, if human realization that socialist democratic communities would have saved them from this part, is part of the story?


It's what Jesus wanted, right?



- James ๐Ÿ‘ฟ




I'm being consistent w last Sunday's resolution (often repeated) to agree w Ten Commandments about servants not working on this day.


For physical contact (as best as possible) in communication to Moses, God used a burning bush to be.


Weird? Or not at all, now:



03.14.2020Saturday, 11:00 ish


Timeline B 03.14.2020:


Village 291 on the Large Water side of planet BA54389 contains no iphone. Again, another failure in this search. We will NEVER bring another Earth guest along again, I swear by all the Gods.


I like these natives (big boobs), staying awhile.

GOD!! This video is HORRIBLE. 

It's like I don't much care about the value of the production, and just reporting this. 


La la laborious. 

It’s like I did not care for the production value one single bit. 

That's the world’s fault, dammit. I USED to care, before validating the planet was truly hopeless, and that was ironic bc that’s why I mad the experiment.

 Guitar Rock Discovery Compilation via @boobtube


To Trump” re Corona virus outbreak:
Evil Friend;


You can be carrying around the virus w/o showing ANY SYMPTOMS for up to 14-days. We tested that, our government that you've been ruining. YOU can be passing it around right now. Go see your pal Putin!


Get a test, idiot.


 Spent last night in the tent. Slept for an uncomfortable 4+ hours and did not catch up. The foot is stinging pretty good, this Saturday night and so I'm staying in my own bed to catch up and rest. 


Had to start a new E-notes document as Google is not reliable for big data saving, or preserving history, and my last notes doc reached about 1000-pages and is now screwy and not working.

New doc: TTW 2020 Feb Guitar Rock and Satan.


I’ll make a view able link, post eventually.

I’m partying extra hard tonight since it appears the world is going to Hell in a hand basket. 

I slept in the tent last night, I will again tonight. It’s still on a slope, but not nearly as bad as before. I just hook my broken foot over the edge of the mattress and hang on.


Greetings, Evil Friend;


All humans on the other side know this kind of recognition of the Christians, from your office, is a clear violation of your nation's 1st amendment, the most important. You're so f-ing ignorant, pitiful.


Go to HELL? LOL! You are. The place is ready.

Thursday night. Late:
So tired.


I so want just roll over and crash 4-ft away as usual, but the task (saving the world) beckons, and I must climb that confounded hill with my broken foot and climb into the nylon cocoon.


Could be harder, I guess., it's relatively tough.

I can't waste this nice weather.


I'm eating my oats and all that.


James Poundstone, again, at both the Alien Stone to split it, and at the Guitar Rock. ๐Ÿ™„


I this phase was over, seriously. But over with the Drop in my hands, or in this monkey body.

I abandoned last night's camp out due to slope sleeping frustration after 1-hour and came home. I have to move that tent to someplace level. And, when I came home the dogs had been barking for an hour. That is really inconvenient.


Left my reading glasses up there, can't see a th

Hey Skypilot, take a break eh?


You've already been a victim of #TimeTravel Wish once, don't give me an excuse!


At 0:14, a ball of hydrogen is created to move East and pass over the top of the fuselage, at the center of the plane. Because the video was made, time travel allows:



1st image is 3 screenshots that show, that w/o #timetravel or gravity manipulation, it would not be physically possible to have done. 


The 2nd image shows what happened to me, that I could not photograph, but testified to, a year or more before finding the H2O sphere in video.๐Ÿ‘ผ


So that experts investigating the video can not say I altered it, the sphere of hydrogen created by the compression of space (from a location on the property of the experimenter of time), crosses over the TOP (other side from camera's view) of the fuselage.


Gravity, go figure.





We’re at about 3 - 4. Inside a black hole/singularity. 


Black holes are time travel events. Cosmi are geologic identicals, but choices are wildly different, on a mass scale, but seeming the same up close. Jumping from one to another is adventurous, possible, not recommended? Lol

5 Theories About The Universe That Will Blow Your Mind

2,961,949 views•Nov 17, 2018


These things weren’t online in 14-1`5 when I made the experiment:


I’ve climbed up and down twice in the last day and my foot and feet are stinging like crazy. Only horizontal with that right leg eleva, after about 15-minutes. So, thts how it shall ie tonight. Wednesday night, count on my staying on the hillside, in the tent, all set up nice todya.

I hammered those plugs in yesterday (pic). But, no splitting, just cracking sounds. She feels ready. I might drill 2-4 more holes, and or flip the AS once and drill a line of holes on the face currently on the ground. A split in two would be desirable and consistent. Soon. 

In #timetravel there is no definable beginning or ending. 

This venture is yet to become circular enough to begin. 

Simply; I used the internet to reach out to somebody who would be time traveling and was successful before I created the experiment. The evidence is overwhelming.

It means my beginning is not yet defined enough. And, I need to be able to repeat the power exhibited at will, and then the whole world will believe/accept all at one time, w/o effort on my part to prove anything further.

Too amazing, and hardcore real to deny, is what comes.

To Nevenka:
I do not know what role. It is only that you communicate with me that place you in. In life. But this will be a strange adventure. See the picture: the image comes from Google Corporation, on their servers, for me, at the instant I made the online experiment. I just found Lucifer in the image with his son in the background, next to the chair that is representative of my own chair, in late August. This is the 2nd physical object of evidence to indicate the character Satan is present in what has been found and what will be. 

A Prince of Darkness? A son of Satan is found? Possible. It was so predictable. We are being so used. We are suckers in this galaxy. Ha ha ha. 

The image comes from @Google Corp. On their servers, for me at the instant I would make the online experiment. I just found Lucifer w/son next to the chair in late August. This is the 2nd physical object of evidence to indicate the character Satan is present in what will be. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

Demonstrating the Burn Test, to split the rock, unsuccessfully. Discovered 1-yr later in image study.

BEFORE my selfie sent to Twitter, the Devil says something.

The 1st object of evidence to indicate the character Satan is present in what will be. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

The being will use the Christian stories to exploit humans, and has joined with me for the experiment. It took almost 5-years to realize this, after physical indications were several. 


Yes, I look into my father’s eyes. It’s touching, in sentimental ways.


That's exactly right. They found me, an atheist who wrote a plan. They will use Christianity, to make it real, to make contact. That is the PLAN and it is also making Christian prophecy TRUE. Is that not GREAT?  :-)  It will validate everybody, all faiths, and lift Earth out of a time of great crisis. 


Greetings, Evil Friend;


The liberals will create anti gravity locomotion, and all air and space will be free.


All the political borders will be gone. LOL! 


I will order them unenforceable. Freedom of travel for all humans. Ha ha ha. Chaos at first, but fun.


Keep it up! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

reetings, Evil Friend;


The liberals will create anti gravity locomotion, and all air and space will be free.


All the political borders will be gone. LOL! 


I will order them unenforceable. Freedom of travel for all humans. Ha ha ha. Chaos at first, but fun.


Keep it up! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

3.09 Monday
P{ONT of note:

There has not been one physical “Object of Evidence” (as documented and with sure certainty of) that I have followed that was a negative, or a warning to not proceed, as in a no response or such. Each communication, and each solid object of evidence, including the Rocks and all that has occurred around th em has led to a furtherance, or movement with quantity in a direction as in a vector that moves the project foreward to my perspective. And that is full of irony. And that I write this is in itself a paradoxical irony, in a time travel experiment. A double whammy? I don’t know. I’m buzzed. 

Could be the reason I wrote that positive note above is that I don’t want to contemplate or move based on negative responses. Or, away from suffering to proceed. Too analytical. Fuck this. Nobody wants to be a primary singularity of a breah into another dimension who has to exist in order to begin again, and then have to have intimate knowledge of their selves and every thought and feeling while being in that role?  I mean, shit. 

I want to be the adventurer doing things, fuck this psychoanalytical bullshit. :-)

The VIRUS may be creating a Nick of Time event to bring me out. Cool. More likely if something crisis like is happening. To me, I thought it was the impeachment fail. 

I became overwhelmed with fatigue last night, and had to cancel plans to hike the hill and sleep up there. I’m sorry. 

This can be controlled once I have aides. Seriously, everyone should get aides. Perhaps that’s inappropriate joking for a time like this?




03.10.2020 Tuesday



Look at that ugliness left in Utah by an Australian mining company, that apparently does not give a shit about the mess they make. Rio Tinto has $90-B in assets and now must restore ALL they destroyed to its original appearance.


Or they lose everything they love.


Greetings Evil Friend;


I see your mind is still living in opposite land. 


The virus outbreak is your first crisis. Consider, this may be the first one ever in your life, except for that time you got sent to military school. ??


I've got thousands of mini crises lined up. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

Stoned ranting:
It's time wimy, and time travelie;


The corona virus infection numbers being announced exist only because of testing result count measurements.


As certain as 2 came before 3 of something, the number had actually occurred at some unknown point in time. Perhaps only months ago?

Political response:
Repetition of idiocy will not surprise me. Americans allow anybody with a pulse to vote. That's stupid in itself.


I witnessed the election of George W. Bush in 2004, that was amazing to me, that the US was that stupid. It was pretty clear he had conspired and lied about Iraq.




I serve somebody, as do we all, and the Most High Bad One wants me to go along with this slaves have Sundays off business. Great excuse to pickup my hedonism practice.


"MORE GRAPES, and video games, and masturbation!"

#Bad ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

Lol: I ejaculate fire, by Dethklok

That’s a pretty bad UTI … 

Reminds me of my photograph below, of a series of stills during a test at the Alien Stone to split the rock; discovered 1-yr later to be a message to me from Lucifer. Oh well. 

The Image is Looking West:

Walking across  ... the purpose for flooring. As is proven in every original Star Trek episode, when Kirk and company go to a planet surface, and even in inside caves, the ground is perfectly flat. Nice for walking. Nobody falls over and it saves film.


New wedges arrived.

And, several discreet packages.___

No excuses! Seriously. 

I’m splitting the Alien Stone. 

Still intent on making sure, there’s no small object I missed, due to misjudging the center mass, due to chipping away at alternating sides.


03.06.2020 Friday

Gloomy outside but I’m in an OK mood. The rain is supposed to wait until evening. I’ve ordered 10 more wedges, and will work on that new split line / seperation line that I see on the AS. Maybe go drill some new holes, right now? 

12:11 pm

Sleeping in the tent tonight.

Worked on; drilled holes in an iron split in the Alien Stone, the separating line had not been noticed before, it appears to be all the way through the center mass of the stone. More holes for steel wedges to be made soon. 

This unit is $90 and would tell me a lot about radiation and the artifacts, like perhaps, exactly where the Drop is in the stone, if it radiates. The cost would bust me for March and April.

New GQ GMC-320 Plus Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Data Recorder B... via @amazon



I REALLY want to stay in. AND WILL, because the short nights are busting my thought process, and leaving me too tired to go out and bust up rock. I need a third night to be here in my bed, then back out there again on Thursday night and Friday night. STAY CLOSE.

To Bloomberg:
Smart move. I would have been up your ass so far, your family and friends would not recognize you. And, you would die from the stress of having me in your life, monitoring your every move. A billionaire, money-changer's moves. You would have hated it.

 - James 


I do find anger at people and in frustration that all others think my claims are false, and I present real evidence that nobody will examine and I invite them all the time. That includes you. 

Slept up top again, barely 4-hours 2-nights in a row. zzzz


The site is on that slope, so there was a casual losing battle against gravity and time while sleeping.


I may be out smashing stone, we'll see.


Site 1, of VDDHCAT, #ChesterCT:

Timeline validated to the other side:

Hi! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ


Ken, you look really old. And so I listened while you explained your strange hypothesis.

My father forgives more readily than the Big Head normally does. He understands the complexities the Old Man created are difficult to navigate and we're all sinners and it's OK.


So, I spent last night, from midnight to about 5:30  on the hill, in the tent. Some tossing and turning to be comfortable, but I slept ok, as I was pretty tired when I got up there. The rain on the nylon was lulling. Did not see Mom walking the dog on the way down, that was an embarrassment, and danger to the mission concern, and may happen soon if I make a nightly pattern, and I should. I want any physical assistance team to have time to move in on this system, and they won’t if they have no indication that I will get off my lazy  and disbelieving ass and be consistent about seriously being out and u p there for a communion. Maybe some alien food too? I am willing to try new things while meeting different species. Lol. Seriously


I did NOT get my 8-hours beauty sleep.

I'm likely to get cranky and issue a worldwide (style) threat.

I'm going to retire like Chris Matthews. And comeback. I swear we've met., nothing to do with retirement.



I am sleeping alone in the woods, at the site where the Alien Stone was located, where I received audio contact, before I stole it and began demolishing it. 


I MUST have a meeting.

I am READY to begin a greater adventure. I have NO FEAR and look forward.


Time Travel Wish



Your Most High; I love that there's no clock visible in the amazing image. However, if living in The Image, and looking for the time, the 12-digit telephone may be able to connect to any hour of our choosing. It's a metaphor for a #timetravel machine.

Primary of TIME TRAVEL experiment SUCCESSFUL B4 CREATED 11/14.  CONTACT has been made, 2016. http://TIMETRAVELWISH.COM by LiA and James Gray Mason @EndAllSuffering


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end of day

Absolutely exhausted. Maybe an illness?  

And, that’s what this meant, on 10.23.2019? I am dying (image)? And my mission is complete, or failed due to my poor response, or lack of faith, as my slow actions exhibited these past few  years, and my stupid synhchronicity mistakes. Failed?? #NotWorthy 


Later, 8:05 pm

I want to come up and spend the night in the tent, but the dogs, they’ll be suffering major insecurity and I will be able to hear them barking. I’ll shut all the windows and turn down the artificial heat, and hope that they will drink water and sleep, but I doubt it. I know that Tuvok will not. Janeway may share his insecurity. I am their parent, god dammit, and I will not let them suffer. 

But, for this I will try again, as I did in November, or was that December, I made a video under red light. 

I’ll post something on the TTW Twitter account to indicate I’m going up there, but I will be only 8-hours, at the longest, at the site. And I worry that I’ll be seen walking down the hill, by mother, as happened the last time I went up there at 4:30 am, August, I think. 





To POTUS/Asshole
Evil Friend; how ya doin? I think anyone of average IQ understands there's not a damn thing you can do to accelerate discovery of a cure or prevention, too late for your office for that. But, your voters are idiots, so ....


Talk to Vladimir or blow him lately??


LOL!  ๐Ÿ‘ฟ . . ๐Ÿ’‹




Double check, does the Alien Stone original position at the top of the hill (summit) at the 3-Acre Wood, see the Mailbox and the Yard in front of the house.


I was sure of this in 2018, I think? So much has unfolded.


#timetravel  ->

2: For line of sight hypothesis, as power from the AS, or was it from the Guitar Rock (more likely to me as The Image portrays an of abstract of the view.


pics: L; the cove and East, AS = star.


R, mailbox and phone poll to the AS, and Guitar Rock locations, as due East approx.

~~~ follow up days later:
The answer is yes, and I still could not double check. There's so much vegetation, and I've only been up there at night, recently.


Pic: The Alien Stone, demolished, but not split, as it is today. In the background on the cliff side is the Guitar Rock.



I’ve shopped for 260 in equipment for March, including a geiger counter, and a gamma and beta detector, for $90, another EM detector for $40, and a wifi extender w/cable and injector for PoE to the unit. 


I want to not work today. ๐Ÿ˜Ž




It's just so damn cold and windy.


I cut the S out of my hands yesterday while up there fixing those wind torn privacy and rain tarps, bc of the freezing finger numbing weather. I need some nice days. Like last week at 60+-degrees. Toasty.

Discovered over a year later:

Real #TimeTravel, and the literal crunching of space to create and control a sphere of hydrogen, to signal to me and the world, that it/he’s here and this is the power I will be in control of: At 0:24 LR corner off the plane’s wing, watch for a sphere of H2O, created with timetravel knowledge of the video’s existence:

ReaL  #TimeTravel

There is was in the summer of 2018, 2-years later, after the Sky Test communication, embedded in the molten elements, after I stole the Alien Stone and rolled it off a cliff to find the Drop, the J Symbol with the twin circles with 1 overlapping, to symbolize:

This riddle: In the triangle in the triangle.

And this is a riddle that I see, as it is presented in the Guitar Rock, that I might have found (should have) first, as if on the way up to the Alien Stone’s original location. Ans so can also hold true for the Alien Stone. As it can be a triangle if only viewed in a single dimension, as this picture exhibits the twisting pyramidal shape that is a “single dimension” triangle. The other side, the polar side of the Alien Stone, found after excavation and turning over the stone to see the underside:

May 2018; the Drop Search of Time Travel Wish, the polar side of the Alien Stone, on the hillside.

In the ๐Ÿ”ผ in the ๐Ÿ”ผ.

The riddle may be pointing to the Alien Stone, what's full destruction at its center has not been finished - one thing at a time??


As it is a triangle if viewed in a single dimension, as this picture exhibits the twisting pyramidal shape that's a triangle:


I could find the personal energy to stop 5 or 10 of these a day, using going back, until it ends in real time because of other reasons of persuasion:



In #timetravel, in the timeline that has been f-ed with, irony is a dominant factor in everything. 

Speculation, #theFuture:

Jack Krasinski, the actor who plays Tom Clancy’s character Jack Ryan, becomes the president of the United States, predominantly because everyone associates with his character, voting is mandated, and streaming is to the brainstem. Very influential. Unregulated. 

In #theFuture:

Everybody has a flesh pocket. 

You can even get them installed at a tattoo parlor.

Because, nobody wants to carry around a hot pocket book or anything, when naked is the only way to survive.  

To Joe Biden:

Good for you, Joe.

I told you those other first states were meaningless.

I hope my $25 helped. It was Social Security Disability Insurance money, so, it comes back (lol)?


I'm voting for Bernie unless you can be 10-pts ahead in mid April. I have to, for those answers he wants.

To H&R Block NEws, lol

This is a very happy feeling advertisement.


But, I still think scaring the living S out of all humans is more efficient. Taxes should be frightening, so they get paid.


Ha ha ha! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ


I have a plan to eliminate all issues w/tax collection and revenue squabbles, debt, etc..


Fixed the tarps. Got some tequila.

Mostly bumming. Depressed. About the weather, the rock, the progress, the unknown, ETC..



These Tweets used to communicate with a space and time traveling alien force, that has been waiting (relative) to talk to me all my life (relative), could not be validated by the world as synchronous with the experiment: ↙️


I’m getting weakness and blurred vision and this is likely pre-diabetic and this pisses me off. The ends of my fingers are getting numbness/paresthesia. Going to rest and try to get up there. I’m really failing. Not worthy, feelings. {Big sigh sound}.

Awff; I keep forgetting the G dammed Gabapenint/neurontin, is on board and w/o food it can have similar symptoms. 


But, not the numb fingers. 


12:30 pm

It's freezing windy cold and viruses are flying about, so no outdoor work today. Maybe some indoor worldwide (style) threats to rich fu_kers online? Just for fun?


Discovery time of the Alien Stone in the Drop Search phase of 12.08.18:

To the #POPE:

Your Grace; Without TV signals of 55+-yrs ago, of a time travel show, it may be that my experiment would never have been found, our detection of a super gravity wave would not have been detected, and your religion not explored and exploited.

Are you getting this?




Ha ha ha:

©2018 Google LLC, used with permission. Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google LLC. “ for the Image found on G?

Because I only report on its relationship to the #timetravel #experiment TIMETRAVELWISH.COM - The Devil is in the detail.

Hmm, with the Devil Find? Post that online??

Nah, that would piss them off. 

And be bad.

02.27.2020 I can’t believe it’s this late in 2020 already. 

Bla bla , wake and bake Tweet writing after a 5 hour power blackout

All time is full of surprises and coincidences, and ……

In time travel the related experience of irony is frequent and full of dangers, and warnings of calamity.


In the river Time, ironies are the large rocks in the rapids, splitting time and creating voluminous changes on either side.

You make them. Often by galavanting about in history like some stoned hippie festival goer, making careless physical changes and causing decisions of others, like it was your universe to fuck with.  ha ha, lol

(edit): In #Time, frequent ironies are big rocks in the river rapids, creating voluminous changes on either side.


You make them by gallivanting about in history like some stoned hippie festival goer, making careless changes and affecting others, like it was your universe to fuck with.


You can control their effect on the environment and people near your landing and exit points - of linear timelines.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end of day

2.26.2020 Wednesday, Ash Wednesday/Lent

Today, I finished that rat damage on the studio. Just has to be painted. 

I almost came up to sleep in the tent last night. Too tired. Soon I will do that and make it a habit. Maybe if I make it a snack thing?

No tobacco product in about 55-days. Smoking weed to substitute the oral fix.

02.25.2020 Tuesday

11:45 pm

Foot spiking pain after a short chore, so, too much for today. And, again, with no strong time imperative exhibited, I will rest the leg after yesterday’s “feat.”


Early am

I can’t believe this month is almost passed and I still wait - for myself!

Or am I waiting for me, or is this a wait for the Being? And I’m sick of that reference, sick of my own concocted names. All this fucking mystery. 

I fell asleep early and awoke 6 hours later at about 3 am and felt a lot of anxiety, dread, loneliness, and anger at both myself and it/LiA. I want to come up to the woods and sit and wait and do this very often until something comes of it. Because I’m feeling the stone will be fruitless work. However, the dogs alone in the Studio is an issue, I can’t come running down the hill if something is happening. (reminds, I should set up that wifi extender (new) now that the cost would be less than $150 all-together, I could freely (data charge free) monitor the security camera from up there, and even talk to the dogs from the smartphone). And the fatigue at night is an issue, with the foot pain.

Like I said: If I had a bright and concrete sign that I should do a thing, I would be doing it, exactly and with passion, but do what and when and how fast and where??? The fatigue and foot pain would be NO COMPLAINT because I would SEE the FUTURE (veritably). 

That’s ONE SUREFIRE WAY to encourage that drive, show me the future. SHOW ME THE BENEFITS, the dream anyway. Show me a James I am proud to be. Then watch. 


Where is my confidence?  No plan ever said anything about the Drop being inside solid rock, that’s an adaptation, I’m probably would have written, because it’s smart, but that is not of my doing and remains a hypothetical.

Lucifer/The Devil whatever be thy name:

Fine with it so long as I control who and by what means power is used on particular humans - my fellow beings. There will be no MASS effects of harm. 

Keep in mind the original foundational factor, the person is one of their own, and that must run clearly and visibly consistent for all behavior, prone to error, frailties, emotional conflicts, all no different from humans. The Prince of Darkness wants to clean up the reputation of the underside. He wants his father’s story told, and his image cleansed.

9:30 am

It’s cloudy and I’m sore footy, and I think my activity will be to pretend (ha ha) I’m in male menpause, and play Peter Pan with my dogs and camping gear in the woods at the original Alien Stone dig. I may make a sign that says Campfire Nearby, then I've got permission of sort.

02.24 Monday

07:15 am approx; my foot feels better, but who knows? This time of the morning is too early to call, and I don’t learn. By 10 am I should know. I had a lot of concern after a bad dog accident with my foot on Saturday. 

09:45; Want to note, had a quickie dream; I was several feet from the tent at its current location near the old Alien Stone dig, and there was somebody inside it, who made voice type sounds and ruffled the fabric a bit, as if moving inside it. I called out to it “Is someone there?” But no answer from within, and then the dream was over. 

11 ish

Identity Indicated (as Myself) as the Target - Related to the Image.


I can't help this. ๐Ÿ™„


It's the road! What is seen from it. This whole #time!


I created nothing in this experiment except these demonstration images. All can be thoroughly inspected.

The Alien Stone of the Drop Search of Time Travel Wish in 2018

I am James Gray Mason, of Connecticut, USA (aka End All Suffering - this account). This is an amateur experiment in time travel communication, launched on the internet on 11.25.2014, and found to have been successful before it was created in June of 2015. Many validations of physical evidence fully in the circumstance of the experiment have occurred and have been documented. I tried, briefly, to get the world's attention, but nobody pays attention to a solitary person who possesses no academic credentials. However, I am the LUCKIEST MAN in the WORLD and alone in this. 

The Mirror Fold image is a clear communication, to the experimenter who would find it (me in the project) and is using totem style linear progression through a story. Indications are it is my story and that of humans, as it relates to the project. 


Alien Stone & Faces Examination: February, 2018

To the Pope:

Welcome back your Over Robed;


I won't profit, I will collect all money of the moneychangers and redistribute.


And, you'll find me to be forgiving, as I know the gratification of it, and sweet it is in combination w/ mercy.


Unlike the Big Head, who would drown his children.

Rt with text:
For Satan!?




His Most High appreciates this, I'm certain. Because his mannerism is similar toward all loved by the Big Cheese.




The Kill Hitler Test was completed in 2017; when I chose to allow his existence, if granted control.

These photos are indicated to have been taken by Eva Braun, and give me place and circumstance to shoot Adolf Hitler in the back of his head.



I totally agree with this, because I'm a hard nosed, pride holding man who won't take shit from anybody, not even from a God. lol

You will burn your bridge while standing on it, I love that metaphor! tff, Kathie.  - James, RESPECT my #TIME Travel, lol.

! @BBCDrWho;

Smashing season!

Phenomenal, like Time Travel Wish.

My sympathy for the frustration of the writers, each with a great story in a small space, the compression must be agonizing.