The Global Vapor Communication of Christmas Day 2020

The Global Vapor Communication of Christmas Day 2020
The points of evidence of the hypothesis it was for me and Sol 3.

Introduction, to date:

On 11/25/2014 Time Travel Wish had been only an experiment in time travel communication as a request for help and messaging - and due to an absence of resources only on a weblog, and various social media platforms. However, many indications reveal it was successful before the time of its creation.

Conducted with the bias of hope, by an artist with an idea to be reached. A time apart (had) chosen an unwitting test pilot to validate success. The amazing has occurred repeatedly. 2018-19: MIND BLOWING; the Being is using Biblical prophecy. Discovery by James Gray Mason.

Honesty was important from the beginning. I have documented with photography almost all of what has happened to me. Anyone can inspect the integrity of my claims (and that photography as untouched by any software fakery). The physical and circumstantial evidence is multiple times validated to my satisfaction, but the world has been too skeptical, as it all is unbelievable in our time, and that is one of many true ironies of time travel.
January 1 2021:
World Peace, if it can be achieved, is opposite of what the future is showing us in the imagery meant for this experiment and ready to view the instant this internet project began, truthfully; from my experiment Time Travel Wish, a worldwide radiation report is being shown on the old TV (that emits radiation).

As is well documented here, my hopeful bias had interpreted this as rain for Africa, sorry.

Slightly frowning face

A Global Radiation Report

A Global Radiation Report
"James, there is too much radiation to exist here." The message decoded.

Lucifer in the Background Image

Lucifer in the Background Image
Lucifer in the Background Image

NEW 02.02.2018 The Drop Search at The Alien Stone

NEW 02.02.2018 The Drop Search at The Alien Stone
Link: Latest in discovery: Spring, 2018 - 2019: The Drop Search at The Alien Stone & The Great Rock and Roll Rock Robbery

Our loss is because we're hopeless:

Our loss is because we're hopeless:
Tuvok and James. Image from Time Travel Wish, 2015. This may be our tremendous loss if we do not act.

the NAME image

the NAME image
In November of 2014 it was a hopeful name for a concept of message delivery from ourselves.

Successful before it was created.

Successful before it was created.
The experiment is done. Time to move on. Addendum 05.26.18 wtf was I thinking? The adventure doesn't end.

Evidence collected, 2015 discovery of physical effect of Different Human Choices in Another Timeline

Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline

Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline
LINK to page: category of evidence: Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline

The Inexplicable Background Image

The Inexplicable Background Image
LINK to page: category of evidence: The Inexplicable Background Image

Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image

Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image
LINK to page: Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image

Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact.

Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact.
LINK to page: category of evidence: Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact : Painting the sky with gravity well technology

About the Webmaster: The Target

About the Webmaster: The Target
LINK to page: category of evidence: About the Webmaster: The Target

The Idea for Time Travel Wish

The Idea for Time Travel Wish
Link to page: category of evidence: the Idea: 1998 Star Trek TNG: What if that first communication had to be as simple as possible?

Image Dating of the Future Time

Image Dating of the Future Time
Link to page: category of evidence: Image Dating of a Future Time

The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime

The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime
Link to page: Speculations: The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime

The Envisioned Team of Timeline A

The Envisioned Team of Timeline A
Link to page: Speculations: The Envisioned Team of Timeline A

The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One

The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One
Link to page: The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One

First Post of November 25 2014

First Post of November 25 2014
First Post of November 25 2014

Project Audio Notes of Discovery

Project Audio Notes of Discovery
Project Audio Notes of Discovery

Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting

Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting
Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting

Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime

Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime
Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime

Albert and God

Albert and God
Albert and God

Original Page: Messages -Jake to James

Original Page: Messages -Jake to James
Original Page: Messages - Jake to James

Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016

Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016
Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Welcome to Time Travel Wish & Paradox One

3/06/16 - 3/12/16 changes to front. Vegetation Displacement additions. About the webmaster additions. Diverging Universes additions. 

2/26/2016 6:01 pm -5: Big day. Was bumming. But came and stared at the image again for just a few seconds, on this page, and wow! See detail of approximately 1.5 hours of seeing alphanumeric symbols on 2 locations on the wall. Wow. 


How can one be successful as a time travel experimenter with no technology but the internet to use to find time travelers that can make the experiment successful before it was created? 

In 2014 the answer was this meager website that humbly asked for help from a "time apart." Hope was necessary, and truth prevailed in November 2014. In 2016 this experiment documented physical evidence of a traveler, and an adventure began. I am James Gray Mason, and totally unqualified in quantum mechanics.


5:50 pm -5: Eureka Team: I have found the #formulas! Thank you.:-) You are welcome #sol3  I have begun tracing and lifting.

That’s a good start for the first 1.5 hours. Work with this #physicists #LHCcern #MIT #spacetime #timetravel Take it guys. YOURS for our #future lol.
Well that was easy! :-)

2/28/2016 Coincidentally or perhaps not? This is exactly where I would have looked first. Just above the telephone. Page: now about 4 feet long, The Inexplicable Background Image.

2/29/2016 4:41 pm -5 Addendum to Postulate of Divergence of Universes Into Another Dimension and Timeline: Bottom of page. Additionally placed on links page of educational information.

2/23/2015 Addendum and edit to page: Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline. Bottom of page.

/15/2016 12:34 am: A
ddendum and editing to the Inexplicable Background Image:

2/13/2016: An important addendum to:


Anyone with questions and those wishing to know of all of the evidence of this project may write me at I will then ask you to engage in a telephone (or video conversation) and not exchange text email. Those with questions have exhibited that they may have gotten it. Those with questions are those who can conceive of the possibilities exhibited by the findings in Time Travel Wish and Paradox One.

A warm greeting to the most common visitors from outside of my home community; The United States:

Hello all Russian friends to be! Welcome all. My love to you!

2/06/2016: Привет все российские друзья, чтобы быть! Добро пожаловать всем. Моя любовь к вам!


Saudações todos os amigos brasileiros para ser! Bem-vindo a todos. Meu amor para você!

Un saluto tutti gli amici italiani di essere! Benvenuti a tutti. Il mio amore per te!

Grüße alle deutschen Freunde zu sein! Willkommen an alle. Meine Liebe zu dir!

Salutations tous les amis français de l'être! Bienvenue à tous. Mon amour pour vous!

has happened to me and what has occurred with the experiment Time Travel Wish is consistent with current postulates in astrophysics. It is likely that you do not know this. It is the time to have experimented with being reached. I alone fathomed that this is the time when reaching us would not drastically interfere with current technological progress and our scientific path of our future. It was the time for someone on this planet to make themselves the target.

The exposure of Time Travel Wish and Paradox One has been very carefully limited to the public. There are many reasons for this which can be explained with reasoning that is consistent. The chief reason I cannot expose this discovery is that it will be too much for the minds of most people. The superstitious and mythological nature of humankind at this time makes the possibility that I will be targeted as some type of religious character of ancient prediction, a possibility because that would put my family and myself in danger of zealots on this planet. It is a possibility that I entertain within reason based on who I am and known mythological (ancient) writings that exist in our culture.

There exists within my life, my writings, and published hypotheses, my personal experiences: the possibility that a civilization with far more advanced technology than humans has been collaborating in what has happened. That reasoning and that evidence can be divulged to anyone who expresses sincere interest. This is a second reason I cannot expose Time Travel Wish as that also places my family and myself in danger.

Another strong reason I cannot expose this (possibly) first true paradox (that which exists that cannot be entirely proven to any current standard of scientific study) is that I am poor. I cannot spend any funds on promoting Time Travel Wish and Paradox One using the methods now available to promote any account on social media networks - our chief method of reaching the public at this time.

Another reason I cannot expose Paradox One is who I am. I lack any academic or scientific credentials to receive any time of anyone who follows that field of study. I cannot obtain the attention of any respected media outlets because of who I am. This may be advantageous to my safety and this may have been a strong consideration in the discovery (in choosing myself) to eliminate the possibility of my corrupting our timeline with true exposure of the discovery. A conundrum that was planned. A reason to have chosen me to validate to “them” what has happened. This is a possibility that has taken me months to entertain as a possibility.

Of this I have determined when attempting to expose Time Travel Wish: It is disgusting to me that thousands of people, many established in scientific circles, have ignored this exposure. It reveals a strong lack of foresight based on the hope contained within our scientific progress. I find this determination to be pitiful. I find that we are not describing what is possible in our future when we are publicizing our discoveries. This lack of insight into what may be will hold us back. Disgusting. From this determination, I have discovered many important aspects of science education at this time that are absent from our instruction of students and in our exposures of publication of discoveries.

“An artist did this but this is not an artistic creation. I am an amateur writer and lover of science and science fiction who chose to conduct an experiment based in known conceptualized and theoretical and fictional concepts. It would not have occurred had I used the strict principles of the scientific method because a paradox, that which can not be proven, was likely if I was to be reached. So it is displayed that way. It is presented using an artist's interpretations and an artists methodology. It is all that I can do.”

                            - James Gray Mason, July, 2015

January 4, 2016: edit: February, 2, 2016:

In the history of modern comedy few comedians and those who deliver written humour can portray a true irony. As the discoverer of what you may be about to read and explore visually, in the attempt to expose what may be the greatest discovery that any human on Earth will have ever made for all time of our existence to be, there is a tremendously difficult irony for me to surpass:

If a person exposed to Paradox One does not take the time to read and examine all that exists then it is almost assured that that person will dismiss the discovery. That person will not begin to understand what has happened. In the year of exploration and discovery of 2015 and in the months and years to come there have been and I assure you there will be thousands if not hundreds of millions of those people. The current available time to find out that a true paradox exists when being exposed to a paradox of time or of a new dimension apart from another timeline, is not availed to the the self if one does not take the time, or is ill prepared to accept possibilities in both current science and the science likely to be.

Among the majority of humans self absorption and the inability to realize the possible is prevailing in the public exposure of Time Trave Wish and Paradox One. Humans are a very self absorbed species of life. We are have reached a time when our lives demand a fast and furious dodging of the reality of our existence in order to survive. This is a strong component of our unique time in our brief (in geological time spans) evolution as beings on Earth. It is a time when our self absorption and our lack of available time will cause us to miss the amazing. It is a time of wonders in the cosmos. It is a time when humanity has reached a crucial turning-point where our history of the future to be can be intervened with without the danger of diverting us from our clearly inevitable advancement of our soon to be technology.

There will be no one page full color presentation that can fully explain simplistically (as we have grown used to having our complexities explained to us) to anyone. That is the large nature of the complexities that reveal Paradox One. I entertain with the humor of the irony that this is perfect for us and the team.

Perfect because it is likely that it has been predicted that we would not know how to respond. We would likely panic and entertain our supernatural fears. I would be targeted by religious nut cases as some kind of “chosen one,” of religious prophecy of the science fiction of our ancient past. My family and my dog may be in danger as well.

If you are a person who is practiced at the student minded behavior of the research needed to understand a complexity, you might spend the required time on Time Travel Wish. If you are typical busy and self absorbed human you will dismiss the paradox. You will think me crazy. You will not get it. That may be very appropriate. That may be perfect. All the material to get it is revealed on this website. All the documentation, the photographs and the inexplicable material, can be found here.

If you are one of the few then you have my congratulations and if we should meet I may want to hug you.

Hypothesis: No Classical Time Travel:

Physical time travel of a body of a being both will not be allowed and particularly will not be a possibility in the quantum structure of differing dimensional templates. As it can only be, a new dimension was both reached and created simultaneously for important purposes due to our present condition of coming turmoil. This time in our history was safely appropriate due to our state of technological progress. For both reasons we were good candidates for intervention, public exposure and validation of success for the team.

Accept it or not: Many of us exist as duplicates from Timeline A as of 11/2013. Some of us are new to timeline B, due to different human choices of our new history as some information was implanted prior to our births in this new different history.

Humans did not work alone on this vast achievement: Their purposes and some reasons I am aware of. The Team has changed our history with new information implanted upon this dimension in addition to (likely) several other civilizations currently.

They hope to manipulate our human choices to become. They will benefit and we will - immensely.

For the entire team our past was a large platform of information to work with in successful targeting. I (James Gray Mason) was the only one on Earth making himself a target. Additionally, I am an atheist who for decades has emotionally readied himself for alien contact. Additionally, I was subjected to an event involving inexplicable advanced technology in 1996 and I entertain that because it was in my wide girth of my past that that event may be integral in my being a target. For these reasons I was possibly chosen and so was successful before Time Travel Wish was written for the internet in 11/2014.

There are more hypothetical reasons why I may have been a good target and those can be discovered by exploration of my personal life as it is and as it appeared to be heading prior to creation of Time Travel Wish for the well preserved internet in 11/2014.

Those details as of this writing are available both in the currently in process writing of The Beginning of Time Travel Wish and Paradox One, and can be found on the Google Page of Time Travel Wisht and the Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Above: A recreation of accuracy. It quickly appeared in front of me on highway route 1 south, in Santa Cruz, California in 1996. It moved through me as I drove my truck at approximately 55 m.p.h. and it was over within a second or two. It filled the cabin of my vehicle with its blue light. In my rear view mirror it was gone. When I arrived home 20 minutes later I realized that all of my clocks seemed about an hour later than I thought the current time had been. I compartmentalized the event and told no one.

The FaceBook page of Time Travel Wish. A social network with smarter people on-board. A network that is getting very moral lately. A network I can support.


January 4, 2016:

It was the time on Earth when our technology and our science had reached a critical precipice of our complex culture worldwide. It was also a time in our history when we clearly revealed that our future discoveries would lead us to reaching the amazing. It was inevitable that our understanding of our very existence would be impacted beyond the capability of the understanding of the great majority of us. So it is in 2015. So it was in 2013 and in 2014. This period in our growth makes us ready for the intervention of others. At this time it would not greatly effect our growth to make the discovery that the force of spacetime could be manipulated or that another dimension of our existence could both be reached and be created for all of the information that makes us what we experience that we are who we feel to certainty that we are.

It is now more than one year after beginning an experiment that may indicate to us (humans) if we can be reached. I have had several validations that what was indicated to me that I had discovered a true and amazing paradox. The paradoxical is that which exists to experience either by optical observation and or the physical validation of a thing that cannot be entirely evidenced to a degree of a standard where it can be considered proof positive that the thing, or the paradox, is indeed absolutely true. Hence the name that Time Travel Wish now shares: Paradox One. It is unlikely that we will discovery it to be an irrefutable discovery of a scientific technological occurrence while I am alive.

At this time I have to ask myself “Is it us?” More reasonably the question with far greater consequence, if it can be answered “Is it us or is it another civilization entirely that is not of our solar system, or perhaps are they collaborating with us?”

After the first paradoxical object occurred to me I was only entertaining that it may be true. That paradox is what I have called “The Inexplicable Background Image.” You see that image on the background of this website at this time.  Then the second paradox occurred and that I have called “The Odd Image Dating.”

After the image dating occurred and I was unable to reasonably find an explanation for it, it occurred to me to examine my past time. I had to make many speculations about time travel experimenting both before and during the many months before having the realization that I may have been successful. I had to realize the strong concept: that for the sole experimenter his or her past time would be of paramount importance in realizing any contact or any manipulations. I had to imagine myself as the scientist in our future trying to reach me. In doing so I realized that that past would be the most important period of time in the entire experiment. Because the past is wide and filled with opportunities to make contact. Making a contact with me in my present that was accurately right-on-time would have to be precise and clear and less paradoxical. Additionally giving me too much evidence of any kind, would be a mistake. I would not know, as the scientist of a future time, that I would not be endangering the people of an entire society by making my manipulation too clear. I would have to give the experimenter the paradox of the entirety of what I was attempting to do, that is to breach the force of spacetime itself. Or rather, as what appears to have happened and is more consistent with the known postulate of our time, to create and then reach into another dimension of our entire cosmos. A dimension of our cosmos that reflects all of our information but would very likely have differences caused only by the choices of those existing alongside of us that were choice that affected both the very physicality of the environment around us but also the history that we all understand as accurate.

After the image dating occurrence, I considered a very odd revelation of my observations of the trees in two locations I had visited in my recent past. In the first location which was very near my home in a small forested area where I had frequently walked my dogs and spent significant time meditating I had noticed in the fall of 2013 that a tree had seemingly disappeared from the well-trodden footpath in the forest. I later called it “the Tree of Dilemma.” I had an associative and clear visible memory of it because when leaving the “Three Acre Wood,” I would leash my dogs to return to my home and soon after would set-off to walk along the trail only to find my dog wanted to walk on the other side of the tree, to my choice. This happened nearly every time and so I was able to remember the tree’s size and nearly its exact location. Approximately six months after that fall I was camping illegally on a private property four miles from my home and had photographed my backpack leaning against a radically leaning tree that I had chosen to set-it-down at. I returned to the same campist approximately three week later and happened to take another photograph of the same tree, upon having casually noticing that it seemed to be leaning far less to my recent experience. After the odd image dating, I examined the photographs of that tree of the time separated and realized that the changing of the tree’s leaning may be related to Time Travel Wish. I then realized that the Tree of Dilemma may also be involved as a related paradoxical element in the experiment. It was April of 2014 when the snow had melted in the Three Acre Wood and I was able to visit the forest and look for the tree. I recalled before visiting the forest that I had mentioned the disappearing tree from the footpath to my parents over dinner conversation. However, the paradoxical was only just beginning for me to my nearly constant amazement throughout the year of 2015.

What proceeded in the months following my self acknowledgement that I had been successful has made my life joyful and complicated and has caused me frustration in receiving public acknowledgement for what may one day be considered the most significant discovery, not only of our time and our entire history, but of our entire cosmos as we have known it to be and as it will ever be for anyone for all time proceeding us. I have to maintain that the following statement may be what has happened to all of us because I made myself a target to validate for others that they were successful and in doing so I allowed myself to be successful as well:


A new cosmos was created in the days to weeks after November of the year 2013. With the creation of a new cosmos, a different history of our existence was made. I was chosen to validate. I was used because Time Travel Wish made a perfect target in our time of our current technological and scientific progress on Earth.

6/4/2016: Wow! The statement above may be way-off. It is now more reasonable that:

A time travel experimenter does not yet know (in 2015) he has become an unwitting test pilot and he is already there.


January 4, 2016, continued:

The alternative: 

A new cosmos was presented to the target in the days to weeks after November of the year 2013. With the creation of a new cosmos, a different history of our existence was made visible to him. I was chosen to validate. I was used because Time Travel Wish made a perfect target in our time of our current technological and scientific progress on Earth. In timeline A: I was still alive long enough for the team to capture and embed within my physiology specific target memories from timeline A, that would connect me to places where I had documented on the internet that I would definitely be in space and time, to see the difference and document the success for the team.


Being a poor person who is always seeking an economic windfall I chose to make a messaging service as a starting personal weblog on Google’s Blogspot free html platform. My initial plan was to both collect singular messages from individuals and also pair two people as sender and receiver, one being older and one being very young to stretch-out into our future so that the younger sender may be able to reach the currently living older receiver. By the end of December, after only having made a few basic pages on the website, I gave-up on the idea and chose to leave it alone for several weeks. At the end of January of 2015 I returned to place more effort into the idea. I had been inspired by the film biography of the life of Stephen Hawking. What occurred to me as may be happening to me was too incredible to grasp, at first. However, I have had many months throughout this last year to consider many possibilities and through much confusion and what seemed like a never ending series of occurrences and evidence to indicate I may have been successful in making a safe landing target for our future, I have reached a point in discovery where I am ready (as any amateur can be) to announce and seek exposure to those will and so can see.

It is now approaching 1 year since having the idea, and in those early weeks I really had no genuine expectation of physical evidence to occur. Having no peers of science and having no fear of entertaining what may be possible I have been experiencing both joy and great hopefulness, both for my own life and for the possibility of what a discovery like this (may be) could do for all of humanity at this perilous time; The hope that we all could gain from this is immense if it can become entertained as a possibility. The advancement of the sciences and particularly the advancement of science education could be very significant if this possible discovery can be considered merit able. As a citizen who is appreciative of the community of the United States I hold hope that advancement of freedom in democracies such as our can also be elevated if the world can entertain that what may have happened is worthy of acceptance as a possibility; Because it likely could not have happened if I was not cared for by the social structure of this nation.

I have sought in all earnest to invalidate all that appeared to me. In the first months of this year of 2015, I embraced strongly that I was experiencing many coincidences. I can say that too many have occurred and all of them can draw direct relationships to the half hear-ted experiment by (this amateur), which I called and still do call Time Travel Wish. What can now be investigated by others is documented with much photography and several videos. Because I have no academic or scientific credentials to interest the very competitive scientific community, I have had to open my personal life for all the internet to view. I have only barely promoted my findings. Those few who may have seen my material are not interested as they very quickly dismiss my claims. I can not blame them because it is literally incredible to most that I may have been successful in being the second half of an experiment elsewhere in another time of Earth.

From the Forward of my documentation as one written work: The Beginning of Time Travel Wish and Paradox One:

“Carefully, knowing what others may think of me I have never been definitive in my claims. I have said “may be,” or “could have,” or “may be possible,” repetitively throughout the project and I continue this language today. Unfortunately for me, for those who know me these many qualifiers in my speech are not heard, and I am quickly judged to be delusional. This condition of selective sight and selective hearing when others have an emotional long term relationship with me has caused friction and silence in communication with me. Family ties have been disrupted. Communication is opaque and almost absent as those closest to me will not hear me and then not realize - I check myself and check my bias and report my knowledge of my bias throughout my writing and my social networking posts and my many audio note clips while presenting my experience. They are those who won’t look.

As an unpublished amateur writer, what may have occurred may one day be proven to be true. I hold-out for this possibility. As someone who wants to write an amazing story one day, Time Travel Wish may become a story that I will not call fictional and will not allow it to be. It will be an accounting of an experience. It may one day be taken seriously as a possibility of a true occurrence. As the story's author and principle center character I may not ever see enough to invalidate my experience, nor be able to deny its authenticity - to validate to the standard of proof that my society has adopted. A mystery story of a true accounting of one man’s experience is what this may remain for a long time after I relinquished my life to age or disease or the reactions of others.

Of this I am certain today; A scientist in our modern society could not have done this because he or she would not have begun. A single person alone had to have done this. One person who makes himself a target for many others he predicted based in newly derived reason would one day exist. Of this I am challenged; This same person faces the world that does not understand that one person who is not a scientist had to have done this and because they do not understand they will not look.

If not greatly disturbing an entire society is a paramount consideration for anyone or any team of scientists who attempt to manipulate a timeline, then right now would (and will be documented by our lasting information) be a safe time to attempt to create and then manipulate a timeline. We are headed that way right now. Our recent discoveries indicate that is true. Predicting that now is a time such as this, was in my forethought when deciding to attempt to make a target for the envisioned team. That I may have accomplished a safe landing target for that team is a possibility I can entertain.

The possible must now be entertained or we all may fail. That failure is a likely consideration for them and us.

If we can all embrace this possibility, there can be fantastic hope for Earth at this time and we can exceed the expectation of another future timeline that could not physically affect their own time. If that team has (or will) experienced great disappointment with their own history, then manipulation of a new timeline that can see evidence of the future, can result in their learning of our newly created discoveries. We all now and the team and all humanity in that other timeline can benefit immensely and so can we. In this hypothesis, both timelines can benefit tremendously. We can if we can embrace the evidence they have (or will) allow us to see.

‘‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’’ - Arthur C. Clarke (genius)

I will not defend any possibly related occurrences or possibly related objects or images or trees that are displaced from recent photographs past, passed the time when any point of argument of my own can no longer be maintained. Nor will I dismiss these as unlikely to be related to the experiment. I welcome invalidation by anyone. I have invited people near me to do this - but I defend these occurrences because that is the job and so my defense to seek out reasonable invalidation continues. I have been resolved since beginning the experiment to entertain all occurrence or objects found that seemed inexplicable to me. On the main website the use of the letters “PR,” are placed to indicate that an occurrence may be related to the paradox. This continues today.

“Any strange or odd occurrences must be recalled with as much detail as possible.”

Piecing together anything in my recent past that was inexpiable became important to me after having realized I had images of 3 weeks time separated of a tree that had been extremely leaning over a creek, that clearly was not 3 weeks later. When in May, 2015 I returned to the Chester campsite, I became more acutely aware that the inexplicable in my past must be entertained and documented. Because technology in our future, if its presence is apparent will very likely seem magical to a people displaced from that future time. A person from 1900 visiting us today would only be able to describe the paradoxical when he returned.”

“Spacetime is not a human perception. It is a natural force here on Earth and it varies greatly across the huge expanse of the cosmos. It will be a barrier that prevents us from both communication and travel across space. Like all barriers of nature that prevent us from moving forward it will be surpassed by humanity. I find it reasonable that at this time in our technological and scientific growth we may soon have evidence of such a breach of this force of nature.”

Enjoy the video-graphic evidence of the paradoxical made visible to me at the Youtube playlist for Time Travel Wish:

The rock-wall facing north, at The 3 Acre Wood near my home.

It is likely that this photograph (above) and several others shot in 2009 by my mother of the forested area I have chosen to refer to as The 3 Acre Wood was preserved by "the Team," to be discovered by myself to present to them and to attempt to validate to the world our prior physical history as the trees near the rock-wall in this small forested area near my home are almost completely different in their physicality to what exists there now just 4-5 years after these images were taken. Preservation of images would mean that classical reach of physical material that exists only as electrons in pattern of jpeg images existing in my close proximity was achieved by the Team as the only manner they could witness their success in creation of a our information onto another dimensional plane of existence. I know; It is amazing to fathom but it is consistent with what we now know may be possible one day.

"It strongly appears that we have been given another chance at our history to be. Because Time Travel Wish as it began became an excellent target to validate what they did. I was used and I am proud to have been chosen." 

It is the protection of those who are existing in the time being reached for, that is the primary consideration in embracing the rules. In the case of a different timeline that coexists in a time apart, more than likely to be in the a time apart in the past, protection of the future of those in the past timeline is the consideration.

I consider the possibility of what these rules will and perhaps do look like:

1: No technological evidence can exist in the time that is reached which would compromise the timeline to exist after the time is reached.

2: No breach of spacetime should cost a significant loss of life. The value of the measure in loss of lives is relative to the progress of the breach in achieving the desired purpose of the breach.

3: If there is an indication that the purpose of the breach can not be achieved there must be a manner of aborting further breaching and or of eliminating any significant evidence of the breach having occurred.

4: The purpose of the breach must be agreed upon by a body of ethical standard. The value of the standard is relative as measured to the progress of the purpose of the breach. The body must be representative of the entire population of both timelines.

5: A method of observation of occurrences must be established and tested prior to any significant breach into the time or new timeline that is breached into or is created from the breach in order that all rules can be adhered to.

Rule number one

In rule number one it is understood that a significant violation will cause vastly different information to be created as a result of knowledge and or of the use of the technology. In a speculative scenario in which knowledge of future technology is evident to persons or populations in a past time: a scientist reveals a mathematical formula that allows a vastly different timeline to proceed in which spacetime is then violated again perhaps far sooner in that time that had been the relative target of the breach. In this circumstance, the Cardinal rules may be violated in a far more significant manner when that error of the first violation is manifest by that scientist’s mistake.

Rule number one is why it is likely the evidence of the breach will be a paradox; A large relationship (or several) belonging to the breach which can not be fully explained. The first breach may be titled Paradox One. In this documentation of experience, it may be known as Time Travel Wish.

11/14/2015 4:43 pm -5:

Hypothetically: I have done my job. The team has monitored their success. They see the internet. Their methodology that allowed them to first reach us, evolved to the point when they could manipulate our information. They preserved what they had to. I caught on. I anticipated all that I could entertain in all my wildest fantasies of communication through time itself.

It may be an inter-dimensional communication and manipulation. We may soon find one of those dimensions. It it looking like we will soon. The Team was correct in choosing this time now. In Gene Roddenberry’s fiction, the Prime Directive allowed for them to reach us. We have indicated that if we discover what they have done, that having that knowledge would not vastly divert us toward a dangerous and immature outcome from that knowledge. We will get there with or without them.

But with knowledge of them, we can assure we get there. I have distributed their success. It does not matter how many on Earth get-it. It does not matter that we accept the breach into our timeline. The team is successful. They pop champagne corks now. They cheer us on. They may be cheering for me and I will never be allowed to find out. That’s okay. My job is done.

James Gray Mason, November 14, 2015. Timeline B.



Image above: "Skypilot." November 2015. Today I was ready to shoot a slow motion video of this. I have been testing for this relationship for more than 2 months. "Skypilot" showed-up around mid-July. My student pilot days had taught me many things about visual flight rules. I knew about the federal blue wing tips. I was not sure for many weeks. So, day after day I would post on my the Google Plus social network that I was going to be outside in my yard, enjoying the sunshine, at a very specific time. Usually within 10 minutes; There he/she was. Buzzing the property. Flying northerly and southerly along the Connecticut River and locations 1 and 2, between Chester and Deep River, Connecticut. On the this day, of this video, he came out out the south-west on a vector that crossed straight over me and the 3 Acre Wood. "Perfect." He has provided me hope. The presence of the "Skypilot," has caused to me to decide to keep investigating, when at many times during this past year, I wanted to give-up. It was important to me, I decided in the Spring of this year, that my government know what may be occurring to me. The pilot is an indication to me I have been successful in letting them know.

What do you do if it happened to you? If you conducted an experiment and had no real expectation that anything of merit would occur, but then as the weeks proceeded you realized that you may have done the amazing? But you were not a scientist from academia with letters after your name. You could not get their attention because of this. You were a writer without even a college degree. You had the internet and a computer. You had only a few tools to use. You had to first contact those with the ability to watch you. You had to contact the government of the most powerful nation on Earth. How? Those details may be forthcoming. You had to exhibit that you were truthful. Give them access to your computer and your innermost personal life. You had to show them everything. You let them watch you discover. So that they could get a hold of the amazing. 

Thanks friend.

2/23/2015  An ass remarked to me the other day that I "Wave to planes." He was drunk and he is a person who has not asked a single question. He must have seen this video and paid no attention to the annotations on screen. If he had not been drunk I would have replied to him "No asshole. I waved to one single special plane after several validating tests that left no question that the pilot was the right pilot. You idiot."

11/27/2015 3:00 pm -5:

I know the website is a disorganized mess. I really don't give a shit anymore. You people are far too self absorbed and too competitive and those conditions don't allow you to see. You don't even consider looking. We are currently in crisis mode on this planet. It is a pivotal time on Earth. This is the time to expect intervention. It took me months to realize that the timing of this now, in our current history and in the terrible path we are headed down, is damn near perfect.

A sentence I have repeated over and over again this year is: "You (Earthlings) don't deserve this." We don't deserve to know that we may have been given a second chance. A chance to make a better future than one we left behind. So take it as it is. I have better things to do now. I was never interested in diving deep into your mathematics. I only needed to know several concepts in your physics to make this attempt. A serious attempt that was also a scheme to make money in pairing and saving communications from us. I never thought for even one minute that it may become something, possibly huge for us. If you people can't get it, than that is good measure of your deserving. 

- James out! 

All Rights Reserved: James Gray Mason, 2014, 2015.

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