The Global Vapor Communication of Christmas Day 2020

The Global Vapor Communication of Christmas Day 2020
The points of evidence of the hypothesis it was for me and Sol 3.

Introduction, to date:

On 11/25/2014 Time Travel Wish had been only an experiment in time travel communication as a request for help and messaging - and due to an absence of resources only on a weblog, and various social media platforms. However, many indications reveal it was successful before the time of its creation.

Conducted with the bias of hope, by an artist with an idea to be reached. A time apart (had) chosen an unwitting test pilot to validate success. The amazing has occurred repeatedly. 2018-19: MIND BLOWING; the Being is using Biblical prophecy. Discovery by James Gray Mason.

Honesty was important from the beginning. I have documented with photography almost all of what has happened to me. Anyone can inspect the integrity of my claims (and that photography as untouched by any software fakery). The physical and circumstantial evidence is multiple times validated to my satisfaction, but the world has been too skeptical, as it all is unbelievable in our time, and that is one of many true ironies of time travel.
January 1 2021:
World Peace, if it can be achieved, is opposite of what the future is showing us in the imagery meant for this experiment and ready to view the instant this internet project began, truthfully; from my experiment Time Travel Wish, a worldwide radiation report is being shown on the old TV (that emits radiation).

As is well documented here, my hopeful bias had interpreted this as rain for Africa, sorry.

Slightly frowning face

A Global Radiation Report

A Global Radiation Report
"James, there is too much radiation to exist here." The message decoded.

Lucifer in the Background Image

Lucifer in the Background Image
Lucifer in the Background Image

NEW 02.02.2018 The Drop Search at The Alien Stone

NEW 02.02.2018 The Drop Search at The Alien Stone
Link: Latest in discovery: Spring, 2018 - 2019: The Drop Search at The Alien Stone & The Great Rock and Roll Rock Robbery

Our loss is because we're hopeless:

Our loss is because we're hopeless:
Tuvok and James. Image from Time Travel Wish, 2015. This may be our tremendous loss if we do not act.

the NAME image

the NAME image
In November of 2014 it was a hopeful name for a concept of message delivery from ourselves.

Successful before it was created.

Successful before it was created.
The experiment is done. Time to move on. Addendum 05.26.18 wtf was I thinking? The adventure doesn't end.

Evidence collected, 2015 discovery of physical effect of Different Human Choices in Another Timeline

Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline

Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline
LINK to page: category of evidence: Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline

The Inexplicable Background Image

The Inexplicable Background Image
LINK to page: category of evidence: The Inexplicable Background Image

Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image

Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image
LINK to page: Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image

Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact.

Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact.
LINK to page: category of evidence: Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact : Painting the sky with gravity well technology

About the Webmaster: The Target

About the Webmaster: The Target
LINK to page: category of evidence: About the Webmaster: The Target

The Idea for Time Travel Wish

The Idea for Time Travel Wish
Link to page: category of evidence: the Idea: 1998 Star Trek TNG: What if that first communication had to be as simple as possible?

Image Dating of the Future Time

Image Dating of the Future Time
Link to page: category of evidence: Image Dating of a Future Time

The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime

The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime
Link to page: Speculations: The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime

The Envisioned Team of Timeline A

The Envisioned Team of Timeline A
Link to page: Speculations: The Envisioned Team of Timeline A

The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One

The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One
Link to page: The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One

First Post of November 25 2014

First Post of November 25 2014
First Post of November 25 2014

Project Audio Notes of Discovery

Project Audio Notes of Discovery
Project Audio Notes of Discovery

Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting

Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting
Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting

Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime

Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime
Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime

Albert and God

Albert and God
Albert and God

Original Page: Messages -Jake to James

Original Page: Messages -Jake to James
Original Page: Messages - Jake to James

Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016

Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016
Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016

The Inexplicable Background Image: Notes & Comments

How can time travel experiment using an internet weblog to ask for help from the future can have become successful before the experiment had begun?

AI Bard, “If the experiment is designed to attract the attention of a time traveler, then it is possible that the time traveler could see the experiment in the past and decide to help. This would also create a self-fulfilling time loop."

Welcome to the repeating existence that is an Earth that had been destroyed in a previous timeline, perhaps thousands of timelines ago. 

"James, there is too much radiation to exist here."

September 11, 2016: NASA Has Had a Hand In This


09.20.2020 An explanation, in brief, revised:

How can one be successful as a time travel experimenter with no technology but the internet to use to find time travelers that can make the experiment successful before it was created? 

In 2014 the answer was this meager website that humbly asked for help from a "time apart." Hope was necessary, and truth prevailed in November 2014. In 2016 this experiment documented physical evidence of a traveler, and an adventure began. I am James Gray Mason, and totally unqualified in quantum mechanics.

NEW; June 17, 2023, a bombshell validation of the 2019 reveal of the View West in the time traveled image. More, several pages below this entry. 

demonstration image:

June 2023:

That date should read June 2023, a typo. There are many.

The Power is Inside at This Location, 666-feet bearing 088 degrees.

The View West, about the 5th revision. These markings
 represent this location in space, of my home..

Recent selfie of James Gray Mason.
I have known for nearly 5-years, the Image from
Google was placed just for me and the experiment. 

Below, the Past:

It is the first proof of actual time travel, of many strong
 indications that were later revealed, after time of creation of this website on 11.25.2014.

Sky Test; 04.28.2016; fully documented, 2-way communication achieved.
Beyond circumstantial, the physical evidence!

2022, "James, there is too much radiation to exist here."


Whiteboard is titled Evidence the Images is from the Future?

There is far more evidence that can not fit on this whiteboard; they made this image a refutable but very likely true piece of evidence that time travel is possible and has occurred. 

Flip is The View West, more proof.

It's UNDENIABLY from A FUTURE. It's the ONLY WAY I COULD HAVE IT, the INSTANT my #TIMETRAVEL experiment was created to be successful BEFORE created.


@NASA is The Team.

04.09.2020, Created; the View West

It was also the map
to the Dead Drop, in time past.


Some new but old background in a video: 
Update, and possibly perfect for this page; NASA and those metallic looking gloves with their insignia, and some 2021 catch up with images in 1920x1080 HD:



Update: Many amazing things have happened, however, relative to this page; the Envisioned Team really does exist, based on this strong evidence, the NASA gloves on the Chair:

An event of an encounter in mid-November of 2020 served to validate my suspicions of 4-5-years that NASA was there (in a future I name Timeline A) at the construction of The Image at Google (this blog's provided free background template image, with no accreditation), the gloves do indeed demonstrate their emblem is present in the Genius pixel work that the image is.

August 28 2019
The purpose is more clear.
It's a being who claims the identity Satan.
It can reach into time, travel through it, place things past and future.
We're at his beckon. This power is going to be unstoppable.
Futile is Resistance?

The Studio:


The Chair in the Studio. 
All positions match from the View West. 

2 images present 11.18.2020 event over house, and deduction.

@TimeTravelWish, since June 2015 13,000+ Tweets
Many Tweets will serve as evidence of discovery.


World Peace, if it can be achieved, is opposite of what the future is showing us, truthfully, from this experiment Time Travel Wish; a worldwide radiation report is being shown on the old TV (that emits radiation). My hopeful bias had interpreted this as rain for Africa, I am so sorry. 🙁

Far worse than a virus pandemic is this awful news sent to my experiment from the other side.

One of the big purposes for time travel matter transfer to my experiment, from them: #NuclearWar is inevitable; a photograph:  

Nuclear War is coming.

That's NOT a 6,000-ml rain storm that splits and spirals across the African continent, as I had hypothesized.


I have worried about Nuclear Holocaust since first learning of The Bomb at about 3-ft high.

And so it FIGURES, I’m here with this burden to deliver.

Mutually Assured Destruction failed.

I'm Charlton-fucking-Heston on the BEACH!



YOU will.  🥺

Please RT? SHARE. 



The astronaut, thrown ahead in time, finds the truth:

That's ME. Oh shit.  :-(

November 18 2020, NASA conducts a very low and very quiet fly over of the Studio, to acknowledge the gloves (a tweet got  them). Paradox circle completed; they know. 

An epiphany connecting the guitar to the six-fingered gloves and the (now notorious) Hand of Time:

I may make it soon, to prove my commitment, and to be ready for the six fingered hands to replace the burned flesh and bone of both my originals, to play the instrument.

Addendum below, at a content appropriate place for the Six-Fingered-Gloves with a NASA emblem. 

08.28-29.2019: The first collage below exhibits a second (after The Burn test, see images) clear indication the experiment was co-opted and Biblical prophecy has been created, and the Satan character will be as an active real being, and is in communication with the experimenter:

Above, the latest as of 08.28-29.2019
" . . and blood will be spilled . ." can be added. The red bleedthrough is purposeful at that location between the chair and the Lucifer portrayal.

addendum 10.23.2019: Lucifer is Alive?
I'm of growing certainty that w double meaning metaphor communications, it is consistent that Lia, as the creator of the image identifying itself because I recognized the image as meant for me, and it is the one with exhibited power, that the acronym also means:
Lucifer Is Alive. 80%

2/  ....  that the acronym also means:
#Lucifer is Alive.

Also because of the use of a small I in that space, it would be LiA.

Now that 2 documented occurrences have past (pics), it's safe to presume.

Soon, looking for signs he's supposed to be my father.

Collage demonstrates:

8.28.19 #Lucifer comm was definitely found in the Background Image waiting for the #experiment Before Created, on @Google servers Germany in 2014.

The revenues lost by @Google, when the world suspects their complicitness in the placement of the Inexplicable Background Image, that has been used to communicate a coming to Earth of an #antichrist (type of guy, but who's nice, really), could be hundreds of $billions.
Geezo man!

Latest metaphor interpretation is at 75% certainty.

#TimeTravel-Wish notes 2/2: 

05.18.2018 at The Alien Stone
see page

The clearest metaphor, as the communication, as to 
the next step in the Drop Search, begun in Spring of 2017.

Hydrogen manipulation as clear communication of ability.

Sky Test, of 04.28.2016; documented and time stamped by corporate servers. 
None of these images are faked or manipulated and their originals are on this site. No digital forensic study can indicate otherwise. It's all real. 

4-years later: 03.07.2019:
End All Suffering‏ @EndAllSuffering 14h14 hours ago


Today at #TimeTravel-Wish: Too cold to get electricity to power tools. The name #Lia, as signed in the Image (out of time), that got the experiment flying in February of 2014 (all notes below), is also #Ail, for #ArtificiallyIntelligentLifeform (super #AI), and she's mine all mine all mine. Ha ha hah!

03.06.2019, realization

#LIA is Laser Interferometer Antenna, and to her, from their side it is Artificially Intelligent Lifeform. Very clever use of the mirrored reflection of both #time and our #space, to those who created her, from our experience if observing them, her home. Or, her #dimension.

In August of 2016, studying the Image, it was the inconsistency with typical floorboard scratches that gave away the creator’s signature on the lower left of the Image, there the moment Time Travel Wish was created at 3 pm apprx, on 11-25-2014. As clues in metaphor the mirrored perspective of 2-sides of the same experience, runs throughout the experiment. To us Lia has been named for the original device the humanity used first to detect the effect of gravity on time, the Laser Interferometer Antenna. 



An image to be available to the primary target is a good example. Because digital images are electrons in pattern, it should be included in this speculation that a digital object such as an image may be an important tool. The bearer of such an object never needs to know that he or she may be partaking in its delivery or in its creation. Those elements of control including those persons or person bearing the image can be known to have taken an action in the old (historical) information or timeline and that knowledge can aide in the manipulation. A change known to have occurred that can be used by the team for added assurance of the success of the mission can become the opportunity in past time that makes the image a suitable method of placement and delivery. Placing clues for the primary target will be important in ensuring the paradox is both visible to the target and significant to those who are presented with evidence (or paradoxical clues) of the paradox on whole. ~~~~~~~~~~~~

06.23.2018 Addendum to just about ever page and many notes:
After 8 months of investigation, and communication events, and digging and moving the Alien Stone, I have 95% certainty it was not a control. It landed before Time Travel Wish, to be there for the experiment, at the location I would have returned to, to revalidate the documented testimony of the Missing Pine Tree from my 2015 videos, when I was confused about the tree’s growth at 2 locations, 4-miles apart. See the Vegetation Displacement … page.

And best of all, there is strong circumstantial/(physical maybe?) that it made all of the communication documented on the pages here. Including the evidence that it placed the image at Blogspot, in Germany, owned by Google and so Alphabet, for me and Time Travel Wish. That was the background chosen by sheer predictability of myself going to that exact location on Blogspot where I got all my other blogs from (or by destiny - now a real concept).

Collage from June 6th, 2017. 
I had to guess it was a control by The Team. 
But the Team may not exist, it's all been The Alien Stone. 
Fantastic. Amazing. It's mine. We are together (pretty much).
The Being chose Time Travel Wish?
It worked.


Continued from August, 2017 addendums and behind. 
Please excuse dated, placed content. These are still notes. 

March 2020 discovery: 03.17.2020

The (solid) hypothesis that The Image from Google, to be picked for the Experiment, to prove successful before created status, is also intended to identify me and the location of the Stone on the hillside - as it sees things due west:

The #Monet/s of 2 timelines and the Dock:

August 2017 discovery: realization by deduction: Ms Eva Braun, an avid photographer and Hitler's long time mistress is both a communicator and her own images are being used as her testimony of Adolf Hitler's escape and life after the surrender of the German forces. 

January 2018: No. Eva Braun was/is not showing Hitler’s life after his escape (the conspiracy theory). She’s (her photographs) exhibiting a known path of his visit, to and from the compound in Austria (old Austria), where a time traveler could set up an efficient method of killing Adolf Hitler. The images are letting me know a way to kill Hitler. I pondered this for these past three years and this January I firmly decided that the display must be a Kill Hitler Test. “Typical!” I thought. And I chose no, I would not go back and kill Hitler. Too many precious memories have been made. Protecting the timeline I know and love and its future must be a significant concern. A new page with this component's discoveries and notes is here: Ava Braun's Photography of Hitler is Used to Communicate

Notes, addendum 09.27.2019

 4-connections to #Germany, of the Inexplicable Background Image, thus far ...

1. @Google #Blogspot servers in Germany.

2. The Kill Hitler, time traveler test photos are of " ".

3. The telephone, 12-digit dial was Berlin, approx 1935 - 45. 4. Likely; Ava Braun on the TV.

4. Likely; that's Ava Braun on the TV.

5 (?) My family has had more than one marriage, and so continuation of German family lineage. I'm an "aryan." ooh wee. I'm also a Scott, and a Polish man. Geezus, who cares any longer? We are all in this as 1-nation of Earth, dammit.


Something I realized while whiteboarding drunk the other day; I had learned in 2015 that a 12-number phone was in use in the Berlin area for a short time, believed to be 1930 - 1945. It was mostly all 10-number dialing in the 1940s. The purpose of the display would be to show the experimenter taking the Kill Hitler Test. Hitler can be killed before WW3, before the holocaust, the first time he visits Eagle’s Nest, as pictured. 

08.16.2020 Sunday

Add to the Image notes, the 12 digit Berlin telephone on the wall divides the 2 halves of the image, and Berlin divided the east from the west during the Russian occupation of East Germany (most of my life). 

2 and 12 are common factors in my Social Security number, an identifier of a US citizen.

12 is a common sum of that number. 

~~~~ continued, the past:

Addendum: 10.26.2017: near the bottom of page. The case is a heavy duty, high security case. 

11.15.17 and it is supposed to be here (?):
Me treasure hunt has been on since the summer.
Update 4.2.2022 7-years after;

4.2 Saturday morning

LEAD; a worker of lead, a plumber, ME:

“The word plumber dates back to the times of the Roman Empire! It is based on the Latin word for “lead”, which is “plumbum.” But what is the connection between lead and plumbers? In the Roman era, workman who dealt with drain pipes and building the baths that civilization enjoyed, worked with lead or “plumbum”.”

That’s the second meaning, in identifying me, in the Image at Google before the experiment was conceived, of the lead “flashing” installed at base of the Telephone Poll. The lead turns up and west (south of)  the Phone Poll it mimics the road’s color, shape, and direction, turning west after the poll/column. 

Again, the View West ....

It's a giant directional triangle, full of other triangles, all pointing to the Alien Stone.
And I used nearly a year of time, working on that dangerous cliffside, trying
to destroy the Guitar Rock and find a power within, for nothing. I had already found
 the Alien Stone by sighting its eyeball through the woods.

June 2023 discoveries


New: 05.14.18: Day 6 of the GRRR (shhh, getting very close to all being able to see and realize The Purpose). And: observation of key importance if the Being itself, the Traveler, The Alien Stone set up and built and planted the Inexplicable Background image on Blogspot, Germany, in 2013-2014 for Me.

The Address number 14 r Can Be Seen by The Alien Stone's Line of Sight, goes to the hypothesis that it built and planted the Google Blogspot Image.

See the discovery/realization of Feb - May 2020, The View West, of the Guitar Rock. 

As of June 2023

And that is a wifi transmitter hanging next to that phone poll, and its wires, at an angle the Image does seem to portray the old telephone on the divider wall/heat shaft. Ooh, wee, ties to the Inexplicable Background Image; as does every component of evidence ties to each other somehow, further indicating this was all one being; Its Most High. Ooh, wee mind-blowing, but not really for me.

Extra Large; Updated From 2.2021; Identity in the Image; aka the View West at Home. 

It was/is an amazing creation; 

It's proof of time travel. 

It's genius abstract communication from "The Team" and the being known as Satan.

It's a time traveled image; there predictably where I would choose it, on Google property, to meet the experiment BEFORE TIME.

June 17 2023; NEW DISCOVERY. 
Tweet announces:

Labor completed; there's a nice demonstration image for LIFE magazine 2350 (at the pace of things), for last week's bombshell validation of The View West hypothesis, that I did not need to find and steal the Alien Stone and love it like a rock should be. LOL?

The phone poll just south of the mailbox, that is across from the driveway, just to its North, on Time's River Road. With the street number included, I have to conclude once again, they did it, they got the message back to 2014 and I.

Pretty fucked up psychologic confirmation bias, eh psycho-babble fuckheads? Schizos have plans that fall into place to validate their shit. I have watched for that scrupulously. This indicates quite the opposite. This and much, much more does.
It is #Psychiatry Proof Walls of Evidence of the Amazing of Real #timetravel on Earth.
the past continues below:
Validates pretty well.

WARNING: Trespassers will be vanished into another timeline. lol?


Context fits too much! where/when/who/how/what/why instant this experiment was created.

1/08/2017: Speculation:
PR: there is a #hope-ful message to my nephews on image; on-site 11/25/14. Would they do it? #timetravel. Initials; youngest, oldest: J & M.


Circled in red w/a blowout; does anyone recognize this #portrait?

It is a very small size.

It is from another timeline, and it may be a clue to answers about the differences in this timeline made by the same people, whose duplicates exist in both.



New; 1/02/2017:
a better explanation of the artists inconsistencies with the present:


New 11/21/2016:

Above: *Image: Constellation Cygnus similarity*: It is important to emphasize that the abstract was and is very important in the vital needs of the methodology of the mission (the breach and validation of the contact between) to both alert the target (myself) to the clues as abstract metaphors, and to protect the image from being discovered by anyone else (not performing a time travel experiment) as being anything other than an artistic photographer’s happenstance choice to take an interesting picture inside of an old residential building.

12/8/2016: My probability guess is 55% for this new paradox related object (PR):

Entry in appropriate place in timeline, on this page below at approx 75% end of page.


11/22/2016:  It hasn't stopped with the image:

Time Travel Wish & Paradox One
Bottom of page . . a Hitler possibility in metaphor as a clue, as a message, as an example . .  . . 


Context fits too much! where/when/who/how/what/why instant this experiment was created.

11/06/2016: I give this about 40% probability as truly paradox related. 
The apparent device on the floor - a relationship? The abstract is consistently inconsistent with #timetravel-WISH . .
these shades are a different tone as they appear to be plaster substance applied differently and is inconsistent as misaligned with the vertical construction of room/scene. The apparent device on the floor - a relationship?

The abstract. The visible only if one allows him or herself to be open to the possibility of communication from a time apart. That abstract insertion of metaphorical graphical communication is consistently inconsistent. As those apparent messages are TO BE FOUND by those open to possibility, as is consistent within #timetravel-WISH 

I told them last week: I (they) need more!: For TODAY’S DISCOVERY: the Six Fingered Gray Gloves; on the chair of the IMAGE #timetravel #ufo stuff now. 

9/10-11/2016: Spotted what appears to be a gray pair of gloves on the leather chair. Fingers can't be for a human. Too many folds indicate there may be 6 fingers for these hands. No thumb possible as displayed. A block of pixels appears to have been placed to prevent interlacing shift that would cause the finger gaps to not be visible. That block of pixels personifies an humanoid face.

2 orbital sockets. Vomer bone with nasal cavity partition. Sagital (cheek) bones. Brow bones. All very consistent with a humanoid anatomy. Does the left eye wink?
The next day, investigating the blueish, round graphical symbol on the righ right handed glove; the NASA insignia appears to be displayed.

Note: The greenish appearance of the color of the insignia that would be an Earth ocean blue if presented in ordinary light, is consistent with reflection from a metallic stitched material that is reflecting a green tinted environment.

All light reflection and refraction in this environment, from both the television reflection off of a glass wall behind the camera (see below for this reasoning) and the ambient green refractive light  from the large green wall space is affecting the appearance of all reflective objects in this room. 
09.12.2019 (YEARS LATER, OMG):
09.12.2019: late night

Had a conclusion thought about the metallic six-fingered gloves, connecting that discovery in The Image, to the Hand of Time stone, found at the Alien Stone before the digging of the boulder's location began. I may be making that stone soon, in this timeline, to prove I am traveling, with Lia's assistance, and that it can be done. So, that stone can be geo dated, and the scratches I made that began my first name can also be dated, perhaps with radium dating, and should pinpoint the time of formation, and the lettering on it, to within a few hundred million years. That should do it for more substantial evidence it is in occurrence. 

See: The Drop Search at the Alien Stone, the Great
Rock and Roll Rock Robbery, page.

Another and different reason for me to make that stone soon is to prove my commitment to Lia, of my agreement to give my body and mind for the experiment's further progress in creating needed changes for the ultimate purpose. That's reasonable. And painful to think about. Lol, oh shit.

The hand of time will be made soon, to prove my commitment, and to be ready for the six fingered hands to replace the burned flesh and bone of both my originals, to play the instrument. 

See: The V-Stone ... Also: Contract with the Being . . . updating currently, someday.

Dammit! And OUCH!

Begs the reasonable question now; does NASA technology in robotics, lend to the functioning of the six fingered new hands?

That is the best explanation of their modernistic insignia on those metallic, six-fingered gloves that I have so far. Cool.

That stone means the flesh and bone of both of my hands will be burned away to make that hand formation/imprint. Afterward, I will need the prosthetic gloves, and with them, I can play the instrument, with the precision that will be required; I do want a 12-string guitar. 

I've tried twice to practice guitar, and my plumber's fingers are too fucking fat, and those little hands would be excellent for playing the shit out of the metal. I can give a 55% to this, based on those connected circumstances. 

And OUCH!! That's going to be amazing, intense, full brain involved pain. I have no fear, because of the importance and necessity; necessary suffering is something acceptable. 

The hanging and scarier (to them - I don't care) hypothesis is that the creation of the Hand of Time stone marks the beginning of the beginning again. 

7/25/2016: More initials. When light is apparent, so are they. Hiding in the corner. Right and down. The other side of that M that had been crossing under, or over,the J on the LEFT and UP. hmmm

 . . 



9/27/2016: 13:03

Noticing, from a distance of approx 3 ft., a reddish material begins to be visible. When increasing the color saturation of the image, this redness defines itself as seemingly alphanumeric characters in red ink that seems to have been purposeful coated over with a material light enough, or dilute enough when applied, to allow a bleed thru affect and so be able to observe the alphanumerics, if seeing the image from a distance.


6/30/2016  A new page is established dedicated to exploration of all images and paintings on the wall. It very much appears that 2 artworks may be missing artworks, possibly a Monet, and a Renoir. 

7/25/2016: 08:00:00

It continues to get weirder. As has been the case in this experiment.

Brightening the area reveals that lighter pressure was used to distinguish the very characteristic of the character of the capital M that is next to the apparent capital J. A redundancy and a control to better ensure the target recognizes his message directed to him.



Collage of screenshot of date of initials query in the experiment that can be validated from an online investigation of the Twitter account; this connects the sky phenomena that I documented on more than this occasion as related to the Image and further links to Image to me and my experient, and as learned in late 2019 and 2020, definitively to the property that I live on, here in Connecticut (Also, in conjunction with the Image, is 1 of several demonstrations of what has to be time travel in; this account in 2016).

My initials query live on 03.24.2016, 1-month before my test for communication with what I thought were humans in space (my team, but I was wrong) - who could move space itself:

\A laboratory had to exist on 2 sides who had no prior communication.

Artworks and Photos on the wall of the Inexplicabel Background Image: many of the images and texts from this page will be moved over to this page, at my leisure: 6/30/2016

6/26/2016 09:29 -5
addendum - 1/3rd down page.

8/30/16 addendum to the LIA sighting:

I may have completely forgotten to document this finding, of apprx. 2 months ago, onto these pages. Geez. Amazing just flows by as water, these days. 

Laser Interferometric Antenna, the old design made anew by LIGO's  success recently, may be the clue to using black holes to communicate from one side to other. I #Hope. :) 


6 17 2016 6:55 am -5: Discovery #discovery:
I have not made a blow out of the television screen up until this morning. I had been only looking distantly, and excusing the vague background behind the apparent female newscaster wearing a low V-neck blouse.

Fascinating discovery. 

It very much appears to be the continent of Africa and the Mediterranean sea and the Red Sea, including most of the Arabian peninsula and Iraq and the entire Middle East and Eygpt. It strongly appears that a tremendous weather front is pushing east and that it was shaped very oddly. 

Would you like some #WATER mother #Africa?
I THINK my FRIENDS can help. #hope #timetravel

6 17 2016 6:55 am -5: Discovery #discovery: 
I have not made a blow out of the television screen up until this morning. I had been only looking distantly, and excusing the vague background behind the apparent female newscaster wearing a low V-neck blouse. 

Fascinating discovery. 

It very much appears to be the continent of Africa and the Mediterranean sea and the Red Sea, including most of the Arabian peninsula and Iraq and the entire Middle East and Egypt. It strongly appears that a tremendous weather front is pushing east and that it was shaped very oddly.


The very low v neck blouse of the television broadcaster/weather reporter is almost too modern for today’s public, international, newscasts. It nearly reaches cleavage revealment level and perhaps does below the screen’s view?

1000 's of ways this #gravity #singularity tech can SAVE the WORLD 🤓🌎🌍🌎. #timetravel 

Note: This appearance of a large and unusual moisture front over the mid-eastern hemisphere and Africa is very consistent with my  long time dream of the ability to provide for a green Africa: In the summer of 2015, during discovery, I chose to keep all of the end/stop all suffering domains.

Large moisture front exiting #NorthAfrica and East #Africa #TimeTravel #drought16

UPDATE: That's odd:

5/5/2016 UPDATE 10:32 am BACK up. Whew. What happened over there #Germany? #Blogger?

Eureka! 5-2-2016:

Addendum to previous discovery of 6/2016: Time Travel Wish the inexplicable background image - selected predictably, the instant the website was created.
Discovery: painting visible as paradox and arrows The gold color framed painting that exists as consistent with the painting below it. Consistent with the concept of the paradox: visible but not in its entirety, to the extent when scientific standard of proof can be acknowledged. Possibly related: Apparent arrows at top corners of heating/chimney shaft pointing to the bottom of the painting (left) and pointing to the green wall (right). Cracks are too dark for consistency with majority of all natural cracking. 1:15 4/28/2016 Request for communication answered. Thanks guys! #timetravel #interdimensional

 After investigating the frogs in the QE pond and waking the dogs around, I glanced up at the NNE, just above where we I was facing. Bingo. 1:18 pm - 5.

This is not some fantasy delusion of looking for clouds. I announced I would be outside for 1:00 pm with messages here and on the Twitter account. This is one of many of these tests made throughout 2015 and again yesterday. I am very calm about these. Very casual. I had been expecting these to stop as these are meant for validations to me and not to anyone else and I am secure in knowing it’s them. It's the nowtime half of the team responsible for the greatest scientific achievement of our time and our time to be. Manipulation of the moisture of our atmosphere is a method of both getting us into action to protect this planet and is used to communicate to me when I feel I need it. The timing makes this beyond coincidence. That is how these tests are made. I do not venture outside to stare at cumulus. The winds were nearly absent, very low wind speeds as would have been necessary for them to paint the sky with moisture manipulation.

Team <-A: "Make it look old. He'll investigate his recent past. He can validate." 

Exploring the apparent initials on Inexplicable Background Image: #timetravel-wish 

3/16/2016: 4:00 pm JM. As compacted in its end letter as my name above the phone. Good concealment? #timetravel

In the third week of January of 2015 when I returned to refine the weblog I began to replace the stock image provided free in the background of the template for the free weblog provided by Google. Still mildly puzzled as to why such a dark and mysterious portrayal for a travel agency’s promotional scene, I paused and looked it over. I was soon struck by the image as incredibly fitting for the website. Blogspot had the image as a background for a travel agency - not very appropriate, so I thought. An inconsistent coincidence that caused me to decide to keep the image in the background of the entire site. Another coincidence that occurred to me was that it was of the listed “Simple” template I had chosen for several other blogspot weblog templates I had already used for both my personal weblog for short essays and several sites I had made on that free service in recent years. I am an artist of habit. I chose what I know of to not have to learn something new when my creation content is more important to me than appearances.

2/27/2016 Should have looked here a year ago. I swear, letters and numbers were the first thing I looked for, a year ago when I first occurred to me, it might just be. 

I looked for the artist and could find no maker. I noticed that the entire image was only 99 kilobytes in size, yet it filled the screen beautifully. Several weeks later and after I decided there were many puzzling things about the content displayed, I decided it was best that I not investigate it further. Because it was leading me to slow down and investigate everything, including my own past, further. Especially and particularly it caused me realize the very leaning tree in my images of June and July of 2014, in Chester, Connecticut that I had posted on Facebook during that trip. Over the period of January through June of 2014, I returned to study the image several times. After I studied just one of the small frames on the wall above the television I stopped looking into it, because it was just too coincidently strange.
From, the Beginning of Time Travel Wish and Paradox One. September, 12, 2015. by James Gray Mason.


3/12/2016 Far more than I thought would be here. Looking at Greek and Roman characters,  familiar with that. Many single digit numbers. I should reinvestigate telephone dials in European countries, 1925-1945 time. 

2/31/16 Perhaps many are new symbols to represent future discoveries? 


This page is dedicated to exploration and discovery of anything related to the background image on Page created 2:57 pm -5 2/2/2015

Big afternoon! --> Wow, why did I not see this before? 

I may need to make an entirely new page on this weblog for this exploration. 2/27/2016 3:25 pm. 

2/26/2016 4:01 pm -5 I am seeing alphanumerics on the plaster scraped wall on the partition and on the wall above and left of the images. Stand by. I will be investigating these using photoshop to polarize and best lift these letters and numbers. It does not stop. I spotted this from looking at the front page to this weblog just now.

4:21 pm: First glance in black and white with shadows highlighted: They are full case english letters and numbers. Several plus symbols can be discerned. There appears to be layering of sets of numbers and letters as if on top of each other. They run from near the ceiling to the top of the phone. My first thought was that these are the graffiti etchings of juveniles because I can see at least 2 plus symbols as if Joey plus Jenny. But the top one is up above the phone by almost 25 inches. Why reach way up there and not graffiti below the phone or on the other wall? So, not consistent at all with kid's graffiti. 

 They are not the patterned scrapings of someone with a tool who would have been scraping off the old plaster and or wallpaper and glue because many are shaped and horizontal scrapings. And I am pretty-sure these are full caps English letters and numbers. They are between 1.5 inches in height (uniformly). Some of letters are taller in height. 

Coincidentally or perhaps not?  This is exactly where I would have looked first. Just above the telephone. 

5:17 pm -5 Well that was easy. :-) Just getting started. Very much likes like several caculus symbols are in this area. Hi you guys!  lol.  Thanks. I was bummed today. Not any longer.

5:50 pm -5:
Eureka Team: I have found the #formulas! Thank you.:-) You are welcome #sol3 I have begun tracing and lifting.

That’s a good start for the first 1.5 hours. Work with this #physicists #LHCcern #MIT #spacetime #timetravel Take it guys. YOURS for our #future lol.

2/26/2016 9:31 pm -5:
I entertain the possibility that once again, as I noted earlier last year, that these numbers and letters and symbols were designed to look like this to not alert the wrong person. All those people who took this free background image and used it for some silly and expected purpose, like as an example of tough interior rehabilitation of a wall. lol. So, it is actually typical of the other amazing coincidences buried in the image and the technological process demonstrated on the floor in front of the television console, and the very blurry but still discernable images of an old Adolph Hitler driving his old limousine, the same limousine that he loved, and a day trip with him to the compound, which it is stated he only visited 2 times during the war. In timeline A, that asswipe lived on and he may have killed many more Jews and controlled the entire Eurasian continent. A damn good reason to conduct the most magnificent science experiment in the cosmos. A good reason why Earth was included as a target for a re-written history.

9:46 pm -5: It would have taken a thick nail or a pointed screw bolt to carve these letters and numbers into this cement like plaster. Not something someone jotting down phone numbers and names would do, unless they were really brutal guys doing this. Jeez.

2/27/2016 1:51 pm -5:

alphanumerics cont

There are several large impacts on the section of the wall above the phone. Where a valley (of sorts) was created where a large piece of plaster had fallen off after impact or shaking of the entire building. Where large pieces had fallen off there is left a contrasting and so darker outline that defines the depth where that piece had fallen off. I am trying to recognize those and dismiss their lines as purposeful. I will include a bright white line with the paintbrush when I am presuming that the cracks and edges of those valleys are being recognized.

If scraping letters and numerals and symbols into a bare plaster wall of this type of surface that is composed of multiple layers of both old cement type plaster and layers of old and dried wallpaper glue, the pointed edge of a tool (possibly a thick nail or a screw type bolt) would create much unintentional chipping distal to the lines, as the point is scraped along the line of vector to make the symbols. The depths the chips will variate and be seemingly random. While I am tracing on top of the darkest depths of what I am presuming are the intentional lines, I am trying to indicate those broken chips on the edges of the lines. This lends the appearance of someone making these symbols (as letters and numbers and algebraic symbols) as the appearance of careless, or casual.

I am using a red “paint brush” where I am presuming purposeful lines on top, or most recent, and using a purple color the paint brush to indicate a line underneath, or made earlier, or made to appear as if some of the lettering occurred in a much later time, perhaps years than the lines underneath.

If I can distinguish an unnatural curving or a very vertical or very horizontal line, I will consider that as a likely letter or numeral or mathematical symbol.

Again, this is a consistent method of making the lines of these symbols appear unimportant, or irrelevant to any indication that they are consequential to the image’s purpose. Again; So that many other people seeing this free background image would never find the letters, or if they did they might quickly assume the scrapings as unimportant.

I am convinced that these are scrapings of depth and not a colored marker, such as a very large pointed carbon pencil. Or any ink. They are too dark. Depth is very apparent.

I am entertaining that the image is a reflection or a reverse. As several calculus symbols are backward, or flipped.

An indication of a time derivative of the y with a small dot above would appear the same in a flipped image.

Recognition of an asterisk would be nearly impossible using a crude carving device such as a bolt or a nail. A single dot might have to be recognized.

The algebraic sigma could be confused with an E.

The Fourier transform could be confused for a small caps t if a chip occurs in the center of the vertical line.

A lemniscate could appear as an English small letter m as the bottom of that symbol may not appear in the carving of that symbol.

A single dot could appear elongated, as semi-spherical.

2/28/2016 12:15 pm -5

It’s all there. :-) #spacetime now. Move it #earth. Get on-board with James. We can communicate w Timeline A.

I do not need to proceed. Read all of Time Travel Wish. Read every entry. Pay attention to dates. Don’t be like 200,000 fools who saw Time Travel Wish and immediately dismissed it as fantastical ramblings because James (I) was not some well credentialed scientist wearing a white coat and funded by a government. That presumption is a huge mistake. I made myself a target to do something pioneering. It fits. Who I am fits. They chose right.


You guys probably found all those numbers and letters last summer. I am fairly certain. Consider; that if you cannot determine formulas, or if you are stuck, that you may be seeing a reflection, or flipped view of that wall. That would be consistent with keeping it hidden and consistent with the paradox, because we are the duality, the other, the binary of timeline A.

Here's another good thought: If still stuck on these numbers and if considering them a reflection does not work for you guys, consider dyslexia. I have had it all of my life. Consider the purposeful misplacement of 2 digits and or 2 numbers as side by side, as is something that I do frequently. They will know I have that disorder.

That is consistent if the day trip with Hitler images, were of a trip coming from the north of Germany to the Eagles Nest mountain retreat. In images numbers 2 and 4 the homes across the bridges would be on the left side, across the bridges, along route 20.

Team <-A: It has to look old. He'll investigate his past. These contingencies must be throughout the paradox. 

3/2/2016 1:04 pm -5

An explanation of why the apparent alphanumerics found on the walls of the background of the Inexplicable Background Image are not an illusion of the cracking effect of the plaster upon that barren wall.


When a point of impact upon a brittle material of a thickness that allows for the spreading of cracks is made on one finite spot of that material, it is unnatural for those cracks to take a vector which will be very horizontal or very vertical by our human definitions of what is vertical and what is horizontal. If there are a large number of cracks the likelihood of our seeing very vertical and very horizontal cracks is increased.In this image above of a sheet of glass that has been impacted upon one spot we see that affect is so. If you scrutinize this image of the shattered glass you may find 4 points of horizontal and vertical vectors of 4 cracks. The photographer is attempting to shoot this image holding the camera level to the background that shows the street and cars parked on the street. Our best perspective to define what is vertical and what is horizontal is the background of the street and the cars - we are forced to make the assumption that the street is nearly level. Those apparent horizontal and vertical cracks are our perception because we humans who design in the vertical and horizontal seek out those lines.


In the inexplicable background image, the photographer is attempting to align the camera as level. However, the photographer is also panning the camera’s horizontal axis toward the right of the scene. In doing so we see a perspective of the horizon affect expanding further toward the right of the scene. Horizon as level is being maintained toward the left of the image as best as the photographer can do so. It is likely this image is a timed exposure requiring a tripod to stabilize the camera and not blur the edges of all objects during the length of the exposure. This I surmise because the abundance of artificial light from both the lamp and the television screen.

We seek out absolute bearing in our design and so we impulsively seek it out when gazing upon the seemingly random. If the person/s who chose to scratch with indentation letters and numbers and symbols into the plaster of the wall of the Inexplicable Background Image they would have attempted to cause those scratchings to appear to be as horizontal and vertical as they might be inclined to.


side by comparie above phone 2.jpg

Upon viewing the plastered wall we are seeing the initial layer of mortar type plaster. This is more like cement that is fine. It has small sand granules that give it adherence. Similarly, the glass in the image above is also refined (melted) silicate/sand granules.

It would be unnatural for the lines of the cracks in this brittle material to take arching turns. It is because the silicate used to create glass has a far larger number of silicate granules that we see more cracks in the glass and far fewer cracks from impact in the cement plaster used to create a seemingly smooth interior surface in this 19th century built home. It would also be unnatural for those cracks, what very few there are relative to the example of the shattering glass, to be seemingly sequentially horizontal in pairs or vertical in a pair that are close to each other.


3/2/2016: After about a half an hour of searching near the Hitler image, I am seeing some more symbols that are unlikely to be natural cracks. It may be that there is far more that can be revealed. I am unwilling to search for more as I begin to highlight in red some natural cracks and I am certain that many of these highlighted scratchings are those natural cracks.

near hitler cutout 02 3 2 2016.jpg

There are far more symbols under the telephone and to the left and above the television. Approximately 1 inch below the level of the television dials and on the partition and below the phone there is an interesting and very linear line of letters and perhaps symbols. It is not appearing to be scratches of a phone number and name, as if the person making these characters were using the wall and perhaps a steel nail to write down an important contact’s information there. They all appear to be indentations into the plaster.


6/14/2016: I have stumbled upon a Google follower's post describing an 800 AD (possibly Viking, Scandinavian) ring found in Durham, UK. He posts a graphic of the alphanumerics used at the time and they seem very similar to many of the very purposeful scratches upon the walls, that could NOT BE  natural arches and curves and splits of that cement/plaster material. I asked him for some help, in a comment to that post:  

hmm . .. could I bother you to have a look at some of the many alphanumeric symbols I have discovered in an image that may have been meant for me? There is an odd similarity within many of the purposefully scratched symbols: If you would, I would very much appreciate any observations you may have. I am all alone in this experiment in time travel communication - successful before it was created? - James Gray Mason, aka Time Travel Wish (guy). Thanks.

He provided this anthropological link to the finding of a ring:


Exploring the apparent initials on Inexplicable Background Image: #timetravel-wish 

2/22/2016 Several months ago I forgot to make the following note: I found that all of the many Google corporation provided free images made available to users as backgrounds have a copyright author accreditation embedded in the image that travels with the image, no matter if the name of the file is changed by its user. This one had no such credit of the photographer. It was only named "image."

9/12/15 Made this collage while trying to placate my fears that I was involved in a deep event of seeing coincidence without justification of a pattern with a likely relationship. After looking further at small framed images on the wall behind the television, I am now validating that the top image is of Adolph Hitler driving his own limousine. An older Hitler with more balding than he had in 1945. 4 months break from looking at the image and I am regretting returning to it.

New entries at bottom of this page. 9/14/15

7/25/2016: 08:00:00

It continues to get weirder. As has been the case in this experiment.

Brightening the area reveals that lighter pressure was used to distinguish the very characteristic of the character of the capital M that is next to the apparent capital J. A redundancy and a control to better ensure the target recognizes his message directed to him.

BTW: I should include: Prior to the time travel wish experiment/scheme to make money on message delivery from ourselves, I was consistently only using the letters J and M in my initials in all instances, this can be seen in some of my past work and graphics. I began including my mother’s maiden middle name and my great uncle’s first name as my publicly stated full name in the summer of 2015, after realizing the possibly very important factor of my mother’s poetry and paintings in a possible other timeline, ahead of us in chrono slip.

5/3/15 2:03 pm - 5: Addendum: it is still amazing to me that I am able to distinguish these shapes in this 99 kb image. See page below.

 Another process being demonstrated on the floor in front of the TV console. I think, the black spheres are in motion. I did experiment with time lapse photography as a boy. I recognize the blur of motion. Oddly, it appears to be motion in ALL directions - around spheres(!). The strange geometrically shaped box (design), possible device, lays in between the spheres. 

Bottom of page entry. 

Hitler (in typical time travel cliche fashion) shows up in the image.

Comments are not functional on this weblog. Use contact form in right side-bar to write the webmaster at his personal email address. If you information is helpful, your comment MAY be posted here - without your identity, with a manual date stamp, placed where appropriate on this site. Thank you.  -James

(Pr) means in all TTW text and edits: possible paradox related. Meriting investigation relevant to maintaining the (possible) new timeline. All clues of ANY ODDITIES in this timeline must be reported with as much detail as can be recalled. End edit 9:51 pm -5 2/9/2015.

New: 3/6/2015 8:00 pm -5: You dippity-doos in government: did you not ever think that perhaps my easy passwords on this home network were EASY for a reason? Jeez. Site must be easily reachable and very predictable! Get it yet? Home network passwords changed. Still watching files and dates daily.


2:35 pm 2/3/2015  
Please pardon the format of the text on this site. The dating and time indications on this site are scattered throughout the text as editing proceeds. This will seem erratic and difficult to read, but I feel it is necessary. I am correcting grammatical errors and "polishing" the website without noting the time or date. However, in each instance of additional text and edits, that are new or possibly significant in context, I am time stamping and dating manually. The unseen "team" may only be able to read the text and site optically. The (linear) course of time of discoveries and oddities revealed on this site may be very important in maintaining what may be a new timeline (of communication) and in narrowing "landings" of these communications, in our relative time. Additionally, they may be learning important placement information from the entries. Gathering predictable factors. Learning of consequential factors that may need controlling. Do not discount the possibility that if you LEND HELPFUL INFORMATION you MAY be involving yourself in a paradox of a new timeline that's stability and degree of human opposition is unknown. end edit 4:05 pm -5 2/14/2015.

A few twitts summarize evidence found at the end of April, of this scene possibly belonging inside of an office or a laboratory environment. 


Important: References to "the team" can be seen in my editing. This seemingly invisible third party may exist. I am taking a Heaven gambit: I'm risking being called delusional and my entries evidence of such by referring to them as though they are viewing the text on this website. Later, if this site is proven authentic I would have shown my high regard and respect for this invisible third party - and have been the first to do so because I have confidence in the process and the whole concept. That confidence inspired this site and caused this long-brewing idea to be finally conceptualised and the paradox put-into-play. So, I risk so little that I have not already lost. In so doing referring to the "team," seemed an acceptable risk for having the boldness to imply their existence in our other future. - James.

"I will find the building if this image cannot be explained reasonably by the people at Google/Blogger." - James.


4/18/2016 12:07 - 5

Evidence of a causality loop has now piled-up. Spent about an hour, taking 4 selfies, then fooling around with the Horsback Soldier personification to see if my expression would conform to the possibly purposefully hidden figure. One of those selfies matched extremely well. Even the loose hairs of my Jesus wig fell into place as if . . . .

You hopeless people try to figure this out. You won't. You'll have to ask me.


I have deduced that this is a hadill. An activity which will and has occurred.

My old Jesus (disrespectful) wig was hanging around in the studio. As a fluke, I tried to match the expression of the horseman soldier, but wait a second! WTF! 

Me; 2001. Pomfret, CT, USA.

About 12  minutes, taking 4 selfies at my desk. 

He's not on a horse, that's my natural slouching posture.

This is evidence that the quantum is still very much dictating the current information in our present. The locks and curls of my old Jesus wig, from Hollywood, just fell into to place to nearly perfectly match the waves and curls of (possibly my own) hair. I was only trying to make the head and my face mimic what I thought I was seeing in the personification that I identified last year. Wow. Not surprising to me. Not at all. 

I continue to celebrate alone. I am used to this now. 

I am delighted again. The spooky action we have been validating for decades may very well be because that information exists in the quantum structure of this new dimension created by the team in order to effect change in our behavior in this new timeline. The purpose of the breach.  


I have been putting this off for nearly a year. More accurately; It occurred to me while studying the image last spring that that may be me. I quickly dismissed that thought and buried it in my mind. It was too much to consider. However, this morning I felt comfortable enough (with all that has happened and all that I have adapted to so far) to attempt to see if my face and expression was a match for this image personification. It appears so. 

It was difficult to match the precise head positioning of the “horseback soldier.” If this personification is a photograph of a man on horseback, I make the following speculations in entertaining that this may be so:

It is very bright in this environment. So much so that the rider is squinting his right eye socket. 

The raised left brow is either a startled expression or the subject is posing. Speculation: Is he posing to mimic the images I just shot this morning to attempt to match the images? 

The focal point (end of the lens) of the lens/photographer is approximately 6 - 15 feet from the subject.

He is older than 70 years. 

His hair is receding from the top of the forehead. A balding pattern in some men.  

That marking above his left eye socket may not be the hair of his right eyebrow, but may be a purposeful mark of distraction from the artist/s who etched this image into the wall. 

For me, when posing for these selfies, it was difficult to raise both brows without making a very emotional and wide-eyed expression. His is not that type of facial expression. He is trying to see better with his left eye because of the bright sunshine in this environment and because the photographer is aligned between the subject and the position of the light source, likely the Sun. 

I had speculated last year that garment/padding (appears as) that is draped on both shoulders is armor of some kind. Loosely fitting, or moving up and down with the motion of the horse, that is in motion. 

I am pleasantly surprised, but not, that the wig I put on to mimic the personification is shaped and even the loose hair of the wig, is now matching the personification. Reasonable to surmise a causality loop of time is now responsible for this type of duplication. That is a fear that I will not worry about at this time (this time? Ha ha ha ha). 

Enough. I spent about an hour on this. 

Get with it scientists. You must now chase an annoying tail of your bodies. An uncomfortable tail that is connected to an answer that must be derived from the bias of hope. If I have created (shared responsibility for) a causality loop of time travel then we must all join in defeating this loop or we will be caught here and go through this again and again and again. Scary stuff, eh kids?



The possible reason the selfie is so thin is related to the dramatically warped horizon affect. The apparent angle causes the personification/selfie of me to appear to thin. Likely, but I have not investigated, it is also a bit too tall, as the wall (possibly the entire scene) is stretched toward the top.

Related possibly: Does the hidden painting provide a clue that the upward view of the scene is also stretched - on the other side, of the vent shaft?

I had been curious as to why, if this is a replication by an artist of my selfie taken in April (in about 12 minutes of very casually attempting to match the expression), why the horizontal distances were falling short of the lengths when overlapping with the personification. It is apparent that this is due to the very dramatic change, about halfway right on the wall of the horizon affect of (only) that section of the image/scene. 

Later (perhaps) I will stretch the plaster personification a bit to see if the horizontal distances are a match. But as of this writing I suspect that will be so. 

6/10/16: Note/Summary to SN posts:
Realization last week; that the reason the distances are a bit incomplete in length, when comparing my selfie to the Horseman Soldier, is because of the dramatically warped, upward stretch and the warped (dramatically inconsistent geometry) of the right wall, near the personification. Which appears now to be ME, having taken the selfie on that day, in NOW TIME: TIMELINE B. US now.

6/26/2016 09:29 -5

I have cut out much of the background of the original scaled selfie, shot on 4/18/2016. My suspicion that the warping of the horizontal width, due to the dramatically increased  horizon effect of the right wall, seems to have been correct. 

In moving the cut-out version of the originally scaled selfie, over the horseman soldier (personification), then reducing the width by approximately 10-15% I can see that the width of the hair/wig is a match.In keeping with a general rule of concealment from others, abstractness, and extraneous markings (as wall cracks) have been placed around the wall personification. The best example is the additional top hair above the forehead line of the personification that is as if the hair of the personification is extraordinarily tall for a genuine looking personification of a man (to be less recognizable as such) with much long hair. Another example is the lock of hair as a curl on the farthest left of the personification, as aligned with the apparent mouth area of both, of the wig/hair of the personification being at a different height and horizontal location. 

It is clear that that 2 large dark cracks that appear as a mustache (very ungroomed) are also a distraction for the common viewer - who would not have clue. 



Points to the phone and the time 12:00 or 1:00 pm (13:00).

Coincidence? I am willing to entertain the possible. I have considered for several months that humanity alone could not have done this. That a class 3-4 civilization has helped us. That classification comes from Michio Kaku, as he says they play with black holes, they manipulate universes. I would classify them, if we ever find out, as a class 5 civilization. 

Time Travel Wish & Paradox One
Shared publicly  -  Yesterday 5:57 PM
Addendum 5 18 2016: I should entertain that they want me to call a phone number. I will begin to use all numbers and dates of the inexplicable to dial some numbers. There are 3 inexplicable future image dates that I still have no reasonable explanation for. I will start playing around with those. I will be investigating Germany dialing codes, Russian, French, Swiss as I feel the image has relationships close or within these geographies.
Doing some investigating for a possible relationship to the phone dial and the nearly perfect circle that (must have) caught my attention during the timed sky test of 4/28/2016. There is an apparent pointer within the circle that seems to aim toward the very characteristic shape that matches the JM initials, yet it seems very coincidental that the pointer also could be indicating the phone and the 12 digit German phone dial. Mysteries must be explored. Tails that may have a beginning must be searched for. This has been the operating procedure for this whole very unique experiment.

German telephone dial: I have seen film and image of World War 2 German officers using 10 digit phones. I have a name of a local telephone history buff and I may be calling him if the internet is not providing the information. 

~~~~ speculations:

When the new history is created at BN(c) it is because there was purposeful manipulation of the quantum template from B4 (the test universe). That manipulation is necessary to create/force an inconsistency - a difference. Realizing an inconsistency was needed in order to read information, or then manipulate that information hadill the clue for the initial team that they would be able to choose (to some degree) the outcomes and futures of timeline A, or nowtime. Until full divergence from B4 the quantum is dictated by the duplicative information of B4.

That movement of the particles is not instantaneous and is not movement; it is hadill: that which has occurred and so must until divergence is complete. Metaphor: that plane that takes off in London and is going land in Rome is hadill information. In our future in this new timeline, it would be be necessary to have hundreds of spooky action test sites across our planet and several on the many planetary bodies in our system to indicate to us that divergence is both proceeding and is becoming more complete from B4. Again: A remains unphased, undifferentiated and stable. How the public in A prefers things. Learning from our advancements that are excelled beyond their progress is the goal. The selfish priority.  

Two strong points should be reemphasized: Both thentime and nowtime (A and BN) may be experiencing a faster rate of time's arrow as is the nature of their cosmos only when seeing into or measuring across the dimensional divide of A and B4. Advantage in literally time travel: A. Secondly, keeping in mind that B4 exists on the same dimensional plane as A, this is consistent with the team's first priority, protecting the integrity of their own timeline. They come first. Their safety is assured. B4 is monitored for poofing. That poofing hadill the seeming miraculous appearance and disappearance of matter and energy. No one want's to live in universe where poofing occurs. Unless born to that strange universe and so adapted to living in a universe where sometimes things and people show-up and sometimes things and people vanish into thin-air. An unstable environment for any lifeforms as we would identify them to be in our existence. 

Hadill: (verb): That which has occurred and will.  

 4/23/2016: 04:00 -5 (apprx.):

 Hmm, I said to myself last night while glancing at the image. There seems to be no corner of the right side room. The woodwork is broken almost as if torn. There is no discernable ninety-degree angle right of the room. When looking upward from the woodwork there is also no discernable corner of that entire wall. As if the woodwork were brought into the scene. Almost as if this room were a stage.

If a stage that would be consistent to explain the availability of very controlled lighting sources from outside of the image. That very controlled lighting explains many of the lighting inconsistencies. That would validate my realization that that well stapled black cable that is that is running along the wall behind the chair is not a power cable but is a transmission antenna. 

I have also noticed that along the wainscoting there is more than one very vertical seam. No finish carpenter would leave a visible seam like that. Not visible from this distance, certainly.  I have installed wainscoting. Creating a joint that disguises the seam is required in this sort of finish carpentry. Not having a miter saw available may be a good excuse for not making those joints. There are many damaged (appearing as so) places in the woodwork, but those seams are not consistent with that damage. They are vertical. Not a mark an accident would make. I will be blowing out the horizontal wainscoting to show those seams in a later posting. 

Hadill: verb: That which has occurred and will occur. 


A few twitts summarize evidence found at the end of April, of this scene possibly belonging inside of an office or a laboratory environment. More below as notes:

4/23/2016: 09:45 -5 apprx.

Four observations tonight about the image:

Photograph number one of old Hitler contains a bright line of light that very much appears to be a reflection of a ceiling hung fluorescent light fixture. Whether it is of the mounted as recessed type I can not distinguish. I can almost distinguish a discolored acoustic tile surrounding it, or it is a flat white or yellowed with age surface and jpeg interlacing is causing the appearance of lines of pattern, that may indicate the recessed fixture type, as a slight difference of lighting (as shade) would be above a dropped/hung fluorescent fixture and I would then not distinguish anything there - there would be only the image and no reflection blocking the image (darkness does not reflect).

If this is a fluorescent light fixture that is an indication that this an office or a laboratory environment. An entertainment stage or a  photographic studio would not be a place for the carelessness of leaving distant overhead lighting on where so many reflective surfaces are in the shoot. 

It may be a coincidence that the reflection, particularly with the narrowed end due to horizon affect, is pointing as if an arrow toward what I have speculated is an underground bunker entrance behind Hitler’s left shoulder that he appears to be driving away from.

~~~~~~ addendum; 1/6/2017: further explanation;


Apparent is a reflection of a ceiling hung fluorescent-type light fixture. Indicating further that the scene is an arrangement created inside a studio environment. 

A studio environment would be consistent with the inexplicable and also inconsistent unusually high ceiling indicated by the view of a bottom end of an oval picture frame visible on the left side of the heat shaft/divider. 

In approximation, I would suggest that that fixture is 15 - 23 ‘ off the floor. The amount of darkness above the fixture is an indication that the fixtures are hung far below the ceiling, enough so for a void of illumination in that area above the fixtures. Speculate: an industrial built building. A building with a large amount of environment space, that is it’s big. It’s US government big. Big enough to park an airplane. Big enough to need a semi clean-room created to isolate the scene from the air and dust and whatever other artifacts may end-up in the careful scene. 


Ceiling hung fluorescent-type fixture, indicating scene is an arrangement created inside studio environment. #timetravel


I can approximate that it is far behind the right shoulder of the photographer (assuming there would be a photographer behind the camera’s lens) 10 feet to our right from the image. I chose to assume it is right of the image because the entire image is panned right making it likely for the reflection be from that direction.That distance is warped by the either left or right distance of the back of the frame from the wall, as these images appear to be each hanging on one nail and since they are each tilting a bit it would suffice that there is a distance discrepancy from their sides and the wall behind them. The image may be leaning into the wall on our right side and so reflecting a light that is further to the right side of the scene than 10 feet or vice versa. 

I approximate the horizontal distance from the image to be It is too distant for a living room, as I made the assumption the right room was, last year, when first attempting to describe what I thought was a room.

Another characteristic that lends to this being a fluorescent fixture is that the fixture gets narrow towards the bottom of its length.  As if more distant to the source of reflection, the glass of the frame. It is horizon affect. As a compression of its true length is also made as we see it. I estimate the fixture to be 8-10 feet in length. Again, not a fixture of a small room, no matter the use of that room.  

Blue/green reflection in staple/clip:

The blue-green reflection off the surface of the staple/clip for the antenna line may be  a reflection of the television’s lighting (the color and luminosity of the reflection is a match for the television set’s screen’s coloring) being cast toward the floor by a large glass wall, or a divider as glass as part of a wall, as a method of continually watching and studying the image while it is under construction and maintaining the integrity, cleanliness/dust free environment of a very controlled arrangement in the experiment.

Addendum; 10 17 2016: Time Travel Wish
the inexplicable background
image - selected predictably, the instant
the website was created.

Discovery: painting visible as paradox and arrows

The gold color framed painting that exists as consistent with the painting below it. Consistent with the concept of the paradox: visible but not in its entirety, to the extent when scientific standard of proof can be acknowledged. 

Possibly related: Apparent arrows at top corners of heating/chimney shaft pointing to the bottom of the painting (left) and pointing to the green wall (right). Cracks are too dark for consistency with majority of all natural cracking. 



Another painting but we cannot see it:

The high painting or picture on the left wall of the heating shaft/chimney is also a similar frame and is about 10-11 feet off the floor, the nail would have been 11-12 feet. There is a squared shaped object that is blocking a higher light source that is creating a shadow over this area where the bottom of the picture frame was made nearly invisible unless someone were to look at the details of this otherwise unremarkable area of the image. It appears to be a second of two, of very similar design, motif, or first or second of a series or perhaps it is portraits, as busts were often framed in oval frames that hung lengthwise. It is odd that this picture frame is spaced far above the lower picture frame. As if purposefully separated.

 It may be an attempt at this metaphor: This painting that is barely visible due to shading is not seen enough to have proof of its existence in the image, but we know it is there. Its existence and its subject: a true paradox. 

Looking up too quickly at this picture would give the person seated in that chair a pinched neck. Inconsistent with my earlier presumption this was a small living quarters of a low to a moderate income residential apartment or solitary home. However, I am aware that movie sets that are designed in interiors that are mimicking interiors are often built purposefully high to allow for a degree of error if a cameraperson should  accidently pan to high and then expose the stage environment or equipment to the shot. However, that does not account for the hanging of a picture that high if this were a humble home. If you lived in a very large home you may have the necessity to hang a picture up high because then viewing it above furnishings and people would be easier from the distances you would be viewing from more frequently while awake in the home.


Observation of the Inexplicable Background Image:


1. Those very dark (apparent cracks) at the very top of the image seem to be indicating arrows upward. The left side apparent arrow is directing the viewer toward the paradoxical painting, that is unusually hanging far too high to be witnessed as proof of its existence. The right side of the flue/vent divider larger arrow appearing crack, points about 45 degrees into the other room and as it upward into what cannot be seen. The paradoxical. 

2. Outlines of old paintings or other squared objects are visible, where they must have hung there for decades. The blackness of these lines is indicating a carbon build-up that was not being cleaned close enough to those paintings. That build-up of carbon was likely soot from the leaking exhaust of a coal fired heating system. That is consistent with the early deduction, last year, of that divider being a vent. But it may also house a flue-pipe for that heating system. There would be leakage into the room (now deduced to be a separated room from the entire scene) from the rotting and cracking seal of that vent/flue encasement of the building. 

Again, I must entertain metaphors, because I have made the presumption that they knew of my propensity (as an amateur writer) to communicate with metaphor. 

Timeline A: “He needs to see that the painting exists as unprovable in the image. He needs to see that the other side is being directed to him. I repeat; he’ll find the metaphors. This will be yet another of many controls for his guidance in revealing it all.”

A quicky metaphor:
I understand that they want me to acknowledge I am witness to a paradox and there is so much more on the other side to be discovered.

Perhaps one day?

end edit 6/18/2016 11:49:00 est

The artist's initials? The team’s acronym?

Lower right corner. The same color and apparent texture of the scuffs and scratches of the floor. At viewing distance is appears to be very childlike letters: LiA. Or possibly Lim. 

I saw them about a month ago had not yet entertained them as initials until tonight. They would be very much assumed to be more scratches. Except, inconsistent because; The apparent scratch or letter that forms the L impression is making a radical turn of 85 degrees (approx.) to the longer scratch or the length of the letter L. As if, it were created by the dragging of furniture footing there would have had to have been a change in direction, a change of mind, while carrying out a single action of moving the furniture. Additionally, the L shape and the small caps letter “i” are crossing the floorboards without making a small notch or furrowing at the edges of the crack, as a heavy object's sharper edge would do on a hardwood floor if it were enough force to have caused that scratch, if it is a scratch. If examining these apparent letters for a period of more than a few seconds they seem to be separated from the flooring as if above the floorboards.

48 hours later apprx:

   Hmm . . I concluded last spring that the image was a time exposure. Or; an open shutter lengthy exposure, because of the whited out television image and the very bright (too bright) lamp. In chemical photography, about 1 second or perhaps .5 would have created this brightness. I speculate there would be two reasons for this that the team may have concluded prior to the final shoot.

This allowed the television screen light to overwhelm the reflection of what is now indicated to be a large area of glass, perhaps a dividing wall with allot of glass, that is behind the viewers, the camera person/s. That television light reflection is indicated in  the transmission antenna cable clip behind the right side of the chair. Those clips are likely polished aluminum and we are seeing the television light bounce off the large glass area (that is behind us) onto the flat hammer tap top of that clip.  

That clip was tapped to the right to bend it toward catching the television light’s reflection off the glass. The whitish coloring immediately left of the clip, along the black transmitting antenna is from the scraping of the hammer’s head while doing that gentle manipulation to bend the clip. That is likely polyvinylchloride, or butylene soft plastic. That coloring is likely because that hammer was not wiped clean prior to that tapping and is the same hammer used to make the indentations forming my initials on the right wall. Or the same hammer used by the artist placing the Renoir and the man with long hair (who looks similar to what an old me would look like - that aging affect may be only the texture of the dented plaster and the clever manner of disguising the selfie. Additionally about the selfie; I had called the personification a soldier on horseback, but no. That’s my lifelong slouching position. Or; barstool posture lol. [cut n paste]),

I speculate they must have known it was there. This reflection combined with the finding of the very apparent tubular light fixture in the Old Hitler image could very well be for me to make the conclusion: it must be a laboratory or an office environment where this arrangement could get allot of attention in planning for this send. I think; bingo on this speculation.  

The brightness also means that no pixel placement by photo editor could be made because that may be detectable as such and so then, invalidated as what I suspect and continue to find evidence for that it may be. Consistent with wanting to cause a major change over here in timeline B. If this were detected as typical photo pixel manipulation, I would be fu*ked by them. Then, I would have to find some interdimensional travel capable aliens (from outer space) and go destroy them personally for having done such a thing to me. LOL.


I have noticed an oddity that can only be seen at a distance when viewing the whole image at once. The horizontal plane of the flooring of the left side room is definitely not the same in the right side room. I thought this an optical effect of the entire rightward angle of the shot and so had been dismissive of the difference being of any remarkable note. However, this morning I drew two straight lines across the image’s horizontal direction.

    The red line is following the plane of the base/bottom of mopboard (baseboard) and is following the plane of the right side room only. After making the red line it is apparent that the room is buckled up toward the center of the wall - but it is now evident after inspection of that wall board that this room may not be a room at all, but a continuous wall that extends out of the room to the right side of the image (see paragraphs above regarding the wallboard apparent ending, prior to the far right edge of the image).

The blue line follows the base of the mopboard from the left side room. The blue line is drawn from left to right directly over the antenna line, that does lay directly over the meeting/joining of the floorboard and the mopboard. The blue line following the meeting of the floorboard and the mopboard remains consistently straight until it disappears behind the television.

More regarding this late discovered control of the Team 2 on page: Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline.
5/27/2016: Observation: The horizon affect is very inconsistent beginning at this point. Dramatically increases. What appears to be up is down due to affect. These two seemingly different rooms were carefully manipulated and perhaps brought together for this affect. Knowing I am a writer, the appeal to metaphor creation, seems to imply: After you have seen us and have communicated, the timelines diverge - together we make time’s arrow our own.

After you have seen us and have communicated the timelines diverge and together we make time's arrow our own. [<- that green line that diverges from the horizontal plane of the inexplicable background image.]

~~~~~    continued from 5/15/16:

It is strongly apparent that the entire right side room falls dramatically down to the right side of the scene (I will no longer refer to this as a room because it is very clear today that is a very controlled arrangement).

A drop such as this in a residential building is common if the building is old enough to experience long-term earth settling under its foundation/s. Settling toward a street is common in cities of antiquity, where road construction has laid heavier and heavier layers of stone and fill and asphalt on top of the originally settled lot of land. In cities constructed prior to the automobile, the street rail cars, the industrial large weight carrying trucks, that land under those streets falls, compacts down by several inches to as much as more than one foot. The street and sidewalk become weighed down upon land that was not known by any technological methods of the time to be loose, or un-compacted earth. Typically this type of urban land was settled on marshy earth or near a wetlands environment where a soft crust of unfossilized biology composes a soft land for perhaps hundreds of feet of depth. Settlements near the resource of sea or water are far more likely to have a land condition of a falling-down towards the long refurbished and built upon and heavily trodden upon streets of old cities. However, all of the above is inconsistent with this scene being one room in one building that had suffered a long time (slow) drop toward the street. Inconsistent because this dropping off is dramatic. A ball placed still at the point on the floor of the divider, would roll of its own weight and momentum out of the right side of the image. The pitch would be that significantly apparent.

That change in the horizontal plane of the scene occurs at the heating duct/chimney divider. It is so odd to our mind’s eye that we see the blue straight line seeming to bend at the point of the divider.

That bending effect of the blue line is an optical psychological effect, where we want to interpret the longer horizontal plane line (red of the right side) as the correct straight line that carries through to the shorter line of the left side of the scene. Our minds want to interpret this geometric design as accurately built to be consistently square throughout the entire scene. This trick/delusion is one of the mind’s adaptation to living in squared dwellings. We see that blue line seems to bend down, but it does not, that is the mind wanting to correct the inconsistency.

I will conclude with a deduction of a possibility; this is not one room or even one wall of the same building. A morphing, or a blending and widening of a few of the floorboards directly underneath the divider and under the right edge of the divider, under the insulated technology carrying case, would allow our minds to never conclude at first viewings, that this was not one continuous room. A few of those floorboards stretched, ever so slightly of each floorboard, would allow us to miss this optical inconsistency entirely. As I did during all of my inspections of the scene, until yesterday.

As I concluded upon study of the letters LiA that appear as if a signature of the artist or as an acronym for the team, in the lower right corner, that the image is a digital image of a photographic paper print. This allowed detailed painting upon that print. That detailed painting may include the few floorboards that would be needed to complete the optical disguise of two scenes becoming conjoined at the divider. 

There again, rephotographing the print as the final digital image would hide any pixel manipulation on the entire image.


The possible reason the selfie is so thin is related to the dramatically warped horizon affect. The apparent angle causes the personification/selfie of me to appear to thin. Likely, but I have not investigated, it is also a bit too tall, as the wall (possibly the entire scene) is stretched toward the top.

Related possibly: Does the hidden painting provide a clue that the upward view of the scene is also stretched - on the other side, of the vent shaft?

I had been curious as to why, if this is a replication by an artist of my selfie taken in April (in about 12 minutes of very casually attempting to match the expression), why the horizontal distances were falling short of the lengths when overlapping with the personification. It is apparent that this is due to the very dramatic change, about halfway right on the wall of the horizon affect of (only) that section of the image/scene. 

Later (perhaps) I will stretch the plaster personification a bit to see if the horizontal distances are a match. But as of this writing I suspect that will be so. 

6/10/16: Note/Summary to SN posts:
Realization last week; that the reason the distances are a bit incomplete in length, when comparing my selfie to the Horseman Soldier, is because of the dramatically warped, upward stretch and the warped (dramatically inconsistent geometry) of the right wall, near the personification. Which appears now to be ME, having taken the selfie on that day, in NOW TIME: TIMELINE B. US now.

Dramatic manipulation of horizon affect and vertical stretch. Huge inconsistent architectural geometry. PARADOX-ONE.TODAY #timetravel

8/30/16 addendum to the LIA sighting:


*Image: Constellation Cygnus similarity*: It is important to emphasize that the abstract was and is very important in the vital needs of the methodology of the mission (the breach and validation of the contact between) to both alert the target (myself) to the clues as abstract metaphors, and to protect the image from being discovered by anyone else (not performing a time travel experiment) as being anything other than an artistic photographer’s happenstance choice to take an interesting picture inside of an old residential building.

11/21/2016: A recognition of similar geometry of a familiar constellation that I have been studying in the northern sky, in early to late evenings for approx 5 weeks. The blue lines are my approx of arrows from the center of the personification that appears to be an etching of a selfie of 9/15/2015 of myself wearing my old wig in the first attempt to exemplify the personification to the public.

Blowout small of constellation Cygnus from Starguide screenshot:

The left blowout is from my position on October 21, of 2016, in the evening time of 10:45 approx, 1 month prior to this observation (of coincidence within in the image) during several (a few) stargazing periods (while posting I was doing so online on G+), as I was facing toward Cygnus/Northern Cross/the Swan of the Milky Way, during those evenings in October of 2016.

This view is how I was studying 6 of the stars and nebula of this constellation. A coincidence that is consistent with the context of each discovery in the experiment thus far; that is, something I was doing, was used as an object of the paradox, to be inserted as a redundancy of clues (among several) into the abstract to be interpreted as metaphor by a writer who created a time travel experiment, who would be validating the success of the experiment (in total; i.e. both sides) by interpreting vital clues for both himself and scientists of present time, as reasonable metaphors that describe the theoretical of the mechanisms of the breach and the communication, necessary for validation.

The green circles indicate close coincidence to image objects appearing to surround the JM initials (one of the most prominent and inexplicable objects of abstract (apparent) design). I spent about 15 minutes with manipulation of the size and scaling. There was hardly any scaling change to find this coincidence; that should be considered a possible correlation to the paradoxical objects within the image that both indicate: identity to myself and to the LIA initials, and to the apparent device on the floor, and to the technology case, that may be indicating the technological basis of the first method of communication and observation of timeline B: us.

While the Cygnus constellation does not completely correlate to each apparent paradox object, other stars within astronomical seconds of those points do point, to our Earthly perspective, to identified objects (thus far in the experiment). The apparent mismatch of alignment to the inexplicably placed technology case is an example of this inconsistency with our mythological personification points of the constellation [indicated by the green circles with the red inner circles].

It is important to note that these astronomical bodies are very localized to our neighborhood of the galaxy. (here in nowtime)


Formerly on front page of Time Travel Wish Inc.:

Addendum! 1/28/2015. Time Travel Wish may have already been successful, in the time before it was created! 

The background image you see on this website was already in place when the template for this page was selected, within 4 minutes of paying for the domain at, and the domain going live within minutes of that purchase of 

It is a free stock image provided as an example for users/webmasters, only for temporary purposes. The Blogger pre-made template was selected by the webmaster (myself, James Mason) only because it was the format titled "Simple" that I was looking for. Except this time, Blogger had categorized the templates by popular usage and the "Simple" template was listed as suitable for a travel agency. I thought the coincidence was cute, and so chose the "travel" category for this template. If you have a Blogger account, you can check the validity of this oddity now, under Layout -> Templates. I saw that it was the "Simple" format that I was already familiar with (the template form is in use on my other websites - that I would choose it is predictable. 

These types of predictable factors, for choosing recipients successfully will be crucial in early experimentation in time travel, if a "landing" is to made successfully that can be verified in the future by "the team." By seeing that the website has changed with it's only webmaster dead and gone, the team will know they are successful in a new timeline created by a communication. This was, the purpose of the site, to be a verifiable and broad digital target in time to be aimed at by scientists. It is important to me that it not be owned or associated with a government. That is would be secure and its data stored and served on a large corporate server, that was greatly redundant and accessible and known by the public and belonging to a corporation possibly too big to fail. As it appears Google will be and so most likely will still exist in several decades. 5:25 pm -5 2/1/2015, Vacation Responder on for the new account, linked to this blog and set to expire on 2/1/2114. The address shall be kept with me (James Mason as of this time) and not be made public for purposes of verification.

Does this image look like an image a travel agent would select to promote commercial travel to beautiful places? My answer: not likely. Not on any commercial travel agency website I would visit. Additionally, it is very inconsistent for a Google employee, to make this kind of mistake, in matching an image to the content it is supposed to represent - an online travel agency. This image that accompanied this template is all about time passing and waiting for time to occur. It is about memories, about imagery, about communication with the unknown through time itself. Certainly not an image representing traveling luxuriously to far away exotic locations at the best affordable rate. 

I had ignored the background image for several visits to edit the site. I had planned on putting my own imagery behind this text, as I usually do for my several other sites. However, what if the normal template I would predictably choose, already had an image embedded in the template, that I would perceive as a perfect artistic presentation of the human longing for time travel? Such as this image can be easily be interpreted [my bias?]

And so now, about six weeks later (three days after seeing The Theory of Everything), I returned to put some energy into the site and I was ready to replace the image. But, I began to scrutinize its details and the entire composition of the image and I am amazed at the symbolic similarity to the dream of time travel expressed by almost every object within and the entire composition of this scene. A similarity that is describing how I feel about this site. Patiently waiting, hopeful and confident in science and humanity. Relying on every communications device available. Something beside me (beside us), on the other side of that wall, waits. This image is emotional, mysterious and lonely. The empty space to the right is symbolic of the unknown, possibly symbolic of the future waiting for us. 

Could anyone select a more appropriate photograph for this website? Not me and it was not me.

A comfortable (modern) empty chair for someone to wait in, that faces the viewer of the image, not toward the television - the message is directed toward us. An original old style crank powered phone on the wall that has a rotary dial. Framed pictures of differing media and of memories in different eras of time hanging behind the chair on the wall. An early television with an indistinguishable image that post-dates the telephone by at least 10 years. The empty room to the right - that did hold something or could contain someone or a message. Additionally, I only just noticed today (while typing this text), the white modern looking industrial travel container that is set against the other side of the wall, closed, as if prepared and ready to be picked-up and carried out of that room at any time. It looks like a container that might hold medical equipment or something of similar value that requires padding and a durable and perhaps thickly shielded container. I do not know who the photographer was, but I will title this image appropriately: First Contact and it will remain behind this text as possibly and admittedly hopefully (my hope is my unscientific bias in this experiment), the first evidence of a successful transmission. 

Above: This is what this site may have continued to look like had I continued to edit (after only a day or so) in November of 2014. I was certainly going to replace the strange and dark background image. At that time I had barely examined the image due to is first impression of a lonely and mysterious dark arrangement. This site as it appears today is nothing like what I had in mind. I wanted bright and happy colors and imagery that would reduce fear of the unknown. I had wanted this site to feel welcoming and safe.


3/14/2016: I thought was shrapnel > war. Wainscoting was b4. Initials stop at the bottom. Purposeful.


1/08/2017: Speculation:
PR: there is a #hope-ful message to my nephews on image; on-site 11/25/14. Would they do it? #timetravel. Initials; youngest, oldest: J & M.

Page Site "inexplicable background Image: notes & comments" created February, 2015:

The image, lifted from source code link, from the view in a new tab while on the site at 12:15 a.m. -5 2/3/2015, this copy is now on my hard drive, in my weblog folders.

File name is Image. No date of creation or other information visible in the template. It is just 99 kilobytes. No more (R) (possibly relevant). Click to enlarge -> Keyboard: ctrl + to zoom, - to reduce or ctrl mouse wheel forward to zoom.

Team <-A: "Make it look old. He'll investigate his recent past. He can validate." 

Resources for research of the image:

10:02 pm -5 2/20/2015: I have patiently waited for the artist's permission to post the image below, but she does not respond. This building may be similar in design and structure and location of the line of exploration I am now in, in finding this building:

Artist: Danila Trachenko.
From her photographic expose: Restricted Areas

Some points and the next steps:
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  • Di-sect, the code within this image, looking for communications and a possible date of creation. The JPEG image has not been downloaded by me yet, though exists in the Chrome cache, unaltered on my machine. 4:55 pm -5 2/2/2015). 5/3/15 9:32 pm - 5: I still need to do this. I have not looked at the raw code yet.
  • Infiltrate Google by telephone and attempt to discover, how and who, placed this inappropriate ("so inappropriate!" <-- for travel content) image into the old template, for categorization of travel websites. 5/4/15 9:33 pm - 5: Considering the strong possibility that doing this would defeat this project. Hope and belief may be required. shit. :-(
  • And specifically; when did the transfer take place? *I have the name of the template designer/programmer, [link here] and his website appears to have been abandoned for some time. No new content. (p - for suspected paradox related hence fourth in text). Or, had to be eliminated at a later time to correct a paradox (of which there will be many until we learn to reduce their frequency and control them better). ** If he is missing in the past there may have been an effort to eliminate the whole template by eliminating him. Besides, he designed the template at least prior to 2006, the time since I have been using this "Simple" template. Likely someone else placed it there. 5/4/15 10:03 pm -5: Giving up on his relationship to the image. I doubt that the designer of the template (from as early as 2006) had anything to do with the image. I am more certain the image was placed at the time the template menus were updated and the new categorical (by popular usage) display was built to present the templates. end edit 10::07 pm -5. But it has been updated, many times I am sure. Or, the manipulation process may very well have come from our future in the form of electrons in pattern. Hacking Google to get in, from the future, would have been easy - just find the old programmers and employees and pay them well to learn what it would take to hack Google in late 2014. 
  • Time travel will have fierce opposition and fear from society, and it would be prudent for that opposition to use the technology to stop the technology from occurring. 3:18 2/2/2015: The enemies of time travel will be willing to take-out almost anyone involved in the first established paradoxes in order to ensure success. In their limited ability to use the technology, their standard of the value of human lives in a timeline, that is in use by experimenters or is trying to be maintained by the team will be lower!  
  • Locate the white industrial carrying case. See if the model is made currently or in the recent past. Discover what professions most frequently use this case. Get its measurements and compare and contrast those with the proportions of the room to indicate whether or not the case was inserted into the photograph or was there. 5/4/15 9:36 pm - 5: Stil have not done this. I suppose, I am more convinced this is not a photography case. That the shielding and the antenna cable (too thick) are strongly related to the case. I have some interest in the case's black thin strap that is draped around it, not appearing to be affixed to the center of the case as if a carrying handle. Is it cloth? Is it an alloy? end edit. 9:41 pm.
  • Identify each picture. The top landscape image similar to a Renoir style has been identified by my mother the artist. The reading woman still can not be found. There are hundreds of paintings of women reading. It is how a model would pass the time while posing for a painter, and so including the book, became incorporated into many posed portraits of women sitting still. Because the artists would grow to respect the models, and providing the book in the portrait, raised awareness for girls and women's educational opportunities. 5/4/15 9:42 pm - 5 : Have only examined the top right small framed image. Found a Hitler. Trying to convince myself - it is not him. 10:59 pm -5 2/9/2015  In blowing up the image of the woman reading, I have found that that is not a book , It appears to be a 16th century musical instrument, like the dulcet, or an earlier innovation of that string instrument. What do you think?
  • Identify the apartment. 1. The wainscoting style on the walls, is one of a simple design, used in mid to late 19th century for medium and some low-income flats, also called "cold water flats." In Europe wainscoting was an adaptation in practicality, not originally intended for decoration. It is to keep chairs and other furniture from scraping the walls. Many homes had begun using wallpaper, as a standard and wallpaper tears (it was made of linen cloth/sheets) from furnishings near the wall if wainscoting is not installed. 2. The wallpaper that is missing: the glue that was used, prior to self adhesive wallpaper (1950's) was thick and gooey horse glue. It was a mess to install and to remove. To remove this old style wallpaper one had to scrape each centimeter of old paper off, it was painstaking and tedious. This explains the texture of the walls as if the paper and glue layer, were removed with a large steel wire brush, at least 6 inches in width and length, but not much larger.
  • 11:45 am -5 2/10/2015. I am favoring the Balkans region as the buildings location. More on this later. end edit 11:46 am - 5 2/10/2015.
  • Crooked pictures: That each painting is slightly crooked, is an indicator that vehicle traffic, including large engines from trucks and buses, likely stopped and started right in front of the building. If you have pictures hanging on a single nail, by metal wire, or by hemp, the friction between the wire and the nail is lost when deep rumbling (from nearby engines) vibrates the building. If the painting is even a 1/4 gram heavy on one side, that is the side the painting tips toward. The building is likely near an intersection where stopping is required by lights, or by stop sign. 5/4/15 9:44 pm -5 : I find no interest in the picture's hang. I feel they are all slightly crooked on purpose. The first impression is very important. My impression of them, at first, was that they were unremarkable, seemingly hung and not maintained as if to imply the place is lived in at the time of the shot. As if in anyone's house who has many images on their walls, some will be crooked, almost always. Very casual way of making the image look less significant. end edit. 9:47 pm -5.
  • The lighting: There is genuine afternoon sunlight entering from the right - the building sits facing south within 45 degrees of southwest and southeast. My quick approximation is that the building faces more toward the southwest, as the lighting has an angle of direction coming from the out of picture foreground to the right of the windows of the empty bedroom. 10:01 The sunlight is cast white because of thin cloud cover or late lifting early afternoon fog (San Francisco, London, many other cities, get a list). The lighting near the chair is the same level of luminosity and color. Either there is modern (not incandescent bulb) artificial light coming from directly above the chair or this may be from skylights above the room, and that would indicate the apartment is on the top floor. Or is not an apartment but a single level home, with a skylight. Skylights were more common in cities in the 19th century than in the 20th century. They became too expensive for contractors. The great amount of sunlight also indicates the apartment was a front apartment in the building. It would be reasonable to presume the sunlight is not being blocked by a higher building across the street, or also is an indication that it is a top floor dwelling and is among other buildings of similar or smaller height. Possibly an open area is across the street from this apartment. Perhaps a city park - in a medium to low-wealth neighborhood. 5/4/15 9:50 pm -5 : I am becoming convinced that this is a time exposure (in 20th century photography speak), as is less than 1 second, but longer than 1/250th of a second. Enough time for this ambient light to be very bright, and to white-out the tv image, and this explains the extreme brightness from the small lamp. Making this a time exposure, allows me to see the motion, I am pretty sure I can see in the "black spheres," I am now seeing in front of the TV console on the floor. Will post about this at the bottom of this page, later. end edit 9:55 pm - 5. 
  • The high capacity, thickly shielded black wire/cable that is stapled closely together and coming from the left, where the floor meets the wall. Is that very thick cable only providing electricity for the old television and the lamp (what's cord is carefully hidden behind the lamp base)? I am certain that is not 75 ohm cable television cable. That would have been easy to lay, and not require staples every 10-12 inches as shown here. Is the cable providing electricity or data, to whatever is inside the white industrial carrying case? Does it pass through the wall? No. That wall is so thick because this is a brick building, and that is a load bearing wall. For consistency of design, even if that wall was on the top floor, and so did not need to be load-bearing, it would have been installed in the same measurements as the floors below. 
  • 2:11 pm - 5 2/2/2015. I am favoring the idea that the heavily shielded cable is strongly related to the white container. That the cable does go through that wall. That the wall is/was/will be a wooden stud frame, although the building is brick (and is not a load bearing wall). The wall is of that size to contain a warm air vent for the furnace heat in that building. The vent grate is probably on that wall behind the case. This leads to why . . . You (a technician/ the experimenters) shield an electrical apparatus from both electromagnetic radiation frequency interruption (i.e. radio and wi-fi and microwave), and from all known types of radiation, including gamma radiation, with alloys that block their penetration to protect the process and ensure success of the technology. Note: Is the television really on, is the lamp really on? Perhaps not. *If we thought that putting cell-phones up to our heads, would cause brain tumors, try holding your head next to a late 1950's cathode ray tube (in that television size - which was unusually large for most families' t.v.'s of the era) for even a few weeks, and see how much cancer you get? Those tubes (in that era) were emitting huge waves of wild electromagnetic "dirty energy," - I would call it. [ BTW. I once built, operated and ran a radio and netcasting low power FM station from scratch.] If the television (or the "metaphor television") has to be on, for the the transmission to occur. Or for the new timeline to remain open. The team would want to keep a completed timeline open if they can! They may also want the technological process, possibly inside of the white case, to be protected from those emissions. 
  • 6:11 pm -5 2/2/2015: That very much looks like lead from rolled lead flashing material, used in residential chimney construction, wrapped around the dividing wall between the television and the carrying case. And the other mopboard in the bedroom is not consistent with this very lead looking material.. And there appears to be no mopboard in the left room. Additionally, it appears that some of it may have also been affixed to the entirety of the wall, in between the television console and the wall, right up to above the level of television console. This lead colored region we can not fully see appears to only cover the wall in an egg-like shape adjacent the side of the television console. This is consistent with the shielding from radiation (and e.m.) line of exploration, to explain the carrying case. 9:18 pm -5 2/2/2015 Additionally, that lead has no patina. Lead like that oxidizes noticeably within a few years, even as seen from a distance. That powdery white tinged surface appearance, may be the powder the foundries began delivering it coated with, so that oxidation is postponed by a few years, and it gets sticky when impacted by a hammer tap - it was a modern innovation. It likely came to this scene, recently from a hardware and construction store. **This is an indication the scene was arranged carefully, and perhaps, NOT some artsy photographer, who happened upon the building, vacant of modern utility infrastructure, then spinning a chair around, setting their lighting carrying case down haphazardly in the shot, and snapping a beauty to impress herself and interpret her/his own meaning. Right?

  • 5:53 pm -5 2/14/2015: 1909: "France, Belgium and Austria ban white-lead interior paint." Such as may be the very thin coating of paint, that is lead colored, on the wall next to the television. That this type of paint is still, or will be, available is likely, for continued specialized usage. Putting about five or ten layers on that wall would be like many sheets of aluminum foil in thickness, probably enough to shield that apparatus in the case from those wild emissions from that old CRT television set. 

*This home may be in a very rural location. Far away from e.m., cell towers, radar emissions and other interference. *That is also consistent with the seemingly uninterrupted, low contrast, afternoon defused sunlight we see spread throughout the scene. No building next to it at all. *Definitely not near a polar region. Definitely not at a triangulate location between two to three cities, that transmit anything in high power (like an American Rock n Roll FM station using 50k watts). 11:10 am -5 2/5/2015  Get aeronautical navigation maps; "FOPPA" maps? 
  • If this building had been a "cold water flat" at one time, there may still be a wooden water tower on the roof.
  • No sign of iron interior gas piping. That form of lighting and heat was being installed in many major cities by the turn of the 20th century. The building likely had a coal burning furnace in the basement. There will probably still be a visible coal iron door delivery hatch at street level, in the front of the building. There may still be old ash cans, for coal ash, to be picked-up by the city, in this neighborhood. Some American cities have left these ash cans in place as they lend an an old-town appearance to modern main streets and avenues, and modern people are puzzled as to what they are.   
  • 11:49 pm -5 GMT 2/2/2015 Summary of location of home clues so far: consider, it was located for its distance from technology and that is consistent with a home found to have never been modernized, not even with electrical wiring. Perhaps a village once abandoned,  a town with several abandoned homes, with a coal mine near. Do not presume the lead that appears wrapped around the mopboard, around the wall between the television and the carrying case was purchased nearby. Because it was apparently important and would have been transported all the way to the house from the teams' location, as was required to be prepared for the arrangement, or process we see demonstrated here.
  • 12:01 It is predictable, knowing that I love to write (and hopefully seeing my large body of work and awards, ha ha), that I interpret and communicate with metaphor, and this would be consistent with wanting to ensure I NOT delete the image, as I had planned on doing prior to realizing it's possible high value. A factor that needed a control. 
  • A telephone company, even American Telephone & Telegraph, would not likely have installed a line inside that fat dividing wall. Not in this simple and bare bones practically designed building. Too much effort, and they would never come and install the new phone when they said they would, so the homes were well built, before they got around at their own pace of supply and demand in the general time period of that phone design. Then, those new-fangled services likely came in from an outside wall, on an alley side preferably if in the city. Unless it was easy to come through the floor below by passing the line along or through the heating vent. Even using the vent to fish the line up would be too much effort in the day. Again, evidence the scene is a complete arrangement.
  • Note. Is it an antenna line for a transmitting radio antenna on the roof of this building, automated perhaps - "We're leaving the lights on for you." 
  • Messages in the metaphor that is the entire image: We're transmitting? Watch your TV . . Be by your telephone. Wait patiently. Give the task to the next person to take that chair. 
  • 1:00 a.m. -5 2/3/2015  I do not think there is enough direct light upon the television's screen to obfuscate the image as much as it is to our view. 
  • 1:06 a.m. -5 2/3/2015  Dig; I don't know a damn thing about 19th-century floor stains. Is that hardwood Ashe? Does not look like walnut, if that's a natural color. If the great wear it apparently had/has/will endure has scuffed stain away, that may be the natural color, where the floor board is most worn and faded.

  • 12:16 pm -5 2/3/2015. That looks like war damage on the plaster of the green wall. My first assumption was that domestic violence caused that great indentation in the green wall. Where the indentation into the plaster is abruptly stopped, where the wainscoting and wall paneling begin in that room. But throwing a persons' body against that wall would not cause that depth of indentation. Because, behind the plaster is, likely, 1/4 inch horizontally nailed in place "lattice." A man could punch a wall such as this, with the might of Ali, and not make that much depth. 10:12 pm 2/6/2015 And there would be cracks visible correlating to the impact damage, if it were not from a high speed impact. end edit 10:12 pm -5 2/6/2015. So, I surmise, that hole, and the other, are from high impact (prior to the renovation when the wood-work was installed). 4:12 pm 2/3/2015  That damage came at a time before the addition of that wall wood-work - safe to include in search: a post war renovation? Can in include WWI and WWII. And there may be 2 - 3 bullet holes in the wall also. That looks like cannon fodder impact in the plaster, because it is messy, spread out and not indicating uniform distribution of same sized pellet or "shot / or uniformly sized shrapnel." Being out of cannon balls was NO excuse for not maintaining fire on a town, a village. A practice used by well-funded or poor armies for several centuries of cannon use. The building may be older than just the 19th century.

  • 11:50 pm 2/4/2015. I think the light from lamp is artificial. Because there is ample bright sunlight in the room, and that luminosity can be seen, and measured, from the chair's light, less than 2' away from that lamp. It would take a 200 watt incandescent bulb to make that much light, in the middle of the day, in an already well lit room, and that lampshade should catch on fire. end edit, 12:33 am -3 2/6/2015.  
  • I am more convinced today that the thick cable we see may be a 25 ohm transmitting antenna wire. Suitable for transmission of modulated radio waves of less than, about 10k watts not much more. The signal may only reach less than ten miles, perhaps less. It would be a line-of-sight reception. Unable to transmit up or down into valleys and gorges. FM can not climb over hills, for example.

  • 12:28 am -5 2/6/2015 There is way too much light coming from the television. "If you use too much power, you won't be able to see us / or we will not be able to see you."
  • 12:49 am -5 2/6/2015 The lamp and the television are very clean and brightly polished/waxed looking. No dust. Q. Why place the lamp on the rear left corner of the television? Near the edge? Are they trying to illuminate the images in frames on that wall, better? Unless some other objects normally take that space, like family photos.
  • 2/10/2015 (addendum of 7/1/2016):I had left this message on an Old House refurbishing/enthusiasts site[ ]. Many hits from that site since doing so. I have discovered that the wood flooring is a common northern European pine wood. 

    James Mason February 10, 2015 at 1:07 pm

    I am searching for qualified individuals in identifying a particular hardwood floor. It’s wood’s origin and etc.. The history of hardwood flooring as it pertains to 18th and 19th century, low to medium income housing, particularly in Europe.

    PLEASE EXAMINE THE BACKGROUND IMAGE AT THIS WEBSITE AND DETERMINE IF YOU CAN ADD ANY HELPFUL INFORMATION ABOUT THE IMAGE AND THE FLOORING SPECIFICALLY. Your knowledge will be received with gratitude and perhaps very helpful in finding the building. – James G. Mason.
  • 4:25 pm -5 2/14/2015 That is a very tight floor. No buckling from moisture. No swelling. This is inconsistent with presuming this place is in a temperate/seasonal location, where windows would be opened for several months, allowing much moist air to permeate the grain of that wood and so cause swelling and contraction - resulting in buckling affect. So, it may be in a place that is cold most of the time; where the heating methodology is used through most months, or even at night in summer, and so windows closed more often. Additionally, in places in the bedroom where we can see great wearing of the floorboards, that light gray coloration may be from sea salt in the air, effectively "bleaching" that exposed wood. end edit 4:30 pm -5
  • 1:33 am - 5 2/15/2015 A speculation about the great amount of wear that appears to be centered on that wood floor in the right bedroom. 1. There was a heavy wooden table there. It had a cascading leg design where the four feet of the legs would spread-out at the bottom of the table and the base of those feet were large. Around the table were several chairs. Each heavy and durable with at least 1.25 inch foot-prints on each leg. A family of more than 7 perhaps 12 may have lived in these, seemingly tight quarters, in this perhaps this very cold place and that table became a permanent fixture for decades and the center of most family attention. [There is actual visible depth in that wear.] Those chairs and that table were moved every day. The big table was knocked into several times per day because of the close quarters of the large family. Those chairs saw a lot of weight for a lot of time and shoved around that room every day. 2. Two really big fat people who adored ballroom dancing lived there and that room was reserved for their love of the dancing. I like this last speculation. I'm going with the fat people who danced a lot line of exploration. And they splashed vodka all over that floor destroying the deep (linseed) oil coating. :-) end edit 1:52 am -5 2/15/2015.
  • 4:48 pm -5 2/14/2015  I am now favoring northern Russia. Reasoning: The northern European simplicity of this structure. The new realization that it may exist in a locality that is persistently cold, and dry, but may be near salinic water mass due to the apparent bleaching affect seen in the worn floorboards. Additionaly, these facts (below) from about a city in northwest Russia where record setting cold temperatures, seem to corrolate with these presumptions of deduction (above). 
  • River valley:  Cold air is more dense and, thus, settles into the lower elevations at night.
  • Surrounded by mountains:  Cold air drains down the slopes of the mountains and is trapped in the valley.  The mountains form a U-shape, with the open side of the letter "U" pointed north.  
  • Far northern latitude:  At roughly 63 degrees north latitude, there's only about 3 hours of sunshine around the winter solstice.  
  • Persistent snow cover:  While precipitation is generally light in the moisture-starved frigid cold air mass, what snow does fall, stays put, reflecting the sun's limited energy.
  • "The ground there is permanently frozen (continuous permafrost)" Wicki lift.
  • 5:00 pm -5 2/14/2015 The reflection of sunlight off of moisture "starved" compacted snowfall, may be producing the very diffused (yet bright) sunlight we see in this  natural lighting.
  • 5:21 pm -5 2/14/2015 Don't exclude a brine atmosphere as in a brackish river area, salt marsh, estuary, inner peninsula, coves. Perhaps standing water in a tidal basin, where saline is embedded in permafrost - being nearby. This town of 500 in the presentation would not be consistent with that line of exploration.

  • 6:17 pm -5 2/14/2015: I am beginning to see personification of human shapes in the many lines and cracks of both visible walls. This may very well be my bias and hopeful feelings about this website leading my subconscious to see these shapes. Because consider; The Virgin Mary or Jesus can be seen on a grilled-cheesed sandwich, or a smudge on a glass wall, or an oil stain on a driveway. We tend to look for these things that provide comfort.

However, I will begin lifting these apparent "personification areas" out of the image in case they are there intently. I would like to remind all who will see these images to; Keep-in-mind that we humans subconsciously keep-an-eye-out for the familiarity of the human form, in nature, in architecture or on food. It is natural and this behavior is ancient in our history. 

We have within us a longing to find others. Our widely geographically dispersed and nomadic past has created this subconscious "awareness" as both a defense mechanism alerting us to danger and a hopeful mechanism that allows us to find people in complex environments, such as nature is. If we are lost in nature, the first thing we would like to find is another human.

6:00 am -5 2/15/2015. These two personifications are the most profoundly visible to me:

Both images are reminding me of classical art I have seen somewhere before. The woman personification (has apparent female bust) at left appears to be holding a bouquet and leaning over and looking down as if to place the flowers, perhaps onto a grave site. The personification on the right is strongly suggestive of a man who has on his shoulders protective padding or upper armor. his hair disheveled. He is turning to be caught unaware in the image much like photography captures people in motion. His arms are in position to hold the reins of a horse and his posture indicates that also. His head is "heavy" as he is weary. He appears upset the image is being taken. To the upper right corner, behind his right shoulder there appears to be another human figure walking toward his location who is pushing something that has a 90 degree angle. I don't see Jesus anywhere or the Virgin Mary anywhere. 

New, 3/6/2015 6:57 pm -5 You see, the webmaster knows what a psychological personification in nature looks like! There.

11:35 pm -5 2/15/2015 I have invested many hours in the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., mostly as a boy. Thanks to Mom. Below is the result of a about 2 hours of searching. Perhaps a good match if seeking an existing image to indicate the scratching of classical art upon those walls was done purposefully for the image. I'll spend some time tomorrow looking for the man personification. I suspect I'll be searching in 18th century European, perhaps France, categories of portraits. 

If artists with skill of reproduction were hired for this arrangement, it would be a goal to disguise the images as much as possible as belonging to seemingly random scratches and cracks on the wall. However, visible enough to allow someone like me, who is known to have been to this gallery, to be able to be familiar with the image.  Please notice the overlap. The face was nearly perfectly aligned, just had to  be slightly tilted. Or is "the image" slightly tilted? The cats' arms were nearly perfectly aligned. The hair is a near match.  Her right hand is nearly perfectly where it should be, if to match. 

2021 Addendum; 

Here's a better demonstration collage, of the 2 different moments, of slightly different choices of P. Renoir's model, before and during her sitting with the cat. She took off her bag, and she snuggles the cat more closely, holding its head to her upper cheek and left eye. 

The (solid) hypothesis that The Image from Google, to be picked for the Experiment, to prove successful before created status, is also intended to identify me and the location of the Stone on the hillside - as it sees things due west:

The #Monet/s of 2 timelines and the Dock:

Realization: The Image has proved to be FAR MORE than these notes exhibit. FAR MORE: 

Needed this distraction:


In the TA Monet, of difference to known version, the tree that sits beside the dock in Deep River (comparison of abstract) is illustrated by his elaboration/exaggeration of the top of the tree, that otherwise, in TB (this timeline) is narrow, the tree is narrow in this Monet, not in the wall one, because it’s mimicking the entire scene west of the hillside where both stones sat for many thousands of years. 
 click to enlarge brain:

Also, like the Monet painting, at the top of that hill in the background, within those trees are homes costing far above average. The wealthy, as in the painting. “A nob hill.” 

Also, mom validated for me, the single light bulb on all night, has been going on on that barnside at the intersection, in similar placement to everything else of the cove represented in the Image, for decades by all owners likely, because the light stops vehicles from crashing into that building.  

 The Solitary Lamp

12/30/2016: Update to better present. Will be moved to the new page that categorizes the artwork seen on the left side of the scene, that I am now referring to as the timeline B-side. Our side in the overall metaphor that is the clue and the validation for them, that we will be successful, or rather our duplicates in timeline A will find a way to save both us and likely themselves.  2 Tweets summarize the Monet and the Renoir findings of inexplicable nature:

9:52 am -5 2/18/2015  Our family cat of the same mixed breed pictured in the Renoir above, at the time of my frequent visits to the gallery, allowed me to remember/associate the painting:

8:43 pm -5 2/19/2015: Still looking for this personification:

Rembrandt Peale was very interested in capturing the expression, that was not posed or sitting. His paintings are similar in lines and drama and shadows. But, he mostly used himself in those portraits. Leonardo Da' Vinci was also interested in this largely unexplored topic. His best example was the Mona Lisa. His drawings are extensive and most not of portraiture. This era appears to be prior to the turn of the 18th century. Prior to the first works that could be categorized as early impressionism, which is close to what I am seeing. I am however still looking for soldiers, or men returning from war, or famous officers of that time and men on horseback. The National Portrait Gallery, another gallery I have been to more than once, does not have all of its images in thumbnails to be viewed, which is disappointing. I'll search for another few hours on this one, until giving-up on this personification appearance.  

5/1/15 8:20 pm - 5: I have not been peering into the image for more than a month. It seems too weird an activity for any long period. My awareness of the known psychology involved, makes this activity a bit conflicting. However this morning, I looked again. 

I have not yet paid any (significant) attention to the framed images on the wall. However the first one I expanded to view close, was the top right of 5 similar frames. I quickly recognized a shape known to just about anyone who lived through most of the 20th century: 

 Is Hitler driving a car? A convertible obviously. The hair, mustache, amount of balding, the part of his hair, the eyebrows (groom, thickness and distance), the size of the nose, are consistent with this abominable man we can not forget in history. *It is so cliche that a Hitler reference would actually come up in this time travel experiment, I know. Everyone thinks about going back and changing him. Not happening if this webmaster has ANY control. Too many lives now shaped, too much Earth history effected by this man. If the BBCs' Dr. Who would describe Hitler, he would say that he was a "Fixed point in time." I wholeheartedly agree with that concept. It is a safe assumption, it is true.

The width and design of that steering wheel is consistent with an WWII era German coupe design I have seen in the many documentaries I have watched.  

The landscape behind him has its horizon ending at his mid neck height in the composition. I approximate the camera lens is 6-8 inches above his eye level and the camera lens (no focal length zoom yet) was at the edge of the front hood or over it by a foot or so.  

At first, I though I was seeing a Reichsmark with his image in a rounded frame toward the right of the note.  I viewed hundreds of German monitory notes online and found nothing of similarity. I am only seeing this car driving personification this evening as I began to write this. 

How would a WW II era photographer take this picture, across the front hood as can be visualized while the car is apparently in motion (the driver appears to be attentive to driving)? Mounting a cameraman on the front of a car was a Hollywood innovation of later design that cost injuries. We now just use automated cameras, mounted on three sides of the front of the vehicle. There is footage, in my memory, of Chaplins' crew using a towed trailer on a controlled tether, to essentially tailgate the front of the car to get this type of shot/perspective. Even that required a lot of safety measure. I would consider that this is a screen shot from a movie about Hitler, possibly made in the years soon following the end of the war? Enough for today. end entry 8:46 pm - 5.

5/3/15/ 3:52 pm - 5: That amount of balding was not Hitlers' head when Chaplin made that too long movie. He was only that much bald in his LAST FEW YEARS. Perhaps only in his last year. Chaplin may have found an actor with more balding than Hitler, at that r time? Unlikely. Still have not viewed the entire movie again. Maybe tonight. 

5/3/15 5:16 - 5: ** First sentences paste from G+, accidently started leaving notes on a post thread. #TTW **Could Chaplin had gotten a hold of one of those cars? There is a The Dictator expert out there somewhere. Perhaps, view the entire damn thing, then find the expert/nerd. I never once observed Chaplins' face as this face. Chaplin had a very defined, sharp, lantern jaw and a sharp mandibular prominence in 1940, he was thinner than the Tramp, had been. The release of The Great Dictator was 1940. Chaplin wore his mustache much thicker, a little wider as to not be exactly like his. Investigate Paulette and her life. His ability to seemingly "see the future" is mentioned multiple times. Even in the film he does not cut the mustache as Hitlers same width or thickness. Jack Okie resembled Mussolini. The wheel of the limousine, dark blue, used in the shoot, matches this wheels' width that I am seeing. Chaplin had a lot of neck fat at that time. His age was very apparent. In 1999 I moved to within 2 miles of his home, in Pebble. Hair: this (the image) is not at all what Charlie was wearing during the shoot. Bushy, thick, added the gray at the end for the speech. The driver may not be an actor, definitely not Charlie. The wheel I am 70% certain is a match, will examine it again. Documentary, skimmed. Got the names of the Chaplin nerds.

7/2015: After good conversation with my mother and seeing her data from 23 and Me, I am very surprised, yet kind of delighted to learn I am really a Jew. Wow!

Then, 7/2015 I learned “I am really a #Jew. Wow. Never knew it.” #spacetime #timetravel wish.

The author/webmaster of Time Travel Wish discovered he is really a Jew by blood mothers of several generations. 

2/16/2016: Addendum on a personal note: I am comforted to learn I have a heritage that is belonging to a whole big group of people that have been through so much adaptation and migration and all the challenges. I never had a heritage that was noteworthy and I have never felt a bond of blood to a group. A group of people I have always been near to in life. A people whose long plight I have studied a lot and have had a lot of empathy for. They are now so scattered. We are now so scattered. 

I used to have anger at the Jewish population of Israel. I used to be angry about the UN resolution not being followed. I used to try to think of very creative geographic solutions for the separation of two groups, who have so much in common, but their religions have caused such indifference to each other. But now I just see the whole area as a current predicament and I am forgiving of the past. I am feeling that whatever that past and whatever those decisions and whatever their feelings about a homeland as biblically stated, are very much irrelevant to their current situation. Current life is what must be the focus. Time is about the future only. The past must be made far less significant if a true peace that lasts is to be achieved in Israel. 

I feel I need to go there. I don't know specifically what I might do as one person. A former gentile. A pale-faced and red-haired American who has been and will probably always be an atheist. But my empathy is strong for a group that I now know I share blood with. It is unfortunate that the women of my families' past did not share their heritage and that my mother had to find this out by research. Those women had each married Christian men. But they gave birth to daughters always.

3/6/2016: #Jewish community: To #Israel investigate: May bring #hope to all. #Hitler #timetravel

5/3/15 10:35 pm -5: Perhaps there was never a Chaplin relationship to this image. I was magically thinking. I loved Chaplin too much. I must have had hope he would be involved. It was a fun day of reviewing him. I can not recall ever seeing Hitler driving his own vehicle in a newsreel or any other photography that I have seen and I have viewed (probably) every well produced WW II documentary. My grandfather was the most father I ever had and so his naval war experience and the particulars of that war became important to me early on. 

5/4/15 10:11 pm -5: I spotted this yesterday and drew what I thought I was seeing.

The "device" shape, at first seemed to be just a piece of household garbage, perhaps paper folded and slightly crumpled. But this is very inconsistent with the whole arrangement - to leave trash on the floor when all else is so cleaned-up. Tidy.  An arrangement, I am far more certain is an arrangement, now. So I examined further - literally further back to see better a shape. That the shape was sqaure is what brought my attention to it. Then, looking to the left of the square shape, I realized that there is not flooring crack continuing through that semi spherical dark/grayish "blob." The natural looking crack is abruptly stopped at the blob/sphere. So, it may be a solid object. Its blur is consistent with a rapidly moving object, perhaps shaking in (I don't want to say it) all directions. If the blur were distinctly different on one side (i.e. movement biased in one direction by a weight, displaced from center) or the top or bottom, we should be able to see a darker side, top or bottom or left or right, if a "time exposure" of a length of time enough for the viewer to recognize motion.  Dividing the length of the console by ten, from the left I am seeing the sphere/blob at about 1, the square shaped geometrically designed (apparent to me) square and raised object. STOP. Far more on this another day. end edit 10:43 pm -5.

3/4/2016 6:26 pm: The length of the case and the process seen on the floor may be a correlation.

It may be that the lead wrapping at that low level that reaches above the height of the process on the floor, is to separate and so effectively block the interference of the effect of the process on the floor from the same process in occurrence inside the well shielded case. 

Addendum: 10.26.2017:

Undocumented: Underneath this perception (very likely purposeful - due to amazing coincidence) is anther JM. As is consistent: Where I live.

Case blowout: That’s a heavy duty case. Not a photography case. Not found at a Walmart TFS. Iron clasps for padlocks on EACH corner: 

That’s a S steel rim. Enveloped by the lid; accommodates looping a padlock to each corner. Strap (leather) to assist with weight. 

Handle: That’s not white light reflecting off that rough (likely plastic) and black surface. I think it’s paint. The handle brackets too. 

That is white light being absorbed on both surfaces. Too refracted to shine. The handle may be steel. The brackets absorb the white light, also, so that would be consistent with there being white paint on both the brackets and a bit on the side of the handle - as if brushed while painting the brackets. 

Addendum 10.14.2019

This mailbox realization was not mind blowing.

It was Spring 2018, while in the 3-Acre Wood excavating the Alien Stone, and realizing the line of sight to the street, the phone poll and wires, and the mailbox of the same size of the strange modern case.
2/ That line of sight, turns out, was more perfect for full face view from the Guitar Rock, and for all hydrogen/vapor communications to me, from that location.
Totally BIASED science. Worked for me! 😆
I could do that w/o embarrassment of peers.

Straight Shot in view; the Image is all metaphor for what can be seen from the PoV of the Guitar Rock:
Discovered in March 2018, to have been the message of the Rolling Stones Hello of January 17.17

GIF image removed. Too much locality information. . . . . .

So much more . .  the search for the drop has been underway since June of this year. Indications are numerous, it was planted before the experiment - was successful before it was created. 


I speculate that the reason this process on the floor appears to be trash on the floor (to the quick viewer), but is actually a very geometrically square shaped unit, is what me appears to be this obscured globule shape on its rear side. That may be something similar to a wad of chewing gum that has been attached to the unit, to lend the fast appearance of irrelevant trash on the floor. Again, very consistent for the photographer to leave trash on the floor in this very tidy arrangement.

5/17/2016: the antenna line:

This is transmitting antenna for a low power FM transmission. It is very similar to the antenna line I owned for my pirate FM station in the late 1990's. 

It was the close stapling and the size of this very rounded black cable that first lent clue to me that it was not a power line for the television and lamp, but a transmission cable. It has to be closely stapled or the thick copper/alloy center line can be broken/bent and allow impedance of the output and worse. 

Addendum on 3/5/2016 of 5/4/2015 10:11 pm -5 : I concluded that I may be seeing a sphere in motion when I realized that the normal crack in between the floorboards stopped abruptly at the spherical and dark shape that had blurry edges. That blur was inconsistent with the rest of this very sharp (99 kb) image that can fill a computer monitor to 8 inches and still be very sharp in appearance. It was a few days later I realized the other sphere on the far right, then later I spotted (possibly) a third sphere in between the right sphere and the apparent device.

6/__/2015: Relevant placement of dates, to be placed here. An audio note of speculation about the image. This one of few of the first of approximately 30 audio notes made in 2015. This one is about the image: 

More speculation in confusion in early June of 2015. That chair may be my own? Still have not found (or sought) the creator of the inexplicable background image. Found immediately as the background (free stock image) for the experimental website: Some ranting about video games, economics. Pure confusion and speculations.

5/5/15 8:32 pm -5: I am considering that right side "blob" is moving more wildly. Using more space. Appearing less distinct as so. Appearing less opaque. Tougher to spot. Possibly also moving forward and backward, perhaps slightly more than its "median" wobble. The apparent process is appearing closer to the console than I am showing in my rough sketch. I have noticed that the object near the right rear chair leg is rounded. Will look at that next and dismiss this for now as interpretation of this apparent process is now for others. 

Four months later I am looking at the image again. Examining further the small frames behind the television console.

9/13/15 6:12 pm -5: 4 months since discovering what appears to be another technological process on the floor in front of the television: Got distracted writing the document and started looking into the inexplicable background image again today. Image no. 2 examined.

small framed image no. 2

Sketch of image no. 2: 

6:15 pm -5: Great. Did not stop. Found likely match for image 2: "Home with bridge. 1." Watched a video on YouTube: Olbersalzberg. Hitler retreat. In Kehlsteinhaus, Germany. Great. 

The location of the first bridge to cross on road to the retreat.

Bridge size and home location is a match. Near match considering further construction and demolition took place at property since 1945. Road location and direction are match. In my interpretation of the image, the car from the which the image is shot is traveling northwest with the road on its right, the river below it to the right. New road built further in from river since 1945. Bridge construction cement same color. Bridge size is a match for scale of car seen on bridge in image 2.

Addendum 3/5/2016 collage with bridges, map:

9/13/15 6:12 pm -5: Validation that these images are of someone’s day trip with an older (very balding) Adolph Hitler, while taking route 20 to Eagles Nest retreat. Steering wheel is a match for the limousine that he is said to have loved. Both bridges are near match for the two crossings on that route that leads to that compound. It is stated that he only went to this retreat twice while alive. The US Military named it “Eagles Nest.”

I have determined that the structure in the background of the Hitler image, behind his right shoulder is the shape of a bunker entrance. He appears to be pretending to drive while someone is taking the photograph. He seems happy. Too much! Then in August I learned I have been a Jew all along. Jeez.

The Eagle's Nest, Kehlsteinhaus, Berchtesgaden, Germany.

hat freaks me out the most; I may be supposed to find this shit so easily. May have been already!

Image 4 of 5 small frames: A shorter bridge, with a home that is far closer to the bridge, may be second bridge that is closer to the Olbersalzberg compound:

2/15/206 11:59 pm:
A sketch of the bridge and home of image 4: Jeez I thought I had sketched the "2nd bridge" back in September of 2015, but I can't find it in my computer's folders. I'll get around to it. That sketch may be in a manilla folder on my desk. It is definitely a smaller and closer house (to the bridge) and is very likely a match for the last bridge to cross, as if driving north west toward that old retreat.

9/14/2015 continued: This bridge and home are on the same road, closer to the compound / retreat site. But this bridge is far shorter in length than the image 2 depiction. This may be the bridge depicted in image 4, also a
small bridge and home picture. There is also a high/steep mountain incline very close
to the road, inconsistent with what I am seeing in image 2.
9/14/2015 5:21 pm - 5: Coincidence dismissed as such. I have Nazis running around in photography on the wall! It is appearing to me that the man or woman who owned these images was keeping them as memorabilia of a day trip, of sorts, with Adolph Hitler through the German countryside. An older Hitler. Older than he appears in all photography  of the later years of Wold War 2. On further study of the background image from behind the television on the wall: Seeing Nazis! Consistent with my fears and speculation about image 1 of 5 being fucking Hitler as an older man driving his own car. Image 1 is showing a bunker entrance behind him.

image no. 1 "Hitler Driving the Same Limousine:


Images 2 and 4 are definitely of small residential type homes on the opposite and side of small ravines or small creeks or small rivers. Both with whitish cement coloring.

Image 5 really bugs me; Very much appears that an SS guard is watching a limousine pass on his right. Validated the armband. The dark armband on his right arm is consistent with guards of the SS. SS officer is driving; hat shape and black coat collar is consistent with German WWII officer in cold weather formal uniform coat. Validated with Nazi videos on YouTube. Man in rear seat of car (on right side) has black hair and is balding on rear and top of head. Fucking great. I just knew I shouldn't look at the inexpiable background image further! 

Image 5 examination:

Enough for today. I knew I should not have looked further. Now getting more complicated. I am leaving out something that MAY be paradox related, having to do with Jews, myself upon discovering something important about myself, in July, from my mother and the line of sight (vector) between Locations 1 & 2 of Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline and fucking island government owned animal research center in the area. Cannot type those findings on this website. Not yet. 

2/16/2016 12:02 am:
That apparent relationship as a straight line to the Plum Island research center, where a german scientist had worked for more than a decade. Weird and possibly not paradox related. But the coincidence may have been to ensure I find the Jewish connection to myself that I discovered last summer. Image:

There is a reform Jewish synagogue (the map dot) only about 1 mile from location 1 of Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline. That kind of surprised me because I had recently  learned that I am a Jew, before I made this map line to the research center. The red line crosses exactly over both locations of the images that were (I strongly entertain) preserved from Timeline A, for me to discover in early 2015 (April and May, see videos). Too much coincidence to dismiss that concept as just a quirk of time and place and my investigations of everything. This is why it is taking me a year to do all of this. I have been filled with joy and hope since the discovery in May of both Displaced from time trees, at those near locations. James out! 

November, 7, 2015
Approximately 10 days ago I use the Google image search function to see what other users had done with the background image. I was hopefully hunting, again, for the origin of the image. I was hoping to find the original online. I was not surprised with all instances of the image online.
I only found copies of my own in several locations where I had place it and several copies since used by others from having taken it from the Blogspot/Google location where I had found it.

The below examples were a common usage for the image. I found not originator and only renamed image file names as numbers from other’s computers. It was common, in 4 instances to see home do it yourself remodeling questionnaires using the image as an example of tough to refinish plaster wall interiors.

Examples across the internet. All of these occurred in late 2014 and this year, 2015:

some blogspot user with the image of many others who kept it.jpg
This is a weblog user who chose to keep the image, but she has apparently overlapped the image with her own translucent image. Apparently not looking at the image as anything meaningful or even questioning the content.

image found from Thai remodeling site re plaster walls.jpg
Above: This user in Thailand is asking about refinishing plaster walls and using the image as an example of a difficult and old wall to refinish. I left him a message asking him where he found the image. There has been no response. I expect that it came from the same source at Google and there will be no response.

Clearly the walls strike nearly every user as something old and not particularly interesting. The user in the top example may have liked the mystery contained within, but she chose to cover-up the detail anyway.

If the image was an purposeful insert to be found by myself, it was a very good disguise.

In January I had asked a poet friend of mine to write an interpretation as a metaphor, and a guess as to it's meaning to him. He did not respond. I shall attempt my own artistic metaphor:

There is no clock on the wall where one would keep a clock if this is a common viewing area for television broadcasts that are on a schedule. If you are expecting someone to telephone you, it may also be prudent to keep a visible clock near the phone.

I do see the reflection of a doorway, as if a kitchen room is on the other side of the room, behind the viewer’s left shoulder. There is apparent sunlight coming from that rectangular reflection. That room would be common area for the person who most uses this apartment.

There is not one electrical outlet visible and I am certain that those appliances, the television and the phone and the lamp have no permanent wiring. This certainly is because of the lack of any permanent installation of household wiring of anything like a 110 volt or 120 volt wire or conduit for wiring. I am far more certain that the lighting from the lame and the illumination of the television image is artificially inserted onto the image.

If the chair is for someone to wait within it in comfort, it is for patiently waiting. There is no interest in watching the television. There may a clock on the wall that would face the sitter while he or she waits for time to pass. Again, an indication this is an arrangement.

I will write from the first person of the individual who may be waiting as an absent person, in that comfortable chair:

“With whatever technology I have, as old as it is, I wait for you to use this technology that is behind me, while I watch the clock before me and above me on the wall that you cannot see. I have memories that are behind me on this wall of art and a singular memory of one day, on one trip that I took.

In this old television there is only one color and not two. It is only the difference in these electromagnetic displays, between the positively charged emissions and those without that allow you to think there is two colors. You cannot very well see the image of a person talking to you, who is reading text while looking straight at you. She appears to have the barely distinguishable silhouette of a woman who wears a collared dress. Her hair is dark and tied behind her head as to be formal. I can hear her voice as she reads and I sit in the chair with my back turned from the image of her.

On my side of time, on the other side of this old technology behind me, there was war and it tore apart our walls and left our lives and our homes scarred with indentations as faint memories. Most of us have little left in our lives and so this emptiness remains.”


“You cannot see past this old technology where the absence of my physicality waits for you in that empty chair.

In the future, where our communicating technology powers the light and the faint, paradoxical image you can see from our modest but modernistic technology, is a large room what’s contents you can never know.

We had to conceal that technology and protect it from the elements of your time and so the container that holds it is sealed with special care.

You can however see that we have been there by our worn paths of our feet before us.

We were in that room and busy and joyous before we sent this communication.

Enough. 10:26 -5 11/07/2015

11/22/2016:  It hasn't stopped with the image:

Time Travel Wish & Paradox One
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I don’t know. There is so much that can be implied in metaphor about the image that it seems like this is possibly one too many. The new president of the United States has more in common with Adolf Hitler, in all that he says and has exhibited than any other man or woman with power in the last 70 years, and there it is in my time travel experiment, before I created it and predictably chose the same background template from blogspot; a photograph, yellowed as if old, with 4 others that show a day trip to his old/new retreat that we Americans have called Eagles’ Nest, in my experiment and a damn near fascist is elected the to the most powerful office on Earth and he lives 80 miles south of me. And; I am very political and just hate his existence and what he has done to our process. Geez.

 09.01.2019: early am ...

#timetravel-wish notes (spontaneous) 2:

Vodka thinking:

Alt interpretation,

The chair's occupants are all of us (humans), in this metaphor in communication. The six fingered gloves, that mysteriously bear a modern @NASA emblem, are a modern Mic Drop. Lia finished the work?
The next day, an idea to try:

I got a number.  I saw the pattern. 

#FirstContact #sol3 #Earth #hope #timetravel -wish #experiment