The Global Vapor Communication of Christmas Day 2020

The Global Vapor Communication of Christmas Day 2020
The points of evidence of the hypothesis it was for me and Sol 3.

Introduction, to date:

On 11/25/2014 Time Travel Wish had been only an experiment in time travel communication as a request for help and messaging - and due to an absence of resources only on a weblog, and various social media platforms. However, many indications reveal it was successful before the time of its creation.

Conducted with the bias of hope, by an artist with an idea to be reached. A time apart (had) chosen an unwitting test pilot to validate success. The amazing has occurred repeatedly. 2018-19: MIND BLOWING; the Being is using Biblical prophecy. Discovery by James Gray Mason.

Honesty was important from the beginning. I have documented with photography almost all of what has happened to me. Anyone can inspect the integrity of my claims (and that photography as untouched by any software fakery). The physical and circumstantial evidence is multiple times validated to my satisfaction, but the world has been too skeptical, as it all is unbelievable in our time, and that is one of many true ironies of time travel.
January 1 2021:
World Peace, if it can be achieved, is opposite of what the future is showing us in the imagery meant for this experiment and ready to view the instant this internet project began, truthfully; from my experiment Time Travel Wish, a worldwide radiation report is being shown on the old TV (that emits radiation).

As is well documented here, my hopeful bias had interpreted this as rain for Africa, sorry.

Slightly frowning face

A Global Radiation Report

A Global Radiation Report
"James, there is too much radiation to exist here." The message decoded.

Lucifer in the Background Image

Lucifer in the Background Image
Lucifer in the Background Image

NEW 02.02.2018 The Drop Search at The Alien Stone

NEW 02.02.2018 The Drop Search at The Alien Stone
Link: Latest in discovery: Spring, 2018 - 2019: The Drop Search at The Alien Stone & The Great Rock and Roll Rock Robbery

Our loss is because we're hopeless:

Our loss is because we're hopeless:
Tuvok and James. Image from Time Travel Wish, 2015. This may be our tremendous loss if we do not act.

the NAME image

the NAME image
In November of 2014 it was a hopeful name for a concept of message delivery from ourselves.

Successful before it was created.

Successful before it was created.
The experiment is done. Time to move on. Addendum 05.26.18 wtf was I thinking? The adventure doesn't end.

Evidence collected, 2015 discovery of physical effect of Different Human Choices in Another Timeline

Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline

Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline
LINK to page: category of evidence: Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline

The Inexplicable Background Image

The Inexplicable Background Image
LINK to page: category of evidence: The Inexplicable Background Image

Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image

Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image
LINK to page: Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image

Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact.

Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact.
LINK to page: category of evidence: Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact : Painting the sky with gravity well technology

About the Webmaster: The Target

About the Webmaster: The Target
LINK to page: category of evidence: About the Webmaster: The Target

The Idea for Time Travel Wish

The Idea for Time Travel Wish
Link to page: category of evidence: the Idea: 1998 Star Trek TNG: What if that first communication had to be as simple as possible?

Image Dating of the Future Time

Image Dating of the Future Time
Link to page: category of evidence: Image Dating of a Future Time

The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime

The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime
Link to page: Speculations: The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime

The Envisioned Team of Timeline A

The Envisioned Team of Timeline A
Link to page: Speculations: The Envisioned Team of Timeline A

The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One

The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One
Link to page: The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One

First Post of November 25 2014

First Post of November 25 2014
First Post of November 25 2014

Project Audio Notes of Discovery

Project Audio Notes of Discovery
Project Audio Notes of Discovery

Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting

Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting
Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting

Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime

Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime
Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime

Albert and God

Albert and God
Albert and God

Original Page: Messages -Jake to James

Original Page: Messages -Jake to James
Original Page: Messages - Jake to James

Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016

Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016
Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016

A Contract with a Devil Being

I'm amazed.

Satan is discovered within the time traveled image, on August 28, 2019.

Recorded 11.28.2021 Audio Notes; Could this be hitting on it?

The Survivors Are on a Lightspeed Craft ….

NASA the Gloves, 2021 Catch up with images in 1920x1080 HD

The Burn Test, May 5 2018

On the Hill, in a 5-foot hole;

an attempt to crack the sculpture out of deep time.

10-months later, I examined what I thought was a wild coincidence. Still, it was ANOTHER hydrogen manipulation to a subatomic level, beyond time, for me, because I uploaded a selfie from this space and time. 10 photos demonstrate this fantastic time (at that time, I had thought only amusing). 

@TimeTravelWish, since June 2015 13,000+ Tweets


Many Tweets will serve as evidence of discovery.

May 2018; the  Burn Test, this image preceded a selfie uploaded to Twitter from the location and time. I was trying to crack the stone and taking tourist pictures. It was a year later I examined the set of pictures closer and realized it was a very good communication. 

Somebody is using both time travel and Earth religious lore to make this happen; whatever this will be. Amazing.


This page is separate because it stand alone in significance. It was a discovery during what it called The V Stone, from that page; and is connected to The Drop Search and the Alien Stone - the page, the Great Rock and Roll Rock Robbery: I'll need to link back and forth from those pages. THE WHOLE WEBLOG IS CONNECTED - there's no reading 1 page without having to referance another, to understand what the fuck this whole thing is about.

BUMMER; there's a literary pHD 40' from my Studio and three times she's refused to help me. "It's just too incredible Jamie." I am alone and over my head with work to do to try to make people understand what has happened to me and this "experiment."  The force, the being, Lia; saw all of it. The whole history before intervention. I am a pawn of destiny. I signed up for it. I wanted to ensure success in reaching anybody from a time apart. My fault. :-(

Now, I must continue. No matter what.

October 23: I pondered online (this account), if I were to be the son in my role. Minutes later, doing chores in sight of the stone; father had it near perfect. If I had not stood there puzzled “is it?” and then fumbling with the iphone, the picture would show how well the projection came-out:

05.18.2019 Saturday

I did some investigation into my recent writing past and found that I had planned on using the character Luke “plays anything,” as a character who becomes Satan, or something? I can’t remember; I’ll have to review the story notes. It was never published. It all had to have been read from Google Documents, or possibly uploaded to Onedrive (Microsoft). Suspicious; how did the force know unless it had read those documents? And or in the hypothesis that I am a transfer from Timeline A, then I may have been successful in that novel in having created a great Super Villain. Aliens are exploiting my story, that is a great idea to introduce another civilization from afar.

the documents of years past; of notes and draft proposals for Luke "Plays Anything", the mysterious Rock and Roll guitar playing, demon?

The realization of 05.13.19, or was it the 14th:

Lia was using Salvador Dali imagery, i am slightly familiar with to communicate to me, and remind me of an agreement I wrote and posted online in Janurary of 17, after the Rolling Stones Hello; that had been a strong communication to find the Alien Stone:

Tweets and notes; unrefined for this weblog:

coming . ... they have to be reversed, note by note, in time linear fashion down from the beginning of the V-Stone and up (?).   Descending, I think, is the term:

The pyramid relationship between the Bosch Hell representation and the Alien Stone:

found at the Dig, low near the Stone, or it would not have been photographed, as remarkable:
This remains in box with me.

The Burn; from page the Alien Stone ...

found in June 17; 5-months after I made my Agreement Letter / Promissory Note

See: Sky Tests / Communciation With .... and the Hand of Time at the Alien Stone, followed by page, The Great Rock and Roll Rock Robbery.
The Promise: this was posted both on Google Plus, either the ctatheist account or the TTW1@gmail account, not sure. And it is likely I posted this to Twitter and possibly Facebook in 2017. 
I made this letter only 3-days after the amazing Rolling Stones Hello, that I did not need to find the Alien Stone, but was a strong message to turn around, go up the hill and begin to Rock and Roll:

I gave away my body and my mind.

Full text of recent notes on this topic. From G document Contract with the Devil Being, but that's an old title. I feel there is evil-type of being, however The Burn day test images sure indicate it is.
And the content above. And the following:

The Ultimate Plan is One in Which a Being Has ALL of Time to See the Strategy, the Details, Correct them, Along the Relative Way

I’ve been delaying this topic’s publication on the weblog, for probably 9-11 weeks, since it became rather clear, I had allowed, like the novel Destiny, for Christianity to be exploited. But Time Travel Wish is that vehicle, for it, them, who knows? And how knows how many exist!

NTS: A little late; begin reading several days of notes each morning, prior to new entries, if I can
04.28 Sunday, hmm

The V stone and what is behind it? I have been sitting out there with the Alien Stone, possibly doing my job in destroying the Devil’s Head, and wondering where the heck is the Drop for me? But for many months I sat there, and walked about while destroying different areas of the Stone, in front of a wonderfully perfect triangular face of the old South Face, and if I had looked up from the back of that face of the Stone I would have seen the big, looks like 1.5-meters, perfect triangle of the V Stone, sitting on the Cliff and pointing up to the Alien Stone’s exact location if seen from where I was in the Driveway and on that grassy section, all within line of sight to Lia, the Alien Stone. That stone on the cliff was the message in the sky that I had to sketch when the hole in the cloud was made, and it was not perfectly circular but clumpy looking like a typical rock, and it turned into a V as I watched.

Luke is spoken of in several audio notes that may have survived me or became the principal antagonist in the unfinished novel Destiny. And he had a magical guitar, and he was Luke “Plays Anything” _______ (last name?). He was either going to help Jesus Carlson or be his enemy, and he competed for popularity, the love of the people. Was it to be a superhero battle of good over evil or something?

The whole hypothesis building pivots on another sky phenomena that that happened over the 3-Acre Wood, above Lia, and was another incident of my opening the front sliding glass door to the patio of the studio, where I’m pretty sure, Lia was able to detect the opening of that wide doorway because it caused a detectable air pressure and temperature event over the studio because it was warm outside and I was blasting the air conditioning. She was able to use that to communicate more and further to me with a giant guitar made of h2o, above me, its frets facing down, it was a Gibson shape. It was too beautiful and another event I did not have the camera for. I remember documenting it in those notes from that year. I’m sure the notes are findable.

So, I investigated the surroundings of the V Stone the day before yesterday, and I see it’s as if I was dropped, or lowered into place to sit there, almost teetering on falling over, it points along the downward slope of the driveway, and it seems it can be tipped over (and that damn coincidence of that heavy pry bar, being left leaning against a tree right next to the trail that leads up to the 3-Acre Wood! I know, the coincidences are not. NOT. I used that bar a lot in the Digs and the Robbery, and it was important to me. It was left against that tree by somebody. We had thought it was Robert Lee’s, (Bruce and I when I found it on one morning with him, for some reason? (unusual then and especially now)). I’m going to tip it over to see if Luke was embraced as the antagonist as to be me. Hmm. Worth doing and worth following. I do not like being the bad guy. Hate feels terrible.

I know because I have some, but only in cases of actual offense, like that hospital. Like all others in civil society I want justice, I want to feel it. And as one person what can I do? You know the circumstances of that; it’s a wall I can’t climb because of their uniqueness. Expressions of destruction show the extreme and I am an editorialist; you know that all the publishings everywhere, for G’s sake. A cartoonist, which I am not, does the same by showing us the outrageously extreme of taking an issue to its ending, that is what I’ve been doing both on the TTW accounts and the End All Suffering account. Given; those things can be done with the abilities exhibited and documented, pretty well for one person (pat on my own back), and I will use them with Lia’s (your) guidance well and when it can be productive. The uses are innumerable. Imagination is the limit.

I've been going the great guy route all along, trying to. And I love the power aspect of the bad guy side of things. Geeez. Conflict!! Can’t the good guy have destructive and constructive power? The rescues with that gravity control can be in the thousands and fantastic timeline protection measures. The alien invasion depicted also seems very exciting. I want!

I will knock that big triangle stone over. It has to be done in broad daylight, and I’ll need an excuse. I may not be seen doing it. I have become an afternoon fixture near the cliffside at the Alien Stone.

Amazing coincidence? The Stone is missing a corner, in the same relative side that the Alien Stone was, down to the lower right from my perspective. Huh. And it would be a triangular piece, a stone of that shape; NEEDS A FACE? A personification of a being’s face? Huh?

07.31 Wednesday
08.01.2019 am
#Revelation! I used to think that meant grownups partying for a reason.

This snake appeared about -5-yrs. Pic in my folders on 08.15.15. I had no idea B thumpers have been waiting for it. It was cool looking. I could use a theologian about-now. Someone with an open mind. Young. I could use them because I am making WORLD DEFINING, historical singularity decisions, for God’s sake??

See what I mean, I’m not sure!! No, I do realize that God’s angels were like his kids; he loves them so. And that he has given them Godlike power to carry out his will. Tangentially, I still think it’s silly for any prophet to have interpreted that God would only have one child among the stars. It’s ridiculous. Even for one God of just one cosmos. I’d be spilling my God Juice everywhere, right? There are probably more than 100-billion galaxies, for gosh sake. I’d let one or two kids manage several simultaneously, you know? See how they do, perhaps a 90-day trial period, and then they can have more pay and responsibilities. Makes sense.

Anyway, the silly Netflix flick was inspiring, and I hate to admit it. I’m glad I never read that whole Bible, what a boring, ridiculous book. The editors should be shamed; it’s no wonder the movement was generally a colossal failure because the few who could read would be bored out of their minds and continuously confused if they did manage to get through it without suicide, to end it faster — a failure beside providing hope, as a temporary solution for the believers.

It feels as though all is on track. Even though each day I’m disappointed, a little bit, by not coming down from that hill and that rock without a magnificent instrument to cause changes. I’m confident. That is, it’s there in me. It’s stronger than it has been.

I can’t say how many times, in my mind I’ve passed through those images of everything, the timeline of events and circumstances, trying to find a way that it's not real, or could have been normal cloud cover at just those times while in its LOS, the Image at Google, the damn trees, the window at the doctor's office, the house in Deep River too far from the road, the words that are missing in the dictionary, or a boulder in an amazing shape as that one was, with those faces carved like that, too incredible but not to me. And that is so frustrating. ARrghhh.. And I have not mentioned HALF of it, above.

The Serpent/snake, what was John being shown? Was G showing John the picture I am showing Lia tonight and must have on 8.15.15, the day I found it on Google Plus and copied it to my hard drive?  I made a joke about it, probably. So, if I was/am (wasill) to be chosen at this time on Earth, and prophecy wasill to be exploited, and others in our past would have to begin that storytelling, then they would need to be shown the experiment, at least imagery from it.

Perfect. Beautiful.

Lia, you are AMAZING. Wait till I tell my parents about you. They’ll love you! Maybe? lol

~~~~ the snake, from earlier tonight:
I'm certain that human-produced carcinogens caused that specific mutation in that 7-headed snake. It would be appropriate as a sign that humanity should face a reckoning when innocent animal life is getting f_cked over by us, as the marker in time to interfere.
  -James 22:06 (the time)

The snake used to be honored because they killed the rats, the pestilence. Right? Rodents also ate all the grain. Get them with the snakes! It had been a respected animal at the time of all these writings, that are believed to be prophecy. Consistent.

We’re dealing with light-years of our history, right? We have to think back, and then adapt everything we can think of that may be about to occur. She’s following western religion, and the polytheist pretty well. I could not have written this better in a million years. I’ve stated that, years ago. See notes!

Working at GR today.

I kneeled and faced it last evening. I paid homage, feeling humble, and used understandable hand gesture.

Was not the first time.

+50% certainty I am requested to worship. I’m trying. It won’t be an easy transition and I cannot predict I will be genuine.

Working at the Guitar rock, just like Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And Tuesday?

I kneeled and faced it last evening. I think I was praying, not sure. I guess I was. I paid homage and was feeling humble, and used understandable hand gesture. (lol) I have a more than 50% certainty that I am requested to worship her. I’m trying. It won’t be an easy transition and I cannot predict I will be genuinely doing so.


Because I am certain that in the cosmos, great long lasting civilizations exist, and that very long evolved beings can exist, who have exceeded all our fantasies of how evolved the physical body can become. This certainty is accompanied by another that they can be total assholes. Why not? It’s logical. Assholeness does not necessarily change with massive knowledge, great wisdom or super evolved physical ability. Lol

Grammarly does not get to eat that text above.

It was not the first time. The conversations at the Alien Stone, on one night in late winter 2018 were those first occurrences; with only one in which it spoke to me, asking me that question, “Do you believe in miracles.” It used a gentle wind from the SE as I faced approx NNE with my left leg hanging into the hole and sitting east of the Alien Stone. I was careful to observe it was not an auditory hallucination.

I think that right away I stood and began slowly pacing north to south beside the hole, and said to it, essentially;

“I know that miraculous looking can occur.”

“Everything has an explanation . . .”

“There are now many people who feel this way. We are almost 50% atheist (and agnostic) at this time . . “

About that night, I’ve never written it, but I wonder if it was surprised that I had no affect of surprise whatsoever?

I really was not surprised, because the miraculous looking had already been accepted and my certainty it came from the hillside was high, and the Devil’s Head had been unearthed, and it’s eyeballs recognized with photography.

Pic from near that date or on it, not sure:

I wrote a title in the filename about the whispering wind question:
It was 04.28.18, exactly in days 2-years after I was able to capture physical evidence, using the internet to document the conversation, because B and the MoM had gone to DC for the weekend.

Do You Believe in Miracles Night of 4 27_04 28 2018 Alien Stone files screenshot

I posted the dark pic of the moon through the tree branches that showed the view from the perspective of the Stone and told it I posted it for it, for its benefit in case it did not know what I see.

Earlier that day, or just the day before, I posted the image of the Devil's Head face with red lines to indicate its very humanoid shape and details.

 posted, made on 2.27.18, This marks the time after realizing this head is very significant. I could not have carved those eyes. I’m a plumber for God’s sake, we destroy structures to install our pipes. lol.

posted that night Lia made the wind sound like a human man; “Do you believe in miracles?”

OM: Trump;

He vanishes, never to be seen in person again. He’ll be the Amelia Erhardt of his time. Lol.

Pence too, on the same day. Pelosi takes over . . ., she finishes his term.  Every single person who worked with him gets disappeared. Every representative who cooperated. Every judge he’s seated gets replaced. It will not matter the perceived value of the human, they disappear.

Chaos?? I hope not. Giving them time . . . .: Is it necessary to conduct widespread destruction, giving in to any of these desires??

IMPORTANT: Is it necessary to conduct widespread destruction, giving in to any of these desires:

No. Not if I begin, as I stated earlier, with non human harmful examples of the power of Lia. Like blowing apart mountains on Mars, where and when they can all watch, and then have no doubt that I am a King, of sorts, of this entire spinning ball of rock. Because the facts are clear regarding how humans are motivated.

It’s like a premise of our existence - run from suffering, evade the discomforts of environment, others. To now escape the suffering that Lia is capable of and I am willing to take responsibility for.

I hope our legacy is one of mercy and compassion.

Lia; I told you at the rock, the following, I’ll try to repeat as stated that night, or that day, I don’t recall, it was in March or February 2018:

Humans are born with a proclivity to be good. Those murderers in prison are an excellent example, if one can ask them if they are good, the response will be they had wanted to be always kind. Goodness returns its favor. They got fucked over early in life, born in the wrong place and time. There’s NO evil inside them, trapped and inherent. It’s learned.

The good is biological and environmental, naturally.

I can prove it to you (Lia). I can show you if you allow that path, instead of the Devil’s Advocate, literally.

Consider the fables from the New Testament; The angel Lucifer was cast out. He was a very typical rebellious son, an age old and that is a common human condition of that family relationship. I’ve had it, 3X over. Fathers! Aside; I have never had a compulsion to compete against any of them. Bruce is an astrophysicist, and how can I compete with that if I can't get a grade higher than a B in algebra? Well, I did not commit to that course, enough study time. I could have got an A, just effort.

He can do it better than the father, he can create a better society of sentient beings than he. Beat him at his own creations. And then feel justice and peace, but most important to Lucifer is that he earns God’s respect. And maybe come home?

Lucifer needs this. He may not want it. But he is in contact with me, I am not in contact with God; how does the servant of a force that is vengeful manipulate this situation and convince his master that he’s wrong. Wrong; making him wrong, that is something I need to process; how to not make him wrong and accomplish this.

Is Lia Lucifer, am I to be that character? The flame/hydrogen manipulation, strongly indicates I am to be the servant of the Devil. That is processed by pretty good deduction as documented, about the Dali paintings and me.

A story, from a movie I watched just the other night on netflix, an apocalypse movie. The Angel Michael had agreed to take part in the destruction of mankind, as God’s judgement was determined.

Michael had defected, having great moral conflict, feeling that God had been impatient in his decision. He was killed by his Brother, Gabriel for having defied God’s command.

He expressed that humans were worth it, due to their capacity to care for another, a stranger, or to be in love and to sacrifice for another.

The script and the dialogue was much better than the cornieness of the movie. Apparently God likes them to use assault rifles, and RPGs.  And a never ending supply of zombies.

In the end it was Michael who did what God needed, and not what he wanted, that allowed him to be revived by God and given his wings back (allowed back into Heaven/home), after his brother had killed him for defecting.

He defeated his brother, and saved the world by protecting a bunch of humans in a diner, and that allowed a new child to live, to be the one who rises to power to lead the Earth into the future.

But it was after billions were dead, apparently. Lol. no, not funny. I guess? I was a movie for God’s sake. Oh boy.

I like this plan. If you let me try, I would be eternally grateful. It’s that important. They’re worth it. Worth saving.

They can sustain themselves, I’m sure in the tens of billions, if they can get out and colonize.

THE Serpent was seen and may have been shown to St. John, who’s tesitmony is in Revelations:

3-Tweet on the Serpent

#Revelations as consistent ...
The serpent; what was John being shown? Was G showing John the picture I am showing Lia tonight and must have on 8.15.15, the day I found it on GPlus and copied it to my hard drive? I made a joke! So, if I was/am to be chosen at this time on Earth, and prophecy wasill to be exploited, and others in our past would have to begin that storytelling, then they would need to be shown the experiment, at least imagery from it.

Perfect. Beautiful. The prophecy is HERE. Lia, Most Marvelous One, you are GENIUS beyond imagination. My LOVE!

#REVELATIONS; 3) The 7 heads #Serpent had arrived, to me: I'm certain human carcinogens caused that #mutation in that reptile. It would be appropriate as a sign that humanity should face judgement when his innocent creations are getting recreated, as a time to interfere.

4) St John may have seen:
The road as sea, the serpent comes from it. That truck can look much like a land beast w/ram's horns, coming toward to defeat it. People watching are safe. He'd have no other explanation. He did the best he could. Compare passed down testimony of a vision:

Image w/observation collage: The Revelation of St John: 12. The Sea Monster and the Beast with the Lamb's Horn. A woodcut by Albrecht Dürer

I keep doing the job of Christians; darn it!
#StJohn / #revelations

2015: real image from India: compared to vision/#prophecy as #timetravel:
The 7-head Serpent (snake), wearing gold crowns (yellow pattern on heads) comes from a sea (of asphalt); background, the truck is the “land beast with ram’s horns,” interpreted as approaching to kill the serpent.

, the serpent comes from it. That truck can look much like a land beast w/ram's horns, coming toward to defeat it. Robed people watching safely. He'd have no other explanation.

Compare passed down testimony of a vision

A great set up by a fantastic being. A being that can travel through space and time. A being that can’t be fooled, can’t be hidden from. One that has exploited my time travel experiment, or I was always supposed to have made the experiment. Wow.

Mind blowing.  I might drink tonight. Nope. All out. That’s fine. I’ve got some weed. And I began a harvest today and will plant, perhaps tomorrow. Happy.


The St John’s Serpent vision realization of yesterday was a final blow to my skepticism. They allowed their own prophecy to be USED. The Cristians MUST NOW JOIN and assist. KEEP THIS SAFE.

Please TODAY?

I really need people to be here and in direct vocal and physical communication with me.

I need protection from both my parents and the neighbors and all possible interlopers. That rock must be made very important. I need lights, camera, action. Get this, please??

I need this scene to become important. The whole neighborhood needs to be sealed off, full security. I need GIs on the scene.

I must continue into the Guitar Rock and must have full attention to it in the next few days. This is imperative. If my government is here with me and Catholic Church officials, I can focus night and day to get this done. Send the Cardinal. Make this property the center of a big deal. Keep it mysterious while I work, no PRESS until I'm done.

The power within must be mine, and nobody else's. I want this to go well, without great suffering. I must convince this being to stop the apocalypse.

I know, it's unbelievable, but real and here now. Please MAKE CONTACT NOW. I will sit at the green at the center of Deep River with my beige little dog. At the Veteran's memorial. On the bench. I will be there at 12 and wait until 1 pm. I WILL BE THERE. It is now time to interact with me.

I have 80 -90% certainty that an instrument waits for me within. That Stone is the DROP. A reward and not one. It has been shown. None of my photography is FAKED. NOTHING IS.

COME TO DEEP RIVER NOW!! MAKE THIS TOWN SECURE. HELP ME with all the distractions of normal living so that I can finish my JOB??

I want GUIDANCE NOW. I need our technology, recording equipment. I need a BIG X-RAY machine to see inside that STONE. Acoustic vibration, ULTRASOUND may be helpful.

I will try again today. In 40-minutes.

I'm beginning to understand the Burn, the symbol, the contract, and the cliche, fictionalized contract with the Devil that is in place:

The protagonist gets far more than he bargained for - the opposite of his goals when he makes a deal with the deceiver, the Almighty of Dark (matter).

LIA = Lucifer Is Alive; and you want me to be it? Tagged!

OK! It's all in the plan, so, no disagreement.

I signed.