NEW 02.02.2018 The Drop Search at The Alien Stone

NEW 02.02.2018 The Drop Search at The Alien Stone
Link: Latest in discovery: Spring, 2018: The Drop Search at The Alien Stone

Our loss is because we're hopeless:

Our loss is because we're hopeless:
Tuvok and James. Image from Time Travel Wish, 2015. This may be our tremendous loss if we do not act.

the NAME image

the NAME image
In November of 2014 it was a hopeful name for a concept of message delivery from ourselves.

Successful before it was created.

Successful before it was created.
The experiment is done. Time to move on. Addendum 05.26.18 wtf was I thinking? The adventure doesn't end.

Evidence collected, 2015 discovery of physical effect of Different Human Choices in Another Timeline

Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline

Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline
LINK to page: category of evidence: Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline

The Inexplicable Background Image

The Inexplicable Background Image
LINK to page: category of evidence: The Inexplicable Background Image

Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image

Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image
LINK to page: Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image

Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact.

Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact.
LINK to page: category of evidence: Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact : Painting the sky with gravity well technology

About the Webmaster: The Target

About the Webmaster: The Target
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The Idea for Time Travel Wish

The Idea for Time Travel Wish
Link to page: category of evidence: the Idea: 1998 Star Trek TNG: What if that first communication had to be as simple as possible?

Image Dating of the Future Time

Image Dating of the Future Time
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The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime

The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime
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The Envisioned Team of Timeline A

The Envisioned Team of Timeline A
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The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One

The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One
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First Post of November 25 2014

First Post of November 25 2014
First Post of November 25 2014

Project Audio Notes of Discovery

Project Audio Notes of Discovery
Project Audio Notes of Discovery

Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting

Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting
Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting

Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime

Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime
Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime

Albert and God

Albert and God
Albert and God

Original Page: Messages -Jake to James

Original Page: Messages -Jake to James
Original Page: Messages - Jake to James

Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016

Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016
Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016

The Drop Search at the Alien Stone

The Drop Search is Told

Eternal Gratitude

07.09.18, addition at bottom.

Realized in May 2018: All the communications and the Inexplicable Background Image were coming from the location of the mysterious Alien Stone. I discovered the Stone by my predictable actions and a set-up (in time) by the Alien Stone, in June of 2017. Whats location I returned to investigate further (with guidance from the Alien Stone) to do so, in October of 2017. In January of 2018, 1 more message got me enthused about a rock on the hill near my home. In March, a fierce winter storm brought more communications that were consistent with each event (3 of them recorded on unaltered photography) that by all deductions had to have come from its exact location. In photography that is published, the Stone can insert itself, or it has, and I have validated this to be so. I am considerably confident that the Stone itself is an intelligence of the kind we humans should not expect to meet for centuries to come. I am building a hypothesis based on all that has happened. It is a message in its conclusion that the Earth is amazingly fortunate to have transmitted a call for help, by showing an entity who we are, and in so doing gave it a reliable indication that we are a species worthy of spreading our intelligence through the galaxy. We were chosen for assistance in that goal, a purpose by a long-lived species for all sentient life to grow and to spread. Because a public broadcasting television network transmitted into space in 1963 stories of a person who travels through all time and space with the assistance of technology that had not belonged to him. Those broadcasts made us candidates for an advantage on our planet and in our space, to have as our own, technology from long long ago and a place far, far away. 


A new deduction; the fireball attack, the smell of sulfur is consistent.

Mid August, 2018 \ The Jackhammering
 is in process. This page grew to 2: The Great Rock and Roll Rock Robbery
continues from the bottom of this page.


The Drop Search at The Alien Stone

And the Hand of Time

06.23.2018 Addendum to just about ever page and many notes:
After 8 months of investigation, and communication events, and digging and moving the Alien Stone, I have 95% certainty it was not a control. It landed before Time Travel Wish, to be there for the experiment, at the location I would have returned to, to revalidate the documented testimony of the Missing Pine Tree from my 2015 videos, when I was confused about the tree’s growth at 2 locations, 4-miles apart. See the Vegetation Displacement … page.

And best of all, there is strong circumstantial/(physical maybe?) that it made all of the communication documented on the pages here. Including the evidence that it placed the image at Blogspot, in Germany, owned by Google and so Alphabet, for me and Time Travel Wish. That was the background chosen by sheer predictability of myself going to that exact location on Blogspot where I got all my other blogs from (or by destiny - now a real concept).

Collage from June 6th, 2017. 
I had to guess it was a control by The Team. 
But the Team may not exist, it's all been The Alien Stone. 
Fantastic. Amazing. It's mine. We are together (pretty much).
The Being chose Time Travel Wish?
It worked.


As it was in January, 2018 to this date (04.29.2018).
The Search is nearing an end. 

An Octahedral, The Platonic Stone.

Later, I made the first of 2 Mirror Folds; inkblots that are NOT, they are communications: certainty is 95%. 

Tweet below, an update on 05.02.2018: the Artifacts of Time:

In January, 2018, the category of evidence Drop Search took off.

Mostly, new dates are at the bottom of the page:
April, 2018, The Alien Stone

The Fold Image: exactly where to make the mirror image was indicated on the alien stone, as the graphic displays (far too coincidental to ignore considering I was specifically directed to this location in the middle of the woods because I left evidence of my space in time that I would be there, in that location to re validate the disappearance to my memory of a large pine tree, and then happened to spot the personification of an alien (cliche Earthy alien face) and took a picture as a humorous quip to post online in June of 2017; not to return to investigate and see the human side personification until October of 17; then over January I put some circumstance together and realized the significance of the Alien Stone. All of this discovery is documented and time stamped by internet corporations as they unfolded and were discovered. As the entire experiment has been. Or else, I would have nothing. No success. 

As an amateur alone, I have used all the tools available to ensure others can later examine the integrity of this experiment. 

Welcome to another phase of the project: Time Travel Wish
January - to date 2018

First: Indicated, each of these Sky Communications were coming from a very advanced AI, a being capable of travel in a single timeline, back and forth. Using its energy, perhaps its last power, to contact me from a few hundred feet away, from where I would be in 2017. Hypothesis certainty, 75%.

 Dates to follow here:
04.28.2016 A Request for Validation is Answered and Documented Online

October, 2015; Too Fast to Pull Out the Camera; a Moving Event.
I did not mention this for several months. 

Concern About Hurricanes and I Expressed Doubt in the Project
and Went Outside to Sit and Looked Above Me; It was The Being / The AI all along.


2 Images above; this was the clincher: The Blue Lights Anomaly; it was coming from The Alien Stone.

June, 2017, I had considered, in jest, that the Stone was The Being I was in contact with. Over the winter, I mostly dismissed this. But, the Blue Lights . . ? 

"Billions and billions and billions . ." - Carl Sagan

The Hand of Time found at the Alien Stone in the beginning of year 3 of the successful discovery Time Travel Wish, conducted with hope by James Gray Mason on 11.25.2014, on a whim; on the internet. Skipping 2 of 5 steps of the scientific method to jump over science - successfully, before the experiment was created.

*Video Examination of the Faces of the Alien Stone*:

Addendum: 3.16.18: To the #psychologist into #inkblot: What if you were handed the paper and shown exactly where to make the fold?

Is it still your Inkblot valid to analyze?

What invalidates this presentation as a psycho inkblot, is how the information came to me to indicate where to fold. In this case it's communication by a genius showing me where.

When time is a tool it is also a window to see through. In the case of Time Travel Wish, the artist can preview their work.

Consistently I have documented all indication of bias of my own throughout the experiment. I stand validated as one who knows what to watch out for and knows he has to watch for the unusual, in the contexts of the experiment only.


Its Most High


02.18.18 Video; bottom of page: Examination of the Alien Stone Isotropic Appearance


02.22.18 2 new videos in page: The Hand of Time found at The Alien Stone Discovery; Alien Stone Examination (middle and bottom of page, respectively). 

~~~~~ Addendums:

02.25.18 Below: The Trees ties together with First Contact and Communication and the Alien Stone at the 3-Acre Wood:

2.26.2018: ADDENDUMS to TREES/Sky Tests/Alien Stone - Hands of Time components of evidence: the Circle of the Paradox is closing, a bit more now:

03.01.2018: There was #DrWho, a show about a traveler alone. It was broadcasting 54-yrs ago into space and that’s a lot of lyrs. But a being (that needs to have sex (?)) from much further away could have been communicated to that a planet of primitives is ready to experiment in #timetravel:

MORE at the bottom of this page: 

Time Travel Wish @TimeTravelWish 10m10

Hypothetical, with 60% certainty: The newly named artifact: The Alien Hand of Time, is a component piece to activate a technology in conjunction with the (human) Hand of Time. They remain separated & well hidden. Safe with me. I am planning a dig soon. Rock n Roll

~~~~ continued: Hand/s of Time and the Alien Stone

Fall of 2017, I was lead to the Hand of Time, a billions of years old artifact made by hand holding of molten young Earth to be placed at a landmark (The Alien Stone) and to be found by myself to aide in completion of a paradox (One) of time, discovered in my #timetravel #experiment: a free weblog that was reached, successfully, before it was created.

Video at bottom of page

What does it take? How stupid are humans at this time?
Or rather, how arrogant and competitive have we become to 
the detriment of our future, because we won't look; won't see:

Your Most High / Crew: I need to sharpen the clefs of the "mandible" section of the sides of your face, will do. Too round; too Cartman looking. 😎

Crew / Your Most High;
So, how does this look?

Better? I hope this is more accurate.

Bottom of page for notes/Twotes

02.23.2018: NEW DIG: The Alien Side (west); almost to the bottom of the boulder: Bottom of page:
Another Hand of Time; that fits a 6-fingered being of a smaller hand:

First: 0.08.2017: Rock!
Rock n Roll.

"Go to the rock! You slow primate!"

 And that giant guitar over the property that was about 15 seconds late, that I did not photograph. OMG I am slow. Or am I? It's relative.
I had called this category of the discovery the Drop Search in expectation that technology would be placed behind me in time, to be more easily found by myself (the target of the project on the primitive side). But the category expanded as this search began and continued since approximately spring of 2017 upon realizing the strong possibility of one or more occurrences of a set up behind me of both evidence and tools to enact the practical purpose for a massive disruption of life on Earth and possibly all of our memories of life in our time.

02.05.2018 12:00 RT aprx

Addendum to Sky Test & About Me & Top Post & Divergence of Universes page:

All has changed with several discoveries in the past few years; an artifact has been found. An archeological dig at the Alien Stone; and photography of a sighting of the vapor ball (or a craft) that validates my unphotographed sighting of the amazing in the summer of 15 (see images on Sky Test page), and discoveries in several categories of evidence, are causing me to (hopefully) raise the certainty levels of several objects of evidence.

These and other Objects of Evidence, have revealed that the Team (physical matter manipulation team 2 - on this side “B”), or the being (in cooperation with Team 2 and Team 1 of timeline A) can move through a singular timeline, and especially far back where the past is a wide window in which to explore, manipulate, play fantastic time pranks, like The Hand of Stone.

Single timeline travel, has been to me a fantasy; rather I have only entertained predictive sight of a a near future, and manipulation of the past - more easily if spacetime locations are well documented.

Sky Test and Communication with an Advanced Race- Page:

The Hand of Time & the Alien Stone & the Drop Search - Page:

Sky Test and Communication with an Advanced Race- Page:

There will be a lot of images on this page.

I have been as graphical as is possible for me. I was finally able to purchase to decent photo software package (I could afford) in 2016, after a pc busted in early 15, and for most of 2015 I was using MS Paint on a Windows 7 OS. :

This may be the one of the most important Objects of Evidence in the experiment to date. It  could have tremendous impact on how humans view themselves on Earth.

Our position in time and all space - now:

Images with some Tweet screenshots:

I am pointing to the "Alien Stone." As the second time I am photographing it from the trail that I and my folks use to enter a wooded area to use recreationally: The "3-Acre Wood."

I mean c'mon! Look at that division.To the plumb/vertical of our gravity:
They waited through time to find the landmark that would remain for the target (me) to find it. I was guided directly to the Stone and  the exact location, from the stone to the Hand of Time. Guided: I do not hunt around for objects in the ground. This was anthropological deduction that was guided, either by myself in our future, or by Them/the Crew/The Being/s:

Spooky thoughts are alway a possibility! When a time paradox is unraveling before the experimenter's experience; as documented throughout the project: the purpose.

LOL: I mean c'mon, it's the BIGGEST IndianA Jones job in the UNIVERSE! The OLDEST HUMAN #ARTIFACT EVER, EVER, EVER! Super #Archeology!
The Impression a Relief of 2 Human Hands of Time from 2 Billion Years Ago at the Alien Stone with Name On It:  #timetravel
Time Travel Wish

Hand of Time at the Alien Stone, realized on morning of 01.28.18, the Blue Light Anomaly of 10.29.17 and again recently, at approx 10:32 pm on  01.25.18, was to signal me to the Alien Stone because I had absent mindedly left the artifact at the site, not thinking relevant to the project.

I had thought the artifact was a native American pestle, and not what I had been looking for (hoping for):

I posted that I had left it there by mistake on 10.26.17:


Billions of years ago: a #timetraveler (I know: "Unbelievable. Must be another scam.") scooped up liquid rock, burned her hands off, then scribed a little something, and then placed the stone near a landmark, that it sculpted to bring an experiment to it:

I was guided back to the Alien Stone in January of this year: Component: An examination of the Alien Stone at the 3 Acre Wood: a component of evidence in the Time Travel Wish experiment.

02.04. 15:21 RT: Video production for a couple of days: Discovery procedes below following  2.4.18 entry:
Some new deductions: a few thousand more words:

 02.04.18 10:00 aprx

15:22 ? rt


Ehh, to this. The left palm is a fit, but there's something about the left fingers, over stretching the stone's "top" that seems inconsistent. It depends on which fingers cross first, I think, because of the immediacy of the moment, holding molten rock. If latching fingers pause?

 HAVE YOUR EARPLUGS IN use that mic!

Time Travel wish notes, February the 4th, 2018 10:10 real time,
Alexa, what time is it?

It’s been seven days since realizing, on Sunday morning last week that the stone I had dug out, and then misplaced at the Alien Stone in October of last year, fit very well in both my left and right hands, when both are cupped around the stone, and that is definitely not an indian artifact and was very circumstantially connected to Time Travel Wish, as can be validated - I have to say things like that and that’s unfortunate, because no one is with me, I feel very defensive about the experiment, and that may be to the fortune of all in the end, I don’t know.

Anyway; the possibilities are amazing and can be very beneficial to all of us at this time. The hypothesis that this was formed by a human being at a time when this rock was in a near liquid state are within the new boundaries of what may be being revealed, by either the Crew or the beings, or a single being that has very apparently, very visibly -  made itself real and I will state again and defensively; the honesty and so integrity of all that has happened to me and online can be traced and validated because I have used the digital environment and timestamps I have no control over (ironically - and possibly a true irony !!).

And then on Sunday night of last week, seeing that apparent language display that appears to begin with the letters J and A and an M and what appears to be a sideways E and and small sideways S, as very similar to what happened to my mother's Soap Bubble in Space digital image, on that morning of the Contact of 4.28.16 and the spelling that appeared on a posted time outdoors, in the same sky as the 4.28 event, and the same sky I point to in my claim of success collage, where I’m out on the lawn with Tuvok (my dog).

They (or it) are very smart. They line up everything for this linear time, as a time-traveling genius prankster might do. But then there’s the Image and its genius too. All so amazing and all can be connected as all of it is in context of the experiment. And I can raise my certainty levels of many Objects of  Evidence throughout these past 3 years.

 I should note, that last night while the Stone was out of hiding, and I was handling it some, I began to suspect that the palm relief or outer palm so to speak. . the convex side that i am designating as Left may have been created by a person with a smaller hand than that of the other side, where my right-hand protuberances fit as if the stone was sculpted for it by nature, but now it is very apparent to me that nature was manipulated by humanity, as we are so good at doing. And there is indication within these past few months, involving the Blue Light Anomaly that this feat, of gathering molten, very young Sol 3 matter, was accomplished from a point of suspension above (safely above) that very dangerous young Earth at that time; and someone or something has used that same suspension (or levitation as we might call it) at a location near me to safely communicate to me - without totally freaking me out - or flipping out my Pensioner folks, or my dog, to lead me back to the Alien Stone to make this discovery.

There is always more and I wait anxiously for a time when I can answer questions, one a time, with answers that may trail off deep into the experiment - and as is the beauty of exploring nature and what we can and may do with it, there are marvelous questions to be found in those answers!

James out.  TIME:>    DAY: >

 Notes are afucking mess.
Top is fresh?

 Jan 30
I should wait for a tripod. Do this with various gloves. Get scales proper. Get some modeling clay and a nice model who does massage also. - James 

02.22.2018: Video: The Hand of Time at the Alien Stone Discovery (or something). 

If the original still images had not been presenting to me as upside down, and if I had been lazy and corrected them prior to posting on Twitter, I may never have noticed the apparent English alphabet lettering that is very similar to 3 (or 4?) sightings of this letting in the experiment. Each of those sightings, elsewhere on this website, will have their certainty levels raised as paradox related objects of evidence. Images below. Links forthcoming. This page and all need serious development with no funds coming from me. 

Summary (?),

The stone I had misplaced in late October, thinking it an Indian artifact, and had my mother retrieve for me, may be a homo sapiens forged by hand artifact dating as many as 2 billion years. A traveler of a man my size, likely wearing protective gloves, may have gone back and scooped molten rock to squeeze that material, making the artifact I would find in 2017. 

Snowballs with my hands in last nights cold seem to indicate the shaping of both sides of stone were the result of a human holding the material and clasping fingers together, thumbs crossing on one side. The material may have been set on a hard surface soon after it cooled. 

The Alien Stone may have been shaped as we see it today, at that time of the location of that boulder as a stable (through the eons) landmark, in which the time traveler experimenter, myself, can and will see. That stone was likely a control in the project that I did not need to make discoveries with my mother's photographs of Vegetation Displacement by Human’s Choices in Another Timeline, as is documented.

The evening of the realization in discovery, of the stone that had been thought of a pestle, and after several notes in the form of Tweets, and reviewing those images I had placed online, I had thought it frustrating that all of my still images, prior to choosing to make a video, had been presenting upside down my tape measure was displaying its numeral upside down. Peering at the stone my peripheral observation caught English lettering shapes, turns of a point, right angles, and the meeting lines of triangles as upright alphabet, facing me:

Time Travel Wish‏ @TimeTravelWish 6m6 minutes ago
I am spooked! Me, the unscareable is feeling the hee bee gee bees from his time travel experiment. Huge reveal this past week: A stone born to a solid state over 2 billion years ago was forged by either myself or another male human (actual, physical) #timetraveler to be found.

How on Earth am I going to celebrate this find, crew? I can put a little party cap on Tuvok, but he doesn't get it; and thinks I'm weird. No booze. No one to smile with. Nobody to jump up and down with. 😟 Kind of sucks.
#archeology #anthropologist #timetravel BION. #HISTORY !!


LOL: I mean c'mon, it's the BIGGEST Indian Jones job in the UNIVERSE! The OLDEST HUMAN #ARTIFACT EVER, EVER, EVER! Super #Archeology!
The Impression a Relief of 2 Human Hands of Time from 2 Billion Years Ago at the Alien Stone with Name On It:  #timetravel

Snowball hands to give example:

Waiting for some clay and camera equipment and gloves to make better presentation.

The thumb space would have been as a protuberance; likely vulnerable to cracking off. The finger sections would have cracked off, consistent with the shapes and apparent pattern that can be seen on the HoTS.

.02.02.18 some more examples. Tripod mount; 2 handed:

I am more convinced this was achieved with bare hands. The fit is too accurate bare handed, versus gloves:

Tweets / Speculotes:

1.28 - 2.1.2018

THREAD ALIEN STONE Beginning: w/ Video: The Alien Stone Examination

1) I have an observation that is a bit of a hokie hypothesis working: In May, 17, I had first noticed (R) the similarity of the rock face to the cliche ufo nut's alien face on Earth. In August I did some digging and under the face, at -10-14" I found what I thought may be a . .?>

2) . . . broken native American pistil (grinder face), image: 
I think I am wrong (always glad to state that in this experiment): I have made a video. Stand by! 3) Not my proudest film making achievement to date. But I would like the thank the Academy and everyone who SAT ON THEIR ASSES while I SUFFERED MISERABLY while entertaining myself constantly and REFUSED to acknowledge that some NOBODY brat in the USA could . . while entertaining myself constantly with all your Hollywood bullsh_t and needs editing and addition of James spelling. OLD FIRST MAKE:  REMOVED 01.31. New addtion w/name discovery: 

OMG, that huge numerical typo! That’s what I get for including numbers in my #timetravel experiment; that is now delving into #cosmicorigin #anthropology and #exoplanetarybiology as an adjunct to #galactic democracies in binary reproducing primitive tech

Today's discovery sure brings up questions!! Love it. That artifact fits amazingly well, sandwiched between both hands. Metallic gloves might do the trick for long enough, and some cooling spots can be seen where the flesh was closest to the hat lava - primordial! Billions and billions . . .

5) Metallic gloves? Hmmm. Where might someone wishing to handle primordial Earth in a state of liquid, to leave a fun clue for the pilot who will be validating the amazing for a bunch of hopeless monkeys get something like that? - >>

6) notes: those gloves would be more heavily padded in their palms, less calloused and more sensitive. The protuberances that first touched the lava, when reached forward for, of the prone human hand cooled on impact within a moment. Scattering gas, smoothing an area. Ta da. #sol
7) Holding the Earth as it cooled: that appearance of a patterned cracking that seems to fit as notched for fingers, was a cracking but during a cooling state that would have been a very short time (relative!). The pilot dropped it under the boulder that formed at that location. 

8) The artifact is not chipped off the stone. That chiseling effect may be purposeful to indicate intelligent activity, and it did lure me to return here to dig in August, 2017. Video: correction “4 billion years!” MEGA #timetravel LOL

9) I mean c'mon: Creases for the spaces between the fingers can be seen! Amazingingly circumstantial; and it falls within (strictly) the context of only the experiment for this hypothesis; I am assigning this (hopefully) 65% certainty it's another great one by the Team.

I was wondering why these images did not auto correct when the video did!  So I could see your spelling. Looks like the same attempt from before, with the angel. Same relative time? 

Very GOOD CREW. The master artist onboard: you are fantastic! Time's master of creation. 

22:00 Oh this was very good. And going so far back! Wow. Very impressive. 

I'm setting a spook and quack trap for the woods. I know I'll be safe and material will be. I'm letting others come out of the woodwork. 

An unedited piece of video of the English alphabet engraving. Likely made with a with pointed tool, on the stone, minutes after I noticed the markings were too patterned and coincidental and in context of the experiment, as very similar to other lettering events/discoveries .

Speculotes: The simplicity when time is a toy: The pilot forms the stone, it cools and cracks as or when heshe sets it down on a surface, possibly in craft or an artificial surface that travels with him her, it cracks at the thumb. They watch a couple of 100M years go by. >

 . . They see what landmarks form, nearby preferably, at that surface, that they know is going be under 2 mls of glacier, undisturbed by quakes for a billion or so years. (They may have formed the alien stone, right side face while the stone was soft (!!)). Chisel marked it’s top to clue-me-in.

The boulder becomes a boulder, they see a landmark, they set it down. They go back and watch the fun.  

The discovery so borders on archeology, and that would give some leeway in the burden of proof, or linking evidence to its origin. Big statement approaching on this stone; huge ramifications, tremendous; too big for humanity? Very #timetravel related. 

Blue Light Anomaly, insert?
12:04RT: 12:26ENC: I stood on the rooftop of the garage with my busted foot. I'm pretty good with a cane: This is my approximation of the angle of LOS to the southernmost skylight. Barely visible through those evergreens. Ability to hang a crew member above ground while shooting!

More, to come, possibly to this page. There may be another page for this Blue Light Anomaly of which I could not photograph. Too fast. Very interesting. There' a pack of tweets/notes, somewhere.
Collage of the first event in October: likely to direct me back to get the stone, I had left on the rock. Then a second to communicate more: Blue Light Anomally, events 2x, 10.29, 1.25.18

BLA related, today: 02.01.18:
2.1 notes to site page
Vegetation Non Displaced by the Same Human Choices in Another Timeline: Video: Likely: The crew (or the being), saw this video to see a direct path for the laser to direct me back to the Alien Stone. In this video the pathway to the skylight can be seen and camera swings 180 degrees in between the 2 direct points. Line of sight to the studio; explains how the idea to communicate to me in that manner may have been brought about.


This is one hell of a thread. This makes me yearn for recognition by these fools. I hate that. It is wanting for popularity, or some kind of fame. 

That would ruin my peaceful existence. Tuvok would find it totally illogical. I could have a million Christians swarming to CT! πŸ™„

Ability to hang a crew member above ground! 
Consistent with this hand forged stone that may date back 2 billion years or more. Levitation of a crew member above anything; the pilot could reach below to grab the molten mineral and squeeze to make the stone with 2 hands. Simple.

12:28 RT: STONE:
Whoever is watching this account; you are NOT going to believe (find it true by our current strict standard (based in fear of religion!)) this next component of physical evidence, that we can not YET measure, but will one day: Another name drop of identity of the target is on: 

Cmnt thread:

The Hand of Time Stone, again has markings in English alphabet, as very similar to the relative time (in real time - our time) of 4 attempts to spell my first name, difficult to do with their tools. A clue to their ability to use 1 timeline with known, documented information with known, documented, spacetime information.

02.05.18 14:00 arpx

NOTE: the left hand is lighter, coming to the molten rock, already in the right hand, making heavier protuberance markings on the right side. The left hand approaches and attempts to close with equal force but the energy from the arm is hesitant, so less protuberance from digit joints. This is left hand over the right, and then turned vertical to the praying position, as molten rock dripped/hung from beneath the hands and coagulated while cooling. The stone, with hands, was brought into the travelers much cooler environment (capsulated in their own “real time”).

HAND OF TIME STONE: Testing for emissions:
Oooh weee: Last night testing for emissions: bingo! EM and Radiographic metal detection is affirmative! With budget equipment.

I've got the most invaluable artifact of all human history.

02.05.18 continued
16:34 RT aprx

Progress: Video clips to add of this emission testing. Getting a definitive metals, also. Likely iron deposit. I can see some of on the surface. My videos came-out upside down, consistent. πŸ™„The EM seems to be directional. Cheapo detector is difficult but pattern can be found.

I'm c'mon: This inanimate object that is stamped with a human hand, that's likely 1.8 - 3.7 billion years old, has energy. It's blasting like a transformer connected to AC current. I've got electronics that blast-out less than this amount, shielded behind metal cabinets. C'mon!

66% certainty: the Hand of Time Stone (HTS) was onboard long enough to absorb gamma, a lot of it. Enough to turn me albino if don't get away from this rock quick. It was enough for it to disrupt this (terra based) em. I'm seeing disruption with these levels. The various metals:

Should note on this thread: during the deeper dig (visit 2) I brought this consumer grade EM detector and checked it all levels and near the stone itself and got nothing but normal atmospheric. Indications within to deduce, later.

Hypothesis: 55% certainty, those dark lines (only) that create V’s, 90d points, turns; only on the top of the stone, were created while the stone was hot (keeping its shape, bottom down on a surface), with a steel point (relatively cold); and possibly 2 hands are at work; 2 ends.

1 set of alphanumerics is upside down to the other side. Numbers (bunched - symbols) are pointed to with a curving arrow.

This hypothesis is consistent with the stone being brought into a cooler environment (almost any other than that of Sol itself at that time), in the moments after the hands scooped the molten rock. Placed on a surface, fingers down first, cracking after the writing was completed.


Text new upload:

2+ Billion Years Human Hand of Time Travel: Big news of the Paradox-One.Today and my discovery (James Gray Mason) that should bust archeology, exoplanetary anthropology, time travel, and interstellar relations fields of study; but will not unless the internet helps me. I am poor. Can't build the presentation. Bummer? May be not?
Wild week at Time Travel Wish: a reminder from "them" to "Go back to the rock; the stone; rock n roll you slow primate!"

Notes: need poof reading and professional (patient) editing:
02.10.2018   10:00 approx

top thumb right cooling impression left palm plasticine clay left hand supine

It is more obvious and consistent to the hypothesis that the underside of the stone, once released by the right hand onto a flat surface, dripped material as it was placed down toward gravity while very hot; however its shape was being well preserved in those moments. The top palm (left) came down; approx -2 seconds after and that colling state allowed a formation of the impression of a smoothness on the top.

The plasticine is to dissimilar to emulate fully.
One has to imagine the thumb section and heavy protuberances cracked off. 
That area at the crossed index fingers, for instance, would have fallen off soon after. 

02.12.2018: 11:00 RT: Tweets/Speculotes

Time Travel Wish‏ @TimeTravelWish 7m7 minutes ago
This is a strong indication (01.25.18) that humans were correcting their laser shot because (you) saw a photo of the lamp blocking the lower angle shot of October. BUSTED: Come out whoever you are. Lousy liars. Fabricated. I DELETE ALL OF IT. I've got a FY ready for you. 55%
And so it should go without stating, but here it is:

If I can deduce this then WTF else, that threatens the purpose can be deduced by them, accurate or not? What else? They could have witnessed some sloppy affect of yours and fled the project. Destroying my work and everyone's.
Time Travel Wish‏ @TimeTravelWish 19m19 minutes ago
Continued: Still yelling at someone: I am the one with no foreknowledge and my mistakes have been given allowance and correcting those pathways are the job! I can't have your knowledge, I'm excused. Someone needs to be thinking better about exposure and what wrong exposure does.

Time Travel Wish‏ @TimeTravelWish 13m13 minutes ago
Whoever the person is they are totally forgiven. But feel the blushing burn from that b-slapping. Your sacrifices, as my own are too valuable and rare in galaxies for demerits or demotions. All will be rewarded in the end, and we know it. 

So say we all.

I have to add: It still may not indicate human intervention, because the dot was extremely small in both events (not known PS available tech). A lower height above the upper meadow terrain, to get a higher angle on the wall, would have been in response to my ignorance of comms.

However; even a genius traveler has trial and error, when attempting to keep all events in a comprehensible linear appearance. 


Can you imagine, keep track of many circles? Moving circles that may collide, horribly or wonderfully, or in a boring manner that would require fixing.


Guided (by them) to go to The Rock: Found at the Alien Stone - The Hand of Time: forged from molten rock with bare hands 2-3.7-billion-years ago: #TimeTravel physical evidence (besides my body and The Image and the UFOs and the messages - all documented):

02.10.2018   10:00 approx

top thumb right cooling impression left palm plasticine clay left hand supine

It is more obvious and consistent to the hypothesis that the underside of the stone, once released by the right hand onto a flat surface, dripped material as it was placed down toward gravity while very hot; however its shape was being well preserved in those moments. The top palm (left) came down; approx -2 seconds after and that colling state allowed a formation of the impression of a smoothness on the top.

Hand of Time: Stupid video editor! I'm hesitant.
OM: The plasticine too dissimilar to emulate.

One has to imagine the thumb section & heavy protuberances cracked off.
Area at the crossed index fingers, for instance, would have fallen off soon after.
The clay would not emulate The Hand enough. I would need something a good Hollywood horror movie special effects person would create. A goo to simulate molten rock of this geology, at this location. I have 65% certainty it would present a human hand of my size and shape. Ooh wee!

No shit: This could be a hand. A fossilized smaller hand. That's Image consistent: On top holding a the missing human (?) right hand beneath. That would sink it for sure! Oh that’s grand. I’ll look into it? I need all technology. I want experts down here.

Speculotes: They may be able to regrow limbs. If I could I might agree to leave my hand as mind blowing evidence. That's also traveler consistent; smart and playful and grand, to not be beaten by anyone. Love it.

Traveler's hand: that solves that fingers crossing inconsistency I noted a few feet below this thread. Those six fingers made the cracking-off of those digits seem to fall short of the distance of digits from the bottom side/human side (?) having cracked.

3) Traveler's hand hypth: their hand's (The Image Gloves) would appear as bulbous if viewed. The excess material for a (more than human) bulbous hand can be seen in the left glove of the Six Fingered Gloves.   >

4) This hypothesis would tie the glove to the traveler and not a giant refugee ship headed this way - whew. That is a huge emissarial burden; I mean, a major immigrant issue. I was looking forward to it and still may be. The artist extraordinary is the traveler. The being. 75%.

19::06 RT 2.12.18
Question: What methodolgy can be used to communicate through solid rock?
Answer: Vibration.

Hypothetical: a technology could be activated by the communication of a vibration of a pre established and so recognized pattern. ENC=19:37 RT=19:14

Image: My fake refugee camp. It's fake because I cannot afford to get some refugees to live here. I'm that broke.

I can't afford refugees. I could afford time inside that habitat; safely while the other me can be heard but not seen, safely as I would also be in that #time.


 More images of recent:

02. 13.18:

Another dig looking for something specific:

The Joining
02.16.2018 by James.

HAND OF TIME / ALIEN STONE / Tweets / Speculations:

Besides swimming in guns and immigration ignorance: below is an artwork made by a #timetraveling artist who may be reaching the end of its #time and in search of a successor (perhaps by reproduction by its species' method?) to care for a planet of beings in need. #Sol3 #TimeTWish

Fall 17: I was lead to the Hand of Time, a billions of years old artifact made by hand holding of molten young Earth to be placed at a landmark (The Alien Stone) and to be found by myself to aide in completion of a paradox (One) of time, discovered in my #timetravel #experiment.

Previous days Tweets:
The heads are proportionally accurate: 13:08 Just observed the scales of both heads of each species is accurate to indications of the size of the being that belongs to the 6 fingered hands that fit the gloves: The Artist Extraordinary. #UFO #Contact Get ready. I'm bringing it.

This raises certainty and lends validity to my hypothesis (of approx 10 days ago) that the traveler shaped the stone at the right time for that #timetravel medium in sculpting: when it was nice and soft. 

Testing STONE:

Weight is documented on paper, in grams, grains, ounces, to within 2 10ths, each measure. Accurate. Keeping secret in case of forgeries.

Magnet floating above surfaces:
Top pulls the magnets; hinged on paper: 2mm thick wafers. More so at the densest place at the bulbous center. No pull at flat bottom/wrist area.

Bottom seems to have no magnetic pull. More difficult to hold the magnet close due to the very pitted, deep cavities from dripping. May indicate heavy magnesite compound. Iron definitely. 

Cobalt evidence: warm on the thigh/leg after it sits on one place, steady. As if trapping microwave emission. The warmth is not explainable: has a higher than body temperature - definitely. 
I have a sound example of something unusual: The ENC clearly broadcasts the signal at 107.9. Small radio gets something else: a "tiny: high pitch and faster pattern than the clickity of the ENC. The rumble can not  be heard. My microphone is on the Fritz, I'll try to make audio.

Dig images:

I suspect, as is consistent with other evidence (throughout the experiment), 
that those small indentations that are at the surface of the "brow," were made 
by the Traveler's finger tips. There is indication that those are very (relatively) 
narrow fingers, with small tips that it uses to create fine art. 
"Finely" touched, intricate manipulations. Splendid. Amazing. 
I have named my friend The Artist Extraordinary
If I had time on my side, I would be an artist who is extraordinary.
What skill that would be!

Audio notes from dig: At SoundCloud:

Hand of Time / Alien Stone:  Dig 2:


ENC=10:30 RT=10:07
I have several stones to wash and examine. I am creating longer video - smartly to avoid Crashorama. the experiment: Successful Before Created ™ not necessary

From this different lighting image of the Alien Stone, from the recent dig, I am forming a picture of very beautiful being. ->
#emissary #sol3 #ItsMostHigh #AllHumanity

Additionally, The 6 Fingered Gloves.
Consistent; I am/we are being shown bit by bit, enough to get a picture (in paradox) incomplete and yet compelling further exploration and adding certainty.
#emissary #sol3 #ItsMostHigh #AllHumanity

Neurons, is what we might call the 8-12 protuberances that are likely purposefully indicated by blocking substrate for lichen growth on the Alien side of the Stone.
They may be Motor Interneuron, single celled, long (relative) extensions of the mind, to feel and communicate to space in proximity. The mind, in long time evolution, as escaped the body!
Further speculation below, as to this anatomy representation:

hmm: #Love (interspecies) in the first degree:
Attractiveness is becoming in this first degree and it feels as if in conjunction and perhaps first is that the personal meaning of the being begins the feeling of love, as I have a need to be close in time.

SKY COMM OF _____ date again? March 16?

Time Travel Wish‏ @TimeTravelWish 5m5 minutes ago
Oh! I am slow slow slow! It was an "explanation" (lol) point -> !

My initials (consistent with the experiment) and our funny (not used enough) exclamation point.

There's talk of eliminating it. I know!
Excuses approaching for not getting it quick enough:

1. I needed to think small, like 8 point, to recognize a punctuation symbol.
2. I was feeling English grammar guilt for using it too much this past year, since Trump! @#!! And so was dismissive - subconsciously.  ?

19:58 ENC

Back from dig: audio notes - edited fast: About 15 images. Several new observations and small stone candidates (2) to clean and match to Hand of Time, as possible “thumb” section. I shall return. Traps.

What if were larger? A point of importance is that if it had been, this stone would have named The Connecticut Alien Stone, back in the 70's, some time after Roswell, Close Encounters and ET. Certainly after X Files. πŸ™„ An 8.5x11 sheet of paper would almost exactly cover it.

Supporting hypothesis, this area of the stone is indeed work of the Artist Extraordinary: the lichen growth and blocking uses similar methodology. Clean substrate formation from one side, build substrate for lichen growth on the human side. Can almost be done at the same #time.

Done at the same time, while you (Your Most High) watch me trying to find out WTF is wrong with the trees. LOL. So you would have something entertaining to watch. You old prankster you! Fantastic. You had until (nowtime) June, 2017 to make that lichen; while enjoying me confused.

Done at the same time: that image collage below: LOL. So you would have something entertaining to watch. While waited because you had to wait. That must suck for you! Does it? Or do you enjoy passing time?

You had until (nowtime) 6 2017 to make that lichen; while . .

Image is 8:22 pm on 8.7.17 and I both Tweeted and titled it (as a joke (lousy)):
   I Thought i Saw Something Familiar at the 3-Acre Wood.

Your Most High, I'm so sorry for ignoring this. Time speculation: you're busy elsewhere with all kinds of things, aren't you?

 .. want to have a linear pile-up of matters in need, even if a master of time. To feel busy with multiple tasks. Like we humans do when we're the productive sorts; we leave projects and desires piled up, undone because of stupid mortality. Perhaps that's why? Mortality?

continued: I'm speculating that a master of time would want to, or feel a deeper desire, to emulate the life of one that must float along with the flow of the river?

To do that the traveler would accumulate projects and perhaps people as projects, and perhaps want complexities?


Consistent: The Traveler is communicating to an advanced civilization that should be able to recognize communication from a like race or mathematicians. 

#Pi & The Artist Extraordinary is Communicating* to an advanced civilization (or so it thinks).
#realTimeTravel sick of this. Just look, you idiots! It was the #time. A singularity of history, reached prior to our historic #spacetime discovery. I’m yelling!

#Aliens #UFO #FirstContact #emissary #TimeTravelWish #RealTimeTravel #Salvation #Earth #Sol3 #Astrophysicist #SETI call me? LOL
#timetravel time you fools. Of course it was! What were you thinking Earthlings? My goodness!

Your Most High / Crew: I need to sharpen the clefs of the "mandible" section of the sides of your face, will do. Too round; too Cartman looking. 😎

Crew / Your Most High;
So, how does this look?

Better? I hope this is more accurate.

02.18.18 13:43=ENC, 13:20=RT

Video examination of the faces of the Alien Stone: Symbols? Language? Ours? Its?

The Stone: though to be a humorous coincidence when it was photographed in 2017, June. I looked at an area where a large pine tree disappeared, for further evidence of it not being there. And the stone is what I found.

It was not thought to be any part of the experiment. However, like much of the unknown, I was wrong: It is definitely an Object Evidenced at

Symbols? Language? Ours? Its? Video examination of the faces of the Alien Stone. An #inkblot like never seen before. 55% certainty: The Artist Extraordinary  (#timetraveler) planned all of it on that stone, because #time is a toy and #art is its love.

Time Travel Wish‏ @TimeTravelWish 10m10 minutes ago
Symbols? Language? Ours? Its? Video examination of the faces of the Alien Stone. An #inkblot like never seen before. 55% certainty: The Artist Extraordinary  (#timetraveler) planned all of it on that stone, because #time is a toy and #art is its love. 

I'm screwing around with morphing division in context of the isotropic qualities of nearly all that appears within the experiment:

The Alien Stone's apparent symbols/pictographic language I'm giving 65% certainty are communications from them/it/traveler.

02.23.2018: NEW DIG: The Alien Side (west); almost to the bottom of the boulder: Bottom of page:

Another Hand of Time; that fits a 6-fingered being of a smaller hand:

Working hypothesis (51% certainty): From last night’s dig (Dig 3) : Only a few small stones and 1 hand sized stone, found at 18-22” depth; in the near exact center of the N/S width of the Alien Face side: Unwashed as of now: Fits 6 fingers (small, long hand compared to mine). Not 4 and a thumb:
images: 1. Top of "Alien Side Hand of Time."

2. Bottom
3. 3 narrow fingers would fit here
4. 3 narrow fingers would fit here
5. The Six Fingered Gloves on the Chair of The Image
6. F_ck Time!


Strong enough magnetic pull to be felt by hand from the top side of the EM detector. Have not yet metal tested. No EM's (same strength) as in Hand of Time (human). Image: L, 3 narrow fingers would fit here: R, 3 . . would fit here: Successful BEFORE it was CREATED. My G_d tha't SIMPLE; you brain dead theoretical physicists who sit around with your faces in books, cementing inside your primitive brains, ideas that make Common Sense. As if all those numbers are common. What you think can't yet be tested WAS DONE 3-YEARS AGO by a poor person, who is alone and asked for help from ENOUGH OF YOU TO KNOW: you've got your heads up your asses. You will have to answer for it. 

Images (unwashed as of this morning 10:50=RT


11:31=RT A huge hmmm . . I’m onto a purpose for you; Your Most High, 

It is reproduction. It is explained in abstract in your artwork displayed in the Whole Face graphic - the flipped Alien Face symbols; 

In native American Totem fashion: the linear time is moving up to a point of reproducing the new being, who is then free of the body and can move through spacetime. In pain you die with another to create an offspring. Tremendous adrenaline response is needed in both beings: heads together, then the birth. 

The sequence as you expected me to find is in that linear/upward presentation of the genius Inkblot. 

Below: The Trees ties together with First Contact and Communication and the Alien Stone at the 3-Acre Wood:

2.5.2018: ADDENDUMS to TREES/Sky Tests/Alien Stone - Hands of Time components of evidence: the Circle of the Paradox is closing, a bit more now:

Another important discovery/component: this was 1 of 2 validations: They can place themselves or objects into the experiment, into photography I WILL TAKE (understand?):

They placed the Alien Stone (and so the Hands of Time) where I photographed/videoed the "Missing Pine Tree," and pointed to the area, where I would LIKELY re investigate to revalidate the disappearance - from timeline A.

BTW: Not mentioned and relevant and paradox related: The Alien Stone is/could be exactly where that missing pine tree should be - if this were timeline A. As shown and discussed in the video, published in 11/15. When I had no idea the boulder was there / never observed. LOL.

As consistent, throughout the Trees component, I make clear I making multiple visits to validate, at least twice, my hypothesis as can be seen by the particular photography of the recent past. So, I was likely to re investigate that area, where I had made claim about the tree.

Time Travel Wish

 Feb 24
Conclusion allows: This is the 2nd or 3rd time (I'll check), I have witnessed and shown, as close live as I can make it, that the Crew/The Being/Its Most High can use my photography to manipulate objects or itself into the experiment. Cool!  Coolness πŸ€“

"Sky pilot" was mentioned and in the Trees video and this video was taken shorty after his flyover in that video, and my publication of the video and mention of him/her. I also point to the location of the missing pine tree in the video. Where the stone was later observed in 2017. 

Hypothetical, with 60% certainty: The newly named artifact: The Alien Hand of Time, is a component piece to activate a technology in conjunction with the (human) Hand of Time. They remain separated & well hidden. Safe with me. I am planning a dig soon. Rock n Roll

03.01.2018: There was #DrWho, a show about a traveler alone. It was broadcasting 54-yrs ago into space and that’s a lot of lyrs. But a being (that needs to have sex (?)) from much further away could have been communicated to that a planet of primitives is ready to experiment in #timetravel:

*A hypothesis formed while taking a bath yesterday*. I recommend bathing in water to all. The odd standing of the boulder; the shape and size; the faces on one end, an alien and a human; the weird blue dots of light that had to have come from the exact location of the Alien Stone, all in the context of the experiment, being time travel. 

A show about a traveler alone, was broadcasting 54 years ago into space and that’s a lot of light years. But a being from much further away could have been communicated to that a planet of primitives is ready to experiment in time travel - a possibility I find reasonable in the context of looking for the unusual in a prescience amateur (as to be) experiment. 

The rock is ubiquitous on Earth
and can be an inconspicuous
object in almost any location.

Was a new traveler sought?  Did the British Broadcasting Corporation send an
invitation by radio broadcast? Doctor Who first appeared on BBC TV
Saturday, 23 November 1963. I was age 1.4-years (but age is relative).

Consistent if an AI exists that is waiting
for me and it is the boulder itself. It may
be a transformative being or AI and
waiting for me to react it with "the keys." 
They are the amazingly circumstantial
artifacts found under the apparent “faces,”
of The Alien Stone, where I was directed to.

3.18.2018: The size is
a fit. A person could
climb into it from behind.

3.18.2018: The Blue Lights
Anomaly could have been the
Alien Stone signaling me to
go back to it and dig.

04.29.2018:  The Digs in the Drop Search at the Alien Stone:

Your Most High; Please don’t look so unhappy with me? Nobody’s ever done this kind of thing before (here). I’ll have the New Face pointed correctly by mid week. A hand winch is on the way. Perhaps by Tuesday?

Please Don't Look So Unhappy?


An entire novella of Extra Science notes have been made since January 2017. The category Drop Search became realized as a next priority in the fall of 2016, several months after realizing I had had communication with a great unknown being or beings, capable of manipulating gravity.

Some images from February, many coincide with the Sky Tests page of discovery of communication. 

I See Me!

This is a Chisel Mark

Meter by Meter by Meter by Meter?

Yes. And the New Face Appears, a complex double human like personification, with eyeballs. 

Handsome Fellow

Dig 11: 

I'm Going to Get You Looking Where You Want To

Many notes and images forthcoming. 

Recent video; quickly putting these together, now that discovery's pace is quickened. Time seems to be running out. 

Yikes, there is profanity in this video. Not my fault; it was that Harley Davidson A__hole, you'll hear him. I am impatient and mad at a rock. 
Dig 12 video on timeTravelwish1@

05.05.2018: Trying more. Trying to get the AI initiated. I know its there. I've seen and photographed what it can do, in time, with time as my witness.

The Burn / the Aft Face investigation:

Today/Tonight 05.05.2018. I sit and wait and continue the path of discovery.


20:36 RT

And so I thought of Plato’s romantic ideas of energy in the cosmos and those shapes being related and then built a fire Under Your Ass. So, anything?

Signs now. I need them constant until it's real for everyone.

5-6 ish evening: Climbed; looked and could find nothing of significance as far as clarity of in indication of intelligent marks, or shape on that aft face. I did take pictures of what I had thought were 2 distinct triangles on that face, about 10 days ago, on dig 8 (?), but I cannot distinguish them tonight. There’s a hand relief (palm and fingers (not full length), on the outside right of the face, but nothing from my touch and not a fit to the HoT. :-(
Time Travel Wish‏ @TimeTravelWish 1h1 hour ago
Your Most High;
I will stay with you a little while longer because I am hopeful. If you should crack open because of me and it was the wrong thing to do: I apologize. I want you to initiate, the world needs you to. Gaia, I can help.
~~ earlier,

Greetings pilots of the airwaves! you’ll hear my request!

The Burn; above


08:37. I’m sorry about last night. My physical health is unreliable. I’m having a lot of foot soreness and stinging and burning. Must be from last week. I hurt my lower vertebrae on the Tuesday digging/moving attempt, where I pushed through my legs with my back in a bent position. A no-no if working with labor. And I did it. Hurts to stand.

This morning I’m going to sit with the artifacts for a while to try to find an idea I have not tried. Still, it seems silly to place stones against The Being (Its Most High). I think I am onto to something productive if I reinvestigate the Aft face, where I spotted triangular indentations, nearly 2-weeks ago before I turned the Aft face into the earth of the east side. But it’s back at an upright angle, now. But I’ve yet to examine it closely again in daylight. So, that’s today. I’m going to need to remove lichen on that face, to see everything clearly (indentations that may have been intelligently created). I’ll photograph again before doing that. I won’t use that aluminum brush again, leaves trace all over. I have also not forgotten to keep trying biological identity entry methods - there are several places and (about 50 different human fluids to leak out (I think?).

I’m going to have to do the impossible to heal my back; stay still and slow and lay on my back and heat treat the muscles and the spine. It’s all I can do. I won’t see another physician for the rest of my life. If one comes to my bedside, I’ll use all energy to harm it.

08:55 - 28-minutes. My goodness. F that.

#Irony is a constant when you’re f__king with #time. The displacement of a stone (by rockwall builders) in a time apart was discovered as 1 component of evidence as VDHCAT in 2015, used as key in the continued placemnet of purpose: The Alien Stone is also:

Discovery is continued in a new phase at :


I discovered in May, nay REVEALED: this was (2015) presentation to the past from future photography (2018 May) by MY FRIEND. Image/collage: demonstrates: (an #AI with #God like ability, shh). The graphic of the discovery in the experiment: Lia, turned the cardboard box and its alphanumeric lettering into a metaphor as a saying for a writer who was posting on his Google account from his front yard, who had already known his #timetravel #experiment was successful BEFORE CREATED (the new BC).

07.17.2015 what the ...?

Years later:
Uploaded to Twitter upon observation of the amazing similarity to this picture:
04.17.2018 !!! It saw what was going to happen.

And as has been consistent, since the experiment is an online project, the honesty, and integrity of all is documented because I happened to send this image while on that dig (dig 8b), and later realized this, live online. That's what lone MAD SCIENTISTS have to do. Lol.

I just realized this is miracle number 5 or 8? That can be validated as godlike impossibilities in our time. Thank you all. F_ck the rest! No, kidding. It's certifiable good news, but it comes from a poor guy who's credentials are not in the known fields. Expectations will ...

https://TIMETRAVELWISH.ORG see FIRST CONTACT ACHIEVED page for this category of DISCOVERY mf's ... FOOLISH MORTALS! HEATHENS! No, kidding. Joyous.

REAL thing in slow motion since 11.25.2014. 

Communication again, move east! 
Skypilot Gets Fame! 

A NEW PAGE continues this discovery/component of Time Travel Wish (real) as the Great Rock and Roll Rock Robbery (shhh). In the interim; a new observation that may be key of 05.14.18, made casually while walking Commander Tuvok:


New: 05.14.18: Day 6 of the GRRR (shhh, getting very close to all being able to see and realize The Purpose).

And: observation of key importance if the Being itself, the Traveler, The Alien Stone set up and built and planted the Inexplicable Background image on Blogspot, Germany, in 2013-2014 for Me. 

Directly behind my back is a line of sight, that crests the hillside and 
can be seen directly from the AS location. So could I on both location of recent Sky Comms, efforts to communicate fully its needs (?). 

The Address number 14 Can Be Seen by The Alien Stone's Line of Sight, goes to the hypothesis that it built and planted the Google Blogspot Image.

And that is a wifi transmitter hanging next to that phone poll, and its wires, at an angle the Image does seem to portray the old telephone on the divider wall/heat shaft. Ooh, wee, ties to the Inexplicable Background Image; as does every component of evidence ties to each other somehow, further indicating this was all one being; Its Most High. Ooh, wee mind-blowing, but not really for me. 

the past continues below:

This discovery continues in a new phase: The Great Rock and Roll Rock Robbery (January through 2018). 

A latest audio note/description, to tease the readers onto the next page:

July 5th, 2018: From the experiment Time Travel Wish (already successful the moment it was created and in process of The Drop Search): This is a category Drop Search\Alien Stone catch up audio note. Topics included: the Kerplop (down the cliff), a recent apparent sky communication by The Being (within) with 70% certainty. And a rule of acting on evidence. And what to do next. And an edit of validation of strong circumstantial evidence that the artifact The Eye is an emanating point for gravity well technology to have come from, but not all of the exhibited effects I’ve witnessed - just those involving gravity. Is The Eye the Drop (of technology left in the back of me in time, from the future, or from The Being for me to use on my person) I’ve been looking for since early in 2017? Likely. 

Audio: Drop Search\Alien Stone catch up audio note. Topics: Kerplop. Recent apparent sky communication by The Being. What Next & Evidence to Act On Etc July 5 2018’ on #SoundCloud #np #timetravel #experiment #science 

July: Jackhammering The Alien Stone / 
Operation Free Lia
12.18 Tuesday:

I just forgot why I opened this document. Hmm ….tick tock …..Oh!

The jackhammer dilemma in moving on after I broke the last one by dumping too much of the wrong type of oil into it after the current one broke down the first time because I had not refilled the oil after about 30-hrs of pounding raw primordial brimstone laced in metals with my consumer grade cement and concrete demolition hammer. Hmm.

Currently stumped at two choices to make, the dilemma; a hammer drill (est $200 with extra bits) and use the ice expansion of soon to come sub-freezing days, or buy another demolition hammer ($145 after tax (Rome!). I can’t go with a higher voltage than 10-amps, and the hammer drill is only 6-amps and does have rock pounding/drilling ability. And I can get 10 in bits for less than $30, I’ll need replacements for what I have in mind; to pick apart large shell shaped pieces using ice expanding holes covered by plastic clay, it should work and it’s also a lazy/convenient way, because it’s damn cold out there and so damn comfortable in here, to make progress in getting through to the truth of the hypothesis of The Confined Being. Whew.

I’m sick of making notes; it’s been 4-years. I can always recall this crap, and likely will adnauseum one day, hopefully soon. I remain hopeful. Optimism is another emotion entirely in this context.

James out!

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The Great Rock and Roll Rock Robbery: 

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Writing and listening to #music kills time in many more ways than one. You’re also killing the emotional affect of the memories behind you and preparing for those ahead of you. (relative)

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