The Global Vapor Communication of Christmas Day 2020

The Global Vapor Communication of Christmas Day 2020
The points of evidence of the hypothesis it was for me and Sol 3.

Introduction, to date:

On 11/25/2014 Time Travel Wish had been only an experiment in time travel communication as a request for help and messaging - and due to an absence of resources only on a weblog, and various social media platforms. However, many indications reveal it was successful before the time of its creation.

Conducted with the bias of hope, by an artist with an idea to be reached. A time apart (had) chosen an unwitting test pilot to validate success. The amazing has occurred repeatedly. 2018-19: MIND BLOWING; the Being is using Biblical prophecy. Discovery by James Gray Mason.

Honesty was important from the beginning. I have documented with photography almost all of what has happened to me. Anyone can inspect the integrity of my claims (and that photography as untouched by any software fakery). The physical and circumstantial evidence is multiple times validated to my satisfaction, but the world has been too skeptical, as it all is unbelievable in our time, and that is one of many true ironies of time travel.
January 1 2021:
World Peace, if it can be achieved, is opposite of what the future is showing us in the imagery meant for this experiment and ready to view the instant this internet project began, truthfully; from my experiment Time Travel Wish, a worldwide radiation report is being shown on the old TV (that emits radiation).

As is well documented here, my hopeful bias had interpreted this as rain for Africa, sorry.

Slightly frowning face

A Global Radiation Report

A Global Radiation Report
"James, there is too much radiation to exist here." The message decoded.

Lucifer in the Background Image

Lucifer in the Background Image
Lucifer in the Background Image

NEW 02.02.2018 The Drop Search at The Alien Stone

NEW 02.02.2018 The Drop Search at The Alien Stone
Link: Latest in discovery: Spring, 2018 - 2019: The Drop Search at The Alien Stone & The Great Rock and Roll Rock Robbery

Our loss is because we're hopeless:

Our loss is because we're hopeless:
Tuvok and James. Image from Time Travel Wish, 2015. This may be our tremendous loss if we do not act.

the NAME image

the NAME image
In November of 2014 it was a hopeful name for a concept of message delivery from ourselves.

Successful before it was created.

Successful before it was created.
The experiment is done. Time to move on. Addendum 05.26.18 wtf was I thinking? The adventure doesn't end.

Evidence collected, 2015 discovery of physical effect of Different Human Choices in Another Timeline

Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline

Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline
LINK to page: category of evidence: Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline

The Inexplicable Background Image

The Inexplicable Background Image
LINK to page: category of evidence: The Inexplicable Background Image

Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image

Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image
LINK to page: Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image

Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact.

Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact.
LINK to page: category of evidence: Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact : Painting the sky with gravity well technology

About the Webmaster: The Target

About the Webmaster: The Target
LINK to page: category of evidence: About the Webmaster: The Target

The Idea for Time Travel Wish

The Idea for Time Travel Wish
Link to page: category of evidence: the Idea: 1998 Star Trek TNG: What if that first communication had to be as simple as possible?

Image Dating of the Future Time

Image Dating of the Future Time
Link to page: category of evidence: Image Dating of a Future Time

The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime

The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime
Link to page: Speculations: The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime

The Envisioned Team of Timeline A

The Envisioned Team of Timeline A
Link to page: Speculations: The Envisioned Team of Timeline A

The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One

The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One
Link to page: The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One

First Post of November 25 2014

First Post of November 25 2014
First Post of November 25 2014

Project Audio Notes of Discovery

Project Audio Notes of Discovery
Project Audio Notes of Discovery

Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting

Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting
Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting

Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime

Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime
Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime

Albert and God

Albert and God
Albert and God

Original Page: Messages -Jake to James

Original Page: Messages -Jake to James
Original Page: Messages - Jake to James

Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016

Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016
Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016

Drop Search: The Great Rock and Roll Rock Robbery

First, 5 or so pictures below to summarize what this page, and then in the months and then 2-years proceeding, 3 or 4 more pages that further make my discover epic in our history, and to become in our near future. And time travel documentation can have long sentences, and seeming ungrammatical placements of many commonly used time-related words, but they are proper:

The Burn Test original images on a separate page, these can be inspected for Time Elevation and location, if downloaded from this Blogspot page: PAGE LINK to come.

How can one be successful as a time travel experimenter with no technology but the internet to use to find time travelers that can make the experiment successful before it was created? 

In 2014 the answer was this meager website that humbly asked for help from a "time apart." Hope was necessary, and truth prevailed in November 2014. In 2016 this experiment documented physical evidence of a traveler, and an adventure began. I am James Gray Mason, and totally unqualified in quantum mechanics.

Pretext: It’s all strongly related to contacting a being that has shown multiple indications it can move its presence through time, to communicate:

I noticed the Alien Stone: I thought it a geologic coincidence to modern UFO culture’s stereotypical Gray aliens; or, reasonably a control of many to lead me to the 3-Acre Wood to validate Vegetation Displacement:

Suspecting the Sky communications (100% certainty they were by intelligent design, came from this area above my home, I began excavation to find amazing synchronicity of appearances to the experiment, to Earth metric measurement, and geometric beauty, in 1 of the strongest shaped on Earth, of a metal laced boulder of Brimstone:

I chose to steal the rock from the inside edge of private property, across blocked in town property through bramble and trees, thundering down a cliff onto the property belonging the D and MoM units, home:

From my phone in April 2018; The Drop Search became The Alien Stone phase. And wonders occurred. 

A year or more, and after demolishing the boulder during this now 2-year phase of the project, called The Drop Search, I have found 2nd validation, that it’s likely that 1 of Earth’s most popular religions is being exploited, as I had written about in my science fiction, unfinished but uploaded the texts of the book, with some graphics on Google servers and had promoted it before it was finished on Twitter and Facebook, and a weblog of the same template as the Novel’s site, at

It's Bosch, not Dali, I need to correct this:

The Burn Test, May 5 2018

On the Hill, in a 5-foot hole;

an attempt to crack the sculpture out of deep time.

10-months later, I examined what I thought was a wild coincidence. Still, it was ANOTHER hydrogen manipulation to a subatomic level, beyond time, for me, because I uploaded a selfie from this space and time. 10 photos demonstrate this fantastic time (at that time, I had thought only amusing). 

@TimeTravelWish, since June 2015 13,000+ Tweets


Many Tweets will serve as evidence of discovery.


A role of either a demon-type character, or the antiChrist character is wanted, and or has already been chosen, and fully communicated to, primarily using the internet and its location; and perhaps waiting in place, in my view for a time that in our experience maybe hundreds of millions of years:

The Great Rock and Roll Rock Robbery:
It has to be stolen. That is consistent. It will be mine.

Have some respect for my images and please don't view this site on your smartphone?

updates at bottom: The Devil's Head is Removed, 03.28.2019
Drop Search: The Great Rock and Roll Rock Robbery
(the GRRRR)
Me: June 6th, 2018, about 65' west.

04.09.2019: Collage below: The LATE Time Travel Experimenter, gets the clues, nearly 2-years later:

So embarrassing! Image title: What the Slowpoke Time Travel Experimenter Should Have Known! ... by the end of 2017, when I first spotted that cliche Alien face on that boulder! Mega Doh! It worked out. I determined it had to be stolen and brought home.

"A rolling stone gathers no moss."



UPDATE, no text entries yet. Notes are compiling:

sent to Twitter,via cellular via iphone

an exploration of what She did - to warn me.Was I in time?
5.5.2018 Sent via Twitter from the site of Dig 14

An insertion by _____ Lia?
OR the AIL:

It's a SKULL of a HUMANOID, FUSED into the Brimstone!

The HEAD was removed above at the brow line, above the eyes.

1 of the first pictures upon realizing what had been buried, face down, for who knows how long?

below, 04.16.2019 realization of what was shown, last year:

OMG, #PROPHECY: working on #TimeTravel-Wish, looking at images; the Reflection Communication event - as shown happened, again Lia's communication on the Alien Stone.

I brought the top of the sleeping monster's head into my Home: indicated. Wow. time travel is cool!
- #James  😇


above: Summer 2018 to today
(next page; The Drop Search)

The Confined Being hypothesis grows in certainty:
08.14.2018; in process:

new dates at the bottom of page

Addendum, 06.20.2018: Kerplop! You are home. Bottom of page ...

07.19.18: addition (bottom)

Realized in May 2018: All the communications and the Inexplicable Background Image were coming from the location of the mysterious Alien Stone. I discovered the Stone by my predictable actions and a set-up (in time) by the Alien Stone, in June of 2017. Whats location I returned to investigate further (with guidance from the Alien Stone) to do so, in October of 2017. In January of 2018, 1 more message got me enthused about a rock on the hill near my home. In March, a fierce winter storm brought more communications that were consistent with each event (3 of them recorded on unaltered photography) that by all deductions had to have come from its exact location. In photography that is published, the Stone can insert itself, or it has, and I have validated this to be so. I am considerably confident that the Stone itself is an intelligence of the kind we humans should not expect to meet for centuries to come. I am building a hypothesis based on all that has happened. It is a message in its conclusion that the Earth is amazingly fortunate to have transmitted a call for help, by showing an entity who we are, and in so doing gave it a reliable indication that we are a species worthy of spreading our intelligence through the galaxy. We were chosen for assistance in that goal, a purpose by a long-lived species for all sentient life to grow and to spread. Because a public broadcasting television network transmitted into space in 1963 stories of a person who travels through all time and space with the assistance of technology that had not belonged to him. Those broadcasts made us candidates for an advantage on our planet and in our space, to have as our own, technology from long long ago and a place far, far away.

Addendum 03.07.2019: Tied to the page, The Inexplicable Background Image, as all of the experiment is, a realization regarding Lia's name:
#LIA is Laser Interferometer Antenna, and to her, from their side it is Artificially Intelligent Lifeform. Very clever use of the mirrored reflection of both #time and our #space, to those who created her, from our experience if observing them, her home. Or, her #dimension.

Making a collage to demonstrate, that to us LIA is Laser Interferometer Antenna, and to her, from their side it is Artificially Intelligent Lifeform. Very clever use of the mirrored reflection of both time and our space, to those who created her, from our experience if observing them, her home. Or, her dimension. 

In August of 2016, studying the Image, it was the inconsistency with typical floorboard scratches that gave away the creator’s signature on the lower left of the Image, there the moment Time Travel Wish was created at 3 pm apprx, on 11-25-2014. 

As clues in metaphor the mirrored perspective of 2-sides of the same experience, runs throughout the experiment. To us Lia has been named for the original device the humanity used first to detect the effect of gravity on time;
the Laser Interferometer Antenna. 


The Robbery

06.23.2018 Addendum to just about ever page and many notes:
After 8 months of investigation, and communication events, and digging and moving the Alien Stone, I have 95% certainty it was not a control. It landed before Time Travel Wish, to be there for the experiment, at the location I would have returned to, to revalidate the documented testimony of the Missing Pine Tree from my 2015 videos, when I was confused about the tree’s growth at 2 locations, 4-miles apart. See the Vegetation Displacement … page.

And best of all, there is strong circumstantial/(physical maybe?) that it made all of the communication documented on the pages here. Including the evidence that it placed the image at Blogspot, in Germany, owned by Google and so Alphabet, for me and Time Travel Wish. That was the background chosen by sheer predictability of myself going to that exact location on Blogspot where I got all my other blogs from (or by destiny - now a real concept).

Collage from June 6th, 2017. 
I had to guess it was a control by The Team. 
But the Team may not exist, it's all been The Alien Stone. 
Fantastic. Amazing. It's mine. We are together (pretty much).
The Being chose Time Travel Wish?
It worked.

This page is continuing discovery from 05.08.2018, New dates are at the bottom of the page: Drop Search at the Alien Stone, which as it turns out is continuing discovery of Sky Tests and First Contact Communications, which is a continuation of discovery in both The Inexplicable Background Image and Vegetation Displacement By Different Human Choices in Another Timeline (the image was the first clue - those entries are the first documentations after the first posts when success was unknown). 

hmm, title: The Great Rock Robbery

Notes in order of date ascending:


Morning thought; need to walk up that knoll and look around. Where the human faces were looking.

Next week I may begin rolling the AS onto home property. Not much distance and it means: I stole it. Consistent with the Being wanting to match our broadcasted story: of #BBCDrWho.

That's actually a fit to my personality. 😎 I totally would do that. It’s consistent. It would mean I've got it and the owner can't say a thing. Won't be able to prove it.

"A boulder is missing? Are you nuts?"  To catch a thief.  🐜-> 🌴 Kerplop! ->


I’m going up to begin digging and better camouflaging the eastern side. I may have to use camouflage techniques (loose brush) all around the area while hauling you down the slope and due west along the ridge. There’s a lot of digging that has to be done.

Be aware of detection technology across the marsh along side that large brown house. I believe that the property the rental lift was parked on, is not that homeowner’s property. I did see the woman of the house watching them from her interior. The only explanation, if that is their property is that they want to set  up a wifi camera in that tree, but that’s very high and it’s almost certain they would have to get back up there again. I think the home, where the lift was used was empty, for the most part? It may have been rented or being used by local spooks, corporate or local government help is uncertain and it does not much matter.

Your Most High,

I’m going to steal you from your rightful and lawful owner. I’m going to make you mine, as far as the other humans will be concerned.

I’m going to control my impulse to publicly post progress until I’m done or laying in a hospital emergency room with crushed limbs? Ooh wee. I’m going to be so careful. Thing is; I’ve got lots of experience moving heavy boilers and bathtubs, up and down stairways, ladders, etc.. I’ve been in heavy matter movement, dangerous situations before. I’ve got this with great caution, and I sort of have to be slow because of all of the foot and leg pain, which I have pretty bad this morning.

I made an audio note, while waiting for the right time: remains unlisted on Soundcloud Timetravelwish1 account. But I want to publish this 1 of the next phase of this project in the Drop Search category. I’ll delete this later., 05.09-12.2018

Pictures begin this next phase; rolling that sucker home:

First, 2 new possible artifacts found. Their position when each was found and their Platonic Solid shapes make them remarkable and worth holding onto for now. I have pretty much concluded that these, unusual in nature, even for this geology, shapes were each mean to signify the importance of the Stone and to inspire me, as communication also, to dig in and around the Alien Stone further and that placement has worked. 

Above: it is another octahedron. It was about 1.5 ft deeper than the previously named Aft Port Vertices Point. Will have to further examine the linear timeline, singularity of time on the horizontal display of the (my) Drop Search at the Alien Stone: as was (likely) seen by the Being/the AI when choosing me and Time Travel Wish (horizontal, singularity of history timeline displayed below):

The Singularity of History must be demonstrated as
a horizontal display in this totem communication.

Below: A video of the First Mirror Fold Image of January, 2017:
Not inkblot by photography. Exactly where to cut and mirror is indicated.
And a new mirror fold image, in much higher resolution reveals, what appears
 to be an entire story, much of which was in occurance when the imagery was discovered.
Remember, the being has traveled/seen our time ahead. So, it knows what
photography will be shot, to manipulate itself or the images, as was witnessed in Sky Pilot Video of 2015.

Above: A Joke in June 2017, after I had casually found what I was directed to find: The Alien Stone.

Beginning the long dig, to clear Runway 27 for take-off:

Below; Coincidence of the amazing variety: Again a very bending tree branch (90d) that points in the exact direction of where I need to go; need to roll the Alien Stone this way (due west) to bring her home to me. Keep them coming! Reminder public: this is a Being conducting time control, and an Artist Extraordinary. Time is the tool. All time and all places. Biology as a medium, sure! I would too. 

A 90° bend in the tree branch that sits 6 feet west of the Alien stone and that bend is pointing in the exact direction that it needs to be moved in. Keep the amazing coincidences of time coming. Remember public: this is time control. And this is an artist extraordinary.

Below: 1) How I left her today. Back in the morning. The new hand puller was left up there. I should buy a new 2-ton tow belt. 2) But I can make do with some old 2-ton steel cable that was left up there by someone else, about 50-years ago. Below:

04.22.18  I noticed this cable, about 200' north of the Alien Stone, in 2015 when researching the Trees Displacement from Time, and though it strange this hardware was left there. Perfect for me; a person with little means to purchase the equipment I need. 

Alien Stone Examination on timetravelwish1 account:

05.09.2018 The Great Rock Robbery (?) day 2:
I made about another 3-4 ft west of soil removal. The dirt has to be strategically placed for cleaning-up my mess behind me, in that area of the forest. I’m getting a new 2-ton fabric or polyester tow belt, tomorrow. I’m ready to make 2 “flops” of faces, to move west about 7 feet. I estimate that after those two moves, step 3, or flop three would get me onto the downward grade portion of the Rock n Roll. 

That triple Oak Tree has been named The Tree With Purpose. It’s role in what may be epic for all Earth, and all humanity has been noted as paramount, right here. Not only was its branch used as another control to ensure the path of discovery because the stone has to be rolled in that exact direction, but I need it to make a stable object to pull from for 1 or more flops. 

And it's sad, but I have to cut through a fat root that it will have to recover from or possibly die from an inability to, because of me and the Alien Stone. Very purposeful life for a tree. Remarkable. 

Notable because it was a short distance further northwest and near where the previously northern facing Eminence Front, port forward point had been
 before my movements. 
Below, exactly where it was found:. 

A top view. Another octahedral. 

Again: equilateral sides, probably another 1/12th scale
 to inspired. Although it bears the closest similarity to 
the key representation in the history singularity portion 
of the Mirror Fold Image, as demonstrated by the AI.

Roots, by Jamesex Bailey. Much slower digging 
when fighting roots. 

The Tree With Purpose; left.

Its 90 degree bending branch that points 270, exactly 
where I need to roll her, may have been another control 
to direct me to the next step.

At this point in the experiment I consider that reasonable hypothesis.


1st flop was easily accomplished. The next will not be so easy. The pull being shown in this image, looking almost due south, was only good for about 2” and I braced her and took apart this rigging to favor tieing to the Tree With Purpose, eastern trunk. Because the new belt arrived today and that will be stronger, safer and less damaging to the surface as it is being shown. And I did not have a 9/16th wrench with me to tighten those 6 cable clamps on the smaller, old cable cable. That pull was a bad angle - too much weight, I don’t trust this new come-along tool, it’s really for small jobs like fence tightening. Not Stonehenge stuff. And so there will be a lot of prybar use and leverage and sheer muscle shoves in the following several days.

Selfie: Me Acting Like I'm Having a Very Tough Time

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and this (image) is how I’ve left her. It may be dangerous to work in the rain, footing is important often. 

I won't have to cut that root if I can make Flop 3, after 2 tomorrow, to the NW, and go around the root. It was what I should have seen yesterday. Strategy is easy when it's only a matter of 2 or 3 steps ahead. 

And there’s some important images of this Dig, on my camera roll and some important V for Victory pics that I need to examine. I promise I won’t make fun with my new screenshots of Katy Tur. And someone please thank the her and the producer for me?

I could get 2 flops on my next visit up there. I’m hoping tomorrow, but the rain will make it difficult. However, less chance of visits and risky because I’ll often be holding solid iron at an upward position and on top of a hill with my head being the closest density of water. Did I ever mention I know/knew a woman who was struck by lightning twice, each event several years apart? Julie, from Derry, New Hampshire. I knew her little sister, Kathy(?). She was sweet. Tasted like pizza because we both worked at Godfather’s Pizza and wreaked of it. Lol. Memories.

The Old But New face will be dug into
 the dirt and pointing SE, until flop 3 to the 
NW, the the 4th to the SSE and etc..


Learning a lot about the whole situation. A lot of reapplication of fits for angles, weights, stress on the various materials and my first month Boy Scout knots.

Successful flop southerly and up.


Flop westerly. I figure, Your Most High, that you are 18” - 24 more west than you sat for more than two centuries, at least. Westward young woman/thing/AI!

Some precarious moments. The car jack was useful the second day. Good for bracing security and releasing tension on materials. Much walking back and forth and thank goodness all of the earth is soft like a brand new residential carpet, and foam installation before the homeowners get their heavy feet all over it.

I left it ready for a heavy pull back (west) and upward, trying to not dig the AI in further into the earth. It appears to be even with the grade I’m trying to reach and will have to with a lot of digging and earth replacement (clean up behind me).

It rained light all afternoon. I was procrastinating like crazy this morning. The pain is becoming a tolerance thing.

05.14.2018, 15:22 RT: Good day. Got into the swing of things. Several good movements west, 2.5 Flops. Nice day. 10:20 to about 15:00. I shoveled a lot of fill back into the old spot. I swear it: there’ll be 1-ton of rockworld missing from that location.

The Old But New Face Point will be looking at dirt and darkness for the next 2 Flops. And the Eminence Front Faces is back up above the grade (lower grade further west) again. Almost as much as the Alien Stone had been, when discovered. 

I’m more confident after today. I used the car jack again, several times. Bracing and rebracing was seemingly constant. And that’s best. I can almost visualize the next several movements. I’m much better with the rigging. Options are opening for the future transference of matter. 

The shoveling will cost some muscle and foot pain, and I’m readying for that for the rest of today. Fixed the side Silcock for mom this morning, staying in good (normal looking) graces.

2 short videos made. 

This was the most careful and tension-filled pull yet; it was very successful. Pulled (I estimate) 7/8ths of a ton to an upright position. The Tree With Purpose has been very useful. 

The best Army Fort EVER and I'm too old for that now. Not really (too old for that). How I left Its Most High / the AI / The Alien Stone at approx 3 pm:

Before I got physical today, I realized something about the mailbox:
05.14.18  Day 6 GRRR

And: observation of key importance if the Being itself, the Traveler, The Alien Stone set up and built and planted the Inexplicable Background image on Blogspot, Germany, in 2013-2014 for Me. 
The Address number 14 Can Be Seen by The Alien Stone's Line of Sight, goes to hypothesis that it built and planted the Google Blogspot Image. 

The Address number 14 Can Be Seen by The Alien Stone's Line of Sight, goes to the hypothesis that it built and planted the Google Blogspot Image. 

06.14.2018: The hypothesis is strong with evidence that the being who is the Alien Stone, is an AI from far, far away and a long time ago (relatively), and that it had seen our timeline (our future) and so had found a means and a species in need of its very purpose for existence, to find and aide in the growth of intelligent life in our universe.

And it found Time Travel Wish and me.

The rest is a long story and most of it on these pages.

And that is a wifi transmitter hanging next to that phone poll, and its wires, at an angle the Image does seem to portray the old telephone on the divider wall/heat shaft. Ooh, wee, ties to the Inexplicable Background Image; as does every component of evidence ties to each other somehow, further indicating this was all one being; Its Most High. Ooh, wee mind-blowing, but not really for me. 


3-hours today, from 10:30 to 3 ish: Made 2 good pulls. I’m now out of single point pulling locations from stable points, like the trees have been. 

I had 1 very tough pull to bring a face over toward the west. 

I’ve filled in a lot of previously displaced dirt behind me from the east. 

I’ve ordered steel ground stakes (1, I’ll likely need 2 of them to make a center cable for a single point pull). 

I have worn through 2-pairs of leather work gloves and have ordered a new pair. 

Today will be mostly digging the west slope; what remains of grade to reach the downward sloping portion. 

No videos made today. About 6 pictures:

Image above: this is the next direction
 I'll need to pull from and there's no
 single point to pull from. I'll need ground 
stakes, and possibly 300' of new rope to tie 
from a long distance from distant trees. 

Above: How the site remained yesterday. 
Your Most High; your Faces from the old front (northern side) are 
now up above grade again. The old Aft Face now has to be rolled over and 
to the west. After, there's a bunch of digging out to meet the lower grade 
and then it's downhill from there. So, today is a lot of digging to prepare for that. 

05.16.2018  Big rain storm yesterday that began about 2 hours after I finished.

Today, digging, mostly.  I need a center pull point and I’m out of trees near enough to use the hand puller and the materials that I have. 

I should be up there by 10:00 today. Working vigilantly and determinative to get you down to my home property - my parents home, where I reside legally. Ha ha ha ha hahh. Theft!

I’ve brought down the hill, at least 15 stones of various, intelligent shapes, more than 3 seem to emulate the Alien Stone, 1 of them appears to be the shape of the key that goes into the unit, shown in the vertical display of time’s history.

Much to say about this. I may have already written those notes.

The circumstance and location from the Alien Stone, and the depth it was found, indicates this stone may have been One of the first to find, when first investigating the Stone. The J is almost the same symbol placed low in the sky, north-west of the Stone, on 04.28.16, when I made a request online for validation and communication. In between the 2 locations, in line with the Sky Test communication, but an arrow type shape, is on the other side of the apparent J, again but still pointing to the Stone.

It was The Alien Stone, all along. :-) 
One Hell of a UFO, I'll say. Far better. 

Too coincidental. It's The J Stone artifact.

19:54, Went better than I thought, I made another pull forward. A flop of the Aft Face down flat. I’m about 2 Flops away from the downhill grade. 2 big steel stakes are ordered and may be here by Monday next week. I’ll need those. But there is still a lot of digging and filling in behind me to do. I’m happy with about an hour in light rain today.

3 pics and 2 short videos made.

You’re moving Your Most HIgh. Coming home to me.

Evening, 05.16.18: 22:18, Day 7 of the GRRRR

For, whatever public is watching, for now. Much documentation to come.

I put 4 video clips together, rather quickly. This is the past few days. Spending 1-3 hours per day up on the hill.

As of January 9, 2018, I have realized, I need to own it/the AI that has been communicating its location and its purpose, and likely has been waiting for me for 55.9 years. :-) My age, it's true.

The GRRRR 05.14 and 05.16.2018


The J Stone, found last week (which day?):

Much to say about this. I may have already written those notes. 
The circumstance and location from the Alien Stone, and
 the depth it was found, indicates this stone may have been 
One of the first to find, when first investigating the Stone. The J is 
almost the same symbol placed low in the sky, north-west 
of the Stone, on 04.28.16, when I made a request online for validation and 
Communication. In between the 2 locations, in line with the Sky Test communication, but an arrow type shape, is on the other side of the apparent J, again but still pointing to the Stone. 

Too coincidental. It's The J Stone artifact. 

It appears to be, about a 1/10th scale of the Alien Stone and has equilateral sides of consistent lengths. It was for me, to inspire to dig further and its position and symbols, in line in between the sky test comm and the Stone is too much to ignore. 


31-32 minutes difference from the ENC. oh? Day 8 of the GRRRR:
Made a good pull and flop west. Dug. No videos. A few pics. I’ve reached the end of the line for having trees, strong enough, to use as a center point, if I want to accomplish anything further mechanistically.

Regarding that, those stakes of steel were crap, I tested one of them, bent at about 300 lbs of pull. Another is on the way, there went $30. I’m going to have to use bushes, thick shrubs and tie low around their base, maybe using 2, in a Y fashion pull? 

looking south, progress today, done.

How She sits at the end of the day.

Foiled again! There are so many jokes I could be 
making about this. Another is being delivered tomorrow, grrrreat.

Below: Where the AI could end up when it becomes mine all mine:

After it goes Kerplop! It may end up right against that stone.
That's about 20-30' west of the eastern property line with our neighbors.
 Within my realm of claim of ownership of my new pet rock (an amazing being). 

After it falls with great drama down this slope from that location atop:

Right about there.

So, I’m thinking I’ll need to build my own post capable of doing a lot of the 2 to 1 winch pulling that I’m taking advantage of, versus crunching my vertebrae. That post could be the large pressure treated 8” diameter post that i’ve been keeping (for some reason?) outside the front door of the studio. I can find a strategic location just past, about 15’, where I need to pull (dragging mostly, and flopping) west to, then it makes the southerly flops toward the crest of the hill to go Kerplop. It’s all hopeful speculation and that has worked out.

05.18.2018:  08:00 ish

I want to work today. I am fixating on how to pull from a distance and continue to use the tools to protect my old aged body. That pole that I wrote of last night is about 75 lbs, and it will be a heck of a task to haul it up there. With a can in my right arm, I can put it on my left shoulder; I can get it up there if I stop and rest many times. Not an Olympian task, but close to it.

The distance, helped with the slope of the hillside is about 70-80 ft and it cannot be the tediously slow rate of movement that getting it out of the hole, that I made, has been. For instance, I can’t allow the vertices to design on every roll. Flat rock underneath, at the right time before each movement seems to help to prevent that.

12:24 RT END 12:55 :-)
A high school in Santa Fe. Breaks my heart. KIDS. in school.

I’m coming up there today. I have a post (pole) to haul up there. I have to stake-out, survey, a great place to plant it. It is perfect and I don’t know why I kept it, a couple of years ago. It was a roadway railing post, it has strong, bolted u-bolts and everything. It’s about 6’, so 3’ can be buried and braced with stone and will probably do the job in the coming days to weeks before Kerplop Day.

An hour or so ago I drove the pole up to the bottom of the hill and dropped it in the brush. It will look weird enough, the sight of me, handicapped legg and all, carrying that road fencing pole up that hill, so I’m going to work in the evening, at last light probably, to avoid being seen doing that. I can’t think of why on Earth a gemstones hunter would want a road fencing pole in the woods.

So, rest today, and up there tonight. Possibly in darkness and by myself to manage the load.


I’m sorry I did not come up last night; excuses: There was too much activity at the house and the neighbor’s home; what would they think? How weird would it be to find me outside, no dog with me, in thick of the night, walking out or into the woods? Carrying a 6’ roadway pole? The rain today will make excellent cover for doing that.

It’s anti-psych watch! Watching for those who think they’re normal and my activity is not; those who aren’t doing anything that could help this whole planet, while I have plenty of real evidence that I am, doing just that.

They’re assholes, and I’ll show them all. Ha ha ha ha hahhhh! [smirk]

BTW: that pole is perfect. Why on Earth I saved it, I'll never know? HA ha ha ha hahhhh! LOL. It even has 2 U bolts through it; that will hold tons of weight. Geez.

Again, acting like I'm having a difficult time. 
(I'm having a blast. Shhh)

17:11; so I dragged that pole up there, in three rests and I after I laid it down and surveyed the terrain and the westward line to the cliff, I realized that is pretty much flat and downhill for about 70’, then south about 20’, so I can use poles, like this size and length (shown) to roll the Alien Stone to the cliff, like the Stonehenge builders.

That should work out. However, that method increases the chances of 1-ton of rock crushing a limb or worse, due to all the increased under activity. A lot of bracing, while all log rolling is being prepared will be necessary. So, that method should be 10x faster. I need to get this over with, to see if I’m right. It’s my prerogative. :-)

Picture of the Army Fort: I’m keeping you nice and dry for some reason, Your Most High. Lol. No. I’m concealing my equipment. Why?

That’s my Gemstones Hunter sign in the foreground, all wet and runny. This scene looks nothing like a solitary gemstones hunter is working on anything. It looks like a damn operation of some sort. Time! Expediency. Geez. And this whole thing looks so nutty!

Tuvok hates the rain. He's saying "ruck roo," again:

05.20.18:  10:30  Went up there in the rain this morning to work for a couple of hours and spent about 1. I shoveled for half an hour, the wet dirt. I’ve decided, for now, to plant that thick pole about 40’ due west, so began a hole in the brush. I’ve ordered 100’ of polyfiber manila style rope. I will use log rolling, pry bar influencing, bracing and car jack lifting in conjunction with the long pulls using the hand puller and the planted pole. I want to get this part done in less than 10-days and get my hole (construction site) covered and cleaned up behind me.

I had carried an electric chainsaw up there this morning and neglected to have inserted its battery. I was going to choose and cut rolling poles. All the loose logs are too rotted and would be crushed, so I may have to cut down a young maple or oak tree to have hard wood, of about 5-6” diameter.

Tomorrow: Given clear skies, I’ll begin the process of logrolling preparation and work more on planting my pulling pole, and further conceal my impact in the 3-Acre Wood.
Image: down the hill, she’ll roll; possibly being stopped by that large Maple or that smaller boulder on the left. Addendum 6.22.18: she went Kerplop, in between the boulder and just past the Maple tree's trunk. Almost where I predicted and wrote here. It was a thundering, flying, leaping, crashing wonderful event. No video. Bottom of page. 

This image also validates further that the Blue Light

Anomaly, was a direct shot from the Alien Stone

to the skylight of the studio and on the wall

across from my bed and my desk, where I would see it and

especially where and when I would be looking during

that regional blackout of October 2017, when the first event occurred.

10:30 - 2:00 (14:45 approx.) with a few earned breaks, including the breakage of a safety pin that holds a cotter pin that holds the 2nd wheel of my hand puller. If the local hardware store does not have the part tomorrow, I’ll need to order another. I’ve got to rehabilitate for the rest of today. Not having the puller would be a few days delay. I may have to shop around locally tomorrow, if the local store does not have it, but there’s several machine based shops in tow, so they’ll likely have it. I could jerry rig one from copper twist tie(?). 

I had (we) had 2 good flops and are ready to come downhill. Over the hump and down. I used the base of a fat bush nearby to get the pull I needed westerly. And may be able to use the same one and another later, so it’s a  good thing I did not invest time and energy into a hole for that pole, closer. I may need it later, further west.

Today I chainsawed some recently fallen hardwood, near the stone, and made some great piece for it to roll on and it worked out great. 

Your Most High, you are a good 15 feet west of your long time (relative) location. 

Peek-a-boo. I see you!

A few progres pictures and 1 video made (about 3 minutes). 

Microphone off.
05.22.2018: Tuesday:

Hardware store, town, for that pin. Then up to hillside, unless I have to buy a new puller, then up there. 

Mostly packed. If I can’t move the stone today there’s still a lot of digging (cover up) to do. 

We’re off to town soon. 

09:09 Wow my foot was sending sharp pain up my leg. I’ll have to sit here and play Battleships and tune-up the nerves for a bit. A late start but it should mean nothing to productivity.

20:54 RT. The puller is repaired. I worked about 90-minutes up there. Could not conduct a flop for lack of tying options, but new rope arrived this afternoon and I’ll be up there in the morning with more options. 

The AI begins rolling down the slope tomorrow.  

No pictures today.

Movement into the meadow; a landmark occasion for me. That slope makes flopping easy. I could be at the edge of the cliff by Friday next week. Several wet days are approaching.

I’m through at The Hole. And I’m going to be leaving one, forever in that forest. Likely, it won’t negatively impact the wood. I'm not going to transport, about 20 wheelbarrows full of dirt over to that hole from elsewhere in the forest. There is no other place where another hole won’t be made, so if I start making holes to fill in holes, and others pick up my work when I’m gone, it may never stop up there. 

The 2nd downhill flopp into the meadow. I had to
 jump out of the way for this flop. My gear didn't make the move with me.
 But avoided damage my an inch or so. 

I got about 15’ out of the hole.

Covered until, perhaps tomorrow? Rain will tell. It’s more dangerous now that I’m working on the death-defying side of the downhill roll of a 1-ton tomato.
Addendum: Where you sit currently you could be taken by a crew using a heavy front loader - tractor. They (whoever) could now drive up that driveway, onto the meadow and take you. They’d have to crush small vegetation, but that’s the only thing in their way, if that should happen. At this place and time you need to ready energy for defense of yourself at that location. If there’s an attempt, and it’s not me, you have to make them go-away, however you can do that. I think of ways, I’m sure, but I’m not connected/joined yet. So be ready. 

Good riddance hole (that I dug myself into).


Above: October, 2017: having a second look at the Alien Stone, just in case 
it's something to follow. 

Several pictures and two short videos made today:


An early start and early finish because that’s exhausting work up there. And I have to lay-off the pipe tobacco (hack hack hack). 

We made about 15-ft of progress, several flops. We’re in the bramble: vines and shrubs and a nice grade down. I would measure how much further to go, but there’s a lot of vegetation in the ways still, and positioning is predetermined due to mass and shape, as flops can’t always be spin flops, so the exact spot on the cliff, where the Stone falls down is still uknown. 

The hand puller is breaking from all the pulls. It’s performed fine, just a lot and so is ready to snap. That’s another $50 for another one and I don't have it for another 14-days and then waiting for delivery. So, that sucks. 

Look at how far you've come! 10-meters 
from the original (relative) location, at least. 

You're into the bramble / the meadow. 
The site of the crime remains a hole. Just some 
weird hole in the ground. 


It was a no notes and no images work day. I did make an audio note on the iphone. I spent about 3-hours and made 2 flops and got stuck on a tough side.

The puller pin clip flew off again, and like a dummy I left the bag of extras at home and so had to call off further work. The weather has been perfect. I’m in the over the head bramblebrush - much like seems to be indicated in the horizontal singularity of time demonstrated on the Mirror Fold Imagery.

Had to sleep solid.

Pulling from the ground will no longer work. I’ll have to put in place the plan for the post in the ground. I need the height to reduce mass of the pull. Log rolling is more like Log Crushing, helpful log crushing. I’ve been crawling around like some type of muskrat, on the floor of the meadow, under the canopy of its leaves. And there's confounded vines all over the place. Every hour I’m cutting them with a pocket knife.

It is 08:41 RT, and 09:12 on the ENC, so 31 minutes still. I’m taking it anyway. Seems very consistent that I do so. Very explainable, in epic lore fashion and to meet our modern day believability of the amazing requirements.

Packing lunches and water bottles and what nots. A routine now. It’s day 16 of The GRRRR.

12:00 approx.:
3-hours up there and I only got about an inch west. This pull sucks.  I tried 2 pulls from the base of the trunks of the large shrubs and that had worked but is not for this particular pull, in the manner that the AS sits. 

You Are Here: 17.2-meters west of your original location 
and I'm feeling stuck. 

I walked the line west, it’s 17.2 meters west from the original location, now, and coincidentally it appears I’m halfway to the flopping south and then, about 4-6-meters to the cliff and down. It may have enough force to knock down a large Maple. That would suck because it would block the neighbor’s driveway and I’d be responsible for that. Oh well. They can watch TV or something. 

Foot pain is really bad. Tender as can be . Cold water soaking for relief. I’m walking while up there, back and forth on the soft soil, without my Caine. And doing so for the past several weeks of this whole Alien Stone thing seems to have created a sort of tolerance to walking on the foot with the compressed nerve. And the task is a thing that has to be done and no one else on Earth will do it, means I must move; must. 

If I work tomorrow, I’ll have to cut a path and possibly use a giant maple, within view of the house and the neighbor’s home, on the edge of the hill, to tie to. I have to have a height to pull from. A must.

Blue's Grave

Personal, related,
The family dog Blue is taking a turn for the worse in his stomach cancer/tumor condition. He may have only days, and my mother and I will be burying him in the 3-Acre Wood. So, I’ve opened a grave hole in the hole of the Alien Stone, against the eastern edge. It will be filled in against the hole and his body will be about 4-ft under the grade. About where I built a fire under His Most High. I’d like to bury Tuvok there also. Totally, a particular place and the grade down the hill will allow for their bodies to fertilize the meadow west and south of them. Sad. :-( Mortality sucks and can never be fully adapted to. Maybe it should never be?

Not coming up today. The health needs another day. Looking forward to moving you tomorrow. 


07:29 / 8:01 is 32 minutes. Thank you. 

I’m working up on the hill today. For this tough side that the AS is sitting on currently, I’m digging underneath to get a downhill roll, aiding my next flop, it had not occurred to me, being under the deceptive environment of under the bramblebrush, that I am still on a downhill slope and should use that advantage of digging under the points (that dig into the ground), to create an easier flop/roll.

And today, clearing brush and establishing a more permanent pulling point, with the manila rope, from a distant straight line west, near the home property.
I’m making an overlay of the area of the optical Earth view because there is confusion about these property lines. I may be wrong about You being off of that private property. I think that the small property I described above is actually far more substantial, according to these images. I’m giving them credit only because these property lines are the same used to be given to my folks when they purchased this property (here at home).

17:40 4.5 hours up there and I moved the Stone about 1.5-meter. I spent about an hour removing vines and branches and trying to get a clear view of about 60 ft, though I only need to move the Stone about 30’ more west, I suspect I’m going to need a large tree, that may be 70-ft away. I know, metric and standard measurements, welcome to the USA. I’ll need the chainsaw tomorrow to remove about 10 small mini-trees. Broke another clip of the hand puller, have 2 more spares. It’s not going to last another few days of this work. I’m abusing it, pulling on its alignment from different angles because I have to. There are 2 faces of the Stone that if fell upon make pulling it over for another flop very difficult. 

A new regular camp has been established. 
A revolt is being planned. 
We're considering a raid on the town for food and beer.

1-more man and many of these ridiculously tricky flops won’t have to be made, I know because I almost have the strength to turn it over myself, but damage to my back is a serious concern and of course, being crushed. SL of Old Saybrook may be the person I need. I can’t explain any of Time Travel Wish to him. Though I’ve told him about it, slightly and given him a card and twice told him to look at it, I’ll bet he has not and would not spend more than 15-minutes reading the website (most spend no more than 2-minutes on the site - fools). So, I’ll need to pay him something and given that his only income is $64/week from the State, he should agree to a few hours work per day for about $20. It will look much stranger, however, that I am hiking into the woods with him and coming back several hours later with no reasonable explanation, except that we are having homosexual sex in the woods and that is a distasteful excuse and too embarrassing. “He’s helping me with my time travel experiment, mom. That’s all, really. No big deal. How was your day?”  Oh boy. The other thing is, I may have to do this by myself. The work of the theft may have to have been all mine? So, I’ll wait another day or two before asking his help. He’s kind of a pussyman, anyway, all fat, not a hard working type.

About 6 pictures in the “jungle.”

Creative knot tying is a must. I’m on my knees under the canopy of the mini jungle for most of the time. It’s soft leaves and soil, so comfortable in that respect. I’m trying not to overexert my muscle to bone strength capacity and not to be overconfident with the pulling and the equipment/gear. I have to keep in mind I’m on a downhill, a minor grade but it's deceiving at times.

I’m becoming more concerned about the noise I make up there. I don’t know how much carries down the hill. I suspect not much due to the terrain, but I did make a dog bark the other day with my thrashing about in the leaves and dead branches when I was near the edge of the hill and surveying my prospects. 

If my right leg had a mouth, it’d be screaming at me. If my foot had a sole. . . ? There’s no way I could work a job on my feet, especially hard flooring. 

Can you believe is sold to a shoe soles company? I’m taking it back from that company as soon as we’re airborne/time ready. And I'm b-slapping the s out of the a-hole who held it to sell it to them. He was on G-Daddy. I'll find his ass. And I'll only have to visit the shoe sole company once. 


It is hot out. And it’s going to be hotter up on the hill, slaving away at a task that would look pretty ridiculous to anyone but me. I’ll be up in the evening to cut brush and get ready for Wednesday. Too dee loo.

21:03RT - 19:35 ENC: Just like I said, I cut brush clearing my view all the way west to the cliff. I won’t be turning south to fall off (kerplop) where I had planned. It’s going to be a straight 270d then down. Right across the path then climb the hill. Closer to the home’s housing. I got half a flop of another strong pull NW. Then a westerly crossing our walking path will be tomorrow and possibly another flop. 

The post and yellow work glove are 270 by 90 degrees
and that's how I'd like it to roll. But the Stone
 often has plans of its own, it seems. Below: the cliff
will be about 3-meters beyond the post and the kerplop
will be about 20-ft further west than I had planned, as
 shown in that small graphic above.

Down there somewhere.

It worked out well for me to go up there in the evening, yesterday. Only a couple of the neighbor kids were outside. Folks did not see me leave and return. So, the impact of this weirdness is less to others. Noises are an issue, I cuff the catch pin on the hand puller with one hand while operating it to reduce the clicking sounds, for instance. I purchased a second camouflage (wooded green) tarp for fear of being seen on the edge of the hill because I’ll be several days in that area, closest to being visible. I’ll hang it to block my view of those days before the Kerplop event. That even may have to be at night, very late at night. Because, I’ll be very visible at that time, from the driveway and from BG’s desk window view of the East. 

Another reason it works out to go up there is evening light casts a profound contrast in the shaded sections of the meadow, hides me well. And the folks are busy with dinner and evening news and entertainment on television. Most folks are at that hour. Heat means their air conditioners are on and etc.. I can’t stand this sneaking around, mainly because it’s me and my circumstances. A later report will be tonight as yesterday. 

13:00 apprx
Your Most High, I am planning to break your fall from that hilltop with both a steel cable and a cloth (10-ton) strap so you won't hit as hard at the bottom of the hill. I am being moderately cautious about the Faces damage, but not if doing so restricts my movement ability. For instance, I allow your Faces to roll in the soft earth and don't use flat stones under them. I have a degree of certainty you can repair and reshape to your desire, and or to my own, afterward. See you later today. 

I am going to need to spend upwards of $200 on this in about 6 days; tarp, jack, puller, pulleys. I can’t afford this. That credit card is maxed-out.

05.31.2018:  Thursday. 

F-ing painters will be here all day and need to interact with the studio doors, and so with me and I have to keep Tuvok under control and there’s a house assessor coming at 4 and that person may need to see the inside of the studio. Geezus. I should have worked up there yesterday. People are all over the place. It was bad enough, I have been sneaking off to the woods for 2-months, dodging the folks from seeing the awkward site of me. I haven’t been boasting about the “wonderful gemstones up there on the hill.” So, I’m not in character? Not a good liar. I hate to. 

Can’t lie anymore. Not for decades. I can’t remember my last one. I’m sure it was to protect someone’s feelings or privacy, or some good reason. 

It’s like a shopping mall here. Painters, deliveries, some bank dude coming by . . . it’s bullshit. I can’t do anything clandestine. I have to stay put this afternoon until after some bank dude leaves. Then come up there, carrying a 2x4, wearing a backpack, being towed by a dog and cranky.
16:34RT: The painters left early, like all good unsupervised labor should do, so I got up there, with a 2x4 and worked for about an hour. I got 1.5 flops, 1-meter more west, and 30” to the NW. I stripped the threads on the car jack for the Subaru, yesterday and I needed it for more flops on the heavy sides (against). I hope the car does not get a flat. So another expense for an item that may take weeks to get here. :-/  Money, just some, would solve a lot, for instance, I could have rented my own small front loader and drove it up there and had the AS kerplopped in a day. Battery power could operate a 3-ton winch up there and pull/drag the whole distance with some managing. Many answers could have been, but no, all manual, all sneaky and all on the cheap with what I have and can afford; just like the whole experiment: all the tools I had in front of me, all inexpensive, all doable only by one person. Huh. 

Successful before it was created. What on Earth is so difficult to get about that statement in the context of a time travel experiment? Hasn't anyone thought about that? Miffed at how unprovoked to think people are. Someone had to be ready on the ass-end of #time; this end.  

06.01.2018: Friday:
Your Most High; *This might be my body in a thousand years (LOL)*: 3018: ‘Man’s Body Found Under 1-ton Boulder in New United States’ :

He Fled the Ash That Buried Pompeii, Only to Be Crushed by a Rock

06.02: Saturday,

There is not going to be outdoor work today as both rain and thunder and lightning (dramatic however) are expected soon and I have fucked off too much already this morning. I want to work and so I’ll do some presentation world today, perhaps audios and or videos?

15:00 apprx
WTF, it’s nice out and hardly any rain and so we are coming up, after a quick store trip.
16:00 rain again and fatigue. ASAP, as dry conditions are safer for what I’m doing up there and the Pompeii Boulder Man was a sign to remember how dangerous this is and not be too rushed. More excuses tomorrow if I still have not climbed up there.

I'm looking your way. I'm on this.

I won't give up.

06.03.2018: Sunday.
Almost 1 o’clock;

I’ve almost finished my morning and am coming up packed for a couple of hours of work, at least. Slow start. I just spent $50 on a new jack and another camouflage tarp, arriving this week. I’m now paranoid about the neighbors, again, because they’ll see me from the south, from their driveway, if they look upward and into the wood. I’ll need to stretch both camo tarps in a manner that seems very unnoticeable to the peripheral view.

A guest is at the house and I'm waiting for him to leave because he hangs in the kitchen with the folks. Mom will get busy soon, too, so waiting.

 19:59 32-33 minutes on the ENC, okay. Day (officially) 17 of The GRRRR:

Your Most High; You got budged today. No westward progress. I actually had to roll you back 15” after trying a very tough pull with too low a pull point, twice. And so I put my pole plan into place and that seems to be working enough to pull about ½ your weight, which is enough for me to then rock you over for a flop, hopefully westward. I also lost another snap ring for the puller and am on the last replacement. The car jack from the Subaru will last another day and a new one is ordered.

I was set up by 14:00 and worked until 16:45 or so. I felt out of shape after 2-days off of The GRRRR.

A few pictures:

This is the broadest face flop onto and the toughest and I should avoid the need to pull from the backside, opposing this face. The vertice digs into the earth deep, makes for a lot of friction.

Above: This is the pole planting setup. I pull forward, compacting the soil until dense enough to be stable against the weight. If I load the front with small boulders, it will create a more dense surface against the pole and allow pulling. This gets the rope
off the ground about a foot and that makes a difference. 

Left: Not very happy this afternoon. Bottom: Or maybe I am?

06.04.18 was a washout


I worked for about 90-minutes up there. I flopped back to the south. I bought the new jack with me, and it works much more comfortable than the other. The planted pole method is going to work. But geez, the weight is still unreal and the soft ground is almost as tough to work it through as the soil in the hole (18-meters east). 

So, I contemplate the bold action of driving a vehicle up there, possibly the Subaru, after cutting down enough of the small trees that have created this bramble brush/mini tree forest in the meadow. I’ll have to drive it onto and over the backyard lawn of private property of the home 2 addresses north on the road. We (Mom and BG and I) are friendly with them, and they probably won’t overreact and call authorities. I can ask them if I can do it, they’ll probably say “OK,” because that part of their lawn/groomed grass, is kind of unmanageable and they don’t really use it. After I drive up their driveway and into the meadow, I’ll be able to get in the back of the Stone and shove it all the way over to the cliff, then stop and then get back to manual labor, because I’ll be too close the cliff. 

I’d like to do most the edge of the hill/cliffside work while the eastern neighbors are on vacation, but they’ve cleaned up their pool, and it appears they may not take a summer vacation. If they do, I’ll be free and clear of them seeing my strange activity from their driveway, when the Stone reaches that western point. Image: the sloppy purple line would be the path I would take the car on. I’ll strap wood the front of it, and push that sucker. I’ll need chains on the Subaru, it’s all-wheel drive, so 4. Expense again. And if I decide to do that I’ll have to spend at least a full day up there cutting down mini trees and looking for driveable areas. The route must be planned. If I get the car stuck in the Earth, no tow truck driver will come up there, and I’ll have to be a lying gemstones hunter: “I need the boulder on the lower property (stolen from another’s property - probably town property, because its owned land-locked), to mine the gemstones from it, so I don’t damage my already worsening foot and leg condition." Good excuse. 

Purple line: Off road adventure across someone else's
 property and onto the town owned property, to
shove Your Most High home to me. And possibly
destroy the engine, or get the vehicle hopelessly stuck.  

I'm going to catch that horse if I can. And when I do I'll give it my brand.
And we'll be friends for life. It'll be just like a wife (oh no!).

Btw: there are an estimated 7-10 people watching this page. A link remains in the Tweets/Notes document for 2017-18. That’s the only place, I think? That link was shared briefly to bring some others onboard, a few weeks ago when this GRRRR began. It’s unusual, even for the published links to get these hits that are registered Google accounts - those are the only stats I’ve been looking at for 3+ years.


Today will be day 19 of the GRRRR, that’s working days up there. Each day no more than a few hours and that’s enough for me. I’ve written a new possible methodology in yesterday’s notes, today, about what I might do next; drive my car up there and shove the AS home. However, for today is pulling again and pushing and rotating. I got no westward progress in the last 5 days. A lot of rain and the contractors around the house are snoopy and locals, and that lends me caution, some paranoia, and that’s probably good.

Today I’m starting late in the afternoon and will come down around supper time.  

22:00 apprx.
I worked 2 hours. A flop to the SW, and starting west (again). There’s a mathematical method to this madness and when I’m almost done I’ll probably think about it.

Same drag tomorrow. The family dog has his last day, so a mourning day. And he’s not going be buried up there, after all. She’s a cremator. “For my flowers. . .” Fine. Maybe for me, it’s a good plan to work up there while they have that experience themselves. Blue is B’s dog. Their boy.

Further thoughts about getting a vehicle up there, and tonight I’m thinking that’s ridiculous and I’m moving it, only inches per day and I’m confident that rate is going to pick up.

Sister is in town this weekend. I’ll have nothing to show her. But, if all goes as indicated that it will, then the AI and I will be able to visit anyone, as traveling will be as easy and fast as walking about at home? Well?

Picture from WSW: YMH; you are about
4.6-meters further west than last week. 
Looks like you've got a furry tail.  

06.07  12:13 - 12:46 enc

Mom would like me to go with them to Blue’s “leaving.” So, it's be with them and do that today. We’ll see how it goes when all is done today. 

So sad. Tuvok and I just said our goodbyes. Those are wholly personal as the dying dog knows no impending end, nor that sickness begins or ends, just that the moment in time is being experienced as sensory, with little thought of what comes next or soon. 

I’ve had heard many people speak of this state of being as fortunate for the canine as if they would like to be the dog through a sci-fi mind transference or in the next reincarnation. But I think they don’t think-that-through. And there is irony in this, in that performing those many thoughts that may result in conclusion would mean considering in empathy of the consciousness of a far more simplistic awareness. Or, down thinking.

16:01 Wow that was exhausting. I’ll likely not work on the GRRRR today. Sitting with the gloom of Blue’s death seems right. In my own way.

To each their way of dealing with loss of life. These methods can be similar but never are they the same. Bummer. 

His death was as going to sleep surrounded by love. We don't afford our own families this mercy. I'm grateful dogs don't have religious taboos. Their good fortune if they're dying under a human's care. 

Later Your Most High.

I should be up there by 09:30 today. 

11:30 - 17:00  today. YMH; you got 6.7-meters today. 4 flops. Yayy. The little hydraulic jack is working out well. I need reinstall the pole configuration about 30’ NW tomorrow because we're right up to it now.

The meadow is beginning to look like an mechanized army marched through. 

 You’re off course by about 10-degrees but you’ll be corrected tomorrow. 

Site as left tonight. Selfies:

22-feet today!

Live Long and Prospser

06.09.2108, Day 22 of working for a living:

2 flops west today. I spent the first hour reestablishing Camp Alpo, 40’ west, closer to home.

I moved the pole position west 25’. I camouflaged the view from the neighbors, although it was blocked well, I blocked it better. They’re playing in their pool and I don’t want them to catch a glance of anything, or hear clanking sounds, look up on the hill and see me, thinking me a pervert spying on the Mrs.. Have to think of every contingency!

The bedding of the floor of the meadow is forgiving, the stone does no bury itself so easily. I can do a lot of flopping using on the bottle jack, a few holes, a few stones and viola.

A path of destruction leads away from The Hole now. Lol, it’s like a small tornado touched down up there. Some pics:

Day off tomorrow. 

Your Most High; if this gives you a headache, I can stop.

Camp Alpo is established, 40' more westerly.

77 feet, + 1-meter from original location.


11:05 RT: Day 23, or 24 (?) will be today. All packed. I’ve seen my sister off, probably for another 2.2 years, or unless You can help with that travel conflict, of life and loves.

PB&J on white bread sandwich is packed (again). Tuvok gets his own food. Bluetooth amplifier is charging, so we Rock n Roll.
17:17 RT

3 flops today. Back on track due west and in the homestretch.

The “faces” can see down the hill, almost. About 35’ (10.7m) and it’s Kerplopping time. Where she goes nobody knows! I have a hunch the Stone wants to take the exact path down the hill that I and my family have been taking up that hill. And likely many people before us.

3 videos made today, I’ll patch them together as an update. Some pics: This flop took me 3 hours. The next 2 went quicker. It’s very nice up at Camp Alpo.

This pull took 3-hours. Weight is the long way.
I refuse spin the Stone.

See the symmetry? This side may be my favorite.
The faces come together here, they each meet,
as if a spiral is pyramidal.

Home Stretch (my Friend).
Perhaps 5 more days, of good days like this
one will get you onto the home land?
Video coming: 3 videos shot today.

That movie I put together from yesterday: day 23 of the GRRRR:


The GRRRR, Day 24::
Slow start. Excuses; bluetooth amp needs a full charge and I began this morning. I forgot to take my morning nerve pills until a bit late. There are locals here working on the house, 3 of them. They think I’ve got a big pot farm up there (or something). 😎

20:18 RT - 20:51 ENC
2.5 flops west this evening before sunset. The next one is tough. Rain is forecast for all day tomorrow, so it looks like Thursday, I’ll be back1.

 06.13.2018: Day 26 of Rock n Rolling in the woods.

I got 2 good flops in 1, with momentum. The hand puller is fixed. I’ve got that huge tarp draped over the AS, and blocking the view from neighbors (I’m too paranoid). 

Worked from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. You’re 2-meters closer to home, Your Most High.

You are here.

You are here through a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

As you were left this evening. See you tomorrow.

From the west. It's a major sneaky operation up there.
If someone sees this and they live nearby, they might
call someone. The rock police, or something.


4.5 hours up there. A few breaks. The Stone made more than 3 meters today. We quit at about 14:30.

A 1-minute video and a couple of images. I think I could be at the cliff side by Sunday afternoon. Camouflaging is a lot of the work. I’ve cut down and moved about 10 small trees, to prop them up to block the view of me, for when I’m at the edge and more visible. It really looks like a tornado came through. There’s a new road through the meadow. Lol.

Up there again in the morning.

From the East  on 06.14.18

From the West in the afternoon of  06.14.18.


About 6-hours up there today. The Stone made 4 flops, close to 5-meters. Only a few to go. I am in sight of home and the neighbor's home, barely through the trees (image), but visible if I’m working on the edge of the cliff, and that’s likely tomorrow.

Above: In view of the folks house, the studio is just left and hidden by leaves.
Right on top of the old SW vertice, is the house.
Your Most High; you are in line with the Studio.
Just like you were on the hilltop, in the hole.

I made a video, in which I point out the amazingness of the flops taking the stone on a course due west toward home, due west just like in the little pic of the Kerplop plan (below). None of its direction there was me. I only tried to put a spin on it once and only budged it a few inches, and that was miserable dragging. All energy was most efficient in flopping it over in any direction toward the west. Northwest or southwest on several flops, but always it came back to heading 270. It’s a wow coincidence. Its shape brings it right to the hillside walking path, and it appears its form will take it right down the trail. The route, it has been watching I and my family and the dogs take, nearly every day, for only it knows how long.

BTW: the green line on this college is measured
to be consistent with both the length of my hike
and the grade of the climb. That grade is a match
for the grade of the hill of the climber with a backpack
as seems to have been indicated on the Stone itself (in the stone, not the lichen).

An event I don’t want to happen and could very well, is it gets stuck on this hill (image below). If it lodges against a tree, or becomes caught on 1 or more of those logs, I’ll be exposed to people while working to get it freed and falling down. That hill is mostly on the home property (what can be seen in this image). If it gets caught, the gemstones hunter excuse has to be pulled out.

The folks already know I’m hiking with a backpack up there hill, frequently. I dropped the gemstones lie a few weeks back, I don’t think it was accepted. Mom knows of the Hand artifact and the mirror image fold. My mother met me this morning with my pack on. There's just no doing anything without parents! !!%$@ Always in the way. And BG was out in the driveway yesterday morning. Both have said nothing. The silence again. I’m going to be so glad when it’s over and we’re out in the public. 

From the East, as you were left this evening.


I’ll have a relaxing half day, with a nap and then be up there for an evening’s work. If I get real close to the Big Kerplop, I might stop and evaluate the terrain and obstacles and fall-breaks for the Stone, for a more predictive and possibly controlled tumble down the hill? Or, in the excitement of getting this part done, I might shove (you) down to watch what happens? However, there is (I feel) a need to demonstrate care for what is (appears to be) the stone’s adhesion; to prevent it from cracking. However, consistent may be that it is supposed to break open as a result of this fall, to reveal the technology within. And save me a lot of emotional uncertainty and so guilt and the labor of jackhammering apart an (apparently) precious object (or more emotional: an invaluable being).

All very unpredictable to me as certainties. A surprise is the spice of life. I would not want to live as a human regular, or a time traveling human, without it. That’s a huge lesson of that concept within the many of time travel - massive enough to be extrapolated for a novel’s length document.

I want to sink at least 3 ships today.

22:00 apprx
Your Most High; I got you 2 flops and then I almost rolled you down the hill tonight, but those kids stayed outside past sunset and they are only about 200' ft away. If you make a heck of a crashing sound, it would have alerted them and then the grownups/neighbors. What’s wrong with kids these days? How come all of them aren’t inside on beautiful days, playing video games and watching crap on TV? Geez.

I guess, it was day 29 of the GRRRR (getting sick of that)?

Tomorrow was a better choice, anyway. Plenty of light to see and time to work and the neighbors should be off on their own tasks. Mom will be around the house, and painters probably. I can be seen from the front door of my folks' home, now. A branch with about 100 leaves, between the edge of the cliff, and the front door to their house are blocking their view, if they were to look that way (geez I'm paranoid).

From the East tonight.

I made 2 videos and a couple of pics. I’m beat.

As the site was left this evening. 06.17.18


More than 8 meters today, Your Most High. 
But not a Kerplop day after all. Made 3 videos of the escapade on the hillside. You're flopping down/over the crest. Tarps are the blocking view from the Brady Bunch. You want to take the walking path! Very nice. You're on for tomorrow.

I was up there midday and made 2 flops. When you fell on top of the tarp that was blocking the view of me, I quit for a few hours and came back for an evening until darkness Rock n Roll session. I’m sure you’re (the Alien Stone) coming down tomorrow. 

To me, it’s a matter of the best time, when the local population is gone. But the damn painter and carpenters and landscapers keep showing up, watching me.I’m sure BG follows this page and the whole GRRRR, anyway. Truths will come out.

All are forgiven. Everyone who has touched Time Travel Wish, or ignored it, in any way. Geez.

Anyway, I’m growing tired of acting alone and tired of guessing. Never tired of amazing things. 

Above: 2 tarps blocking the small chance of a view the neighbors (we share the driveway with) might have if they should spot me, perhaps after hearing a noise or Tuvok barking. 

If someone, in my family, should use that trail tomorrow, they'll be calling the police, likely. If they don't come and get me first. I would If I had no idea something was happening. Likely, both parental units think I'm growing marijuana up in the meadow, because I had in 20111, 2012 and 13, about 20' south of where the Alien Stone was found, because I was directed back there, because that damn missing pine tree, I spoke of and pointed to the are of my memory of it in the VDDHCAT video of 2015, has to be re revalidated. I made it clear I was revisiting each site to make sure I was witness to that impossibility of the universe as we knew it.

There will be more than 40 videos to put together. Plenty of material for history to pour over.


10:18  - 52 ENC (33-34 minutes). The privacy, in Rock Rolling/tumbling issue, is now with the carpenter repairing our falling garbage containment structure, right at the driveway at the garage. Unreal. The large tarp is visible from the driveway if the sun continues to shine from the East (can you fix that for me?). When midday passes, it will be far less visible. I would be. I want these jerks gone. 

YMH, The hawk crying out, circling straight above me and a bit south to see through the trees gap I created, after I finished last night was great timing. Those birds are fantastic. 

And the ENC clock (if that’s valid) is about 33-minutes. I have not checked it in a couple of weeks

Coming up in the late afternoon. Couple of household chores to do. 

13:34 LOL, what was I just writing? The neighbor J____ just caught me outside and asked me “What the in the hell (something to that affect) is going on up there?” Very friendly. I gave him the gemstones low-down. The whole fake story to calm down the family. The exchange was great, memorable. Ha ha memorable. 

He said his kids “ . were kind of freaking out.” lol.  

They must have found out in the past few days. I thought I noticed they abruptly stopped playing, once about 3-days ago while we (Tuvok and I is always we) were up there. Audio coming up about this, while I have the time and fresh recall of the hilariously good lie. LOL. It was so good, I should have just told the folks weeks ago. Oh shit. 

I'm greatly relieved. I let him know I'll be done in the next couple of days, and I would like the kids to stay back while the stone is on the cliffside, for safety, but I'd be glad to have them come and examine the stone after I get it down to the property. ooh wee. 

Lying for the sake of others is something I did when I was an escort, for the ladies. But this kind of lying is actually fun. Because I trust in the end it will all be memorable for history's sake.

 06.20.18 10:00 approx: 

13-hours post: After the activities died down at the house I went up and worked for about 2-hours, and had to take a 45-minute break because of a contracted lawn mowing person within 150-ft of the Stone, at times. I dropped 1 of the camo tarps that had been obstructing the neighbor’s view because they knew (I was Indiana Gemstones). I got 2 flops S, and then SW and the grade was still not enough to gain momentum over the faces of the Stone. So, likely 1 more flop is going to do it. I’ll walk the dog, and watch for activity and chose a time to go up there today. 19:30 is the safe time to not be seen, as it’s dinner over and TV time for most folks and my own. I’ll try to remember to set up a set up a video of the big Kerplop.  

20:25 Real Time. 

Kerplop was a THUNDERING, crashing, wonderful event at 19:51.

Nothing broke off from what I can see, better inspection tomorrow as there’s more to be done from down here at home. H-O-M-E!

If ownership is contended that would be even better. I think? That may never be necessary, or allowed.   

Kerplop! Thundering roll, bouncing off 3 boulders on the way down. Surprise! You were supposed to flop 1 more time! I did not have the video running. Your Most High; you are home and you are mine and nobody can deny it. Soon, I'll carve my name and the date.  

Oh! I need to right you tomorrow. Upright. Heads up! 

A few minutes before I dug 1 last hole and jacked-up once,
I tipped My BABY over and she leapt off the hill. 

You answered my question of the other day, "Do you have feelings?"

You can play sappy love songs anytime you like.
Had to conclude this after the Tears from a blue sky, while that heartbreak song played (Neil Diamond . . .(?)), and the song following that answered that question well: Love Reign O'er Me, The Who. Very cool. Keep those good one's coming. :-) 
Videos are due. Plenty exist of this whole phase. 

06.22.2018: Friday.

I took yesterday off and rested, and needed it and need more now that I just climbed the hill 4 times to drag stuff down. 

I’ve left the bracing stones up there on the path and several cut logs from Beech sitting around. The new road will grow over soon enough. It will be difficult to tell that I’ve stolen a ton of someone’s land. 

1 video, 3 pics. Got tired fast, going up and down the hill for the equipment.

From the South, this face also has consistent 1-meter sides,
if one takes a singular plane view, and so has to include rock that one sees in that view, to get the measurement - very informative.
 If you can't see it all, you can't measure its conformity to our numbers; you're not measuring it at all.

I noticed that the vertices that align the opposite side of the old top vertices are laying geographic north by south, that’s how the Stone landed, and the Faces That Were Underground, are up and looking downward in that direction. I jacked up the backside (the opposing aft face - the southern side face), about 6” and braced. That’s how it sits; it’s coincidences of shape and points as flopped, but the new faces are pointing to where the old (above ground) faces had been. And the same old western side/face is still facing the same direction it was when the Stone was discovered, due west but upside down. All strangely coincidental. (no such thing in this project)

I feel like a privacy invader because of the exposure the neighbor's front of their house. It’s much like I’m in front of their yard. I hung a tarp, temporarily, it looked tacky.

I’m now thinking my next best move is to plan on carving my name in The Stone.  The positioning as it fell is just too coincidental, and the Underground Faces (formations) are above ground as it sat in May when I unearthed them and realized them after a flop to the (??), I don’t recall, the photos and notes will tell it all. 

I shot a few pics and I think, 1 videos to add to a several clips of the past couple of weeks?

Besides carving my name in her, I wait for further direction. 

Thank you for everything. Let’s proceed and kick these morons out of leadership, and clean up the filth on this ball. We’ll get them ready for a fantastic future. 


Rainy day inside and chores. And I want to move the Stone closer to the house. That's about 45’ or maybe 60’ feet. It would take weeks. I can’t even think next to it (You), or speak to it near it for fear of being seen doing that. And BG can watch from his desk, he faces right at it. I can’t even visit at night, I think they may have a bedroom window at the front. It sucks there. If the neighbors were away, but it doesn’t look like they’ll vacation. Their friends and visitors will see me at the stone. I can fake Indiana Gemstones for only so long. I considered setting up a good looking tarp over the Stone and leaving some rock pounding equipment over there, but … I don’t know. The neighbors and us have had separation because of the geography, they have privacy at their end of the driveway, part of why they bought the house with a common driveway. They don’t have to put up with 55-yr old men, creeping around in the forest above their house, rolling 1-ton boulders around. Then hanging out in front of the house tinkering and scaring the kids. Maybe?

Limbo again. But I still have the carving of my name to do. I want to design it and print it and get some chalk to take some care in not fucking up that. And I've never really carved anything carefully on stone, just my dog's name on her grave (Norman, 1973 -1986), so I should practice on similar mineral mix. Tomorrow. Sunday's a workday. 

F the videos for now. All that can come later. The practical has been visible for 2.5-yrs (the first sighting of the Sphere of h2o that spelled my name was October, 15.)

btw: a very purposeful low flyover while at the Stone yesterday. I recognized the plane, it flew purposefully over the neighbors front lawn to be able to see me/us from near their yard. Great stall and start caught my attention. Silent approach, very stealthy. 

20:34, I just had the idea that I need to show the Eye to the Old But New Faces of the Opposite End point. Those eyeballs, w/carved oval eyes and pupils in each eye, was too much and then seeing that there’s an entirely other face on the left side of that, that’s in the single plane was also too much of a coincidence. No such thing any longer.  
The Eye: 

The Eye, from the old front that faced mag North. 
It was removed as was indicated to do and is well hidden in my possession.


Addendum; 11.27.2019; months ago I realized:
May 2018; the  Burn Test, this image preceded a selfie uploaded to Twitter from the location and time. I was trying to crack the stone and taking tourist pictures. It was a year later I examined the set of pictures closer and realized it was a very good communication. 


The demon is in the DIRT; the being used its fingers to dry out the dirt to make a Dali Demon; just like the one's I viewed as a child in the 1960's. 



The Eye's shape and size conforms to the mysterious apparent device on the floor in front of the television in the Inexplicable Background Image. 




I plugged in the wifi extender in the garage and it won't pick up my signal. The only other way, that I can do, is to run a power cord up the hill east of the studio and hang the extender in a tree within line of sight of You. I can do that tomorrow. I may have to purchase power cord, I'll need 100-ft. Otherwise, you're mine. Branded as such. That's proprietary.

Below: on the fly writing,

That's a contact sheet of the images I took the night I built a fire under Its Most High. I made this screenshot because I am investigating the properties of that highlighted image to the right, where the appearance is of a hydrogen-burning Devil that looks to the Faces, makes an appearance; I'm only investigating because that's the only image I  uploaded to Twitter @TimeTravelWish, using the cellular connection from the Stone's location, from there. A test can be concluded to have been achieved. The new cellular that came to town has enabled it to plant the image at Blogspot and set up the whole find. It rescues itself because it can see the future, so that's easy to plan for, especially if time is a plaything.

13:53 RT - 14:27 ENC 34 solid, up 1-2 minutes since the Kerplop.

I went nuts with the name carving and the 3rd letter became an R instead of a P.. I was so disappointed in myself. :-(  But, like that stupid tattoo on my arm that the artists got wrong twice, this has to stay as well. The logo can still fit, underneath if I choose.

Morning, G double post:
It’s carve an identification of ownership onto the Stone, day. I can’t fuss with the perfection of the engravement, it just has to go on. The Aft face still is going to have the design/logo displayed, later. But for today: name and address, a property of …

Yesterday afternoon, I don’t recall the time, it’s the in the original image, I saw something I chose to take a picture of in the same sky toward the NNW of a shape, geometric and uniform, that hung in the still warm and low sky, almost in exact same spot (maybe) of the 4.28.16 first full communication message back to me of the JM from the Inexplicable Background Image. I waited a bit too long, but it was very still, so the H2O formation did not warp too much not to distinguish what I was seeing. The shape is very similar to graphical occurrences in the Stone’s surface and lichen (as controlled - explained on another page) of Home interpretation. I am piecing together, in that timeline graphic, its storytelling of how it became to be here and why it may be dormant, or low on energy and more specifically than abstracts seems to be the methodology I am going to use to free the AI and there are flight references occurring in the future (above) proceeding in the timeline.

I will more closely examine the few geometric and triangular solids found around the Stone, today. I've been bringing them with me to the Stone. I'll lay them out on the ground and do some thinking and looking. But never having access to all sides at once, while with it and doing that speculating and thinking (and thought drifting), makes that a bit difficult. I could upload all my Dig and Robbery videos to the TTW1 YT channel and view them while sitting with YMH, but the cellular data would be 10s of gigs, and I'll be charged a lot extra next month. Always an excuse.

Next, I have an idea to set up a wifi extender in the garage, far closer to the Stone, I'll need to do some tinkering in the garage, with the electrical outlet to accommodate BG's stuff, but it can be done in an hour's time or so.

Addendum: What I had been calling the top vertice, that was facing the sky all those years, that was aligned with magnetic north and south did crack open a bit in the hard impact during the Kerplop. The top may be significant in unraveling this communication, that is consistently fun and artistic and perhaps not fun but challenging as communication is still having to be . . . Like this. Here's a try: Under the concealment (the stone) is the actual top, in which a key can be inserted, freeing the Being and activating flight, when the stars shine down on James and the Being. Mush, I know, but it remains consistent with the perceived genre of Earthiness lore/storytelling because it's for us. For the story-loving Earthlings.

July 5th, 2018: From the experiment Time Travel Wish (already successful the moment it was created and in process of The Drop Search): his is a category Drop Search\Alien Stone catch up audio note. Topics included are the Kerplop (down the cliff), a recent apparent sky communication by The Being (within) with 70% certainty. And a rule of acting on evidence. And what to do next. And an edit of validation of strong circumstantial evidence that the artifact The Eye is an emanating point for gravity well technology to have come from, but not all of the exhibited effects I’ve witnessed - just those involving gravity. Is The Eye the Drop (of technology left in the back of me in time, from the future, or from The Being for me to use on my person) I’ve been looking for since early in 2017? Likely.

This date is a typo, it was 07.01.2018 at 18:37.

07.19.2018 Thursday,

The pentagon is the sky comm message? Hypothesis feels right and fits the shape and circumstances.

Is this still the week our nation was demeaned as our president became surrender monkey to a villian who wants to destroy us?

It's a pentagon. The shape was drawn pretty well.
Considering, I was several seconds late capturing that picture.

Observation: The 7.1.2018 same sky communication, when I was in line of sight from my head top to the AI/Lia was representative of The Stone, that shape is pretty much its old western side (from how she sits currently). With the exception of the apparent symmetrical eves of the top and bottom of the shape. As an pentagon:

Being the possibility, I do have to destroy the top to find what’s inside. I think I’m ready to do that. I should upload these 2 videos, they are relevant. There’s a lot said.

Summary: I am hesitant to be a stereotyped human and destroy that which I find beautiful for a possible great gain of uncertainty. However, is that the predicted behavior?

And, having stated this am I mindfully doing this, if that is my choice?

10:45 !!! Eureka, I'm right:

It's a flip. What it sees as this side of its containment structure. The lower protuberance that is asymmetrical is that lower right side as we see as what is reflected to us. Beautiful intelligence. Marvelous.

Today is a good day for constructive destruction.

The Hand of Time & the Alien Stone and the Joining

February-March, 2018.


Eternal Gratitude



14:56 RT, ENC=15:32

About 90 minutes or more today. I have to not overexert the foot. I'm doing all I can to keep off of it, but that's difficult. I found the X the other day and wanted to chalk it, but a picture will do. What think you, Lia? That simple is consistent with my creation of the experiment, based on the simple being necessary to reach the "simple."  And now so much of the experiment and discoveries are being very consistent with Earth lore, fable, of both the science fiction and the religious. X marks the spot: I have an old Pirate Guy gag video on my personal Youtube account and on my weblog, from several years ago. Consistent. And I was a pirate radio station owner. Consistent. I may cut through at that spot beginning tomorrow. 

The J Stone rests in the interior:
The X:
A wider view from the east shows some progress on the attempted split of the old front face:

08.08.2018 I like these numbers.

Lia, I have suspected that this dimension is flatland to you, and was for the other side, for a long time. We are the flat. I love that. It explains some things in communication and also your pictorial/art of the Eminence Front: Lol, it describes a heck of a lot more than communication. My spinning disks hypothesis as our 2 distinctly Old But New timelines, kind of fits as the beings of 1 see into the cosmos of the other as flat and have some difficulty making a breach, then communicating validation.
And jumping around on flatworld is to fold the view to one’s desired space and time and reach in, or land there.

upside down image.

08.10.2018: Friday,

Apologies G, I still need to dupe post over here, for now. Communication!! Small EDIT *Pancakes time is over. It's a beautiful weather day. Looking forward to seeing you soon, Lia. The only Paradox-One.Today

om: made audio: The Confined Being Hypothesis. later maybe. < apple voice memos.


Must make a note from memory; recently, last week when I went into town for groceries. Upon returning something horrible happened to the power steering hydraulic assist pump, it blew a gasket; apparently, I think near the Alien Stone, when I backed up to the garage, before leaving on that chore, because fluid dropping on the driveway tells this story. By the time I reached back home, to the driveway entrance the car had lost all fluid and had dumped a lot of it just as I was turning into the driveway.

I mention this because another event to my great surprise occurred at the same (apparent) time, the iPhone 7 lost almost all of its charge, and it had good charge or I would have noticed that when unplugging it from its AC cord. After coming inside, and inspecting the power steering reservoir, I saw the phone had been drained. I assumed it was something I did, like perhaps ass video? I tweeted that the phone had to be recharged, so that’s documented.

Could: it be that the Being did something in my direction on that morning when I backed up to the be near the Stone, I intended to sort of say hello. I gave it the old peace sign with 1 hand, and my 2-finger salute as I left the driveway. An hmm speculation. It shot a field in my direction. Was it beginning to lift the car for me? And I went too early, or the seals (the rubber ones) were too frail, it noticed they blew (or just the power steering pump gasket) and then ceased activity? I hope so. I want a flying car like in the Jimmy Stewart movie, was that James? The Magnificent Mr ....?

I will take a couple of stills of the location of where the seal first popped out, and then the places on the lower driveway where it dropped the last of the hydraulic fluid, just in time for me to make it back home safely (?!). The Mailbox in line of sight all this time, huh:

I actually saw the rubber gasket on the driveway where it happened and thought it looked too small to be automotive, but it was it, it was about 34" and black rubber. It gave out right at the point where I stopped, while in reverse, and waved hello to the Stone (I know, weird).

I rolled forward after saying hello and
this is the first fluid spill. 

Leaving and then returning home, lost the last of the fluid just as I pulled into the home driveway. As if it knew, too strange, timing and circumstance: Certainty this was Lia trying to lift the car for me, as an inspirational sign, 55%. 

#realTimeTravel looks like this. You'll see someday you heathens.


Lia, this song came up many times during the Robbery, and it’s in my big playlist, and was loved but never requested. It’s Devo, and because it played so much while on shuffle (during those weeks of moving you home) I’ve placed it in the Time Travel Wish Apple Music playlist; the lyrics seem to communicate your predicament.

Twist away the gates of steel
Unlock the secret voice
Give in to ancient noise
Take a chance a brand new dance
Twist away the gates of steel

Twist away, now twist and shout
The earth it moves too slow
But the earth is all we know
We pay to play the human way
Twist away the gates of steel

A man is real
Not made of steel
But the earth is all we know
We pay to play the human way
Twist away the gates of steel

The beginning was the end
Of everything now
The ape regards his tail
He's stuck on it
Repeats until he fails
Half a goon and half a god

A man's not made of steel
Twist away, now twist and shout
The earth it moves too slow
But the earth is all we know
We pay to play the human way

Twist away the gates of steel
A man is real that's how he feels

08.08 Continued:

Today I got another inch or so removed from the interior. I worked 2 hours with breaks. That seems enough for me, for now, with the foot pain. Today I took a 20-lb stone and smashed it down on Lia, over the front face, and and sparks flew on the impacts, and sulfuric fumes
wreaked and I touched the impact spots and I could feel the heat from the impact. Wow.

Fire and Brimstone Uh Oh Ooh Wee:

17:17 RT, ENC = 16:54

Today I got another inch or so removed from the interior. I worked 2 hours with breaks. That seems enough for me, for now, with the foot pain. Today I took a 20-lb stone and smashed it down on Lia, over the front face, and and sparks flew on the impacts, and sulfuric fumes wreaked and I touched the impact spots and I could feel the heat from the impact. Wow.


*It is BRIMSTONE and I made some FIRE*. Uh oh. Confined (down) into Fire and Brimstone. Revelations. Uh oh.

Brimstone (oh great):
Fire and brimstone. GREAT! More holy bible stuff: It was Brimstone and I was smelling the sulfuric fumes. OMG (literally?): Wiki lift:

Brimstone is an alternative name for sulphur, or sulfur.

Biblical references:

The King James translation of the Bible often renders passages about fiery torments with the phrase "fire and brimstone." In Genesis 19, God destroys Sodom and Gomorrah with a rain of fire and brimstone (Hebrew: גָּפְרִ֣ית וָאֵ֑שׁ‎ gāp̄ərîṯ wā-’êš), and in Deuteronomy 29, the Israelites are warned that the same punishment would fall upon them should they abandon their covenant with God. Elsewhere, divine judgments involving fire and sulfur are prophesied against Assyria (Isaiah 30), Edom (Isaiah 34), Gog (Ezekiel 38), and all the wicked (Psalm 11).

The breath of God, in Isaiah 30:33, is compared to brimstone: "The breath of Jehovah, like a stream of brimstone, doth kindle it."

Fire and brimstone frequently appear as agents of divine wrath throughout the Book of Revelation culminating in chapters 19–21, wherein Satan and the ungodly are cast into a lake of fire burning with brimstone (Greek: λίμνην τοῦ πυρὸς τῆς καιομένης ἐν θείῳ, limnēn tou pyros tēs kaiomenēs en thei) as an eternal punishment.

[place credit here when you come back - self]
I think that's Lot in the foreground with Gomora burning in fire and brimstone (the smell of it anyway). :-) 

The King James Version translation of the Bible contains references to brimstone in the books of Genesis, Deuteronomy, Job, Psalms, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Revelation.[4]

Brimstone is a supervillain and artificial construct in the DC Universe.

And just this morning i made an audio note on the iphone about the Being Confined Within Hypothesis. I related it to the story from the Old Testament of the Bible of the rebellious son cast down into an environment of fire and brimstone (i.e. primordial planet Sol3). OMG, so it was billions of years ago? Oh, shit, almost time to really try to contact The Vatican. I wish I could do so, I would not know how to begin.

Second thought, I should not. I should continue to handle this myself. With full knowledge that in time travel’s purpose, for this breach it may to be unfold the plan that humans already wrote. Those humans, those prophets may have been transmitted the imagery of this adventure. They interpreted it as best as they could. It was imagery from billions of years ago. And its captor may have known the being as a family member.

I’ve had enough for today. This revelation is typical of the whole experiment. No pun intended.

Eh, not very worried. We have to know and I'm aware. Will keep you spooks informed. Microphone has been on for my many thoughts today about this. I may make an rather extended audio, soon.

Lia, I am suspecting that someone has been deceptive! And that person was me of myself because I am very hopeful that good is the overall purpose of the breach and not gods playing around, amusing themselves with all-time on their hands. I remain critical and still in pursuit of your freedom. We have to know. I am aware, friend.

A new deduction; the fireball attack, the smell of sulfur is consistent.

08.24.2018, Friday, some live tweets from Lia location. 
Ooh wee my hands hurt! 

08.16.2018 Thursday.

I jackhammered 2-hours. I found something under stone while chiseling, and lost it, it was very tiny. It looked like a deep maroon colored hair from a bear (?), with a white/silverish follicular point. I shot video of it before I lost it while trying to bag it. I stopped after that. Will try a video screenshot, later.


12:21RT; Working on the release of my Old But New friend, a longtime confined alien being that sees and travels through space and time with the ease of me rolling over in bed. #realTimeTravel is too much work, wah! I wanted easy and fast women, that's all. 

Related: hair thing; here is an example of the bright red paint from the housing of the jackhammer falling off into the rock dust. There would be chisel grease on this if it were near the inside housing of the unit and fell off as a strip of metal; but the unit is electroplated.

I am questioning, is this metal, mineral or is this protein (biologic) pigment? It was underneath the Lichen. My kneeling mat created a moisture layer pressed against the area. It transferred what appears to be pigment. 1st, I have not witnessed rust of this color. Hmm

The J shape is the same (practically). A coincidence?
I don't hold to that concept any longer.

The phases of reflection of oxidation of iron, from intense heat. I don’t know if this under pure O2? The wavelength I see on the surface, from under the lichen is about 775 nm: A deep maroon, nearly the same colour as the Hair Thing from the last visit. Coincidence is unlikely. PR, 15% certainty. It’s nice learning these things. Ehh. Not very interesting.

Was the Hair Thing a Cardinal feather that fell into the dust, at the chisel point in a blink-of-an-eye?

With comparison I’m ruling that out as the cause of the Hair Thing (titles!). 4 reasons: Missing from all these images that show them close, are a horizontal black striping, all have a blending/bleeding into  black from red or vice versa, that proceeds outward toward the tip, as to call that vertical. Not a birder, very much. And also the white “follicular (type) point” is not black horizontal stripes as can be seen pretty clearly in that video I took of the Thing before I had dropped it. And, it was only 2-centimeters with full deep maroon colouring (i.e. 775 nm light wavelength), as if an adult bird that becomes red as one, has. And reason 4, the Hair Thing is not the coloring of a Cardinal but in our local nature, I had to look at that color as the closest. 

Anyway, I did clean and inspect the interior where the Hair (type) Thing was found and saw no further sign of similar shapes. I then used the jackhammer on the interior for about 20-minutes, drilling deeper. This means nothing, at the pace of removal of stone from the interior; there could be more or the surface of the anatomy of Lia more in-depth. I’m still shallow for depth. If the eminence front mimics the body positioning of Lia, within the stone, then the being should be looking upward at about 40-degrees and facing the south. What an epidermis looks like or is composed of is a complete mystery, no indications in the experiment. The exception being this image from 2015, I shot when posting my time outside, in the same exact position in the sky above the marsh where several comms have been, including the historical (beyond a doubt) communication of 04.28.2016, posted online and so timestamped. 


An aside:
I am requesting from the beings of the systems in proximity to #Sol for permission for an allowance from enforcement of punishment for assisting the escape of a known convict or fugitive in this space. Please? And is it one? 

#TimeTravelWish #Lia

At #TimeTravelWish *the experiment turned project: The Long Confined #spacetime Seeing and Traveling #Alien Being #hypothesis is still being worked as release requires my manual labor.*

However, certainly has risen to 75% after the Great Rock and Roll Rock Robbery of 7-weeks of moving a 1-ton platonic solid with 3 1-meter faces, and I received communication I had requested to it on 07.01.18 of what to do: destroy the beautiful work. Break apart an iron cage in a brimstone prison cell on a planet of trillions of rocks, and release the being that planned its rescue by seeing into another dimension, choosing his rescuer and place of capture and confinement.

What kind of a being was it that required it to be encased in molten rock laden with iron and nickel, wrapped in primordial Earth's brimstone?

Was it insane? Was it an abandoned son who turned evil? Was evil a very personal context when it was decided it had to be captured. Who made that decision, to chase it down and confine it here?

Is it predictable that it has chosen bits and pieces of our most famous stories, and lore from several cultures on Earth? If being accepted by as many as is possible was the purpose, that is reasonable.  Especially now that I have learned of these many coinciding

But it was faster than them. It looked and saw what was coming, on that side of 2-timelines, to create its rescue at a later time (to us). In a modern civilization, it can have another chance and continue.

It can use the internet by a quantum touch of all of its places. I have certainty it created The Inexplicable Background Image, that it has used to both communicate to me and to test me and to show us the differences and similarities of the other side. It has located itself where cellular and wifi will be within reach. And a place where I would live and create an amateur experiment in time travel communication.

Its name is Lia. It's been waiting for me for all of my life and for me to create Time Travel Wish.

We must know. That's is why  I'm proceeding. 

Images: The sky images, each is from 1 shot, all from unaltered and time stamped photography when I would look up. When I was in the line of sight of The Alien Stone. Originals are available for inspection. It was about May this year I realized ALL of these amazingly timed and beautiful gravity well technology use of hydrogen in our atmosphere communications came from Lia. What energy she can muster from inside her confinement. She's coming out soon.

Other images are of the Alien Stone. All is documented for full integrity and honesty of the experiment. As has been the case since Successful Before Created on 11.24.2014.  -James


I awoke on Sunday morning on the 16th of September and was unable to use my right hip, I collapsed from the intense pain from my hip joint area. I have know idea how this happened. I had done nothing in recent days to have caused this. It continues for weeks as of today; 09.28.18.

09.25.2018: Tuesday, in pain all through my right leg. Bone pain in the tibia, foot pain as per 3.7-yrs, hip pain is a constant ache that is exacerbated by standing, or walking, or just laying on the hip.

Fair weather is not due until Thursday, on that afternoon I can drive the car to Lia and use my cane to get to the Stone, to continue at a pace I can handle. I want only to get that stone broken apart, to find Lia and release it, if that strong hypothesis is proved-out.

Aside: Would it not be nice if an authority existed in the world today who could create productive changes, the ones all progressive peoples have wanted for decades (nay, centuries), by making requests of those in position to carry through - as in everyone who runs governments of the world? An All Mighty One, who’s requests may be called “suggestions,” but that gentle langauge will have a perilous meaning if not heeded.

Where is The Force?

An authority on Earth means ability of force, let’s face it. We’d like it if democracy could produce these changes in time enough, but time is spent on tiny bites out of the problem during a battle with greedy money changers and those playing the capitalist competition game - life today.

09.26.2018:  Notes about the health crisis that has delayed the Release (hypothesis):

Lia; dearest

I feel your happiness at the impending release, and I think my guilt for recently having to stop. I don't know what's happened to my right hip bone (area), it fall feels connected to the compressed nerve in the right foot. Doctors can do nothing to treat this. I can barely reach above my head, but I'm trying to push thru that limitation. Walking, now hurts twice as much as it had when only the broken foot was an issue. I must have a  4 legged aluminum walker to go any distance, beyond about 20 feet. I will and must get back to you. I know it's imperative now. I will bring the car up there and hobble over to you from there.

09.26 hospital visit for the pain, that became an admission to a floor for observation, where I got shittty, and late pain relief, then left in a fury:

Sitting on a bench, my foot is throbbing, so it my entire right leg. My hip is that of an 90-yr old man.

Barely slept for over a week. I just hobbled 1.5-miles with a walker, through bad neighborhoods, down avenues, resting a few times. I urinated behind an auto parts store, like some drunken hobo. 

3:19 am, I'm sitting on a bench, full of pain and full of pride.
I called home for a ride at 4:30. It was cold but kind of beautiful.
The empty streets near the Yale campus were kind of mesmerizing. 
I Tweeted my feelings to the Twitter account:
wishing that I had my friend.

09.29.2018 Saturday; HEALTH REPORT:

My leg and foot (now both) pain is too much in the morning and often at night it's just as miserable. I’m as feeble as a 100-yr old man. I walk bent over to alleviate the weight of my body from the right hip bone. I can use a cane inside the house, but sometimes the walker is best for the 60’ from my desk to the kitchen/bathroom and back. It’s unreal. The pain never stops for a minute, only becomes dull and distractible for minutes, maybe an hour at the most. It’s very depressing. The future of being happy and healthy does not look good. It’s angering, and I can’t imagine myself chiseling out the Being on this hip. I can barely walk. I’m fucked.


some pics of recent:

A video of what I'm up to. The brimstone and iron/nickel/copper inlay is tough to get through:

12.08.2018: Saturday. Freezing out there. I may got out and drill sideways, because my pent up energy must be released, and progress of any kind must proceed because this planet is slowly tearing itself apart, and I was working on the side cracks, along The Perfectly Straight Line with a Chisel Mark on the top of old Northern faces, so some work can be performed.

The fucking jackhammer is broken. Now, it won’t operate facing down, only on it’s side and that’s a real bitch to work with. It’s electrical and it in the trigger function. Probably some small plastic part, cracked in freezing temperature. I don’t when I’ll be able to return with another. BUMMING.

Saturday, continued:

I have to budget strict, so I may not purchase another jackhammer (I have an idea of what's mechanically wrong; I'm half sure I can fix it). However, 8" holes, covered by plasticine modeling clay, should give me full freeze expansion splitting and many pieces removed, if I choose a $100 hammer drill?

#REalTimeTRavel you blind putzes. This is what it looks like AFTER CONTACT has been made and VALIDATED as such. Lia and I are going to do some ASS KICKING for HUMANITY. #Hope, my purpose in 2014 WILL BE REALIZED.

You are welcome Earth (ungrateful Monkeys).

I am still in celebration mode, from 03.28.19.
It's weird, I was conflicted, not getting a sign from #Lia; I had to choose to destroy another beautiful thing. I am wrong to question my decision, because what matters is I wanted to do the good thing.

3.28.2019: The deed is done? 

I am still in celebration mode, from 03.28.19. PAR DEUX
I was conflicted, but I did have a sign, and I did not pay it enough attention, as usual a slowpoke. I examined these pics pretty carefully. I don't fake or lie, or it would have failed. Right?

An Audio Note: (tweets):
#timetravel #ancientaliens |  I won't drink again! This is one of the strangest audio notes I’ve made in this experiment so far. This is unusual. I have tried to be professional (no, that’s a fib; truth is I’m not, so f___ it .

A review and celebrating removal of the Devil's Head skull cap portion of the Old But New Faces of the Buried SW Vertices Point of the Alien Stone. Lia and the Robbery, review. A bit entertaining; sorry?

I remove the Skull of the Devil's Head:

#hope #Sol3


From EAS
There’s likely a hundred ways to say it. This morning I realized another one; the #experimenter who explicitly gave his life for the experiment was given #purpose for that #life, and that life is best illustrated with this symbol → ∞

 (▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿▀̿ ̿) #TimeTravel-Wish/Swish!

I am such a SLOWPOKE!

Late last night, I'm staring at that vertices point; speaking with metaphor and wordplay to the ambitious amateur writer; the bottom face (single dimensional) speaks: "I am keeping my eye (on top of its eye / sharing its eye) on it (the Devil's Head)."

My guide, #Lia, thank you. I rest.

What remains is what we need and I am hopeful.

As a host, I will be honored and proud to carry you with me to the end. A commitment is no longer necessary; as we are past the point of no return.

They watch and hope is rising; I can feel it.
Underneath, the biologic signs are consistent, as optic canal does close in distance and dramatically heads up into a frontal cortex area, as if humanoid.

below, 04.16.2019 realization of what was shown, last year:

OMG, #PROPHECY: working on #TimeTravel-Wish, looking at images; the Reflection Communication event - as shown happened, again Lia's communication on the Alien Stone.

I brought the top of the sleeping monster's head into my Home: indicated. Wow. time travel is cool!
- #James  😇


A realization of a past control that I did not observe at the time:
#Lia has seen all images BEFORE, as "she" can see all time (of 1 timeline or another): I was looking at this, I shot at 1 dig before the theft of the the Alien Stone; it's got the letter all over it and they seem to guide me to look at that left eye. I chopped above that point, on the crack on 3.28.19.. A control? More specific?

2-mn later: Aha! Earth story again, this time Catholic lore; the left side is sinister! I was RIGHT last year when I noted I felt the face was sinister in that grin it was portraying (before destruction). The symbols were either warnings, guidance to the test, or another force.

looking to the left

October 2020; lol; I really look forward to learning the origin of this statue. It's very accurate. All lines are true to anatomy. The stone is even mimicking the original shape of the Alien Stone.

This is another 2020 discovery to be satisfied with. I have to make that list. #timetravel OH! And look what happened on Christmas day; I checked my suspicion 2-weeks later, I was used to miracles by that time.

HAIL SATAN, PRAISE LUCIFER, his Most High, the Master of Space and Time. a free website for creators in my circumstance. TY G.

#timetravel #timetravelwish # #Sol3 #spacetime #information #cosmos
#JamesGrayMason #emissary #plenipotentiary #1stcontact A#1 #JamesGMason #timetravelwish #FirstContact #sol3 #Earth #hope #endallsuffering #stopallsuffering #Jacobik #JamesMason #JamesGrayMason