The Global Vapor Communication of Christmas Day 2020

The Global Vapor Communication of Christmas Day 2020
The points of evidence of the hypothesis it was for me and Sol 3.

Introduction, to date:

On 11/25/2014 Time Travel Wish had been only an experiment in time travel communication as a request for help and messaging - and due to an absence of resources only on a weblog, and various social media platforms. However, many indications reveal it was successful before the time of its creation.

Conducted with the bias of hope, by an artist with an idea to be reached. A time apart (had) chosen an unwitting test pilot to validate success. The amazing has occurred repeatedly. 2018-19: MIND BLOWING; the Being is using Biblical prophecy. Discovery by James Gray Mason.

Honesty was important from the beginning. I have documented with photography almost all of what has happened to me. Anyone can inspect the integrity of my claims (and that photography as untouched by any software fakery). The physical and circumstantial evidence is multiple times validated to my satisfaction, but the world has been too skeptical, as it all is unbelievable in our time, and that is one of many true ironies of time travel.
January 1 2021:
World Peace, if it can be achieved, is opposite of what the future is showing us in the imagery meant for this experiment and ready to view the instant this internet project began, truthfully; from my experiment Time Travel Wish, a worldwide radiation report is being shown on the old TV (that emits radiation).

As is well documented here, my hopeful bias had interpreted this as rain for Africa, sorry.

Slightly frowning face

A Global Radiation Report

A Global Radiation Report
"James, there is too much radiation to exist here." The message decoded.

Lucifer in the Background Image

Lucifer in the Background Image
Lucifer in the Background Image

NEW 02.02.2018 The Drop Search at The Alien Stone

NEW 02.02.2018 The Drop Search at The Alien Stone
Link: Latest in discovery: Spring, 2018 - 2019: The Drop Search at The Alien Stone & The Great Rock and Roll Rock Robbery

Our loss is because we're hopeless:

Our loss is because we're hopeless:
Tuvok and James. Image from Time Travel Wish, 2015. This may be our tremendous loss if we do not act.

the NAME image

the NAME image
In November of 2014 it was a hopeful name for a concept of message delivery from ourselves.

Successful before it was created.

Successful before it was created.
The experiment is done. Time to move on. Addendum 05.26.18 wtf was I thinking? The adventure doesn't end.

Evidence collected, 2015 discovery of physical effect of Different Human Choices in Another Timeline

Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline

Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline
LINK to page: category of evidence: Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline

The Inexplicable Background Image

The Inexplicable Background Image
LINK to page: category of evidence: The Inexplicable Background Image

Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image

Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image
LINK to page: Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image

Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact.

Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact.
LINK to page: category of evidence: Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact : Painting the sky with gravity well technology

About the Webmaster: The Target

About the Webmaster: The Target
LINK to page: category of evidence: About the Webmaster: The Target

The Idea for Time Travel Wish

The Idea for Time Travel Wish
Link to page: category of evidence: the Idea: 1998 Star Trek TNG: What if that first communication had to be as simple as possible?

Image Dating of the Future Time

Image Dating of the Future Time
Link to page: category of evidence: Image Dating of a Future Time

The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime

The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime
Link to page: Speculations: The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime

The Envisioned Team of Timeline A

The Envisioned Team of Timeline A
Link to page: Speculations: The Envisioned Team of Timeline A

The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One

The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One
Link to page: The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One

First Post of November 25 2014

First Post of November 25 2014
First Post of November 25 2014

Project Audio Notes of Discovery

Project Audio Notes of Discovery
Project Audio Notes of Discovery

Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting

Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting
Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting

Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime

Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime
Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime

Albert and God

Albert and God
Albert and God

Original Page: Messages -Jake to James

Original Page: Messages -Jake to James
Original Page: Messages - Jake to James

Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016

Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016
Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016

The Guitar Rock and Discovering Backward

2023 REALIZATION; the Guitar Rock
It represents the lower right corner OF THE PAGE, THE IMAGE 
that time traveled here to meet the experiment. 

the lower right corner of the image and instructions 
to follow the direction indicated by the triangle and  
its triangles, meaning to move in that direction.

The Guitar Rock represents the lower right, dark gray, corner of the image.


An explanation in brief, revised from 2015:

How can one be successful as a time travel experimenter with no technology but the internet to use to find time travelers that can make the experiment successful before it was created? 

In 2014 the answer was this meager website that humbly asked for help from a "time apart." Hope was necessary, and truth prevailed in November 2014. In 2016 this experiment documented physical evidence of a traveler, and an adventure began. I am James Gray Mason, and totally unqualified in quantum mechanics.


It was all about pointing to the Alien Stone above and directly behind it.
As if the triangle directional arrow that we see today.

I spent all that time and effort trying to destroy it, looking for 
technology within it, for nothing. I was discovering backward
I already found and stole and then demolished (in part) the
Alien Stone. 



Bottom up timeline: Or "Descending" confusing.

The image comes from @Google Corp. On their servers, for me at the instant I would make the online experiment. I just found Lucifer w/son next to the chair in late August. This is the 2nd physical object of evidence to indicate the character Satan is present in what will be. πŸ‘Ώ

Demonstrating the Burn Test, to split the rock, unsuccessfully. Discovered 1-yr later in image study.

BEFORE my selfie sent to Twitter, the Devil says something.

The 1st object of evidence to indicate the character Satan is present in what will be. πŸ‘Ώ

The being will use the Christian stories to exploit humans, and has joined with me for the experiment. It took almost 5-years to realize this, after physical indications were several. 

Yes, I look into my father’s eyes. It’s touching, in sentimental ways.

That's exactly right. They found me, an atheist who wrote a plan. They will use Christianity, to make it real, to make contact. That is the PLAN and it is also making Christian prophecy TRUE. Is that not GREAT?  :-)  It will validate everybody, all faiths, and lift Earth out of a time of great crisis. 


3.09 Monday
P{ONT of note:

There has not been one physical “Object of Evidence” (as documented and with sure certainty of) that I have followed that was a negative, or a warning to not proceed, as in a no response or such. Each communication, and each solid object of evidence, including the Rocks and all that has occurred around th em has led to a furtherance, or movement with quantity in a direction as in a vector that moves the project foreward to my perspective. And that is full of irony. And that I write this is in itself a paradoxical irony, in a time travel experiment. A double whammy? I don’t know. I’m buzzed. 

Could be the reason I wrote that positive note above is that I don’t want to contemplate or move based on negative responses. Or, away from suffering to proceed. Too analytical. Fuck this. Nobody wants to be a primary singularity of a breah into another dimension who has to exist in order to begin again, and then have to have intimate knowledge of their selves and every thought and feeling while being in that role?  I mean, shit. 

I want to be the adventurer doing things, fuck this psychoanalytical bullshit. :-)

The VIRUS may be creating a Nick of Time event to bring me out. Cool. More likely if something crisis like is happening. To me, I thought it was the impeachment fail. 

I became overwhelmed with fatigue last night, and had to cancel plans to hike the hill and sleep up there. I’m sorry. 

This can be controlled once I have aides. Seriously, everyone should get aides. Perhaps that’s inappropriate joking for a time like this?

The Image is Looking West:
Walking across  ... the purpose for flooring. As is proven in every original Star Trek episode, when Kirk and company go to a planet surface, and even in inside caves, the ground is perfectly flat. Nice for walking. Nobody falls over and it saves film.


New wedges arrived.
And, several discreet packages.___

No excuses! Seriously. 

I’m splitting the Alien Stone. 
Still intent on making sure, there’s no small object I missed, due to misjudging the center mass, due to chipping away at alternating sides.


03.06.2020 Friday
Gloomy outside but I’m in an OK mood. The rain is supposed to wait until evening. I’ve ordered 10 more wedges, and will work on that new split line / seperation line that I see on the AS. Maybe go drill some new holes, right now? 
12:11 pm

Sleeping in the tent tonight.

Worked on; drilled holes in an iron split in the Alien Stone, the separating line had not been noticed before, it appears to be all the way through the center mass of the stone. More holes for steel wedges to be made soon. 

This unit is $90 and would tell me a lot about radiation and the artifacts, like perhaps, exactly where the Drop is in the stone, if it radiates. The cost would bust me for March and April.

New GQ GMC-320 Plus Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Data Recorder B... via @amazon


I REALLY want to stay in. AND WILL, because the short nights are busting my thought process, and leaving me too tired to go out and bust up rock. I need a third night to be here in my bed, then back out there again on Thursday night and Friday night. STAY CLOSE.

To Bloomberg:
Smart move. I would have been up your ass so far, your family and friends would not recognize you. And, you would die from the stress of having me in your life, monitoring your every move. A billionaire, money-changer's moves. You would have hated it.

 - James 

I do find anger at people and in frustration that all others think my claims are false, and I present real evidence that nobody will examine and I invite them all the time. That includes you. 

Slept up top again, barely 4-hours 2-nights in a row. zzzz
The site is on that slope, so there was a casual losing battle against gravity and time while sleeping.
I may be out smashing stone, we'll see.
Site 1, of VDDHCAT, #ChesterCT:
Timeline validated to the other side:

Hi! πŸ‘Ώ
Ken, you look really old. And so I listened while you explained your strange hypothesis.

My father forgives more readily than the Big Head normally does. He understands the complexities the Old Man created are difficult to navigate and we're all sinners and it's OK.


So, I spent last night, from midnight to about 5:30  on the hill, in the tent. Some tossing and turning to be comfortable, but I slept ok, as I was pretty tired when I got up there. The rain on the nylon was lulling. Did not see Mom walking the dog on the way down, that was an embarrassment, and danger to the mission concern, and may happen soon if I make a nightly pattern, and I should. I want any physical assistance team to have time to move in on this system, and they won’t if they have no indication that I will get off my lazy  and disbelieving ass and be consistent about seriously being out and u p there for a communion. Maybe some alien food too? I am willing to try new things while meeting different species. Lol. Seriously 


I did NOT get my 8-hours beauty sleep.

I'm likely to get cranky and issue a worldwide (style) threat.

I'm going to retire like Chris Matthews. And comeback. I swear we've met., nothing to do with retirement.



I am sleeping alone in the woods, at the site where the Alien Stone was located, where I received audio contact, before I stole it and began demolishing it. 


I MUST have a meeting.

I am READY to begin a greater adventure. I have NO FEAR and look forward.
Time Travel Wish
Your Most High; I love that there's no clock visible in the amazing image. However, if living in The Image, and looking for the time, the 12-digit telephone may be able to connect to any hour of our choosing. It's a metaphor for a #timetravel machine.


Double check, does the Alien Stone original position at the top of the hill (summit) at the 3-Acre Wood, see the Mailbox and the Yard in front of the house.
I was sure of this in 2018, I think? So much has unfolded.
#timetravel  ->

2: For line of sight hypothesis, as power from the AS, or was it from the Guitar Rock (more likely to me as The Image portrays an of abstract of the view.
pics: L; the cove and East, AS = star.
R, mailbox and phone poll to the AS, and Guitar Rock locations, as due East approx.
~~~ follow up days later:
The answer is yes, and I still could not double check. There's so much vegetation, and I've only been up there at night, recently.
Pic: The Alien Stone, demolished, but not split, as it is today. In the background on the cliff side is the Guitar Rock.

I’ve shopped for 260 in equipment for March, including a geiger counter, and a gamma and beta detector, for $90, another EM detector for $40, and a wifi extender w/cable and injector for PoE to the unit. 

I want to not work today. 😎
It's just so damn cold and windy.
I cut the S out of my hands yesterday while up there fixing those wind torn privacy and rain tarps, bc of the freezing finger numbing weather. I need some nice days. Like last week at 60+-degrees. Toasty.

Discovered over a year later:
Real #TimeTravel, and the literal crunching of space to create and control a sphere of hydrogen, to signal to me and the world, that it/he’s here and this is the power I will be in control of: At 0:24 LR corner off the plane’s wing, watch for a sphere of H2O, created with timetravel knowledge of the video’s existence:

ReaL  #TimeTravel

There is was in the summer of 2018, 2-years later, after the Sky Test communication, embedded in the molten elements, after I stole the Alien Stone and rolled it off a cliff to find the Drop, the J Symbol with the twin circles with 1 overlapping, to symbolize:

This riddle: In the triangle in the triangle.

And this is a riddle that I see, as it is presented in the Guitar Rock, that I might have found (should have) first, as if on the way up to the Alien Stone’s original location. Ans so can also hold true for the Alien Stone. As it can be a triangle if only viewed in a single dimension, as this picture exhibits the twisting pyramidal shape that is a “single dimension” triangle. The other side, the polar side of the Alien Stone, found after excavation and turning over the stone to see the underside:

May 2018; the Drop Search of Time Travel Wish, the polar side of the Alien Stone, on the hillside.

In the πŸ”Ό in the πŸ”Ό.
The riddle may be pointing to the Alien Stone, what's full destruction at its center has not been finished - one thing at a time??
As it is a triangle if viewed in a single dimension, as this picture exhibits the twisting pyramidal shape that's a triangle:




Drop Search\Guitar Rock;

That triangle is the Standard measurement approx (w/in an inch or 2) of the exact center mass. That dark (oxidation) was under 10" of rock, it happened to be a triangle shape in the same place.

As I found the Guitar Shape inside the N point yesterday.


10-minutes at the Guitar Rock, and WHACKED. 
Video; smashed my right hand fingers, pretty good (bad). 

I was not bad enough? Lol 

Oh shit! It stings! That’s my insult finger. What am I going to do now? Have I not suffered enough? Geezus Krist on a Crutch!

2:41 pm 
I must ponder the coincidences (haha) involved before and present as the project relates, to the injury;

A nick of time delay.
I was within a very short space of the outside of the instrument, with the end of the steel wedge that I was using the 20-lb hammer to hit the end of with. ???
That hand had no glove, I was preparing fast, it was chilly, I wanted to move. Had it had one, that nail would not have been torn in half, and the other finger’s skin would not have lost any. Just prior, I had moved a few large chips of stone out of my small foot space at my left leg. 
The plane with the red tips had flown over, and I was in awe at it’s slow speed, it’s direct crossover of the GR, and it’s relative quiet. 

What would Lia manipulate, of the elements nearby, or in the plane’s instruments, or rudder, or to it with a puff of wind, directly behind it before twitching over the path of the GR, to cause me to forget the right glove, to perhaps place my right knee down??? Each of those factors can be at play, especially since I’m in close contact with the stone. 

Working hours are over. The finger is getting a light pounding from its front pad.

The MoM unit called on Alexa and quickly asked how I was. ??? After I posted the video and Tweeted. Some minutes after. She’s going to the grocery mart.

I’m on Slight Caution. 


11.19.209 Tuesday

Tuesday; the work, 

The forest is wet, the back needs just 24-hours more.

I'm getting cramps and muscle pain from gaming constantly.

The impeachment hearings are compelling.

The amazing is amazing in the project, and I'm in touch with a stubborn disbelief that's been there.


Today needs to another day of light back movement. It feels as if the weight of my torso is exacerbating lower back pain. Walking is fragile. I'm a softy!

Very frustrating. I need everyday for the Guitar Rock.

Lately, I'm 1 coin flip to visiting the woods at night.

10.14.2019 Tuesday

That cable is tight to the motor’s limit. 2k pounds or so, and still not tipping it over; I am digging out the rear to help it with the prybar. #timetravel BION

NTS: A little late; begin reading several days of notes each morning, prior to new entries, if I can
04.28 Sunday, hmm

The V stone and what is behind it? I have been sitting out there with the Alien Stone, possibly doing my job in destroying the Devil’s Head, and wondering where the heck is the Drop for me? But for many months I sat there, and walked about while destroying different areas of the Stone, in front of a wonderfully perfect triangular face of the old South Face, and if I had looked up from in back of that face of the Stone I would have seen the big, looks like 1.5-meters, perfect triangle of the V Stone, sitting on the Cliff and pointing up to the Alien Stone’s exact location if seen from where I was in the Driveway and on that grassy section, all within line of sight to Lia, the Alien Stone. That stone on the cliff was the message in the sky that I had to sketch when the hole in the cloud was made, and it was not perfectly circular but clumpy looking like a typical rock, and it turned into a V as I watched.

Luke is spoken of in several audio notes that may have survived me or became the principal antagonist in the unfinished novel Destiny. And he had a magical guitar, and he was Luke “Plays Anything” _______ (last name?). He was either going to help Jesus Carlson or be his enemy, and he competed for popularity, the love of the people. Was it to be a superhero battle of good over evil or something?

The whole hypothesis building pivots on another sky phenomena that that happened over the 3-Acre Wood, above Lia, and was another incident of my opening the front sliding glass door to the patio of the studio, where I’m pretty sure, Lia was able to detect the opening of that wide doorway because it caused a detectable air pressure and temperature event over the studio because it was warm outside and I was blasting the air conditioning. She was able to use that to communicate more and further to me with a giant guitar made of h2o, above me, its frets facing down, it was a Gibson shape. It was too beautiful and another event I did not have the camera for. I remember documenting it in those notes from that year. I’m sure the notes are findable.

So, I investigated the surroundings of the V Stone the day before yesterday, and I see it’s as if I was dropped, or lowered into place to sit there, almost teetering on falling over, it points along the downward slope of the driveway, and it seems it can be tipped over (and that damn coincidence of that heavy pry bar, being left leaning against a tree right next to the trail that leads up to the 3-Acre Wood! I know, the coincidences are not. NOT. I used that bar a lot in the Digs and the Robbery, and it was important to me. It was left against that tree by somebody. We had thought it was Robert Lee’s, (Bruce and I when I found it on one morning with him, for some reason? (unusual then and especially now)). I’m going to tip it over to see if Luke was embraced as the antagonist as to be me. Hmm. Worth doing and worth following. I do not like being the bad guy. Hate feels terrible.

I know because I have some, but only in cases of actual offense, like that hospital. Like all others in civil society I want justice, I want to feel it. And as one person what can I do? You know the circumstances of that; it’s a wall I can’t climb because of their uniqueness. Expressions of destruction show the extreme and I am an editorialist; you know that all the publishings everywhere, for G’s sake. A cartoonist, which I am not, does the same by showing us the outrageously extreme of taking an issue to its ending, that is what I’ve been doing both on the TTW accounts and the End All Suffering account. Given; those things can be done with the abilities exhibited and documented, pretty well for one person (pat on my own back), and I will use them with Lia’s (your) guidance well and when it can be productive. The uses are innumerable. Imagination is the limit.

I've been going the great guy route all along, trying to. And I love the power aspect of the bad guy side of things. Geeez. Conflict!! Can’t the good guy have destructive and constructive power? The rescues with that gravity control can be in the thousands and fantastic timeline protection measures. The alien invasion depicted also seems very exciting. I want!

I will knock that big triangle stone over. It has to be done in broad daylight, and I’ll need an excuse. I may not be seen doing it. I have become an afternoon fixture near the cliffside at the Alien Stone.

 Amazing coincidence? The Stone is missing a corner, in the same relative side that the Alien Stone was, down to the lower right from my perspective. Huh. And it would be a triangular piece, a stone of that shape; NEEDS A FACE? A personification of a being’s face? Huh?

May 5, 2017; the Guitar event was either before or after this.
A Moving picture:

The triangle has more than one meaning in this timeline portrayal, that has come true; it is presented as choice in linear time, as a singularity event, and underneath the shape is key in both the Dig of the Alien Stone and perhaps now the Drop as my purpose in the experiment. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019; I went to measure it tonight, while folks are making dinner I figured 6pm was a good time to not be seen and identified as weird. It’s 8-ft across, 22-inches thick. The fox hole WAS GONE - absolutely not there; the hole in the leaves was gone, and I removed all the leaves and the dirt underneath was a smooth surface and compacted as if there never was a critter hole there. Weird but not too weird. Missing, I mean, absent from the reality of the other day when I knew it was an animal hole and would be a problem. No hole. GONE. I’ll post below this paragraph the text from this morning, when I mentioned that would be an issue:

04.29 Monday

The pry bar. There is what I'm sure is a fox hole and it shows recent use and it's only right behind that stone, with about 14" space to work with. If I were that fox, I'd be terrified of what's about to happen. And I may want into that hole! ooh wee. 

Time Travel Wish‏ 
@TimeTravelWish Apr 30 | (May 1: the day before yesterday):
hmm, I've been a bad bad boy. Gambling and internet-zing about. hmm. I've got half a mind to chase the possible foxes from their hidey hole behind the Big Triangle, V Stone, prior to prying the stone and into their business. I don't want a Fox wound, or many or disturb a family.

More; Wednesday May1: 

The stone is slightly remarkable in that it was used to give me actual direction and I did not need it because by June of the following year, after the guitar in the sky above this location, I had photographed the Alien Stone and spent that winter pondering all that had happened, and by January, or February, I was onto it as The Drop.  The other remarkable thing about it is this Gibson guitar shape, half demonstrated without the neck complete (it broke off on top, it the past), on the edge of the northern side of the big triangle. An curvaceous break in this brimstone is unusual, yet there it is facing the driveway and where i would be standing so frequently during these past years. Images that show that unique shape:

Below, a demonstration animation:
This realization a few days back that I photographed yesterday may not only be a clue to reference the character from Destiny named Luke. But the coincidence is out of the random and totally in the experiment's context. A control to mean "Rock and Roll," but there's always more.

Time Travel Wish
 4m4 minutes ago
OK, so I was up there in the evening, a quiet time in the neighborhood. 

What the F is going to be my excuse for this?! It's elevated and rather prominent. A huge concert stage for the actual Rolling Stones would be no less conspicuous to people nearby. How and what reason?

I had the gemstones excuse for the whole robbery and  Free Lia, and still use it to hammer at the Alien Stone, but with a busted right foot, using a cane, on the side of a cliff that has a 160-degree drop of 45-ft down, will look absolutely NUTS. WTF?!! ooh wee.

James "Plays Anything" Mason, may be my reward, as a mortal gratuity, in this life, to finish this life in a wonderful way, with a lot of music and magic.

Question for myself, do I play Jimmy Hendrix, the suicidal artist, or continue to boycott all of those who give up?
Time Travel Wish
 May 7

I removed a lot of debris and dugout 1.5-ft of soil in the space in back, or in between, where the rock was split from (formed from?). I am astonished at the flatness, these only show the "back" or east face plane. That vine comes down, raps around the stone entirely. Weird.

An action is being indicated; I dug out around that vine, and it turns back and then loops over the north side and then wraps down around to the front, or west face. It's within already exhibited ability, to manipulate biology. A spring is indicated, to the mechanic; BOING, down:

more to come

At the Guitar Rock in late July, 2019

A #timetravel video, BION!

Small town becomes Paterson New Jersey on a summer night, no thanks to Super Anxiety Woman.

I fought the law the I won. 😎
#LEOS agreed, I was reasonable.

Lia, some ANSWER??

unedited; respect privacy please:
very amatuer, I may fix the video, if I feel like it. 
lol. oh shit.. Time Travel adventures. 

Unedited: the neighbor lady charged down the driveway arms flailing and calling me names including, disrespectful, and word that begins with the letter F followed by you. I kept my cool. She called the state police! I am not a videographer, but I exercised my civil rights as a smartphone owner and captured my own testimony and conversation with the boys in blue. further adventures in real-time travel, they discover: James Gray Mason
Category, the Drop Search/Lia and the Mortal Reward as the Guitar Rock may contain my goal, and the beginning of something even more incredible.
It was on the 12th of August. The police were kind and agreed it was I who was being reasonable. Shortly after our conversation, the Husband Neighbor Guy came home, and he jumped in. That video looks as unprofessional as what you see now. The cops and I made friends. I only had to BS about being Indian Rock Jones, or something. Nothing about the Alien Stone and the communications from a god-like being, what energy may have originated at the new find, the Guitar Rock, there for me all along. Destiny. Weird, I know. See TIMETRAVELWISH.COM to TRY to learn more. James

When I say "I suspect hysteria, I'm serious," I thinking of high anxiety. It strongly appears that her household situation and emotions are being projected on me.

Home address is on this unedited version, and I appreciate your respect of my and my and my family and neighbor's privacy. Or, Lia may get you! Lol.
All is cool. I'm taking 10-days off for her to find some drugs to use.

PAGE: The V Stone … needs updating:

It was on the 12th of August. The police were kind and agreed it was I who was being reasonable. Shortly after our conversation, the Husband Neighbor Guy came home, and he jumped in. That video looks as unprofessional as what you see now. The cops and I made friends. I only had to BS about being Indian Rock Jones, or something. Nothing about the Alien Stone and the communications from a god-like being, what energy may have originated at the new find, the Guitar Rock, there for me all along. Destiny. Weird, I know. See TIMETRAVELWISH.COM to TRY to learn more. James

When I say "I suspect hysteria, I'm serious," I'm thinking of high anxiety. It strongly appears that her household situation and emotions are being projected onto me.

Home address is on this unedited version, and I appreciate your respect of privacy. Or, Lia may get you! Lol.

VIDEO LIVE ACTION COP DRAMA, could have happened at ANY trailer park anywhere!

I have to report something extraordinary, and you can hear the cop ask me about it. Horns were blowing. They sounded like those stadium horns that fans blow. But it was, I think on Saturday, the 10th, and they were coming from, it seemed, over the hill from me to the east, and they did not sound like anything near me or the Guitar Rock. I dismissed them as kids blowing horns for fun; but dig it, she must have told them I was blowing horns, and she has said, to his testimony in the video, that a horn was blowing while they were interviewing her.

She may be going Schizophrenic. She may have even thought that I used power tools, the past three times I was there, I have not. Only today for 3 cuts, that did not even last 10-minutes in total. Just before 1pm, was the final cut, as she came CHARGING, not kidding, down the driveway.

Notes and Tweets to 05.29.2019, mostly regarding this phase of the project. May be some repetition from text above, I apologise. 

For anyone with the patience; this is rough, many are thoughts, speculations and personal diatribe, on occasion. ::

2) 65% certainty, it was a comm, because I saw it.
 If so; interpretations? ...

I favor: "James, get off your ass and get it, and you can prevent these things. Like the #ElPassoShooting."

It's consistent w/Lia wishing to motivate me and break the last bit of skepticism.

#TimeTravel- WISH notes:

A day off to heal my foot and hammer strike bruises. And play computer games.

The #apocalypse stuff was not really surprising. A believer would be freaking-out. lol Not I.

I'm ready for my role.

I'm close to the instrument (the Drop).

The purpose!

08.07.2019 Wednesday

#TimeTravel- WISH notes:

A day off to heal my foot and hammer strike bruises. And play computer games.

The #apocalypse stuff was not really surprising. A believer would be freaking-out. lol Not I.

I'm ready for my role.

I'm close to the instrument (the Drop).

The purpose!
08.06 Tuesday

It’s a joke, Lia.

We're all supposed to be angry at the Big Head, now and again. It's human. You're supposed to forgive me, right?

You will, right? 😎

This is an amateur experiment in time travel communication, launched on the internet on 11.25.2014.

~~ promo:
Should I have agreed to KILL #HITLER?!
I thought not, in 2016.

Below are visual instructions, as clues for a manner of both time and place and circumstance to efficiently assassinate #AdolfHitler and save the Jews.

I will protect the timeline I know.

#TimeTravel WISHed 😎

08.05. Monday
It's fighting rock again.

I figure, I've inhaled enough silica to put my lungs back in the number 1 spot for getting cancer. So, I've went and got some good old fashioned tobacco. It should be illegal.

Government; STOP ME!

The instrument (the Drop) search continues. 😎
Did you see that, viewers? A follower asked a simple question.

She is the FIRST PERSON, out of nearly 20-million viewers of real #TimeTravel evidence to ask 1 question, in 4.5-years.

I can ANSWER a lot of questions. I try to in nearly 1.5-million words in notes and tweets. πŸ™„

Creepy, she replies, she saw it:
Yes, creepy to human standard. And I realized and have recently accepted that Earth religious story is being emulated, followed, and actually made into #prophecy. Which is what I would do if I had linear time jumping ability, and control over elements, and a larger purpose.
14:09 rt

I saw the mold growth, and it was a beauty, symmetrical, so round, like a sponge deep in the ocean. It was growing where I placed my hand and made pictures, on Wednesday, to demonstrate the lava formation that indicates the stone was formed, rather slowly on its back from this position. Iron layers are thin and consistently spaced, in their depth as I go in further.

It was very difficult to get going at the top of the triangle; it’s very dangerous (I am tied with a safety line) and super hard to use the power tools up there. I knocked off another good chunk but kind of drifted about, chiseling some in the east face crack, and on the top. Not much progress for 2-hour, with setup.

I put way too much pressure on my right foot, trying to cut at the west face with the saw, and the demolition hammer. It’s going to hurt like hell in 40-hours. Tomorrow I can work before the pain sets in.

I think I look OK in this? Not sure. Viewers who judge beauty in the future will be the judge of that. Did we have selfie day yet? I missed it, I think?

At the Guitar Rock/the V Stone in July 2019.
11 minutes or so, off-the-cuff, unedited:
#timetravel 😎
Cmnt tweet:
14:09 RT
I look just like a πŸ’ !
It was difficult to get going at the top of the Guitar Rock; it’s very dangerous (I am tied with a safety line) and super hard to use the power tools up there. I knocked off another good chunk but kind of drifted about. Not much progress. 2-hrs.
! @Pontifex,
Your Grace;

The MoM framed this painting for my birthday.
It's ready. πŸ˜ƒ

You'll love it; by a pioneering Disney background artist, you can recognize the strokes.

It has ALWAYS been for you. It must be hand-delivered.
Nuns of Carmel, by Art Riley:

Is he snorting coke with Millions again??

Yep, it's the same pressure he had before that Hillary debate.

He's paranoid crumbs are falling out. It's an 80's behavior, seriously. Clubbing, coke "bumps." Models, Melania's Jersey source? lol.



08.04.2019 Sunday
1: MOST RECENT: I'm beginning to understand the Burn, the symbol, the contract, and the cliche, fictionalized contract with the Devil that is in place:

The protagonist gets far more than he bargained for - the opposite of his goals when he makes a deal with the deceiver, the Almighty of Dark (matter).

LIA = Lucifer Is Alive; and you want me to be him?

OK! It's all in the plan, so, no disagreement.
I signed.

The six-fingered metallic gloves, bearing a modern NASA insignia, placed on the Chair, as if finished with them, may have belonged to a being mistreated by humans in our future. Taking revenge on them, by coming back here, to fulfill Xtian prophecy; a taste of their medicine.
Another chance to send a liason.

Noon to 1.

Check the 2-vehicles that honked horns yesterday, right in front of home, 3 or 4-hours after I posted the bat's house, showing it from a distance, as can be seen from in front at the street.

F-em up, if not friendlies.

TY 😎

I sat there on the Group W bench for 40-minutes. Plane flyover and no brave persons.

My fly was undone! I know! Nobody saw it but how embarrassing?! I didn’t realize it until after I sat down on the bench, then I left it that way in case somebody was watching me realize it was down and saw me sneaking a way to zip it up! A public embarrassment, of a not being cool conundrum. I hate going out! Lol

I'm coming up there to work, ASP today.

I may be whistling.

I can't make noise, still; the weekend.

In the first week of September, it's me and B. Freaking-out the MoM will be of less concern. To Heck w/everybody else. Fair warning has been made.

and #FucktheNRA

0803: Saturday night:
I'll go for another walk in the park, so to speak. Tomorrow.

My foot is killing me. I want to go up to the Guitar Rock, the 3-Acre Wood, but it's so damn difficult. Tried last night, and the dogs were barking at me.

The Contract and the self fulfilled prophecy page is being compiled. A lot going on with that.

It seems that St John is indicated to have been shown the experiment. As I had saved an image from India in the summer of 15, and shared it. I thought it was amusing. I had no idea. But it fits John's descriptions to a T, if you consider he was being shown a part of the set up, a 2000k y.o. setup. And that's reasonable given Lia's already exhibited ability.

- James


Don't be surprised to see me up there tonight.

08.02.2019 It is here, my 57th year on Earth. FUCK THIS!!! AGING IS BULLSHIT! MORTALITY SUCKS! Lol not really, we all must go. Oh well.

This is what "physical evidence" means: a documented, measurable, touchable, relationship to the test and experiment. Where all circumstances align to nothing else. Wherein, the evidence and test can be examined and never ruled-out as unrelated. There is an S-load more viewable.
The name of the document I am compiling notes in, on this phase:

Contract with the Being (to Become Antichrist) and the Guitar Rock

NOT MY IDEA! It's a 2000-y.o. setup!

My experiment was supposed to be asking for help; not being recruited to serve an alien.πŸ™„TIME, you BITCH!πŸ˜‰

St. John, the brother of James, the youngest of Jesus’ disciples was (90% crt) shown this photograph. A wide circle has been closed.

As stated; #timetravel is so full of irony that the process should be called Ironravel.

This circle is hereby CLOSED!

Again, you’re welcome, Earth. Ungrateful MONKEYS!
Get a grip on that Slovenian.

I love her, but she's out-to-lunch.

Totally misunderstanding. She's had 3-years to read the weblog. She's jumping to mad conclusions.

The text needs to be rewritten, organized by timeline events.

I will not have the linear time to do that.

Hear ye, HERE ye! The #apocalypse is ON!

I am the CENTER of the #Prophecy that Christianity created and has been WAITING FOR. May #GOD STRIKE ME DEAD if I am being dishonest.

#StJohn was being shown #TimeTravelWish and the image left: 90% certainty.

#Lia may want me to express belief. I'm having great difficulty finding that concept. I am an #atheist, a #science hardened fact-finder. My experiment in #timetravel communication was only supposed to be asking for help from a time apart - not recruiting myself to serve an alien!


The St John’s Serpent vision realization of yesterday was a final blow to my skepticism. They allowed their own prophecy to be USED. The Cristians MUST NOW JOIN and assist. KEEP THIS SAFE.

Please TODAY?

I really need people to be here and in direct vocal and physical communication with me.

I need protection from both my parents and the neighbors and all possible interlopers. That rock must be made very important. I need lights, camera, action. Get this, please??

I need this scene to become important. The whole neighborhood needs to be sealed off, full security. I need GIs on the scene.

I must continue into the Guitar Rock and must have full attention to it in the next few days. This is imperative. If my government is here with me and Catholic Church officials, I can focus night and day to get this done. Send the Cardinal. Make this property the center of a big deal. Keep it mysterious while I work, no PRESS until I'm done.

The power within must be mine, and nobody else's. I want this to go well, without great suffering. I must convince this being to stop the apocalypse.

I know, it's unbelievable, but real and here now. Please MAKE CONTACT NOW. I will sit at the green at the center of Deep River with my beige little dog. At the Veteran's memorial. On the bench. I will be there at 12 and wait until 1 pm. I WILL BE THERE. It is now time to interact with me.

I have 80 -90% certainty that an instrument waits for me within. That Stone is the DROP. A reward and not one. It has been shown. None of my photography is FAKED. NOTHING IS.

COME TO DEEP RIVER NOW!! MAKE THIS TOWN SECURE. HELP ME with all the distractions of normal living so that I can finish my JOB??

I want GUIDANCE NOW. I need our technology, recording equipment. I need a BIG X-RAY machine to see inside that STONE. Acoustic vibration, ULTRASOUND may be helpful.

08.01.2019: Tomorrow is B DAY.  I’ve got no indication I’m close to getting what I need to proceed. So, whenever it happens, it will be on a normal day, and that will later be commemorated worldwide. DaMMIT.

The forest is soaking wet and that’s fine because yesterday I realized I should take this day off, as I’ve been there every sunny day for the past many, and they’ll appreciate the rest and cool down some if I’m unpredictable with the annoyance. That complaining BITCH! - no.

To Marianne Williamson:
Here's a big truth; be open:

A discovery has been realized to be following, generally, an old Earth story.

No human need to believe. It wants physical evidence everywhere. Lia, needs redemption. Possibly worship and to be loved. She has a servant, it is me. Investigate fully?

3-Tweet on the Serpent

#Revelations as consistent ...
The serpent; what was John being shown? Was G showing John the picture I am showing Lia tonight and must have on 8.15.15, the day I found it on GPlus and copied it to my hard drive? I made a joke! So, if I was/am to be chosen at this time ...

2) . . on Earth, and prophecy wasill to be exploited, and others in our past would have to begin that storytelling, then they would need to be shown the experiment, at least imagery from it.

Perfect. Beautiful. The #Prophecy is HERE. You are GENIUS beyond imagination. My LOVE!

#REVELATIONS; 3) The 7 heads #Serpent had arrived, to me: I'm certain human carcinogens caused that #mutation in that reptile. It would be appropriate as a sign that humanity should face judgement when his innocent creations are getting recreated, as a time to interfere.
4)St John may have seen:
The road as sea, the serpent comes from it. That truck can look much like a “land beast” w/ram's horns, coming toward to defeat it. People watching are safe. He'd have no other explanation. He did the best he could. Compare passed down testimony of a vision:

5) Add to these notes, that snake has a yellow CROWN. A small yellow shape on its head. Crowns. Bravo St. John! Pretty damn good.

The experiment is Successful Before Created Before Created ....

ooh wee!
#ExtraStellarAntrhropology I wish! πŸ™

Image w/observation collage: The Revelation of St John: 12. The Sea Monster and the Beast with the Lamb's Horn. A woodcut by Albrecht DΓΌrer

07.31 Twednesday

#Revelation! I used to think that meant grownups partying for a reason.

This snake appeared about -5-yrs. Pic in my folders on 08.15.15. I had no idea B thumpers have been waiting for it. It was cool looking. I could use a theologian about-now. Someone with an open mind. Young. I could use them because I am making WORLD DEFINING, historical singularity decisions, for God’s sake??

See what I mean, I’m not sure!! No, I do realize that God’s angels were like his kids; he loved/s them so. And that he has given them Godlike power to carry out his will. Tangentially, I still think it’s silly for any prophet to have interpreted that God would only have one child among the stars. It’s ridiculous. Even for one God of just one cosmos. I’d be spilling my God Juice everywhere, right? There are probably more than 100-billion galaxies, for gosh sake. I’d let one or two kids manage several simultaneously, you know? See how they do, perhaps a 90-day trial period, and then they can have more pay and responsibilities. Makes sense.

Anyway, the silly Netflix flick was inspiring, and I hate to admit it. I’m glad I never read that whole Bible, what a boring, ridiculous book. The editors should be shamed; it’s no wonder the movement was generally a colossal failure because the few who could read would be bored out of their minds and continuously confused if they did manage to get through it without suicide, to end it faster — a failure beside providing hope, as a temporary solution for the believers.

It feels as though all is on track. Even though each day I’m disappointed, a little bit, by not coming down from that hill and that rock without a magnificent instrument to cause changes. I’m confident. That is, it’s there in me. It’s stronger than it has been.

I can’t say how many times, in my mind I’ve passed through those images of everything, the timeline of events and circumstances, trying to find a way that it’s been not real, or could have been normal cloud cover at just those times, the Image at Google, the damn trees, the window at the doctor's office, the house in Deep River too far from the road, the words that are missing in the dictionary, or a boulder in an amazing shape as that one was, with those faces carved like that, too incredible but not to me. And that is so frustrating. ARrghhh.. And I have not mentioned HALF of it, above.

The Serpent/snake, what was John being shown? Was G showing John the picture I am showing Lia tonight and must have on 8.15.15, the day I found it on Google Plus and copied it to my hard drive?  I made a joke about it, probably. So, if I was/am (wasill) to be chosen at this time on Earth, and prophecy wasill to be exploited, and others in our past would have to begin that storytelling, then they would need to be shown the experiment, at least imagery from it.

Perfect. Beautiful.

Lia, you are AMAZING. Wait till I tell my parents about you. They’ll love you! Maybe? lol

~~~~ the snake, from earlier tonight:
I'm certain that human-produced carcinogens caused that specific mutation in that 7-headed snake. It would be appropriate as a sign that humanity should face a reckoning when innocent animal life is getting f_cked over by us, as the marker in time to interfere.
  -James 22:06 (the time)

The snake used to be honored because they killed the rats, the pestilence. Right? Rodents also ate all the grain. Get them with the snakes! It had been a respected animal at the time of all these writings, that are believed to be prophecy. Consistent.

We’re dealing with light-years of our history, right? We have to think back, and then adapt everything we can think of that may be about to occur. She’s following western religion, and the polytheist pretty well. I could not have written this better in a million years. I’ve stated that, years ago. See notes!


Chopped a big piece off the top. A nice P solid shape, that looks similar to the shape of a stone found near the Alien Stone in late 17. Another large piece taken off the guitar; I’m about 6’ into the W face, at that spot. Cheerful breezes appreciated.
Hello #Skypilots.


Light reading?:
Andrew of Caesarea (563-637 AD), who wrote the first extensive commentary on the Apocalypse, interpreted the beast to be the Antichrist and the dragon to be Satan, who gives power to the Antichrist. (See Dr. Eugenia Constantinou's Ph.D. thesis, "Andrew of Caesarea and the Apocalypse in the Ancient Church of the East: Studies and Translation")
I think I should not make noise tomorrow at the GR, because I’m getting vibes,both from the folks, and some from the NL (BITCH!) lol.

I should remain unpredictable. There’s some comfort in that, I think, for them.

Earn more favor with the MoM.

Goes to protecting the project.

I had to come back to say something I am compelled to, inspired by the #RacistTrump/#TrumpRacist:


Dig this, @realDonaldTrump;

The last time a racist began to rise to power in the USA, his campaign made the mistake of broadcasting to media, his scheduled arrival to within .3-miles of a red headed servant of somebody/something else.

THINK & come closer to him!
LOL!!! (George Wallace, Laurel, MD, in front of the People’s Drugstore).

Could practically hear the shots.


You're actually very entertaining.

Bless your stars.

And come closer, won't you?  - James, servant of Lia, maker of destiny, physical assistant to Its Most High.
#Emissary #Plenipotentiary, #Sol3, #TimeTravelWish


I'm out there ASAP (well? OK, maybe not the AS part).

Cantaloupe is eaten. I'm all out of my grocery store generic dried-up oat flakes; gosh darn it. I mean dagnabbit!
#timetravel language is yet written properly. That dictionary is forthcoming. Spacetime must be experienced.

ATTENTION: From now on this day of the week is called Twednesday. If mispronounced that person gets sent back to a day called Twosday. If that name is said wrong, a person gets sent forward to Threesday. If there is any confusion about that day, I'll get back to you.


#timetravel-wish notes:
Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.

I hand chiseled at the tippy top, to continue seeking the origin of all phenomena of communications documented physically, and by my testimony. As I'm not happy having faith, that's BS - for olden days.

Imagine ...

The meanings of words like Here, or There are to Lia the same as any time, as #spacetime.

To her species, a being cannot be in a space without its time. The concepts are more than integral; they are one, inseparable.

The #cosmos is moving neither here nor there.
You know something?? I’m going to refrain from these quasi cryptic messages. They are almost no longer abstract to me. Getting there.

Nevanka is back with a new T account and she’s stalking and telling others, things, misunderstandings. Placing me as antithetical to Jesus and that concept. But perhaps not? It’s not clear. HA ha ha ha, western religion is not clear. Lol. Or it would not have had the success that it has had.  Lol.

They really should be leaning toward the return of a person of that concept. But, that’s OK, for now.

I acknowledge your faith.

Maintain your confidence.

Keep your hope.


Most importantly have NO FEAR, please?

I'm on this. I've chosen to protect humans, it's up to me to now convince (Lia/the being) that we are worth keeping around.

No fear.

1:38 rt approx:
Made a ten minute discussion video, of myself babbling on about the experiment, turned project, turned mission as a servant for a super being, above the Guitar Rock.

I'm tossing around the idea that this was not just gravity manipulation, but hydrogen manipulation, and Lia is using gravity also, she's drawing it together finitely to form the communication. Seen before created.

She could find a stellar nursery and build a livable star system.
The folks have been recently disappearing to go someplace and they are not saying where, and if they are conducting another psychobabble conspiracy against me, because they have not examined my evidence, than get ready to protect me and the project, by means you feel reasonable to me and you, please?

Don’t allow them to interfere with their ignorance, and inability to examine what’s happening with openness to what’s possible. I’m going to bust this minds of millions wide-open, when we come out.

Blocked commenter; you've been asked to f_ck off. You really should investigate this project before interacting one more time. I'm centuries ahead of everyone. lol 😎 pay attention to the dates, it's a notebook, flipping back and forth from the beginning.

It’s almost noon, very thick and hot for NE. I’m full of ideas lately; low on marijuana, I’ve been rationing for 10-days.

I don’t need to disappear successors in political regimes that must be changed, I can pick off an authoritarian one day after the next, and they’ll get it. Those assistors will have to change and quick or the pattern can continue, right on down the line of power.

What Donald Trump is doing right now by naming that SHIT FOR BRAINS Ratcliff is unbelievable. I’d like to finish this phase before his gets any information on me.

A cleansing of my past and any and all negative issues of my history should be sought after and removed. Those persons who may give testimony (I’m thinking of the women with broken  hearts, primarily, and some atheist activity), must be found and either relocated or brought here to live within the confines of the headquarters, and I hope a Lunar castle can be built(?).

That castle puts me above them and separated from Earth citizenship and so more free to act without a guilty conscience, as a traitor to law. As all superheroes are, violators of principles of good citizenship, adhering to all law and only using law to settle disputes, offence, and legal arguments -  generally is not how they can operate. As we give our armed officers of law many abilities to step outside a citizen’s boundaries, so must the hero have that freedom, of being a hypocrite.

Grammarly LATER
Moral dilemmas of angels; in notes.

Angels as servants. Inspired thought by a Netflix apocalypse movie.

Does Lucifer want to surpass his father's accomplishments, not to shame but to get back respect and get back into Heaven?

Can I convince him (Lucifer) we are worthy? Go for it, dude!
Surpassing God's accomplishment, in the case of Judgement Day (oooh), would be in correcting his perceived failure (humanity). The zombie movie; the angel turned against his command, did what God had needed, not wanted. Earned his wings back.

Ironies! #TimeTravel is irony.

BELOW (ha ha hahhhh!):

Definitely do something to that Emmit Brown character, I just blocked him. He’s wrong again on a recent, primitive hypothesis of quasars. He talked back to me and he was warned. These kids read scientific journals, see the pretty videos, and think that’s what’s fact. Rarely do I hear a narrator in those flims say “Scientists think . . “ or  “Scientists hypothesize that . ..”

They are assuming that the audience has understood exploration; the history of trial and error, wrong hypotheses. Wrong formulas! Wrong deductions from the visible universe. Reminds me of psychiatrists, who make full diagnoses based on clinical observation (in the same clinical environment), validating them with peers, until they’ve got public credibility.

To @VirginGalactic (fools):
Good luck buddy.

I get to decide who and what succeeds in space.

Your company might survive to see your dreams, because I like the British, more so than these dirtball billionaires over here.

It depends on your changing.

You'll know what you must do.

It’s going to be +90 today. A real sweaty one. I’m feeling determined to work more than a solid hour. I’m pissed! I want that raging racist moron evicted and disappeared, or put on the Bunker under the surface of Venus! With friends, family and all supporters, just like that fantasy. We’ll watch them SUFFER on TIME delay.

Here it what is necessary for me to take care of this planet, my way, and continue to live happily elsewhere: I NEED a home on Luna. I need a castle. Large and bright white, a blaring, hugely refracting white; of illuminated white marble or polished granite, with real silver trimming.

It needs a pulsar type of beacon on its tippy top. We’ll let all neighbors know that Lia is here. They’ll never come near this system without my permission.

07.29.2019: Monday

Only about a half hour’s work, but some productivity. Said hello to skypilot in a video about abnormally abundant worm activity that is around and under/inside the Alien Stone, 80’ approx feet from the Guitar Rock, where I’ve left it in its demolished state. Other areas of soil are not like this.

May be the powdered mineral from the demolition is delicious? It’s nutso. High mounds from a lot of wormy digging. I believe it’s regurgitated above ground, when they’re making birthing dens. Weird animals. I’ll need to youtube them.
Nice, simple:
I think is the sulfur and calcium, possibly aluminum? They love that soil at the stone!

They’re invasive to the US, since the last ice over killed them all, Europeans brought them all. 400 plus species. Muscle activity is constant as the aortic arches are their heart, all through the body. It may be that the potassium-calcium shift is being greatly satisfied by that enrichment of that soil. They LOVE dead bodies, the bones! Not only the mineral rich soft tissues. The babies are best bred in that bio substance. Worms want mineral, they’re electrolytic beyond our normal needs.

The swallow the earth in front of htem and digest it with a special gland, decaying matter can pass through a worm several times.

Began removing the very top of the western face, and on close examination had a realization that rock has recently fell from this area, (pictures) based on the faded blackness, not richly dark, of the iron layer. So its bare and has some lichen growth that appears no older than 3 - 5-yrs. I estimate 300-sq in diam. So it’s become bare for that time on this section at the top. No telling how thick it was; but I can dig a few inches under my mess to see if it’s there. I expect it’s only normal stone. But it may be significant later.

We had an earthquake on Friday at around 2ish and I had heard a rumble but thought it another large truck. I’ll check … can’t find it on USGS. I’ll try later. All magnitude map is showing nothing. I expect across the river.
morning:Fucking Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting reallly pisses me off! HEART BREAKING. I know those fairgrounds and those people. My sister's family could have been there, may have!

The San Andreas fault runs right underneath that place.

#TimeTravel-Wish notes
Re; California: I want that State isolated from the USA. They can become an example nation of Americans being compassionate first.

I should give them all the US military facilities and arms. Including ICBMs. But wait, I’m eliminating nuclear warheads; they can pack em with strawberries, or walnuts. Either is fine. It will smell and taste wonderful when they attack an enemy.

Working at GR today.

I kneeled and faced it last evening. I paid homage, feeling humble, and used understandable hand gesture.

Was not the first time.

+50% certainty I am requested to worship. I’m trying. It won’t be an easy transition and I cannot predict I will be genuine.

Working at the Guitar rock, just like Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And Tuesday?

I kneeled and faced it last evening. I think I was praying, not sure. I guess I was. I paid homage and was feeling humble, and used understandable hand gesture. (lol) I have a more than 50% certainty that I am requested to worship her. I’m trying. It won’t be an easy transition and I cannot predict I will be genuinely doing so.


Because I am certain that in the cosmos, great long lasting civilizations exist, and that very long evolved beings can exist, who have exceeded all our fantasies of how evolved the physical body can become. This certainty is accompanied by another that they can be total assholes. Why not? It’s logical. Assholeness does not necessarily change with massive knowledge, great wisdom or super evolved physical ability. Lol

Grammarly does not get to eat that text above.

It was not the first time. The conversations at the Alien Stone, on one night in late winter 2018 were those first occurrences; with only one in which it spoke to me, asking me that question, “Do you believe in miracles.” It used a gentle wind from the SE as I faced approx NNE with my left leg hanging into the hole and sitting east of the Alien Stone. I was careful to observe it was not an auditory hallucination.

I think that right away I stood and began slowly pacing north to south beside the hole, and said to it, essentially;

“I know that miraculous looking can occur.”

“Everything has an explanation . . .”

“There are now many people who feel this way. We are almost 50% atheist (and agnostic) at this time . . “

About that night, I’ve never written it, but I wonder if it was surprised that I had no affect of surprise whatsoever?

I really was not surprised, because the miraculous looking had already been accepted and my certainty it came from the hillside was high, and the Devil’s Head had been unearthed, and it’s eyeballs recognized with photography.

Pic from near that date or on it, not sure:

I wrote a title in the filename about the whispering wind question:
It was 04.28.18, exactly in days 2-years after I was able to capture physical evidence, using the internet to document the conversation, because B and the MoM had gone to DC for the weekend.

Do You Believe in Miracles Night of 4 27_04 28 2018 Alien Stone files screenshot

I posted the dark pic of the moon through the tree branches that showed the view from the perspective of the Stone and told it I posted it for it, for its benefit in case it did not know what I see.

Earlier that day, or just the day before, I posted the image of the Devil's Head face with red lines to indicate its very humanoid shape and details.

 posted, made on 2.27.18, This marks the time after realizing this head is very significant. I could not have carved those eyes. I’m a plumber for God’s sake, we destroy structures to install our pipes. lol.

posted that night Lia made the wind sound like a human man; “Do you believe in miracles?”


That smart ass gets it. I want the town, village or city of his birth destroyed.
That’s an excellent way to set early examples, so that I'm left completely alone by all the other humans.

Newton: the thief:
He reminded me that Cambridge University will be flattened. Which is the only product from conversing with him. I want the regents of each of these elitist universities also eliminated.

I should visit the European institutions first.

In the future, if there is one higher learning institution that students are competing to enter, then  that school gets flattened.

No competitive numbers should be tracked or ever documented.

Every surviving human must complete 22-years of learning. I want the smartest sitting with the dumbest, bringing them up, adopting them; and so they all go to school together.

I visualize, 1 or 2 dozen empty seats in every lecture hall, within the first 6-weeks of the new semester, in every college. Those empty seats will be the dropouts. The seats represent that we had a seat for them and that was opportunity and that society allowed them it.

We should be proud of those empty seats. Those drops will enter productivity and maintenance jobs, high skilled trades, technicians and etc.. The partying class. They will work hard, party hard, and must be treated as equals who chose a necessary path.

I want 15,000 colleges operating under one standard of curriculum. Every community. They’ll be painted white and have 7-10 digit, randomly selected numbers and no human names.

I’m very serious about destruction and rebuilding of many institutions.


OM: Trump;

He vanishes, never to be seen in person again. He’ll be the Amelia Erhardt of his time. Lol.

Pence too, on the same day. Pelosi takes over . . ., she finishes his term.  Every single person who worked with him gets disappeared. Every representative who cooperated. Every judge he’s seated gets replaced. It will not matter the perceived value of the human, they disappear.

Chaos?? I hope not. Giving them time . . . .: Is it necessary to conduct widespread destruction, giving in to any of these desires??

IMPORTANT: Is it necessary to conduct widespread destruction, giving in to any of these desires:

No. Not if I begin, as I stated earlier, with non human harmful examples of the power of Lia. Like blowing apart mountains on Mars, where and when they can all watch, and then have no doubt that I am a King, of sorts, of this entire spinning ball of rock. Because the facts are clear regarding how humans are motivated.

It’s like a premise of our existence - run from suffering, evade the discomforts of environment, others. To now escape the suffering that Lia is capable of and I am willing to take responsibility for.

I hope our legacy is one of mercy and compassion.

Lia; I told you at the rock, the following, I’ll try to repeat as stated that night, or that day, I don’t recall, it was in March or February 2018:

Humans are born with a proclivity to be good. Those murderers in prison are an excellent example, if one can ask them if they are good, the response will be they had wanted to be always kind. Goodness returns its favor. They got fucked over early in life, born in the wrong place and time. There’s NO evil inside them, trapped and inherent. It’s learned.

The good is biological and environmental, naturally.

I can prove it to you (Lia). I can show you if you allow that path, instead of the Devil’s Advocate, literally.

Consider the fables from the New Testament; The angel Lucifer was cast out. He was a very typical rebellious son, an age old and that is a common human condition of that family relationship. I’ve had it, 3X over. Fathers! Aside; I have never had a compulsion to compete against any of them. Bruce is an astrophysicist, and how can I compete with that if I can't get a grade higher than a B in algebra? Well, I did not commit to that course, enough study time. I could have got an A, just effort.

He can do it better than the father, he can create a better society of sentient beings than he. Beat him at his own creations. And then feel justice and peace, but most important to Lucifer is that he earns God’s respect. And maybe come home?

Lucifer needs this. He may not want it. But he is in contact with me, I am not in contact with God; how does the servant of a force that is vengeful manipulate this situation and convince his master that he’s wrong. Wrong; making him wrong, that is something I need to process; how to not make him wrong and accomplish this.

Is Lia Lucifer, am I to be that character? The flame/hydrogen manipulation, strongly indicates I am to be the servant of the Devil. That is processed by pretty good deduction as documented, about the Dali paintings and me.

A story, from a movie I watched just the other night on netflix, an apocalypse movie. The Angel Michael had agreed to take part in the destruction of mankind, as God’s judgement was determined.

Michael had defected, having great moral conflict, feeling that God had been impatient in his decision. He was killed by his Brother, Gabriel for having defied God’s command.

He expressed that humans were worth it, due to their capacity to care for another, a stranger, or to be in love and to sacrifice for another.

The script and the dialogue was much better than the cornieness of the movie. Apparently God likes them to use assault rifles, and RPGs.  And a never ending supply of zombies.

In the end it was Michael who did what God needed, and not what he wanted, that allowed him to be revived by God and given his wings back (allowed back into Heaven/home), after his brother had killed him for defecting.

He defeated his brother, and saved the world by protecting a bunch of humans in a diner, and that allowed a new child to live, to be the one who rises to power to lead the Earth into the future.

But it was after billions were dead, apparently. Lol. no, not funny. I guess? I was a movie for God’s sake. Oh boy.

I like this plan. If you let me try, I would be eternally grateful. It’s that important. They’re worth it. Worth saving.

They can sustain themselves, I’m sure in the tens of billions, if they can get out and colonize.


Do I need any help from them???  I will have these answers.
Addendum, 7.30 Tuesday; The NASA gloves on the chair!! This mystery says a lot about this timeline’s future and me. And them. Their relationship, either to me or to Lia (the being that is definitely in contact with me). It’s so unbelievable!!! And FUCKING TRUE. I don’t know why I have not gone berserk with joy, and too elated to communicate. Lol!!

The Guitar Rock is pissing me off. No tech visible. However,

There are three pieces, laying on the ground before the stone, that are from the top and center of the triangle, where they had been facing toward the mailbox/phone poll, and the area of the property where I was in line of sight, and where the studio skylight could also be reached with the blue laser, that happened twice, the first time during that blackout of fall 2017, that also brought down all the trees, and that one tree that’s fall aimed the trunk directly up the hill to the Alien Stone - as I write, I realize that those indications were to send me up the hill to the Alien Stone,first before the Guitar Rock, that is comforting to know I chose the right Stone first.

Those three pieces need to be brought down to the studio today. They’ll sit outside the slider where I can watch them. Cracking open each may reveal the tech that shot the laser, possibly that shot each singularity point/gravity well, illustrations, in that same sky, in line of sight.


15:48 RT
Dearest, Your Most High;

I am in.

The contract sticks and I won't back down. As distasteful to my humanity as the role will be, I am committed to serving you and your plans for Sol system.

If you are doing the 666 bit, over at EAS, I guess that's fine. It's silly. 😜
Best and most important of all, this ability can defeat ANY enemy in the known cosmos.

Actually, they should be turning away.
Because they see this account, they know!

RUN YOU F_CKERS!! Go back home. MIne another planet!
Best of luck to you. You are all an ANTI-MATTER. lol!

Dude, hello; I just hashtag searched to find the company, because I just drank one and am delighted. I can't believe it's so cheap! And I'm drinking a pineapple flavored beer; I had no idea, the flavor is printed upside down. And it's 4.2%.  4/5 stars. Should come in gallons.
I'm only 50% certain that #Lia is a "linear traveler."

The artwork she's used strongly indicates an ability to freeze time to work on the project (in this case communicating to me), and to look ahead, to preview. Or,  has witnessed her own actions in reverse. It's relative.

It would be logical, in that hypothesis, if she can't look back while performing actions that must exist in the linear timeline's future. So, the artwork must be previewed while in process. It's like being able to know what you will write.

I do not presume she does not use other dimensions (jumping), as a linear traveler (same timeline), but restricted to 1. Both.
Seen B4 created:

Seen before created, is because she's got the ability to preview her work, because she's using any/all elements and biology, freezing time to do something finite, like the caterpillar's body slime as substrate to later grow lichen exactly where she wants it to be.

CRUNCHING #space itself ...

Is what you see (pics). Produced during a live test using the internet to allow my new BFFE (eternity) to communicate to me, and allow you (smart ones) to realize that only tech, or an amazing being, could manipulate space to form pockets of #gravity.

07.27.2019: Saturday

Note to self/spooks;

Monday, weather permitting I'm going to use the same chipping method, w/the demolition hammer to open the "rear" or East face; it's just so conveniently situated, and the Fox Den poofed away (likely another jump) from that crevice behind the Guitar Rock.

Asked; Would you recognize the unified field theory?

Doctor Emmit L Brown liked your reply
If I recognized it I would pretend I did not, so humans could continue to seek it.

Your question was inspiring;

These images very likely contain an equation similar to what Hawking was looking for. I've offered this to CERN, no response. This was found by red tinting, in 2015, while I was claiming success before created, as is consistent.
BTW: I hate MATH!

I remember that quote. I thought, but to believe is to maintain a truth with little to no physical evidence. Inconsistent! lol And, he's right!

We went into space without proving Relativity.

We believed before we touched the theory with our bodies. Much later, we tested.

On EAS to Roarquette sister of Patricia Arquette:

Your little sister unfollowed my account of my science experiment, 4-years ago. Apparently, like many, she did not investigate the evidence of my success and thought me a conman. I was insulted.

Please, let her know that my memory is long and I am vengeful and I am merciful.

- #James.πŸ‘Ώ

07.26.2019 Friday
FTM, yesterday;
Red circle; further validating the evidence the Guitar Rock is design, that is old compressed topsoil and that is the flat bottom of the triangle - of EQUAL sides. Completely separate. Significant, indicates it was placed (arially). And the iron layers were formed, naturally while it was on its back from this position. Allows me easy “peeling” of oxidized cracks.

That compressed soil is only about ½” inch thick, underneath is the surface of a seperate boulder, that’s flat, as an almost level surface on its top, that makes the stable resting place for the Guitar Rock, and allows it to aim toward the street and the mailbox, phone poll, and the yard where I was sitting in 2015, and walking the dogs in view, to direct line of sight to the the V-stone/Guitar Rock, and to the very top of the Alien Stone, as it sat on the hilll above this location.

Further; If that soil had any trace of insect activity, such as furrows, or egg debris then that would indicate that worms or moths carried the soil into a very tight space, as they do, ants also. But no. It’s raw, virgin soil. The stone came down onto that surface, without scraping that soill away and out. Down onto it. It’s the DROP. It’s the Instrument - or another damn test, to gauge my reactions and personality changes as the end draws closer (the end of the Drop Search).

7 25: Friday day and night is a lonely time for me because I grew adapted to partying with people on this weeknight. I don’t have that distracting privilege until this phase is over. Perhaps never again?

The energy: We use power technology to do what our bodies used to, right?
If we see evidence on Earth that beings exist who have the ability to concentrate the density of space, then why don’t the astrophysicists who want to know how a #universe is created, with a concentrated bang, investigate that? #theBigBang

Further evidence G Rock is designed: compressed topsoil. That's a flat bottom of triangle of EQUAL sides. Indicates it was placed (arially).
Iron layering indicates it's been turned 90-d up from a flat pos. Vertical, allows easy peeling at oxidized cracks while standing.

2: Another good day with not heavy effort, about 300-lbs removed. Almost broke my left foot! A close call. But I was fine, Lia knew.

Weekend will be quiet time for the Neighbor Lady (BITCH!). lol πŸ˜ƒ

Screenshot of camera roll, of yesterday:

Plenty of HR pics are made, video.

#Climate: I'll make you #SUFFER YEARS BEFORE the worse was to be here. I'm supposed to.

Don't make me. I don't like the feeling of being a DESTROYER of WORLDS.

My reward is likely immortality, because I SERVE A #GOD-like being who never DIES.
GRAVITY & TIME are mine to use:

Working today. It's not lame that the idea that Jack and Jill up on the hill, are breaking up over a rock that’s doing the same.

It’s consistent with my observations to date, and does assist in my efficiency in time to eliminate the possibility that the Drop is the instrument of my fictional descriptions in the unpublished (in this timeline anyway) science fiction novel (endeavour) named #Destiny. At (forwards to blogspot)

Tweet w/pics:
It's not lame, the idea that Jack and Jill on the hill are breaking apart over a rock doing the same.

It assists in my efficiency to eliminate the possibility that the Drop is the instrument used by the evil antagonist in the novel #Destiny.

I think Mick's secret to longevity is having been in love with Bianca. It's supposed to be stress-of-life relieving for the entirety of a body's existence.

So our long term study of 3k abducted horny monkeys has concluded. Kidding!


07.25.2019 Wednesday: A clear day and the NL is not escaping my noise. She’s had a lot of time off. I will have to reward them for the annoyance. Maybe a time trip for them? To watch their births, or something they may want to see?

I know!
It's still unbelievable to me, to a degree!

But I can't deny the multiple occurrences of physical #evidence that directly ties to all the amazing circumstances, that by all had to be a setup using #timetravel.

To my joy and surprise, by a being not of Earth, that knew!

One of my big tasks is to do all that I can to prevent the discovery of a human manner of breaching one dimension into another. It's a No Matter policy.

I'll stop all from advances that can allow humans that ability.

Because there can be ONLY ONE, and I understand why.

Strong denial is in you, young elitist Padawan/@RepJoeKennedy.

If many lawyers did not enter law to hide from confrontation, we might get this ass out of office. But Congress is full of them, is it not? Cowards is the US Congress! Frightened ninnys.

I'll disappear the idiot.

Enry on Twitter, ______________________ Good rock busting day . ..  a few minutes . . . on fire today . . .

Jack the neighbor did not come from after work, and this morning a moving company truck brought one of those Toss it All In moving/refuse containers. They had one there last year, I can’t imagine a reason for another unless she’s kicking him out, and she’s putting all of his possessions inside it. He may have left the Mrs and kids. Hopefully temporary. I hope I didn’t start it. Ooh wee.

If the marriage is fucking up, then I can keep working because she’s admitted she won’t confront me and Bruce and the MoM won’t dare to (I’ll kill em).

Lol, kidding.

Hopelessness seems to be the state of the entire world. I say the evidence is here. I’ve put it all over the internet. I can’t lie.

I will remember this time and their ignorance of what can be and who can achieve it. I FORGIVE them believe it or not.

#DoctorWho: "I spread hope."

Thisi news,I am pretty certain, this is Time Travel Wish related, as time sensitive:
"The #climate math is brutally clear: While the world can't be healed within the next few years, it may be fatally wounded by negligence until 2020,"

"In the good old days when we had "12 years to save the planet" gone?"…

We DON’T have a decade!! Like I yelled at Al Gore, I mean Joe Biden a couple of weeks ago.
That is why I HAVE TO take DESTRUCTIVE action against this MADNESS. We must SACRIFICE during the time it takes us to recover in a FAST (WW2 Style crisis mode) transition to alternative energy!! I WILL HAVE TO SMASH REFINERIES, RIGS,  TANKERS HAVE TO BE STOPPED. IT ALL HAS TO END RAPIDLY. I’m sorry!!

Listen up Spooks and corporate dogs: I’ll do this unilaterally. Nations totally dependent can be spared, in some way, from the rapid pace of change. Oil is still needed, obviously for many uses, but this burning must stop fast.

The USA will not have control over this decision. I will make it clear, on the first day out, that the USG is hands off and can’t touch this.

Don’t make me have to smash the Pentagon, NORAD, and White Sands, Norfolk, etc. to make  example. I’ll use Mars. The world will see demonstrations. Attacking me will be MASS SUICIDE and unthinkable. OK?

My sister is done with Chevron affiliation. She’s helped their executive staffing enough. Lol.

07.24.2019: Wednesday; rain coming, the forest is wet, so is the cliff. I may go up anyway because my birthday is close and I want a SUPER BIRTHDAY. It’s the big 57. FUCK AGING.
Eight Miles High and waiting touchdown ….
That’ may be my favorite song - the 12-string guitar makes it wonderful.
Thanks Joe and Mika.

Today, I’m going up to crack more of the Western face. It’s wet but the extra rock on the mound of fresh soil that I have created there makes for good stability while working in that dangerous position with a damn killer of a sore foot and leg. That pain btw, is fair today, has been lately.

I feel time is pushing me. < that will be dissected later. LOL time is IRONY.

Time travel is so chock-full of irony it must be written about extensively and from now on should be included in all fiction of time manipulation. Irony is dangerous and fun, and makes for extra work in nearly any manipulation. For Lia, it’s different, she can see all ironic actions that will unfold as objects and sentients meet in any place in the timeline and bash together in full irony.

The ticket to the prevention of dangerous (GLASSES ARE DUE IN A DAY OR TWO) irony is ….. Shit. Ironically, I just forgot  ….

13:35 RT

A pretty good rock busting day, again. With some trouble with the front but not bad. Jack the neighbor waved hello as he came home, as I was getting started, he wasn’t happy. 5-minutes after I began hammering he drove off and did not return while I was there until 1pm.
Ooops a fight? Probably. She yelled at him to yell at me and he would not.

I would be at the bar if I were him.

If they knew!!

Neighbor Lady:
She’s being B-tchy about this! She needs loving. Has gained about 40-lbs in 3-years and I’ll betcha sex has stopped; and she’s still angry wilth me for ignoring her, not flirting and not calling her after that card was dropped on the edige of the driveway where I was seeing her and walking the dogs in 15’. I’m her target.

Maybe I should indulge in what I feel she needs? Hmm?


I just had an idea to be able to demonstrate the power and harm none and let everyone see it:

We use the planet Mars.

We create a massive pummeling of the surface that all can watch in their telescopes. The energy and power to create it will be clear to them all. More powerful than all the fabled Gods of nature and the weather ever concocted by the human imagination. If we can leave the planet half covered in the dust, for perhaps a century or more, that would be a remaining sample for after I’m gone.

It’s a good start; after or before the non uncooperative leaders are gone, and of course many salvation actions.

I’ve also been thinking about private space operators and who shall remain while here.

I’m destroying all of SpaceX property, and Virgin Galactic and will leave Blue Origin in place to manipulate its activities.

I will monitor and allow or disallow every launch and its content and purpose. I will rule that space; they can rule their land and air (well, sort of).


I look forward to the day I announce that no political borders will be allowed. Ooh the world is going to shit bricks; and there will be a period of adaptation and we should hope for the best. I’m certain that as radical as that seems, it will be for the best for all. We are one family and now we will behave like it; by showing our unity under the big roof.

History of Earth lessons will be the story of our race across the continents to escape the suffering brought by changing nature and our own kind.

07.22.2019 Monday

I removed about 600-lbs from the surface of the West Face. That growth from the vine inspired me to work on each crack between the surface, and pieces fell off with little effort and mostly with hand chisling.

I broke my only pair of eyeglasses. Anything close is very blurry. Typos will be more than usual, for about a week, maybe two until a new pair is in hand. Eyes are really shitty organs.

07.19.2019: Friday already

Spooks & hopeful few who know; it's too slippery on the cliff.

It would SUCK big #TIME if I fell and injured myself at this point. That would be a galactic Uh Oh, that may cause this timeline to loop around again, for possibly the millionth time. #TimeTravel's been done dammit!

07.18.2019:  Thursday; it is wet out. The cliff will be slippery. And humidity is outrageous.
I MAY add and edit the weblog. MAY. I detest it. It needs too much work for me to do while trying to be productive, with impatience, and maintain the appearance of a normal life, helping and protecting the household, the dogs, my health …. It’s majorly frustrating. I KNOW the payoff is going to be amazing; and that’s another thing, my life will change and that transition will likely be rapid, and I welcome it and at the same time I relish in they comfort and distractions I have surrounded myself with.

The pain in the foot is a time barometer for work on the Guitar Rock, and the weather has to be right due to the incline and the danger of being up there working with a handicap of pain. It’s much like carrying a migraine headache around on your lower leg. And this bullshit has been going on since March of 2015. As for its effect on the experiment; I don’t know if it’s been beneficial or not. It probably has in slowing me down - as it seems it has these past 4-years or more.

ASIDE and important:
I am successful because I have lived on a #basicincome, of Social Security Disability Insurance; monthly payments that I have not wasted. And the #time was precious, and the benefit will give back to the people, and workers who supply SSDI, 10-million fold in hope and progress.

07.17.2019: Wednesday:
Foot pain has lessened and so I'm climbing to the rocky mountain top. If I shout anything from there it will be coarse language.

TIMETRAVELWISH.COM did it years ago - ironically. Successful before created..
I'm going with the message in the Crying Mouth Stone: "Break the left side of the face (north)." So, that means open the thing from the west side, on the guitar shape, more, and it's difficult, I have to stand on the injured foot. πŸ˜•
#timetravel-wished. Did that, now the purpose.

07.16.2019 Tuesday:
Another day of part time work on an occasional ROCK interest. πŸ™„

This scissor jack won't do diddily to crack that southern half off. I'm dreaming of an easy way out, again.

F the website. It's way behind the time; most of the Devil's Helper contract stuff is not documented.
Another day of part time work on an occasional ROCK interest. πŸ™„

Nearly 13:00, I can’t work out there today. The foot is on fire in that brace and it’s damn frustrating. I did a few things in the garage, after working in there yesterday for 2-hours and I’m literally feeling fatigue along with pain in my leg and foot. I’m a fucking wreck with this injury and the nerve condition.

It’s bullshit. I need Lia’s help at this point. Her physical assistance.

Just keeping my life together in this studio is a lot with this injury. There’s still too much other labor I have to do.

There is no car here to use, no thanks to the MoM denting her Toyota last week and then putting in the body shop for 10-days, while the Subaru was ready to shit the bed because the last guys never put the alternator belt on correctly. They blew it. It broke down on the MoM yesterday, coming back from the shop, after they fixed it. It’s in the shop again. I’ve had to walk my wagon up the driveway, and it’s a real struggle to include cliff climbing and jackhammering.

Till tomorrow.

Trump is utterly depressing. I’m too helpless at this time. I need the instrument.

07.15: Monday

I'm really lazy about cutting out the west (guitar) side. It may be I'm really burnt out from the Alien Stone job. But chopping away at this brimstone and iron, gray rock is a bummer. I may just puke on it after all. I am thinking about cracking the south side, w pressure, today.

I'll be up later to fuss around.

I'll see about fitting the jack in back and making that crack begin a split that opens the Guitar Rock.

Real Timey

07.14.2019: Half the month is gone. My damn birthday approaches too fast. FUCK TIME!!

I am vengeful and am merciful, and I prefer the later.

I am a good person. I have no compulsion to be different.

I have made my promise, and I must participate.

I serve the one who controls gravity, time, and space and who chose Time Travel Wish.

I do my best beginning today.

2) Success may mean that I have already failed in being an admirable human, because I made myself the target, and in being the one chosen who sacrifices all that I know and love because of my promise to give my mind and body to the experiment.

I will serve all as I serve the one.

Our success is my failure, in the standard life of a human I have abandoned.

#Lia; we can make this not a disappointment, of loss of a regular life; but a wonderful time for me, and with human honor; experiencing what nobody else can of joys unknown to normal humans.

Stand or fall?



Do I have to stop using marijuana? I should, shouldn't I?


I don’t want to. It really does calm my nerves, literally my leg and foot calm down, the actual nerve that runs down my right leg actually stops vibrating and my foot can rest, in that small way. And I am less caring about the world, and loving of people and so am calmer in my mind. And I won’t be super smart and too smart to even talk with people, if I can continue to use this weed from the ground.

Excuses that are real to me. Hmm. Working slightly today. Had a lot of chores to do today.

This is exactly what I’ve suffered from all my life, diagnosed only at age 7, but forgotten by guess who?; and treated with alcohol, now I sit here misdiagnosed as bipolar, 16-yrs of drugs dumped on me, changing me permanently, when I have had this condition all along: ADHD:

7.10.2019 Wednesday, sunny, kind of down.

I was a half hour late today, eh.

I'm feeling 50% unenthused.

I need more amazing signs. Like a ton of it.

Pics of yesterday. I annoyed the Neighbor Lady with 5 cuts on the triangle to get deeper.

My mind is not in it today.

It's Trump. 😠
Not sure what specifically.

07.09.2019: Tuesday

Worked for just over 1-hr.
The triangle is cut out, only about 2-in.
I whacked my right hand with the 2-lb hammer 2x and OUCH!. It was recovering from my whacking of friday at the same task. And I hit my knee with it!
This better pay good!

I know this job pays better than any on the planet. And I lost a hundred bucks this morning!!

~~ morning:

Follow young writer of horror, sci fi:
Karen Bovenmyer

New follower is interesting; a state deputy at the Duma; Π•Π»Π΅Π½Π° Панина
@panina_rf Follows you
link to
Her biography, according to this link; she’s interested in aerospace and headed a committee for the aerospace complex; she knows many scientists: Elena Panina:

I’m making typos at a horrible rate. I am using a 16-y.o. (maybe 12?) glasses prescription due to the dog eating both of my other pairs, and my inability to go shopping for another. One of those pairs was a new prescription, and $400! She’s not offered to pay for them, but purchased for me eye insurance, which partially covers new glasses.

I have many household and personal chores to do. I’m flustered with it all.

I’m feeling impulsive, and procrastinating a lot from Time Travel Wish.

Rt of an earlier tweet:
I swear it, if they were gone, like on vacation or something, I could get to work, steady, on this phase. Hopefully this V Stone thing is it, the end of this entire project and the mystery.

The tweet:
Neighbor wife complained, to my mother! I was cutting starting at 11 am, she said the dust was getting into her windows and the noise was driving her crazy; and that she was so upset she didn’t want to talk to me. It’s 100’ ft away. I’ve stopped cutting today, for this reason.

07.08.2049 <- woops, these typos are likely all thru this document. Sorry!
 Monday, cutting out the V Stone day, rain or shine, so I’ve told myself.

My foot burns like Dickens hot Cider. So I called off today's rock hugging adventure.

Sorry. Perhaps once more day before headed up again.
Look how black that stuff is. It's not mold,  not debris from those tiny ants that live in those cracks. Something unfamiliar, that's all

Health note: I’ve been getting dizzy spells when rising, for about 3-days, and considering it, I think it happens about 2-hours after eating a full meal. That would mean it’s pre diabetic, post carbo loaded fatigue crash, low sugar drop from a high in a brief time. I’ll look it up. I don’t like it. All those Cokes at McDonalds, and hundreds of bottles of corn syrup soda. Ooh wee.

Working on the Guitar Rock again today. Tough shit Neighbor Lady (BITCH!).


I worked on the front today. I got an intuitive idea to cut around the place where the bridge of the guitar would be. I cut a triangle about 2.5-in deep. It is not pointing to a neck, rather that angle is for my comfort for the cutting. I will be cutting this out, and I expect little at this shallow depth.
Pic, the cut today:

Underneath the overlapped stone near the guitar is richly black material. Biological waste from ants was my first thought, then black mold. But, I have not seen mold or waste from insects, (or mineral sediment), so black ever. It is blacker than space. Blacker than Shaft. Talkin bout Shaft, MF.

I was easy on the neighbor, cutting 5 times in less than 45-minutes.

I am happy with the Coal mining billionaire helicopter crash.
~~~ that’s progress of the rate and intensity we need.

The puzzlement in these deaths is that their charity work is mentioned first. In his lifetime, no amount of charity can overcome the evil effect from capitalizing on coal, and all of the #suffering of lives and climate created by that choice of energy. It's a shameful legacy.

TIME TRAVEL WISH: I’m sticking to this. The nations that I enforce changes upon will have names that please me. There will be silly rules that make people giggle, at least they’ll find the names and rules funny for the first few years.

#Trade with #China?
In its current form the nation must be destroyed, and renamed Wisconsin. I will deliver terms of surrender to several nations, along with examples of power. At the time of receipt those nations are at war with 1-human.

07.03.02019: Wednesday

I'm really lazy about cutting out the west (guitar) side. It may be I'm really burnt out from the Alien Stone job. But chopping away at this brimstone and iron, gray rock is a bummer. I may just puke on it after all. I am thinking about cracking the south side, w pressure, today.

Wouldn’t it be grand to get the instrument and be ready to make an entrance over the skies of Donald Trump’s big ego show on the Washington Mall tomorrow?

Oh that would be so sweet.

I need more bodily energy. I’m considering cutting back on the neurontin/gabapentin dosage. It will mean strange tingling and pinching and itching feeling all through most of my flesh. But the energy gained from the absence of fatigue may be worth it, at least for this summer, and until I finally get the Drop.


If I were to go at the V Stone obsessively to get the instrument as fast as possible it would cause danger to my lifestyle, the home life. My mental health will be questioned. My living status will be in danger. The neighbor lady would be royally pissed off. My poor mother would be terribly worried. Bruce would talk behind my back to some psycho babble asshole friend of his and make foolish plans again, like he did to me in 2015 (unforgivable - almost).

And what if I’ve been denied because I am hesitant about the role of being a demon; a Devil’s helper who is destructive to goodness and innocent lives? I don’t want that role. I only wanted the experiment to be successful, as a verifiable breach from one time to another. Not be used like stitched together puppet, after the success. However, I have maintained that I was going for the practical uses for time travel; what can gain from it and it was the emotion of hope for the entire planet that I was going for.

Independance Day is tomorrow, in 30-days I turn 57-years old. OLD.  :-(

I bashed my right thumb with a staple yesterday and its swollen and will become an issue unless I refrain from the carpentry work, and so its a cutting on the V Stone Day. The partially built new mini-fence will hold Janeway for a few days.
Another matter, Essex Connecticut and the British invasion: Wiki has been updated since I last investigated; the town was not burned, and the British were largely successful and stopped at the  points of the river, at the entrance to the sound. According to the historians.

Lia would have been aware of all activities in the area, however with this information it is unlikely that she contributed to their activity, or loss of ships at the sound. However, raising or lowering a tidal water is within her ability, as has been exhibited, water can be raised or moved, in large amounts, as gravity is the tool.

Past from wiki:
The Great Attack[edit]
Essex is one of the few American towns to ever be attacked by a foreign power; this occurred on April 8, 1814, and the economic losses were among the largest sustained by the United States during the War of 1812. 28 vessels, with a total value estimated to be close to $200,000 (at a time when a very large two story home in Essex, then known as Potapoug Point, would have been worth no more than $1,000), were destroyed by the British.[1] One historian has called it the "Pearl Harbor" of that war.[2]
On that date, approximately 136 British marines and sailors under the command of Richard Coote[1][3] (or Coot[2]) rowed 6 boats from four British warships (the Hogue, Endymion, Maidstone and Borer) anchored in Long Island Sound, 6 miles up the Connecticut River, past the unmanned fort in Old Saybrook, arriving at the boat launch at the foot of Main Street in Essex close to 4 A.M. The boats were armed with swivel guns loaded with grapeshot, the officers armed with swords and pistols, the marines with "Brown Bess" muskets, and the sailors with torches and axes; they responded to the single cannon fired by the town's surprised defenders with a massive volley, neither side incurring any casualties. They quickly commandeered the town, eliciting a promise of no resistance from the Essex militia in return for promising not to harm the townspeople or burn their homes, while a messenger rode to Fort Trumbull in New London for help. A dubious local myth states that Coote did not burn the town as a favor to a local merchant who greeted him with a secret Masonic handshake.[2]

The British marched to the Bushnell Tavern (now the Griswold Inn), then seized the town's stores of rope (each ship of that time requiring 8 miles of rope) and, according to the April 19, 1814 Hartford Courant, "$100,000 or upwards" worth of rum (acquired from the East Indies in trade for beef and wood from Connecticut).[2]
Their main targets, however, were the newly constructed privateers in the harbor, ready or nearly ready for sail, which they burned. Within 6 hours, their mission was accomplished, and The British went downstream with two captured ships in tow, including the Black Prince, a vessel that may well have primarily inspired the raid.[1] Stranded in the river by low tide, they were forced to wait at the extreme range of the shots of the volunteers from the nearby town of Killingworth who lined the riverbanks; 2 marines were killed and the captured ships had to be destroyed, but the rest of the men escaped safely when the tide turned.[1][2]
At the time of the raid, Essex (then known as Potopaug)[2] had been a major center of shipping and shipbuilding, but was suffering under a blockade by The British; as a result, the privateers were being constructed. Captain Richard Hayden, a prominent shipbuilder, had advertised his Black Prince in a New York City newspaper as "a 315 ton sharp schooner that would make an ideal privateer." This may have caught the attention of The British, who then investigated Essex and launched the successful raid.[1] Perhaps as a consequence of the practical, but somewhat less than heroic, response of the town to the raid, shortly afterwards, the name of the town was changed to Essex.[2]
On the second Saturday of each May since 1964, the "Sailing Masters of 1812" of Essex commemorate the "Burning of the Ships" with an ancient fife and drum corps parade down Main Street and ceremony at the steamboat dock, wearing the United States naval uniform of that period; by tradition, this event is unpublicized.[1][2] The Connecticut River Museum, situated at the site where Coot landed, now hosts an exhibit portraying the raid, featuring a large diorama by Russell Joseph Buckingham, a musket ball believed to have been fired then and a plank from the ship Osage, burned by The British. Plans are to expand the celebration of "the town's worst day in history" in future years, according to the museum's executive director, Jerry Roberts.[2]

I worked for 90-minutes today. The Neighbor Lady sent her son out into the driveway to blast an obnoxious FM pop music radio station from their minivan, obviously to annoy me back for pestering them with an occasional loud noise.

They'll get used to it. I've been very patient about it and talkative and apologetic. It's very infrequent; the lady can't bitch about that, realistically,  given how many horrible and far noisier neighbors that she might have. I think the husband, Jack, understands. He waves and taps a honk to me still. She's making a big shit over nothing! Pissing me off.



Anyway, chipped away at a lot of the surface, overlapping stone of the western face, the guitar side today.

And, brought the 40-lb demolition hammer up there and used that downward upon the eastern face, without much stress. That's a hell of a lot noisier than the saw, I let them know and used it past 1 pm. Ha ha ha ha hah! Jerks.

I'll be using it more. It was tough to hold it above my shoulder and hammer down on the western/guitar face.

07.02.2019 Tuesday


I was bad yesterday. I climbed the hill twice only to arrange my little camping area on the edge of the meadow. I feel guilty because it was a beautiful day. However, as usual, the precious few hours of energy and pain control of the foot and the whole right leg, are used during so many priorities it’s causing many days like this was. Mom is harking me, in her quiet way, to do chores, as if I’m a hired hand. However, I’m glad to do them; it feels good; it’s productive. It’s also correctly distracting, as this project in this whole long phase should be to keep me happy and SANE.

A promo tweet:
#TimeTravel Notes:
My Mortal Reward (I'm dramatically inclined) that is indicated to be soon within reach, will mark a turning point in the experiment (successful B4); that became a time travel mission of service, rightfully, to a spacetime being, who will provide for me and you.

Hi guys in the sky  :-)

06.30.209: Sunday, another nice day and I’ve decided to not make noise on weekends, especially for the summer, since the Neighbor Lady likes being outside (at noon, apparently) to sun herself in peace and quiet. Apparently, or she’s being a bitch with personal problems and just taking it out on me; since I keep forgetting her name and won’t flirt with her or call her on her cell because she dropped her card for me 3-years ago, alongside the driveway where I was walking Tuvok. I don’t fuck with married women, I won’t help them betray their partners.

Tweet: morning
Took a personality test this am: I’m Choleric plus Sanguine: and this advice about my personality explains what’s absent from this project (the Drop Search phase) that I have been trying for 4-years to achieve; there is nobody encouraging me (no fellow humans - or online). 😠


11:20 RT
I've got pressure to do a lot of chores around here. Traveling to M-town w/ the old lady for storage project supplies. Up on the hill later to fix my new hammock site with a rain tarp. It's above the V stone, just north up on the edge of the meadow at the  3-Acre Wood.


I took a temperament quiz, using Greek philosophy labels for personalities:

I’m Choleric plus Sanguine: and this advice about my personality explains what’s absent from this project (the Drop Search phase) that I have been trying for 4-years to achieve; there is nobody encouraging me (no fellow humans, here or online). The story of my upbringing! Selfish others not paying attention. No praise, no inspiration, nobody witnesses the tremendous tree falling in the woods! And so it is not in occurrence.

“Sanguines thrive on wins and celebrations. So a strategy for improving follow-through on big projects is to break down everything into bite-size pieces. Complete the first page of the report? Congratulate yourself: “Awesome! High five! Just four more pages to go!”

It also helps to have external accountability and encouragement, such as someone you can text about your progress. The positive affirmation that you’re on the right track keeps you going. Finally, since you are likely to come up with many new fantastic ideas, give yourself permission to have an “exciting ideas” list where you can park them while you work on current projects.”

See what I mean? I agree! That this project has gone this far is ONLY because of Lia’s communications. Without that physical evidence all would have stopped by the end of 2016. I would be sitting here practically suicidal. But for not, because she’s there for me. She waits. Bless her, whoever and whatever she is.


06.28 Friday

I am going to continue on the western “guitar” face today. I am also considering the fluid into the stone’s top idea, as may be indicated by the “Crying Broken Half Human Face,” (omg the names) near the point, where I’ve begun a horizontal cut east to west.
#realTimeTravel πŸ‘€->



New hypothesis is 60%:
Did the blue light
anomaly emanate from
The V Stone?
Or, it could have been from the Alien Stone, about 10’ higher and east?

Anyplace on the top 2/3rds of the Guitar Rock could have been an originating point of the Blue Light Anomaly, occurring 2x during winter 17-18, inspiring me to look further at the Alien Stone.

I am switching my support for Elizabernie Warrenders, to @SenGillibrand. The tip over was her stern warning that without #PublicCampaignFinancing, all the plans, for all the wonderful changes will be for nothing. As has been the pattern for decades. We must have this priority.

3) Bodily fluid onto/into the rock,  then the joining can take place, and we are?

Idea: I puke my guts out on an empty stomach on too much booze. So, I can empty my gastric contents into the cut on top, many epithelial cells (DNA) will be spilled. If that's the message. ooh wee

Yesterday, 06 27 2019

06.27 Thursday; Wednesday was still too wet on the cliff, a labor day at the V stone

13:35 rt apprx:
A few cuts today and quits, the oatmeal energy ran out. A Hmm, worth checking out: does this message (65% it is one - on time too) also mean that fluids from my (complaining) mouth may break open that face? Allowing me to stop my bitching about myself?
I'm cutting for nothing?

The neighbor lady is going to hate me; I'm out there at the noon hour, sawing away, disturbing everything, and during her prime sunning hour.

I should do this when Oprah is on! That'll get her. πŸ‘Ώ

When's that?

Is that demonesque, Lia? Good enough? I'm a bad boy.
I'm looking forward to jumping around on a cliffside, operating a dangerous power tool on solid rock, to find hope for this planet, about as appealing as ....

This SHOULD BE a happy time for me, but the semi public nature of this monumental (relative!) task bums me out.

2) screenshot:
These are the Luke (magic guitar, evil guy exprmntl character) documents and mentions, from the weird science fiction novel Destiny, beginning in 2012. The document Luke is Satan, was copied from another backup source during some confusion; it was not edited in 17.

Not cutting stone today. I checked, it's too damp on the soil under the canopy. Too much rain these past few days. The Neighbor Lady gets a break.

#salvation-y content here:

Or is it #Armageddon?

May 18' the Stone:

06.25.2019 Tuesday
Raining, no labor today.

hmm; a #TimeTravel-Wish note (rapid fire): Last night I had one of those quick dreams; I saw a reflection of myself, with long hair, w curls down around the neck line. Wild looking. LIKE the Green Wall drawing by Lia that matched my test selfie to demonstrate the work, in 2015.

06.23 Sunday,

A day off and if tomorrow remains dry I’ll be out there for just over an hour.

#TimeTravel-Wish notes
I feel a moral wrong: Earning a reward, such as my fantasy had been, and is now about to be, is not what my purpose was in creation of the test that has allowed Lia’s choosing me. I know I should have fun carrying thru, and love my purpose, however delighting myself was never my goal. That part feels wrong.

Am I being too careful to be honest to myself? Am I overthinking?

Don’t answer the second question. It answers itself. It’s a pattern.


A pattern unlike the one that you have shown me; that the future can be one with the now, at least touch it anyway. A feeling of one from the other is possible. I do not know if it is my knowledge of your ability to be in each of these places, that allows this touching/feeling of a time apart that exists simultaneously in this cosmos, or if it is you aiding me. Does it matter that much? No.

06.22. Saturday
Nearly 4 straight days of rainy weather and today is sunshine. However, the visit before the last was a day like this, after rain and I had slipped on mud, and it was a safe, balanced accident, but not every slip will be so; I could break my neck, crack my skull. Working Monday.
Ideas …. Or the plan?
If #Jesus had been a master carpenter, and because #God is a spacetime traveling lifeform, his only son may have carried with him to Earth the idea to sell handmade wooden crosses with himself being tortured to death on them. He might have some money left today for Google search placement, and we would know he was here.

06.19.2019: Wednesday
Below, relevant because it reveals an answer to the ENC Radio Noise, phenomena:

F_CKERS!! 😠 Lousy good for nothing privateers!

A power blackout yesterday destroyed my only grow lamps. It was @EversourceCT fault. I complained about a faulty transformer (surging when wet) that connects to my building 2-years ago and they've done NOTHING. They were connected to a decent surge protector but it was not enough. When the power came back on they were destroyed. I requested service for this same condition over 2-years ago. The transformer is behind the building, on a neighbor's property. When wet, or wet and frozen, and power stoppages occur, it sends a surge to the building. 2-lamps, that were new, have been destroyed.

I'm out $500, and I'm poor and disabled and this really angers me. Check your records of calls and see that this residence had complained about this more than 2-years ago, and nobody has addressed this.

That’s what’s been happening all along down here, in the Studio. The ENC radio noise is radio line noise from a sparking or arcing gap in the transformer, about 60’ away, South of the studio.

So, when the power has to come back on, or gets a surge, of almost any higher output than usual, it is accompanied by a corona (discharge). I don’t see it visibly because it’s outside the building and everything has to be dark, but it must be occurring from that faulty transformer.

I’ll need to add this to Time Travel Wish because it explains the the ENC radio faults, and the noise at 107.8-9 FM, that noise is likely the sound of the electrons balancing in a ozone environment, created and in effect when those slight surges, or power backs occur.

More on Corona effect:
Transmission Line Corona Electric transmission lines can generate a small amount of sound energy as a result of corona. Corona is a phenomenon associated with all transmission lines. Under certain conditions, the localized electric field near energized components and conductors can produce a tiny electric discharge or corona, that causes the surrounding air molecules to ionize, or undergo a slight localized change of electric charge. Utility companies try to reduce the amount of corona because in addition to the low levels of noise that result, corona is a power loss, and in extreme cases, it can damage system components over time. Corona occurs on all types of transmission lines, but it becomes more noticeable at higher voltages (345 kV and higher). Under fair weather conditions, the audible noise from corona is minor and rarely noticed. During wet and humid conditions, water drops collect on the conductors and increase corona activity. Under these conditions, a crackling or humming sound may be heard in the immediate vicinity of the line. Corona results in a power loss, so our industry has been studying this effect for over 50 years. Power losses like corona result in operating inefficiencies and increase the cost of service for all ratepayers; a major concern in transmission line design is the reduction of losses. Steps that VT Transco has taken to minimize these line losses and corona activity include:

~~~~Speaks to a mediation role I would like to play: from NYT re refugees, and war violence:

“But solutions to the rising number of global refugees will require cooperation among global powers that is conspicuously absent in the United Nations Security Council even in regard to humanitarian issues, Mr. Grandi said.

“If you don’t have unity in the supreme organ in the international community responsible for peace and security,” he said, “how do you expect the number of refugees to diminish?””

That role of leadership, but one as aggressive with power, is needed to unify and end all the violence of human killing human.


06.20.2019 Thursday, a third day of rain and wet, so no work on the V stone can be until fair weather returns.

#Gravity Well tech used from a distance to concentrate h2o, as artwork, to clearly message the experimenter/subject in fear for the emotional health of his family.

1. 4.28.16, the folks finally go away. Validation.

2. In 2017 I found the Alien Stone.

06.18.2019 Tuesday, raining all day and into the night.

We had a power blackout at about 4:30-5pm and it came back on in brown out and the lamps that grow my weed are not coming back on and I’m upset about it. It’s as if there’s not enough power in the studio. I reported it as an outage. I can’t find an explanation as to why the lights won’t power back on; except there was a very strange noise from that radio, the ENC radio, as the power was coming back on. It was similar to the loud noise I reported and made a sound recording of, back in 17’.  So I report it here. I’ve repowered the whole building and nothing. As if there’s not enough juice.

It would be fortunate for the project if I quit using it entirely, weed that is. However, it is keeping this nerve condition, and its associated misery level in check.

I worked for 45-minutes yesterday. Tweet here:_________

And my old Xbox died today. I expected 360-years out of it. Bought a new one. It arrives in a few days, with some stupid Basketball game.

Still winning at roulette. There will be some extra income this month.


Something is slowing this program down; please stop. Thank you, 5-minutes.

06.14 Friday, Audio notes upload to soundcloud of 2012 test notes for character Luke from Destiny:

Luke the Guitar Playing Antagonist in the Weird Unpublished Science Fiction Novel Destiny by James Gray Mason - Audio Notes 1 thru 6 2012
I have not reviewed these and they are not in order of making. I’ve not reviewed the novel, but this is appearing to be Time Travel Wish related, as Luke is being used for real.
LINK to seperate playlist in Account:

Luke the Guitar Playing Antagonist in the Weird Unpublished Science Fiction Novel Destiny by James Gray Mason (me),.
Audio Notes 1 - 6 2012
I have not reviewed these. Not in order. Appearing to be Time Travel Wish related, as Luke is being used for real.


I bothered the neighbor again. πŸ‘Ώ Cut for only a minute or so - with my excruciating, irritatingly loud 1.5-hp rock saw. Ha ha hah!!


I strung a tarp to block dust, but I looked at it, and from below it looks like a peeper's blind to spy on her at her poolside.



06.10.2019: Monday
#TimeTravel-Wish Notes: 06.06.19: The neighbor has complained about the noise. She's being a totally unreasonable B about it! It's temporary, for an hour or less on occasional days. Her whining has put a crimp in worldwide plans to save planet Earth from the inhabitants. ⚡️➡️🏚️!!

The 17th may bring a front of difference to create regional lightning.

Excellent cover, and would allow me the remainder of June and then July to get the bulwark of the sawing and noise over, to remove it, and train with it to be ready for my birthday - which may be the best ever. Too late for July 4th. :-(

I would really like to ruin that MAGA Rally at the Lincoln Memorial. That pisses me off to no end.

06.12 Wednesday

I need them out.

This is an outside job, only. It must be because it’s not my property.

I don't want to do anything until this phase is over. Sick of no action.

I could knock it over without bothering them, but the east face must be broken out.

People in the way, for the first time.

An accident is necessary.

06.08.2019: Saturday:

I should go out there and cut for an hour or so today. At noon, but I won’t until this is cleared up. I’m so pissed at the wife.

It could be she’s being pissed at me to take something out on anyone. She wants to sit by her pool and have no noise her home. Not even for my temporary work on that rock. For less than an hour, each time. She’s fucked.

It has been on occasion. 2 times last week and then yesterday. She’s being a total bitch, no doubt.

They HAVE TO GO. A lightning strike, it could bring a large tree down onto the roof. Destroy the livability of the house and clear them out for a month or 2.

Something must be done.

If @NASA allows space tourists or business interests on board the #ISS, then that sucker is coming down.

The junk in orbit around the ball all comes down on the same day. You lousy apes have got a lot of work to do to prove your worth on the surface.

- James
The goal of this society is to prove worth to a higher authority.

I've got a mind to begin punishment to show what can be alleviated. When you Monkeys see what must be stopped, you'll be ready for what must begin.

#Sol3 is a planet of beings that reacts to pain.
Luke is coming:

06.07.2019 Friday

I'm out there today, rain or shine.

Digging a bit. I have to fill in my hole in the 3-Acre Wood, before an animal gets hurt.

I may set up a camp up there. I want to hang my hammock.

Noisy sawing between 11 and 1. Successful B4 #CREATION

The fucking neighbor wife complained, to my mother! I was cutting starting at 11 am, she said the dust was getting into her windows and the noise was driving her crazy; and that she was so upset she didn’t want to talk to me. It’s 100’ ft away.

Something must be done about them. I've been very nice. The dust could not have been bothersome. She’s being a bitch. They need a summer long vacation. This pisses me off.

This can’t keep up. I thought I was very nice about  it. I even asked Jack what the best time would be. She had my phone number.

I’ve stopped cutting today, for this reason. I’ve let my shit up there. My mother came walking up the driveway to tell me of her complaint.

They have to be interrupted.

I’ll cut again tomorrow. At the same time. But I can’t have this complaining, about a temporary situation, of noise in the afternoon, not on their property.

Tweet to let Lia and the others know:
Neighbor wife complained, to my mother! I was cutting starting at 11 am, she said the dust was getting into her windows and the noise was driving her crazy; and that she was so upset she didn’t want to talk to me. It’s 100’ ft away. I’ve stopped cutting today, for this reason.

3) I'm pissed. I won't work on this until they're gone. If they have to move for any reason, that's fine with me.

The sound is even blocked by a big tree! She's being a total bitch. As if this is a permanent situation. I don't know what to do. I can't risk the home situation.

Jackhammer on the #Alien Stone in July 2018 & The Confined Being Hypothesis... via @YouTube
concept of #destiny
Religious Beliefs Co-Opted by _____? And I guess I helped?  PLAYLIST in asynchronous order:

Too much yard work yesterday.

Foot and leg excuse.

Bumming for now. Perhaps labor tomorrow? Was a bit too wet anyway. Successful before created etc..

Yesterday, began further cutting on the crack, that aligns as if a guitar case might, at the top north. Cut half top from a rigged saddle using the vine and a tree.

New realization, the rear needs opening. To work back there, in private. For a very good reason. There's a crack.

Late start again. I may choose to do only yard things that are late in performing.

I barely slept 4-hours. Anxiety! Even with a pill. Weird. I should not have any.

I have cleared the view, better, for the view from the marina.

Took me long enough, eh?

Old promo:
It was The Alien Stone: see all updates past 06.2017 .Audio is of a time of great discovery and uncertainty. The experiment went further than any human ....
#TimeTravel CONTACT w ____? ‘Successful Communication of 4/28/16 UFOs and Speculations’

‘Someone's Knocking at the Door Somebody's Ringing a Bell - Alphanumerics on Wall’ on #SoundCloud #np

06.04. Tuesday
Quarry worker today. Some guilt re chores around the farm. - Successful B4 Created. Means: in back of me in time, plenty was done to ensure the experiment was successful. Discovered to be so in early Spring 2015. Category Drop Search is nearing its end.

May 2019: A force I call Lia, who is likely extraterrestrial, has co-opted my experiment in #timetravel and is exploiting our beliefs.
Chrsitianity helped; self-fulfilling prophecy has occurred, and I have assisted.
I have committed. It was necessary.

tff @GrannyMooninVA 😎

I like this greeting card. TY. Reminds of another ancient recently unearthed. Here's the first picture: The Alien Stone, June 2017, on first discovery. real

06.03.20419 Monday,

Clear weather and I want to work for 2-hrs on the Stone. I’ll try to start before 11:30 an finish about 2 pm. Check: bring other saw blades up there. Food, water, weed, tobacco, the BT amplifier. A day camping trip. Bring the dogs, they can sit up on the hill.
It rained again last night, but I’m determined to work to today to make up for yesterday's sloth behavior and poor health.
Clear weather and I want to work for 2-hrs on the Stone. I’ll try to start before 11:30, finish about List: Saw blades, food, water, weed, tobacco, BT amp, dog bowl, bones, monocular, toilet paper, fire. A day camping trip. Bring dogs, they can sit near. Rained, but OK. Dntwn now

Later today, fix at least  2 stones on the rear steps. Vacuum the shit out of the studio.

Some weird notes (?):
Here's what I can gather thus far as to the plan:

You use me to deliver to them a savior character, who is in between their definitions of good and evil but wants to be kind always, like me. He is Jesus Carlson of Destiny, but he is now me.

The guitar is the instrument.

Lia will be the being within.

She can protect both itself and me fully from any Earth threat.

The playing . . . I'm still not sure. I want to use the electric guitar sounds to conduct gravity manipulation tasks, pulls and punches, and throw-aways into space or Sol. I make examples to cause every power on Earth to quickly realize there is no higher power than Lia and I.

I enforce world peace. They get used to it.

You arrive.

With a shitload in between those lines above. There' s a lot to write. I need TIME, isolated in a work environment made for that.



Something weird last night, may tie together another object of evidence to the Displacement category. A semi remarkable note; the English word Mimento has been missing and I’ve noted it missing from several written scripts in television and movies. But last night while watching season 2 of Orphan Black a character properly used the word, to pertain to a small box of mimentos, called Momentos by modern writers today. For 4-years I have been humorously baffled as to how the word vanished. That series is dated as first produced in 2014. Could it be that the writer is an exact duplicate from timeline A? Who knows? Lia would be able to answer these mysteries.

Web results, just now are showing first gift shops. Properly named Mimento . .. But the dictionaries have eliminated it. WTF. Is this a Half Baked half dupes cosmos/timeline? Possibly.

This may be a uniquely Fast American writers condition?? They made the word vanquish? That fast?

To Spreaker Audio Notes account, then to Who What When .  . . Document. Too much writing!

Welcome. I have learned for 4.3-years (as of 06.02.2019) we are all in "Timeline B." I have physical and circumstantial evidence. In November 2014, I used a method to test the force of nature called Time. I made a humble weblog to welcome a "landing." It worked. And I "caught a big one." The discoveries are unfortunately for me, too incredible to grab the modern internet influence world of expectations of presentations of significant findings. The world won't know, because I'm poor and alone and have no advanced degree or any credentials that are expected. No team (here). No editors, etc.. You may want to begin with Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline. That was my first clue in early 2015 that something went amazingly different in, what later I had to conclude was different of the entire cosmos. Since first suspecting I had done it, I have published, often within minutes of communications. There have been several unidirectional and bidirectional (conversational) communications from a being or an AI that can jump in time, in both a single timeline (like in the movies) and crossing a breach into another timeline - cosmos. The being may be able to create these "universes" when choosing to "leave" and or move me with it, into another similar, or nearly exact cosmos.

I know, as stated, too incredible.

I have made available to all, untouched imagery and video; I have used internet time stamped postings to provide a full timeline of discovery for the world to watch.

In the first phase/category of discovery, while attempting to validate one anomaly of the physical universe, I happened to see a photos taken by a close family member, of what I later had to conclude were images from a time apart - brought with a traveler to be available to me, to further validate Vegetation Displacement by Human's Choices in Another Timeline. But, I had already had a few images from a camping trip, when I returned to the same campsite approx. 2-weeks apart. I was baffled at an unusually large tree's growth. Please investigate.

These sounds are only one form of communication, and documentation of the timeline of discovery. More than a million words, in hundreds of entries, have been documented, along the way.

It's a pain in the ass to explain it all, but I'll keep trying. the weblog. Successful Before it was Created. True. I can show real evidence. (I know what that is - JERKS).  Anyone can be a scientist. ANYBODY. I've beaten all of you to the punch.  I've jumped ahead. I have used math, only to see what I'm spending; and that's been nearly $2000! :-)

An old audio note: new description, brief:

August of 2015. Certain I had done it (become the test subject, so to speak), after several validation methods, and trips to the 3-Acre Wood, left me filled with hope and wanting to share it with the world, I found the world does not want to even look at a lowly nobody. But, f-it and f-them; I can roll with this.


Note/ the Devil’s Head:
A dog’s neck swells in the heat; its collar needs to be larger. Eureka?

Those arteries were possibly not humanly large, but an effect due to rapid heat, boiling its blood, swelling those passages, before it was sent to the mineral of the Alien Stone?

06.01.19 SATURDAY

3:47 pm RT

Good cutting for about 40-minutes. I'm nearly 4-in of depth and about 70% done on that straight line up the East face. I'm keeping work to between noon and 1 pm, for the neighborhood. That and the weather creates #time restrictions; I HATE THAT.  lol. I may miss that.
lol, that fourth picture is a mistake shot. Just some stuff on the ground. Did not see it, did not look. An indication of my boredom and fatigue at the documentation work. Time for nothing but action. Someone else will be privileged to do that work, after; they will be famous. 😎


05.31.2019: Friday. I am in a mood to get drunk out of anger at this foot, that kept me awake all night watching stupid shit. I’ve been in the bad habit of not updating. I’m sick of it. Sick of the website and being ignored by all the HOPELESS FOOLS. There must have been 50 million users whose eyes have seen an important TTW post and waltzed by. FUCK THEM.

I will not forget that the NYT ignored 2 emails. NOT. They’ll have to pay me dearly. The cost of the value of 50% of that newspaper. No negotiation.

Posts on EAS:
There will be no work up there until the hillside/cliff dries out. Another day like this and yes, but more rain is expected. Lia's really pushing it with the Nick of Time BS. I would not have the patience. Good thing she does not experience this time bound feeling. Possibly.

Noon until 1 tomorrow is forecasted as suitable. Leafy surface is thick. It should be dry enough. I will NOT get hurt. I refuse.

Not this close. Not with my right foot KILLING ME for 4.3-years because of 10 inept doctors who can't fix a foot.  I'll get those elitist fu_ks.

05.28.2019: Tuesday

Good cutting for 21-minutes of running time. The cut is 2” deep, 36” long. This will significantly weaken the South half of that “face.” A rope and braces are holding it back for safety. Tying myself to a tree. Some serious male bondage! Panorama is 160-d:

So cliche and consistent, with that concept of the greatly relieving and joyful Nick of Time! Trump brings the world closer to war with a terminal ending, and I get closer to the instrument of the Drop.

You Devil you!
#NickofTime πŸ”ͺ⏰
Several pictures in this collage of a set of stills (L), from an event during the early months of the search for the Drop in the successful (B4 created) #timetravel experiment, #TimeTravelWish, show the closest to seeing the HAND of a #God that any human, besides _____, has ever:

05.23.2019: Thursday;

With the energy i needed I set out to get a lot done and kaput; I don't have enough cord to reach the stone, the car won’t power the saw (150-watts max). I spent 20-minutes looking for a power cord, still can’t find it. I have to search and search for it, to see if with one more cord I have enough reach and power. Or else, I have to buy 2-power cords for $120. I’ve spent almost $3k on this project!! For me, that’s a lot.

I spoke with Jack the neighbor, and let him know I found a new rock and would be making more noise, and I apologized and offered him some weed, he said no that’s OK. He let me know that his wife hates the noise, she really hates it; something about being outside and trying to relax by the pool and then the hammering. Oh boy.

I’ve got three safety lines on trees to climb and grab onto and they’re really helpful. I slipped 3x up there today and luckily fell on soft soil. The right ankle is taking a lot of torture on that cliffside. Mom saw the set up; I’ve not said anything and don’t think I’ll have to. I put up a camo tarp but it does not hide much, only it does prevent a stranger from looking up to the hillside if they come up the driveway. It won’t block the folks from seeing the weirdness, or block the sound of the saw and jackhammer.

I’ve left tools and the power saw up there. It’s filthy; total woods up the ass kind of filthy. I’m tick bait, and could very well received another lyme tick bite, and not know it.

Aside; if I am committed to the purpose, I must play the role. I don’t know if my rejection of the Devil’s Head - that action, was any way out of it. I don’t know!! I don’t feel any different; capable of actions that may harm, but certainly not wanting to. The septic tank contents on homes of assholes is the most destructive thing I want to do, that and bring that hospital crashing down.

I want to attack the wealth on this planet; I feel that’s a priority. Stopping the corporate space assholes is another.

Ridding the ball of WMDs is a priority. We could just take them all, but I suspect a plan to cause the isotopes (??)  to be inert is coming. All the viruses, all the gases, and all the missiles must be eliminated. Detaunt, can be the Mutually Assured horrific sword fought war that must be held, in one location for all nations. No medics allowed on the field until the battle is finished and the victor is clear. Violent fuckers!! Planet of the Apeman!


05.2.2019: Wednesday; Drop Search for ME continues/begins with beginning a split in the Rear/East side, up the center of the triangle; ensure it will crack in half when tipped.

Adding 112 videos (most raw/no editing) of the Drop Search category. Viewable not touchable to all with link:
#RealTimeTravel ON THIS SIDE of the timeline looks like:
Google Drive photos/ album Time Travel Wish:
Drop Search for ME continues w/starting to split Rear/East side, up the center; ensure it will crack in half when tipped.

Adding 112 vids (mst raw), Drop Search category. View-able link:
#RealTimeTravel ON THIS SIDE:
@Google Drive album #TimeTravelWish:
Reply to @Pontif_ex
I am interested; why was the angel "Lucifer" expelled from Heaven? And, did he have the "holy spirit" within after?

75% crtnty I've assisted in what may be called "prophecy" in that concept. I'm hoping #VaticanCity is watching. Facebook page was liked by them, 1.6-yrs <. flw DM

That's it!

If they don't pay attention to SN's, they lose. No contact. I'm not finding they could help, anyway. I'm not about to speak with some church underling or any old Catholic Robed Schmuck besides the big guy.

The set of pictures: message: "I come before you."

The foot was too much. The shins of both legs are aching from being on that hillside, jumping around for just 20-minutes yesterday.

If Lia is expecting a dramatic moment when I’m standing on the top of the hill in the 3-Acre Wood, in a lightning and rain storm, screaming up at the sky “What do you want from me oh lord?” Forget it. Too corny. I don’t do cliche Earth bullshit anymore. There’s been enough with this Devil bullshit. I can’t buy it. Or, rather I don’t want to. I know, it all has to be accepted by those expecting some days of old exhibition. Has to match the expectations. I hate those.

My foot feels defeated.

Seriously; as if it wants to give up and die!

Weak and aching. A body part that feels weak. That’s supposed to a mind condition.

I need to quit some of these vices for awhile and regain mental and physical health. I need that luxury health spa in Pismo. 3-weeks, no nothing, just sun, massages, beautiful health coaches, smart TV and full internet access to everything, Pepsi, Chunky Monkey, chips, ice cream, Hershey bars .. . . um, the dogs with me of course.


Tomorrow, another try at hard work while in pain.

I should set up a real camp up there. For the summer. My tent in full regalia. I can keep equipment in there. Keep the electricity run (that will look seriously crazy).

~~~~3:30pm  have not worked yet. Plenty of daylight. Best I get in a patter of quiet evening work, uness sawing and hammering. Ooh wee. Challenge ahead.

2016: Right at the tip of the American flag! At 13:00; #Lia uses the moment, in time, to see the video, go back and place a flying hydrogen ball (into to our time) to cross the TOP of the fuselage. Amazing. :-) #SkyPilot on 11 15 2015 & Lia via @YouTube

05.21.2019: Tuesday
To pinned tweet thread:
20) May 2019: A force I call Lia, who is likely extraterrestrial, has co-opted my experiment in #timetravel and is exploiting our beliefs.
Chrsitianity helped; self-fulfilling prophecy has occurred, and I have assisted.
I have committed. It was necessary.
Page: I've yet to document this realization fully.

6 pm:
False start. I had thought the coast was clear.

I'm being ridiculous about the silliness that I've already exhibited hammering apart that damn stone in front of everybody (a few locals and the folks).

I'm the guy embarrassed to use coupons, for what it seems it seems like..

Eh: thoughts
I have been against the death penalty all my life because it is often wrong; carried out inhumanely, and a slow process of decades of appeals (as is constitutional). However, the rules are changing.

To enforce peace, I am considering a universal rule of Human Kills No Human. The law would be permanent. Not one person or nation's leaders on Earth would be exempt. It would be swift, with one court and no appeals process. If one human is killed, somebody will be executed:

(the Planet of the Apes movies; the rule was Ape Shall Kill no Ape) tada

Hypothetical; I can enforce this worldwide:


I have to work and I’m having difficulty getting going; the foot pain took over yesterday, the past couple of days, really bad pain. Total ache all through it. Like it was beaten with a board, tortured. 4+ years of this shit! The nights! The days! I’m restricted! I went to the grocery store to order a birthday cake (yesterday morning), and by afternoon the foot was totally killing me. It’s the hard surfaces! Nobody believes me. Not one of those doctors cared at all to hear weird symptoms. It’s the pressure underneath the feet, the foot. The density of surfaces underneath me kills to walk on. The store was too much walking on cement floor. It was probably 400-ft of walking to get to the bakery and back to the car. Fucking unbelievable.

It aches this am, but I don’t know how bad this day will be. I have to start breaking apart the face of the V Stone. I have to. The instrument, if there is one, and I’m pretty sure there is (65%) has got be in there. Again; within stone is an excellent place to hide in time the instrument for me.

It’s wet again this morning. I’m going to have to suit up and get out there. It has to be another camp set-up. What excuse will I have for this? I don’t know. The gemstones hobby is bullshit. I have no interest in memorizing boring rock.

It’s the first time, today, I have remembered the day of my mother’s birthday. She’s 75 today.

I chose Philippines president, Rodrigo Roa Duterte to die, almost 35-hours ago, but posted online and shown to the Alien Stone Eminence Front yesterday morning.

A test, after the Louve architect died, hours after I mentioned the glass pyramid to my mother, outside, with my face and voice within feet of it (it’s down here, outside the studio). I thought that an amazing coincidence, and in this project there is no such thing. So, I began testing the next day with small pictures shown to the Stone and my speech, my mouth movement and my voice; I picked a nice guy, who is president of an esteemed American University, and I can’t really follow what happens to him. So, the next day to test this, I chose an evil human rights violator to die. We’ll see. If this works, I’m cleansing the planet’s leaders, to favor those transparent, uncorrupted by money, and honestly caring for the majority. I can clean up with this.

That Lia, can reach any heartbeat on the planet will be a huge advantage. I can begin to name names, show pictures, and clairvoyantly choose their last days.
15:45 RT
An opportunity w/folks out for the evening, I'll be on the cliff installing a camp of sorts around the V Stone, out of their view of the weirdness. I suspect several days, may be weeks of demolition of the west side.

"Break the face in half, to stop your complaining."?

 Bday party tonight. Presents wrapped.

Thanks to Jeff for not allowing those 2-gifts to be cancelled. They were shot out. I was going to, to save the money. 75-years is pretty amazing. She’s on her health, too. She could be a century buster. Her grandmother went to 104.


This authoritarian nutjob, President #RodrigoRoaDuterte is an evil force in the #Philippines.

Too many crimes against humanity and civility to Tweet.


Good day to set up a huge camo tarp across the V stone area. I’m feeling no privacy and it’s too weird. There’s no good excuse for a gemstones hunter to be up there, climbing around a giant triangle. I want privacy up there, it might many days of sawing and chiseling around that guitar shape. And it’s a damn dangerous positioning at any spot on that, possibly 8-10 ton behemoth.

Additionally, I need light work on those soft leaves and soil, instead of chores around the house. Moms’ b day tomorrow. Going to store to order a cake. Then on the cliffside for the afternoon.

05.19.2019 Sunday over at EAS:
1) What have I done?

Summarily, in Earth story (Biblical):

I raised the Devil from its confinement under the earth. I released it by removal of its skull cap - out onto the planet.

I had agreed in writing to give my body and mind to the project, before I had realized this.

2) more picture, same text:

3) SATAN business in #TimeTravel-Wish:
There's no concealing my self from Lia. She knows I'm a good human - w/instinct to not harm. I've been firm.

All communications are busted; there's not even a cryptic way to hide, send any false messaging, etc.. It is destiny concept.

05.18.219 Saturday. Slept . ..

Brought the cutting saw up to the V stone, covered it well. Tomorrow more.
On the way down; a definite flyover to wave hello. I had my hat off, waving before they crest the tree line:

This plane is corporate or Vatican City, not sure which and it does not matter. Definitely had phone tracking:

Apprx 19:35:


I chose to allow the neighbors normalcy.

This coming week I go after my instrument.

Nobody else can have it, so I'm not worried about theft. It just won't work unless its owner is in possession.

Examine; I did. This is how I'm certain that The Burn, of the Drop Search at the AS, was what I'm inferring: the Xtians share responsibility for presenting opportunity for this to happen. It is truly Self Fulfilling #Prophecy. The experiment was seriously co-opted! Beautiful. πŸ˜†

05.17.2019: Friday

Pei died early on Thursday morning.
It was Wednesday afternoon/evening, about at 3 - 4  pm local (+5 london), I mentioned the pyramid at the Louve’ to my mother, in line of sight, and close enough for audio and for lip reading to the old Eminence Front that is now near the studio. Testing today for tomorrow’s news.the man was 107 years old. Likely ready to end his life. Perfect.

11:45 apprx RT
I've got ships that have to be sunk. All of them imaginary Republicans.
I'll be late. Health: foot flare-up and a lot of flesh on fire symptoms, migrating around the body for periods of an hour in each place. Had to turn on the light to see where I MUST HAVE burned myself. 😐

At the BORING but real, Old but New That symbol (for me) was covering the left side of the Devil's Head, the sinister side. I noted last year that face looked to be grimacing and slightly sinister. #Catholic superstition! But no, it's all a reminder:

~~~ to PAGE (later, after) Identity of the Target |
Mother just admitted, during a discussion about Doris Day, that she had skipped school to see Annie Oakley, on Broadway. Consistent with the hypothesis that she had visited Broadway by herself at around the time of my conception, December, 1961. That period may have been the Christmas, or post holiday weeks, of approximately 2-weeks.

05.18.2019 Saturday

I did some investigation into my recent writing past and found that I had planned on using the character Luke “plays anything,” as a character who becomes Satan, or something? I can’t remember; I’ll have to review the story notes. It was never published. It all had to have been read from Google Documents, or possibly uploaded to Onedrive (Microsoft). Suspicious; how did the force know unless it had read those documents? And or in the hypothesis that I am a transfer from Timeline A, then I may have been successful in that novel in having created a great Super Villain. Aliens are exploiting my story, that is a great idea to introduce another civilization from afar.