The Global Vapor Communication of Christmas Day 2020

The Global Vapor Communication of Christmas Day 2020
The points of evidence of the hypothesis it was for me and Sol 3.

Introduction, to date:

On 11/25/2014 Time Travel Wish had been only an experiment in time travel communication as a request for help and messaging - and due to an absence of resources only on a weblog, and various social media platforms. However, many indications reveal it was successful before the time of its creation.

Conducted with the bias of hope, by an artist with an idea to be reached. A time apart (had) chosen an unwitting test pilot to validate success. The amazing has occurred repeatedly. 2018-19: MIND BLOWING; the Being is using Biblical prophecy. Discovery by James Gray Mason.

Honesty was important from the beginning. I have documented with photography almost all of what has happened to me. Anyone can inspect the integrity of my claims (and that photography as untouched by any software fakery). The physical and circumstantial evidence is multiple times validated to my satisfaction, but the world has been too skeptical, as it all is unbelievable in our time, and that is one of many true ironies of time travel.
January 1 2021:
World Peace, if it can be achieved, is opposite of what the future is showing us in the imagery meant for this experiment and ready to view the instant this internet project began, truthfully; from my experiment Time Travel Wish, a worldwide radiation report is being shown on the old TV (that emits radiation).

As is well documented here, my hopeful bias had interpreted this as rain for Africa, sorry.

Slightly frowning face

A Global Radiation Report

A Global Radiation Report
"James, there is too much radiation to exist here." The message decoded.

Lucifer in the Background Image

Lucifer in the Background Image
Lucifer in the Background Image

NEW 02.02.2018 The Drop Search at The Alien Stone

NEW 02.02.2018 The Drop Search at The Alien Stone
Link: Latest in discovery: Spring, 2018 - 2019: The Drop Search at The Alien Stone & The Great Rock and Roll Rock Robbery

Our loss is because we're hopeless:

Our loss is because we're hopeless:
Tuvok and James. Image from Time Travel Wish, 2015. This may be our tremendous loss if we do not act.

the NAME image

the NAME image
In November of 2014 it was a hopeful name for a concept of message delivery from ourselves.

Successful before it was created.

Successful before it was created.
The experiment is done. Time to move on. Addendum 05.26.18 wtf was I thinking? The adventure doesn't end.

Evidence collected, 2015 discovery of physical effect of Different Human Choices in Another Timeline

Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline

Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline
LINK to page: category of evidence: Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline

The Inexplicable Background Image

The Inexplicable Background Image
LINK to page: category of evidence: The Inexplicable Background Image

Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image

Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image
LINK to page: Identity of Myself as the Target as related to the Image

Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact.

Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact.
LINK to page: category of evidence: Successful Request for Communication with Team 2 - a UFO first documented contact : Painting the sky with gravity well technology

About the Webmaster: The Target

About the Webmaster: The Target
LINK to page: category of evidence: About the Webmaster: The Target

The Idea for Time Travel Wish

The Idea for Time Travel Wish
Link to page: category of evidence: the Idea: 1998 Star Trek TNG: What if that first communication had to be as simple as possible?

Image Dating of the Future Time

Image Dating of the Future Time
Link to page: category of evidence: Image Dating of a Future Time

The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime

The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime
Link to page: Speculations: The Cardinal Rules of a Breach of Spacetime

The Envisioned Team of Timeline A

The Envisioned Team of Timeline A
Link to page: Speculations: The Envisioned Team of Timeline A

The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One

The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One
Link to page: The Challenging Exposure of Paradox One

First Post of November 25 2014

First Post of November 25 2014
First Post of November 25 2014

Project Audio Notes of Discovery

Project Audio Notes of Discovery
Project Audio Notes of Discovery

Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting

Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting
Original Page: Paradox Related Activity and Reporting

Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime

Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime
Relative Links of Current Knowledge of Spacetime

Albert and God

Albert and God
Albert and God

Original Page: Messages -Jake to James

Original Page: Messages -Jake to James
Original Page: Messages - Jake to James

Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016

Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016
Time Travel Wish Soundtrack 3 13 2016

First Post: November 25th 2014 & Discovery

Post 1; 11/25/2014,

11/14/2015   The strongest and most irrefutable evidence in the experiment: Time Travel Wish: A 41 minute compilation video that fully explains Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in (what has to have been) Another Timeline:

10/31/2015: NEW

This describes the choices of rock wall builders while using the footpath. Discussing the presence of the tree in the discovery that most of the trees on this path. I realized today that most all of them are old but new trees. Including discovery that the large conifer at the east end of the meadow is no longer there. Unedited. Validating the August discovered Old But New Tree in the footpath. It turns out, they are ALL New to this timeline. None of the trees near the footpath are the same trees from five years ago. Even a double tree is nowhere around. Even a tall pine tree down near the meadow, next to the path, to walk up here, is totally gone. That pine tree was seen in winter Google Earth pics from 2012 when I was scoping out these woods for a Secret Marijuana Grow site (that was very successful in these woods). Jeez. A new history assholes. No one in the world is looking for this shit. No one looks to see. I have because I conducted a spacetime communication experiment, based on newly derived theory that we lived in an information cosmos. Get it people. Time Travel Wish; successful before created.

Attention please: These findings occurred by chance, months after beginning the experiment in HTML to make money on a scheme based in the new theory of an information universe, in spacetime communication, that were discovered by me from reviewing images of the Chester Campsite very leaning tree that was not leaning 3 weeks later. I came up in April 2015 to check on the Tree of Dilemma that I had noticed in November 2013, seemed to be no longer in the middle of the smaller section of the footpath. This is a validation trip, with a very sore leg and ankle injury to re-check a photographic discover made over the summer, after have reviewed the April videos shot here at the 3 Acre Wood. I am about 400 linear feet from my home.

"They are (trees on sides of the footpath) approximately 2-3 inches in diameter larger as should be expected.* It can be entertained (by those capable of doing so) that this footpath and that 15 year old tree (estimated) experienced a different history - or in my latest hypothesis based this un-doctored photographic (originals available on this page) apparent evidence of Displacement of true physicality at this location, a new history has been created here and these images are preserved in spacetime to indicate such."

July 2015 The footpath tree. A 26" diameter Old But New Tree discovered from reviewing photgraphy in August 2015. Return to invalidate/validate this scene.

2011 image


10/28/2015 4:52 pm -5 Am feeling defeated again today. The incredulity of these idiots is of phenomenal magnitude. Most do not even think a formula they know of can be WRONG. So they won't even entertain this. I am disgusted with the entire state of science education. I am disgusted that kids are learning to dismiss anything that may be possible that is not proven by current rigid standards. Those standards will prevent them from moving forward by the leaps and bounds they are capable of.  I am fighting centuries of the scientists, fighting the supernatural believers for acceptance of science. They have taken this fighting so far, that those scientists are no longer able to entertain possibility. They need to fucking wake-up and look at their growth in just the last 2 centuries. They lack an outward and objective perspective of our their own ability. They are so hardened to what can only be tested, or mathematically derived and tested to be ALL THAT THERE CAN BE they have mostly become devolved to morons incapable of anything great. They can't even realize this is the time to look for this kind of thing - this paradox. Most of these people don't even know that spacetime is not some human perception. Most don't know of the so called "Holographic Universe," theoretical now published. They can't fathom (or just don't want to) that we can be existing in an information universe. They really won't  be able to accept that we are all brand new information - now. 

I don't know if they are afraid of their own personal failings, or not. It is something in the competitive nature of science discovery, perhaps? They suck in this regard. I am sick of calling them ASSHOLES. Sick of it. That feeling that they are, is difficult to dismiss. 

Will take a few days off from anything. James out! Be back on Friday or Saturday. Fuck them. 

10/10/2015 2:54 pm -5:

From the True Story of Time Travel Wish & Paradox One.
In progress as of September, 2015:

In rule number one it is understood that a significant violation will cause vastly different information to be created as a result of knowledge and or of use of the technology. In a speculative scenario in which knowledge of future technology is evident to a past time: a scientist reveals a mathematical formula that allows a vastly different timeline to proceed in which spacetime is then violated again perhaps far sooner in that time that had been breached. Likely the Cardinal rules may be violated in a far more significant manner when that error of the first violation is manifest by that scientist’s mistake.

Rule number one is why it is likely the evidence of the breach will be a paradox. A large relationship belonging to the breach which can not be fully explained. The first breach may be titled Paradox One also known as Time Travel Wish.

When the team selects a target, likely a person who has left lasting information of where he or she will be specifically, that target’s environment is a reasonable choice for preserving spacetime in a locality. If electrons in pattern can be manipulated with new information, those patterns may reveal to the target that the likelihood of a breach of spacetime has occurred. Visual clues will be necessary for the target to recognize the possibility.

Again; Only possibilities (as clues) can be presented due to rule number one. Only the team will know that those clues are created by them and that their existence is their manipulation. Only speculation based on these paradoxical clues can provide hope for the answers that a scientifically derived and so acceptable answer can ever be found.


What might it look like? We do not know and we now may be seeing - if we look carefully. But we can entertain the possibilities of what technology will be in use. We should be prepared for the visibility of events or objects or information we cannot explain as consistent with our current understanding of what science or technology should look like. We must constantly acknowledge rule number one. We must accept that protecting it was/is/will be paramount. We use what we know and can then speculate within reason is the technology that we are on the scientific cusp of discovery of - at this relative time. In our now necessary speculation we must include the fields of study that make-up the Team.


The last photographic "evidence," I am collecting
in this experiment. See Vegetation Displacement page
for further understanding of these "anomalies."
"Done for now."  - James 5/14/2015 9:16 pm -5 gmt

Have no fear this site is safe. - James

The 1 image that lead me to look at the 3 Acre Wood. This image was taken and uploaded to FaceBook and Google Plus. Three weeks later I returned to this same illegal campsite and shot another image of this tree. Nearly 8 weeks after beginning Time Travel Wish, as a scheme to make money collecting time travel communication messages, I looked at the later image and realized this very leaning tree was at least 20 degrees straighter to the horizon. 1 year later I returned here again and shot the video Return to Chester Campsite and validated it was much straighter, nearly 85 degrees. The earth around the tree is undisturbed. That cut log to the left of the tree was still there and rotting more. All originals of this location (Location 1 of 2 - 4 miles from the 3 Acre Wood) are available on this G+ page and at

Location 41.432, -72.454

Date taken 03/21/15, 5:20 PM UTC-4
Dimensions 2048 x 1536
File name IMG_0099.JPG
File size 1.74M
Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline.
Mature trees DO NOT BEND in the entirety of their trunks. The branches do that as needed. This was the first physicality that was/is inconsistent with all known biological growth of trees. PHYSICALITY DIFFERENT. With photographic evidence. Irrefutable changes in the history of the growth of the trees!
Location 1 of 2:

Location 1 in July of 2015:

New; 10/14/2015
A new visible discovery this morning upon examination of both year's images of location 1 in comparison of images. 

below:  Collage: August, 10, 2015. 10:05 pm -5 gmt
I Still Wait Confused

Time Travel Wish Inc. YouTube Playlist:
(above) Basic display. Vegetation Displacement as Indicating Time Shift Occurrence as documented in experiment: Time Travel Wish by James Gray Mason. November 2014 - May - 2015
More images and video and further explanation on page: Vegetation Displacement Witnessed (top link). 9/1/2015 I am leaning toward the hypothesis that this is preserved spacetime - meant to be witnessed by the primary target and all of us, for our information that will likely lead us to different human choices then leading to (the possible) success of the timeline. That success is entirely up to us and whether or not and how we embrace the possibility of a first breach of significance having occurred in our current time - or our "timeline."  - James out! 


September Discovery Validated with returnLocation 2 of 2. 4.0 Miles SSE of Location 1:

Vector line from Locations 1 & 2 lands upon
Plum Island Animal Research Center
(discovered in August 2015) Crosses directly over Reform Jewish
Synagogue, in Chester CT. NO APPARENT RELATIONSHIP except
that I discovered in early August: I am a Jew. - James out!

7/2015: After a good conversation with my mother and seeing her data from 23 and Me, I am very surprised, yet kind of delighted to learn I am really a Jew. Wow!

Twitt from @Timetravelwish:
Then, 7/2015 I learned “I am really a #Jew. Wow. Never knew it.” #spacetime #timetravel wish.

"Coming my people. I get it." 

An older than he was prior to his supposed death: Hitler driving his own limo. A bunker behind his shoulder. MORE on the page: The Inexplicable Background Image (link at top of page). 

The oddly date stamped image that was the first image to appear on the Albert and God page from November of 2014. April, 14, 2068. New image from summer is dated 2100. More on the page: Odd Date Stamped Images. 


the questions

Now I ask many questions for you to consider before you read my story of my experience in Time Travel Wish, in this year of 2015 on little old Sol3:

What would the first communication look like?

How simple or how complex would the first communication back to a time that created lasting digital information look like?

Would we even recognize that first communication back to a time that had created lasting digital information, in a universe that (we now theorize with mathematical formula) could very well be composed of information?

When in our time, would a group of scientists choose to breach spacetime from their own time - or old timeline?

Would those scientists enforce who and when could breach spacetime by manipulation of others meddlings in their own history of time’s arrow?

How would the team make sure their new and manipulated information can be recognized - seen by themselves?

Would the team send a mathematical formula?

What would we do with that?

Who would the Team choose to witness or to discover their breach through spacetime?

Would they chose a team of scientists who work for a well funded super-power, at this time?

If they chose a single individual would they give him or her anything useful to aid in accomplishing their goals - in making their purpose a success?

Is anyone on Earth making an effort at this time to wait for them?

What practical purpose would they have for accomplishing the breach, or the creation of a new universe that can make a new history?

Will the breach actually reach back into the team’s past information, or would a new universe entirely have to be created?

Are multiverses created by advanced thinking species who each manipulate spacetime - a natural force that is a barrier to them, in both communication and in interstellar travel to other civilizations far beyond the reach of faster than light travel?


NEW 4/25/15 8:59 pm -5 : Video and images validate 1st vegetation displacement observation of November, 2013. Bottom of pageVegetation Displacement. Now, 2 occurrences with photographic evidence of before and after. I am not surprised. I am waiting for more. - James.

NEWER 4/30/15 12:17 pm -5: After much consideration of ethics and morality, I have firmly decided that no one person should ever benefit from communication from our future. This line of communication (if open and maintained) must always be used to warn our species of our planets' changes. ONLY. Do not email the webmaster with hope of any action to your benefit. 

5/7/15 6:38 pm -5: Addendum 5/7/15 6:29 pm -5 : [paste from paradox related activity and reporting, on site page:] I have given up on the idea that others will be assisting me in uncovering relationships and reporting suspicious activity that may have a relationship. These relationships I am seeking, seem to be falling into place anyway. Most feelings, that I consider to be worthy of following seem to have relationships. This concept of relationships is very important in this project. I expect that many paths will be wrong, others may have a relationship and may not. Preserving a record of these contacts has become, a little more important in recent weeks. So, the idea of paradox reporting by others should be put aside for now. Feels like the right decision. Besides, getting others involved, without any knowledge of what will be, seems very risky. Don't want the responsibility. It is best I take everything in, myself, to the point where I feel help is absolutely necessary. Best for everyone. - James. end edit 6:35 pm -5. I can compartmentalize any odd occurance as a possibility that may be, and that is all. Later, if I feel a relationship exists, I will re-check contacts and histories, cache and files and etc.. Taking a relaxed approach. 

"I conclude that, as special relativity is proven with 100% certainty and quantum entanglement is also a 100% given fact, then communicating with the future is not just a theory, it should be practically possible within the next few years." 

- Anonymous

The above statement summarizes my inspiration in conceiving of this web site.

I said to myself "Hey why not - maybe it is the time?"

- James, end edit 8:51 pm -5 2/21/2015

5/5/15 10:28 pm -5: If you are a writer and you consider yourself very good at metaphorical interpretation I need you. The image requires as many and as in depth and as varied beautiful metaphorical interpretations as I can collect. - James. Art must meet science and technology here

A brief conversation of late in response to a limited time post promoting this site on a writers community:

Eleanor: "Is this a book?"

James: "Everything I have done that is original could very well be a book. If you only knew. lol. :-). No this is not a book. It was begun as a seemingly reasonable way to create a landing zone on html, for predicted to exist early time travel experimenters, that was public, greatly redundant and held safe by a huge corporation and filled with easily predictable circumstances of the web masters' own activity, that would last a very long time and then capitalize on the hopes of friends and loved ones of time travel communication from the future. A scheme that back-fired when so called evidence sprang forth. Hope you enjoy it. I will be refining and polishing this project periodically as I wait now for evidence to become true evidence and for probabilities to be discounted or validated. It's wait and see what pops up for now. :-)" end edit 4/8/2015 4:33 pm - 5.

3/6/2015 8:00 pm -5: You dippity-doos in government: did you not ever think that perhaps my easy passwords on this home network were EASY for a reason? Jeez. Site must be easily reachable and very predictable! Get it yet? Passwords changed. Still watching files and dates daily. 5/5/15 7:59 pm - 5 : Bluetooth off for now on the primary PC. Tracking location test today, no indications of results yet. Relationships will make themselves clear to me in these tests. I am seeking validation of others following - physically. I feel they are near.  I have decided that I should return the old "easy" password for intermittent periods of my (seemingly) random choosing. These occurrences will begin this week. end edit. 8:02 pm -5.


New: 3/7/2015 2:00 pm -5: Re allowed indexing of images from this site on blogger settings. Turned off after first discovery of odd date stamped image.

      "I should emphasize that I am a writer first at this time.  A science fiction lover who stumbled upon a long brewing idea and conceptualized a way to present it. In my desire to use the internet in a pioneering fashion, uniquely, I have made this another creation as an art form on a canvas of html. However the site may have become a bit spooky. Due to the possibilities that seemed to have arisen as soon as I became serious about this concept web site. If this is the readers perception I apologize." - James. 11:48 -5  2/25/2015

9:32 pm -5 3/6/2015Important: References to "the team" can be seen in my editing. This seemingly invisible third second party may exist. I am taking a Heaven gambit: I'm risking being called delusional and my entries evidence of such by referring to them as though they are viewing the text on this website. Later, if this site is proven authentic I would have shown my high regard and respect for this invisible third second party - and have been the first to do so because I have confidence in the process and the whole concept. That confidence inspired this site and caused this long-brewing idea to be finally be conceptualised and the paradox put-into-play. So I risk so little that I have not already lost. In so doing referring to the "team," seemed an acceptable risk for having the boldness to imply their existence in our other future. - James.

Please pardon the format of the text on this site. The dating and time indications on this site are scattered throughout the text as editing proceeds. This will seem erratic and difficult to read, but I feel it is necessary. I am correcting grammatical errors and "polishing" the website without noting the time or date. However, in each instance of additional text and edits, that are new or possibly significant in context, I am time stamping and dating manually. The unseen "team" may only be able to read the text and site optically. The (linear) course of time of discoveries and oddities revealed on this site may be very important in maintaining what may be a new timeline (of communication) and in narrowing "landings" of these communications in our relative time. Additionally, the team may be learning important placement information from the entries. Gathering predictable factors. Learning of consequential factors that may need controlling to ensure communication remain open.

3/9/2015 2:50 pm -5: As this site grows very large from these entries, I will produce pages that list these entries in direct chronological order of their occurrence - for easier reading.
 - James. 


 New Site page: Image Dating & Other Occurrences

2/19/2015 sidebar

(Pr) means: in all TTW text and edits possible paradox related, meriting investigation relevant to maintaining the (possible) new timeline. All clues of ANY ODDITIES in this timeline must be reported with as much detail as can be recalled. end edit 9:51 pm -5 2/9/2015.


A possibility. A cautionary warning: If you have spent sufficient time investigating Time Travel Wish, you may just GET IT. The huge majority of visitors to this site do not take any sufficient time to attempt to understand the complexity of what is being portrayed on this page. If you really do "get it," you may experience confusion of a sort that you have never felt before.

This confusion is only dangerous if you begin to feel physically ill. You may experience faintness and a feeling of confusion in choices of direction. Your choices of left or right or of simple turns in direction will seem difficult - even if you have certainty a choice is correct. This can be significantly reduced by ingesting Sea Sickness Pills. Popularly known as Dramamine. Take 2 tablets every 3 - 5 hours for about 2 days.

I experienced this condition on February the 7th of 2015. No doctor will be able to tell you what is wrong - they will not investigate. DO NOT consider yourself mentally ill. DO NOT hesitate to purchase this inexpensive over-the-counter disorientation medicine.

A possibility to ACT ON in case I am correct: This may be divergence. As this world “drifts away” from the choices of ourselves as a result of knowledge of the “shift” we become distant in “proximity,” of the information that was us in the other timeline. ACT on possibilities NOW. With no consequence to yourselves in doing so.


Addendum! 1/28/2015. Time Travel Wish may have already been successful, in the time before it was created! 

The background image you see on this website was already in place when the template for this page was selected, within 4 minutes of paying for the domain at, and the domain going live within minutes of that purchase of 

It is a free stock image provided as an example for users/webmasters, only for temporary purposes. The Blogger pre-made template was selected by the webmaster (myself, James Mason) only because it was the format titled "Simple" that I was looking for. Except this time, Blogger had categorized the templates by popular usage and the "Simple" template was listed as suitable for a travel agency. I thought the coincidence was cute, and so chose the "travel" category for this template. If you have a Blogger account, you can check the validity of this oddity now, under Layout -> Templates. I saw that it was the "Simple" format that I was already familiar with (the template form is in use on my other websites - that I would choose it is predictable. 

These types of predictable factors, for choosing recipients successfully will be crucial in early experimentation in time travel, if a "landing" is to made successfully that can be verified in the future by "the team." By seeing that the website has changed with it's only webmaster dead and gone, the team will know they are successful in a new timeline created by a communication. This was, the purpose of the site, to be a verifiable and broad digital target in time to be aimed at by scientists. It is important to me that it not be owned or associated with a government. That the site would be secure and its data stored and served on a large corporate server that is greatly redundant and accessible and known by the public and belonging to a corporation possibly too big to fail. As it appears Google will be and so most likely will still exist in several decades. 5:25 pm -5 2/1/2015: Vacation Responder on for the new account, linked to this blog and set to expire on 2/1/2114. The address shall be kept with me (James Mason as of this time) and not be made public for purposes of verification.

Does this image look like an image a travel agent would select to promote commercial travel to beautiful places? My answer: not likely. Not on any commercial travel agency website I would visit. Additionally, it is very inconsistent for a Google employee, to make this kind of mistake, in matching an image to the content it is supposed to represent - an online travel agency. This image that accompanied this template is all about time passing and waiting for time to occur. It is about memories, about imagery, about communication with the unknown through time itself. Certainly not an image representing traveling luxuriously to far away exotic locations at the best affordable rate. 

I had ignored the background image for several visits to edit the site. I had planned on putting my own imagery behind this text, as I usually do for my several other sites. However, what if the normal template I would predictably choose, already had an image embedded in the template, that I would perceive as a perfect artistic presentation of the human longing for time travel? Such as this image can be easily be interpreted [my bias?]

And so now, about six weeks later (three days after seeing The Theory of Everything 5/7/15 where I met a beautiful and young woman with dark hair who still has not called me. Mother issues prevailed?), I returned to put some energy into the site and I was ready to replace the image. But, I began to scrutinize its details and the entire composition of the image and I am amazed at the symbolic similarity to the dream of time travel expressed by almost every object within and the entire composition of this scene. A similarity that is describing how I feel about this site. Patiently waiting, hopeful and confident in science and humanity. Relying on every communications device available. Something beside me (beside us), on the other side of that wall, waits. This image is emotional, mysterious and lonely. The empty space to the right is symbolic of the unknown, possibly symbolic of the future waiting for us. 

Could anyone select a more appropriate photograph for this website? Not me and it was not me.

A comfortable (modern) empty chair for someone to wait in, that faces the viewer of the image, not toward the television - the message is directed toward us. An original old style crank powered phone on the wall that has a rotary dial. Framed pictures of differing media and of memories in different eras of time hanging behind the chair on the wall. An early television with an indistinguishable image that post-dates the telephone by at least 10 years. The empty room to the right - that did hold something or could contain someone or a message. Additionally, I only just noticed today (while typing this text), the white modern looking industrial travel container that is set against the other side of the wall, closed, as if prepared and ready to be picked-up and carried out of that room at any time. It looks like a container that might hold medical equipment or something of similar value that requires padding and a durable and perhaps thickly shielded container. I do not know who the photographer was, but I will title this image appropriately: First Contact and it will remain behind this text as possibly and admittedly hopefully (my hope is my unscientific bias in this experiment), the first evidence of a successful transmission. 

Above: This is what this site may have continued to look like had I continued to edit (after only a day or so) in November of 2014. I was certainly going to replace the strange and dark background image. At that time I had barely examined the image due to is first impression of a lonely and mysterious dark arrangement. This site as it appears today is nothing like what I had in mind. I wanted bright and happy colors and imagery that would reduce fear of the unknown. I had wanted this site to feel welcoming and safe.

Questions for us all: What small or large amount of energy would it take, just to ensure an existing (or maybe not) jpeg format image, appears as a travel agency image example for me to select, predictably? How many other attempts have been made? Perhaps, this image placement, is the first really successful transmission, to reach me before the time of creation of the site? What better time to select than prior to the site's creation - to "time" the landing of the first successful message? Placing the image, where I would predictably find it, before I had the idea for the site, would be an excellent landing target. Because time past is huge, and and a huge (broad) space of time is what will be needed for the first attempts. 

This photo may exist in our time and was chosen for its interpretation of the expression of waiting for time to occur. Or it may have been arranged in future time just for this transmission and website. A digital manipulation only. Not sending combined complex matter, but energy only as electrons in pattern to manipulate hypertext mark-up language of this time - a simple, very timeline-predictable code. The team may have been using just enough energy to place the image. That would be only one of thousands of restrictions they will surpass. Perhaps they could not transmit more complex patterns yet maybe tomorrow or maybe in less than 1 minute from now they will be able to do more impressive transmissions? Additionally, placing the image in this timeline, before the idea even entered my thoughts to create this site, gives the early pioneers of time travel a prime target. A predictable set of circumstances and known factors that can be counted on to occur, to ensure and to indicate, that the transmission is successful. A public aware of the website all feeling anticipation, all entertaining a new reality and adapting to the very idea of hearing from our future.

  • 12:01 -5 GMT 2/2/2015 It is predictable, knowing that I love to write (and hopefully seeing my large body of work and awards, ha ha), that I interpret and communicate with metaphor, and this would be consistent with wanting to ensure I NOT delete the image, as I had planned on doing prior to realizing it's possible high value. A factor that needed a control. Is the image a controlling factor important in completing this communication?

I'll acknowledge that currently many commercial travel agencies are exploiting the use of the words time travel in their titles, and so perhaps the person who placed the image was on to this fairly new advertising ploy to invoke the romanticist imagery of ancient civilizations that can now be seen. But, there are many particulars about this image that are very inconsistent with that modern advertising message and the overall impression of the image is dark and mysterious and I think there will be general agreement that that is true. 

The notes and comments on the page linked below will point out these many inconsistencies and reveal many mysteries. There are clues to be exposed. Mostly in this image, there is one large metaphor that waits to be interpreted correctly and within that one metaphorical message lay many details that allow a purposeful paradox of time to be met by the future and greeted warmly.  

See site page: The Inexplicable Background Image - notes and comments. Sidebar.  

If you are a physicist, and wish to discuss this with me and learn more of this (apparent) evidence, please use the write to James link in the sidebar and I will gladly open communication. **CAUTION, associating with me, even in email text, may be involving yourself in a paradox, or multiple paradoxes, please consider this before making contact. I am learning how to write a research paper currently, and using this currently weakly popular website as it's basis, of  course. I, like any scientist, am now filled with more questions and am pondering this strange . . anomaly. For lack of a better timey-wimey word. I actually have one about fifty feet from me - a physicist that is. But his seasoned and intellectual great wall of skepticism (which breaking through is often a motivating force for my creativity) causes me to acknowledge that he would never even entertain the idea that it was true. Not for one second. Not with images, not with inexplicable occurrences. A jury in the United States is willing to convict people on circumstantial evidence weaker than the statements and images on this website. But, if the incredible occurs, well that's got to be incredibly proven, as it should be.  I am not ready to face that wall today and probably not tomorrow.   


**Jake if that’s you, you and your team did it dear nephew. I knew that you could. I knew you were a special thinker, much like me. You observe your environment more intricantly then most other people, and you are not yet aware of this. Your earlier difficulties in school are very much related to this inherent skill. This trait, I do not see in your brothers. This is why I chose you to be the first sender. It is why you have chosen physics as your love. Again a paradox was needed to be established. [Jake's education toward science and physics, may be un-preventalbe now - already set in motion]. 

Congratulations to all of you on the team. That you chose this public site to make your breakthrough, was a good decision. Now the government won’t have sole power over time manipulation. Time communication is now an open secret. Now send those lottery numbers I asked for. That money is the capital for the growing trust-fund you (Jake) obtained from me for this massive project. The money is/was the time paradox you have been expecting that has allowed this (possibly first) loop to be created

I wait and watch carefully, both in my past and in the years to come, with all confidence in you and your team’s ability. Now, open that bottle of champagne (Chateu La Fete 1956) that has been sitting in that laboratory refrigerator for years, and pour it over your head and smile. (Gotcha. Kidding. No champagne from me . . first time joke!) I will visit you soon, in this time, but this will not be spoken of during this visit, as you are not quite ready for the news, as you know, you are just 6 years old in this timeline and I strongly feel that you should continue your childhood without the burden of knowledge, that you may be the one who makes the breakthrough. 

Your mother will be informing you in coming years at a time of transition in your youthful years or at a time of personal crisis involving an emotional transition and growing maturity. It will be a time such as this, when this information may serve you best in moving forward. - Uncle Jamie.

Below is the former top of this page . .


Time Travel Wish Inc.

Here on this day, November, 25, 2014 A.D., at approximately 3:52 p.m. -5 hours GMT, Time Travel Wish was created. This weblog site represents the domain name

Dedicated to Galileo Galilei, Samuel Madden, Sir Issac Newton, Nicolaus Copernicus, Max Planck, Werner Heisenberg, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Neils Bohr, Arthur C. Clarke, Gene Roddenberry, *Lucile Ball, Ray Bradbury, Albert Einstein, Howard Wiseman, James Clark Maxwell, Jules Verne, Madeleine L'Engle, Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov, Alan Turing, John Nash, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the National Academy of Sciences, the British Broadcasting Corporation, the Public Broadcasting Corporation, The National Park Service, the Skunk Works, S.E.T.I., the Smithsonian Institution, my third father Bruce N. Gregory and the infinite human imagination.

First Attempt: Jake to James.
no. 000001

Travel Wish Incorporated:

Our Mission

It is our hope that time travel technology will use knowledge of the future to benefit many others in the past in ways vital to health and welfare. With this prospect, we seek to provide hope to our clients by allowing them communication from the future. It is our goal that time travel be responsibly regulated and broadly used by the people. That present-day evidence of our life’s events can be used to guide us and to save us and better the health and welfare of everyone. We will store and distribute messages for our clients into their future to be sent to their past by a designated sender. We will pair two people and manage the delivery of their communication for as long as time allows.

In the optimism of science and discovery we wait for our technology to evolve and send matter or energy to and from the past of a timeline or into different timelines.

No longer will civilization take two steps forward, and one step back. Always we can move ahead. When only used for positive intent, communicating with our future will bring a better world, with an advancement toward peace and long and healthy lives. There will be no more surprises to set us backward. Full circle accountability and the full ability to take responsibility for ourselves, through time's passages for communication, will take effect.

The first matter to travel backwards, or forwards in time (relativistic forwards/backwards) will likely be a single particle or atom. The greatest moment in our history may be the discovery made by sending a single molecule beyond the barrier of known time and we will then know the window can be opened.

However, later a message, perhaps with an image or a video, then bulk data packets filled with details.

Control over time’s destinations may be poor at first. Early transportation through time may be fraught with errors and learning. Matter and energy may not assemble accurately. Dates and locations of landings may be off wildly or within a wide or narrow range for many attempts. Failures may be frequent at first as targeted recipients may not be in place in time or space to receive a message. A sender may never reach his or her goal due to life’s circumstances, or the absence of the technology, the loss of the message and more unforeseen and likely circumstances.

In an expected to be common scenarios, we foresee practical use for manipulating our futures.

  • A child sends a message to her dead father pleading to him with crayon on a cardboard sign to immediately quit smoking and drinking and to change his diet and begin to exercise immediately. His date of death ends the message on the sign and she is clearly crying. These kinds of profound messages will initiate different behavior of the recipients in the timeline or begin other timelines. The world has become a better place for families, for loved ones and all others touched by the continued lives.

  • The surviving family of a cancer victim sends the formula for the cure and it is shared by the world.

  • Not a single death results from a train derailment because over four-hundred people get phoned from the future, warned, and do not board. This kind of “Time-prevention,” will be common.

  • Warned three minutes earlier from the future, with an SMS text message, two hundred terrified people in a shopping mall attack and subdue a suicide bomber, who would have certainly killed many of them.

  • The government of a major city receives an automated warning from a computer at its geological department 72-hours in the future of a major earthquake in occurrence. One minute later another message arrives filled with details, including which buildings would be damaged, who specifically would be killed or hurt or lost, even animal rescue information. Three days are allowed for full evacuation and time-prevention, before citizens watch from afar as their buildings are crumpled in the most viewed earthquake in history that killed no one.

  • War strategy would eventually be a futile attempt. The dreams of generals and leaders to overpower their opposition using violence will become only that, dreams. We will wonder to ourselves, as nations, why we remain separated. We learn from the future that nations will eventually not be any longer. That Earth will have one government. For those in power, in politics, in corporate leadership, in justice, corruption becomes too transparent to conduct, as messages from the future arrive nearly as fast as plans are hatched in the minds of conspirators.

  • Famine and drought can be prepared for. Agriculture, livestock, wildlife and refugees can be pre-managed in time-prevention efforts.

  • Every transportation through time should have an intent toward benefits in life-saving ways. We can plan journeys through time where speculated benefits will outweigh risks. We can influence destiny. We can influence love and romance and reproduction for better relationships and families. We can even influence our futures in economic ways when appropriate. Our justice system will benefit, by allowing future discoveries of injustice to be communicated to our present day legal system. The details of accidents, technology failures, natural or man-made disasters, violent events, can be communicated from our future and then suffering prevented. Our ecology will benefit as evidence of our mistakes, and the consequences of our actions can be communicated to us in full.

We will abandon a timeline of greater misery before time travel’s first communications had occurred but we will stay in communication with that timeline, to manipulate our future as we have manipulated our environment, as humans do naturally.

Do not be afraid of this change. It is inevitable. We will adapt as we always do, and adapt well. If this background image placement, was manipulated from the future, we MAY BE in a new timeline right now. The image that can not be reasonably explained MAY BE the first evidence of a received transmission from the future. Not our future, but a new future timeline, created at the moment this website went live.

* If it were not for Lucile Ball, many millions of children and young adults would not have witnessed Star Trek. She stood alone at a table of men who were skeptical and blind to fantastic possibilities presented in the pilot Star Trek, and those men quickly dismissed the whole concept. She took on the liability of loss of credibility and she alone decided the pilot was promising and the series should be produced by Desilu-Culver Studios. If not for her brave moment those millions of young people, like I was, would not have witnessed that very well written series that portrayed a great dreamers' idealistic proposal of what we could all be and the many fantastic things we could do as one planet of people. The human proclivity for fantasy of the future truly drives our best explorers and our scientists who are now in this time making Star Trek a reality. Watch and see.

Copyright Reserved: Time Travel Wish Inc. / James G. Mason,  November, 2014.

5/7/15: 6:16 pm -5: Have been conducting purposeful confusion for others. This allows me to find relationships where none may be thought to exist.